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Type to enter text FIRST NIGHT PROGRAM Friday, November 4, 2011 7:00 pm “My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together.” ---Desmond Tutu

A Lost and Found Box of Human Sensation Directors: Martin Wallner, Stefan Leuchtenberg

Animation Germany A film about the time consuming process of overcoming grief, with all its ups, downs, setbacks, and silver linings.

The Hunter and the Swan Discuss Their Meeting

Director: Emily Carmichael Narrative/Comedy USA A Brooklyn couple have dinner with a hunter and his girlfriend, a magic swan woman.



Director: Jonathan VanBallenberghe Documentary USA Peter is a charismatic motivational speaker who privately battles bipolar disorder.

Director: Susan Béjar Narrative/Drama Spain How can loneliness so large fit in a room so small?

THE. NEXT. WAVE. 2011 FESTIVAL PROGRAM The Landmark Paramount Theatre Abilene, Texas

Something Left, Something Taken Directors: Max Porter, Ru Kuwahata Animation USA A vacationing couple encounter a man they believe to be the Zodiac Killer.

The High Level Bridge Director: Trevor Anderson Documentary Canada Trevor drops his camera from Edmonton’s High Level Bridge in memory of those who’ve jumped.

Type to enter MATINEE text PROGRAM Saturday, November 5, 2011 2:00 pm “Every child is an artist. The problem is to remain an artist once we grow up.” ---Pablo Picasso

Year Zero

Director: Richard Cunningham Animation USA A loner finds himself trapped in his NYC apartment after a parasite wreaks havoc on the five boroughs.

The Dungeon Master

Directors: Rider Strong, Shiloh Strong Narrative/Comedy USA When friends try to recapture their “geeky” childhood with a game of Dungeons and Dragons, somebody actually shows up in a cape.

Love & Theft Director: Andreas Hykade Animation Germany “And I’m still carrying the gift you gave, it’s part of me now, it’s been cherished it’s been saved, it’ll be with me unto the grave...” --Bob Dylan

Hidden Soldier

Director: Alejandro Suárez Lozano Narrative/Drama Spain A WWII soldier on a mission in enemy territory suffers strange interferences, which catapult him into the violence and madness of war.

Switch Director: Thomas Hefferon Narrative/Drama Ireland Two years after a traumatic car accident has left a young girl in a catatonic state, the man who put her there wants to atone for his crimes.

Noreen Director: Domhnall Gleeson Narrative/Comedy Ireland Two policemen learn life lessons on a house-call in rural Ireland. One is heartbroken. One is weary. They’re both alone. They’re both idiots.

About This Program La Cité Entre Les Murs (Inner City)

The eleven films that make up this First Night Program are from five countries, and represent a diverse group of artists exploring the roots of our modern human condition. Grief, fate, mental health, loneliness, maturity, contagion, suicide, loss of innocence, and the evolution of violence are explored with a particular emphasis on how we, as a human race, struggle to deal with these important issues while living in our complicated 21st Century world. Great film always emerges from a powerful and singular vision. Whether it is the somber world of Wallner and Luetchenberg’s Lost and Found Box of Human Sensation, the comic isolation of Gleeson’s Noreen, or the surreal imagery of Caouette’s All Flowers in Time, all of these artist’s voices speak passionately about our fragile sensibilities and the atmosphere of global unease that envelops our lives.

Director: Alain Fournier Animation Canada In a city hung between two walls, a boy with only pigeons for company tries to get the attention of his remote neighbor with whacky inventions.

Muertos Y Viventes (Living and Dead) Director: Iñaki San Román Narrative/Comedy Spain When zombies attack, a woman decides to fight her way to the local cemetery to visit the grave of her recently deceased husband.

All Flowers in Time Director: Jonathan Caouette Narrative/Experimental Canada An evil signal appears in the form of a Dutch TV show, which makes children think they can shapeshift into other people and monsters. What is so striking about this group of short films is the underlying sense that each of these artists, whether with a dark or a light touch, peels away the complications of our lives to reveal the simple fact that that while we are human--we are all the same. --Barry Smoot, 24fps Festival Director


The Terms

Directors: Peter McDonald Narrative/Comedy Ireland After an unfortunate incident during a previous service, a young boy is called in at the last moment to serve as an alter boy.

Director: Jason LaMotte Narrative/Drama UK A father and son forge a twisted pact: one shot will decide between freedom and death. Based on the short story by Mike McCormack.

NIGHT PROGRAM Type to enter SECOND text Saturday, November 5, 2011 7:00 pm “A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” --Lao Tzu


Apollo Director: Felix Gönnert Animation Germany A tiny rocket makes an impact on a big wish. Seen from a distance, the earth is the most beautiful place in space.

Director: Chun-Yi Hsieh Narrative/Drama Taiwan Unable to cope with the accidental death of his wife, an out of work father struggles to give his daughter the happiest day of her life.

Pioneer Director: David Lowery Narrative./Drama USA A father tells his son an epic bedtime story that is one part history, two parts make believe, and riddled with the honest-to-goodness truth.

The Wonder Hospital

Skateistan: To Live and Skate Kabul

Director: Beomsik Shimbe Shim Animation USA In a mysterious hospital, a young girl’s desire for superficial beauty leads her down a path toward something unimaginable and irreversible.

Director: Orlando Von Einsiedel Documentary UK In war-torn Afghanistan, two young skateboarders find an oasis where children can be children.

About This Program

There is a moment at the end of Einsiedel’s documentary Skateistan, that is particularly concise and compelling. Murza, a 16 year old Afgani boy who has known nothing in his life but war, speaks to the filmmaker about his view of his complicated future:

The ten films that make up this Matinee Program are from eight different countries, and each of them explores the transition between childhood innocence and the realities of our adult lives. Throughout the festival’s submission process, I became keenly aware of the staggering number of projects being submitted that addressed issues of prejudice, poverty, self-image, war, familial bonds, and even aging through the perspective of children. The issue is not that we deal with complications in our lives any more real or difficult than the generations before us, but that the choices and solutions we are confronted with are filtered through the peculiar lens of modern technology and the shrinking of our world that this communication heralds.

Cheat Director: Joe DeRosa Narrative/Comedy USA Two friends help their buddy cash in on a oncein-a-lifetime opportunity to score.


The Centrifuge Brain Project

Director: Shandor Garrison Narrative/Drama USA A troubled teen from Harlem forms a surprising bond with a lonely girl who feels trapped in the restrictions of her Upper East Side life.

Director: Till Nowak Narrative/Comedy/Animation Germany A 1970’s scientific experiment involving an amusement park to enhance people’s brain capacity leads Dr. Laslowicz to startling results.

What modern technology and instant global communication does so often is remove the opportunity for a parent or guardian to have the time to lead their child through the maturing process.


21st Century children see our world instantaneously. This blessing and this curse defines them. --Barry Smoot, Festival Director

Director: Daniel Mulloy Narrative/Drama UK A young woman witnesses a crime, and its perpetrator follows her home.


“It was really miserable during the Taliban period, but there was peace After the Taliban left, the fighting started again and now we are back to square one. My hope is that my country is led by someone who is able to bring peace. Until then, my future is uncertain.”

Director: Nuno Rocha Narrative/Drama Portugal A homeless man sleeping in front of an empty store is confronted with his past life when a mysterious delivery van arrives and wakes him.

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Directors: Lauren Wolkstein, Christopher Radcliff

Narrative/Drama USA Nothing is what it seems to be when a man and a boy, traveling to an unknown destination, find respite in a motel swimming pool.

I’m Having a Difficult Time Killing My Parents Director: Jeff Tomsic Narrative/Comedy USA It’s not that T.J. doesn’t love his parents, it’s just that he wants to kill them.


Dicen (They Say)

Director: Alexander Pohl Animation Germany The Protagonist, the Auguste, is projected onto the screen of a beautiful cinema as a metaphor for the subconscious mind of the audience.

Director: Alauda Ruiz de Azúa Narrative/Drama Spain An outcast boy, bullied relentlessly by his schoolmates, finds solace in a strange friendship with a lonely girl.


The Strange Ones

For more information about our Official Selection Films and the artists who created them, visit the 24fps official site: or the 24fps Facebook page: The competition films were selected from a submission field of over 950 projects.

Emily Carmichael The Hunter and the Swan Discuss Their Meeting

Jonathan VanBallenberghe Guru

Ru Kuwahata and Max Porter Something Left, Something Taken

About This Program The Second Night program is complicated. The eleven films that make up this program represent six countries, and deal with some very difficult issues. What they do have in common is the underlying current of a desire to change, and to learn from the past. Lowery’s powerful Pioneer asks us to continue our lives post-grief. Mulloy’s overwhelming Baby explores the difficult path from isolation to connection. Wolkstein and Radcliffe’s The Strange Ones succinctly details those fleeting moments when we sometimes choose the wrong path. Nenow’s Paths of Hate exposes our continuing history of violence. There is a moment in Pioneer that is incredibly powerful in its simplicity. A father, telling his son a bedtime story about the complicated journey their lives have taken since

Richard Cunningham Year Zero

Rider Strong and Shiloh Strong The Dungeon Master

Beomsik Shimbe Shim The Wonder Hospital

Paths of Hate Director: Damian Nenow Animation Poland Two fighter pilots battle one-on-one in this tale about how the power of hate pushes people into the abyss. since the loss of their mother/spouse says: “When I am gone, I will be gone and that’s all there is to it. What you have to find out is-why you’re still alive.” That’s the journey. --Barry Smoot, Festival Director

David Lowery Pioneer

Joe DeRosa Cheat

Shandor Garison Nightlife

Jeff Tomsic I’m Having a Difficult Time Killing My Parents

Susan Béjar Joselyn

Alauda Ruiz De Azúa Dicen

Jonathan Caouette All Flowers in Time

Stefan Leuchtenberg A Lost and Found Box of Human Sensation

Felix Gönnert Apollo

Till Nowak The Centrifuge Brain Project

TAIWAN Peter McDonald Pentecost

Andreas Hykade Love & Theft

Martin Wallner A Lost and Found Box of Human Sensation

Alexander Pohl Trickster

Damian Nenow Paths of Hate

Chun-Yi Hsieh Braid

PORTUGAL Jason Lamotte The Terms

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Alain Fournier La Cite entre les Murs

Thomas Hefferon Switch

UK Trevor Anderson The High Level Bridge


Iñaki San Román Muertos y Vivientes

Domhnall Gleeson Noreen

Alejandro Suárez Lozano Hidden Soldier


Christopher Radcliffe The Strange Ones



USA Lauren Wolkstein The Strange Ones

Daniel Mulloy Baby

Orlando Von Einsiedel Skateistan: To Live and Skate Kabul

Nuno Rocha Momentos

ABOUT 24fps

Since its inception in 1999, the 24fps International Short Film Festival has presented programs of short films by aspiring and established artists from around the world. The juried competition provides cash awards to the festival’s top films in six major categories Festival Director Barry Smoot says “24fps was created to encourage the development of new projects by established artists, and to serve as a forum for the work of aspiring artists. The festival is more of a curated exhibition than a traditional festival. Each Official Selection is screened one time only on one of three unique programs. As a nationally recognized historic theatre, we are dedicated to preserving and celebrating the cinematic art form. It seems only fitting we have a hand in encouraging its future as well.” Past 24fps medalists include: Jamie Travis (Canada--The Armoire) Denis Villeneuve (Canada--Next Floor) Mark Albiston and Louis Sutherland (New Zealand--The Six Dollar Fifty Man) Francois Alaus, Herve de Crecy and Ludovic Houplain (France--Logorama) Magnus Von Horn (Poland--Echo) Brent Green (USA--Carlin) Nash Edgerton (Australia--Spider) Destin Daniel Cretton (USA--Short Term 12) Valentin Potier (France--Tony Zoreil) Lucas Figueroa (Spain--Because There are Things You Never Forget)

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Executive Panel SARA HARRIS is the Senior Programmer at the Dallas Film Society, host of the Dallas International Film Festival, a position she has held since 2008. A film graduate of SMU, Harris began her film career as a Production Assistant for commercials and music videos prior to joining the Deep Ellum Film Festival’s programming department in 2005. Harris has quickly built a reputation in the film festival community as an astute programmer of documentary features and short films, and a vocal advocate of films and filmmakers. RYAN LONG is the Director and founder of the Texas Independent Film Network, a statewide coalition of film societies, universities, and independent theatres united for the purpose of screening Texas independent films. Each month, TIFN takes a different film on a theatrical tour of the state, including the Paramount Theatre, the 24fps public exhibition venue.

The Paramount Theatre Endowment Fund for Excellence

BHAV PATEL has worked in the film and television industry for 14 years. He grew up in Colorado City, Texas and still claims the Big Country as his home. He currently resides in Los Angeles, where he is the owner of bp2 Productions, which focuses on creating marketing campaigns for studio films and television shows , as well as producing/editing sound for promo campaigns which have included Slumdog Millionaire, CSI, Everybody Loves Raymond, and a host of other bad television shows and features that he refuses to acknowledge. SOHINI SENGUPTA is an award-winning producer of movie trailers that include Milk, Slumdog Millionaire, The Wrestler, True Grit, and Black Swan. She currently works at Mark Woollen and Associates in Los Angeles, producing trailers for a range of films including documentaries, independent films, specialty films, and Hollywood blockbusters. Sohini has also helped pioneer the iTrailer department at MWA, which takes trailers to a new level of exploration and inventiveness by allowing them to be interactive. RAN BARKER is a native of Hawley, Texas, where he grew up on his family’s ranch. After graduation from Tarleton State University/Texas A&M, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue and acting career and to study film at UCLA and AFI. He has appeared in over 100 national commercials. His work in television includes Warner Bros. (ER, Friends, Living Single, Suddenly Susan), and John Wells Productions (ER, West Wing, and Third Watch). In 1999 he formed his own production company, Stage 15, which produced numerous award-winning feature and short films. In 2003, Ran returned to Warner Bros. to work in Technical Operations for feature films and TV until a motorcycle accident and injury at work forced him to go on disability in 2008. DEAN NOLEN has starred on Broadway and Off in the original casts of the smash hit Mama Mia!, the Pulitzer Prize-nominated Omnium Gatherum and Table Top (Drama Desk Award). He has had guest-starring roles on numerous television shows (Mercy, Law and Order, Law and Order:SUV, Criminal Intent) and has appeared in numerous films (Break, Paparazzi, Kiss the Bride, Seraglio). He is honored, since 1995, to serve as the Reviser/ Editor of The Film Encyclopedia (Harper Collins) the life’s work of the late Ephram Katz. Nolen holds a B.A. in Theatre and Music from Hardin Simmons University, and an MFA in Acting from Yale University. He is currently the Assistant Professor of Theatre and the Artistic Director of the University Theatre at HSU. ROBERT LEEPER is an award-winning media and graphic designer, filmmaker, and web designer in Plano, Texas. He recently began work for the University of Texas at Dallas with the Provost’s Technology Group. Before working for UT Dallas, Robert worked for Hardin Simmons University for six years as the web designer/developer and video producer. BARRY SMOOT is the Artistic Director of the landmark Paramount Theatre and the Festival Director of the 24fps International Short Film Festival, which he founded in 1999. He is a writer, director, and designer of work for theatre, digital media, and film. A human rights advocate, he avidly supports the use of film and digital media to call attention to global humanitarian issues, and to shrink the gaps between nations, people, and world-views. United Nations Humanitarian Affairs: World Food Program: United Nations Human Rights Council:

Regional Panel PARIS BARNETT Center for Contemporary Art BRONWYN BOWEN AISD DAVID CHRISTIANSON In-Focus DIgital TAYLOR COMPTON Paramount Theatre KYLE DICKSON Abilene Christian University ANDREA FRALEY Hardin Simmons University

BETTY HUKILL Paramount Theatre MARTHA KIEL Hardin Simmons University SARA MCKNIGHT Paramount Theatre NIL SANTANA Abilene Christian University VICTORIA SPANGLER Abilene Cultural Affairs RICHARD TRANSKI Industry professional

This project is supported by a grants from the Abilene Cultural Affairs Council, the City of Abilene, the Texas Commission on the Arts, and the Paramount Theatre Endowment Fund for Excellence at the Community Foundation of Abilene.

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PARAMOUNT THEATRE Built in 1930 at the beginning of the Great Depression, Abilene’s landmark Paramount Theatre has a rich history both in the world of cinema, and the lives of the citizens of West Texas. Originally an atmospheric movie palace, designed by architect David Castle and financed by local entrepreneur H.O. Wooten, the theatre has been the entertainment destination for the region for the past 81 years.

Fully restored and renovated in 1987, the theatre was given a new life as a live entertainment venue as well, and is now host to thousands of patrons each year for live concerts, ballet, opera, musical theatre, private events, and much more. The Paramount Film Series, now in its 26th year, screens the best of classic and modern cinema in the opulent atmosphere of this prized facility. The Paramount is a member of the League of Historic American Theatres and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. For more information about the theatre’s diverse programming, or for information about renting the facility for your next event, visit the Paramount Theatre website:

2011 24fps International Short Film Festival Program  
2011 24fps International Short Film Festival Program  

The Official Program for the 2011 24fps International Short Film Festival public exhibition programs.