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24fps International short film festival


THE PARAMOUNT THEATRE Built in 1930 at the beginning of

Abilene’s Landmark Theatre

the Great Depression, Abilene’s landmark Paramount Theatre has a rich history both in the world of cinema, and the lives of the citizens of West Texas. Originally an atmospheric movie palace, designed by David Castle and financed by local entrepreneur H.O. Wooten, the theatre has been the entertainment destination for the region for the past 86 years.


Fully restored and renovated in 1987, the theatre was given a new life as a live entertainment venue as well, and is now host to thousands of patrons each year for live concerts, ballet, opera, musical theatre, private events, and much more. The Paramount Film Series, now in its 29th year, screens the best of classic and modern cinema in the opulent atmosphere of this prized facility. The Paramount is a member of the League of Historic American Theatres and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. For more information about the theatre’s diverse programming, or for information about renting the facility for your next event, visit the Paramount Theatre


352 Cypress Abilene, Texas

NOVEMBER 4-5 2016 Festival Artwork by Travis Lawrence: 2014, 2015, 2016 editions Top (2016): CLAVES SPAIENTIAE Center (2015): EXODUS Bottom (2014): THE CHRISTENING


After Noah 

Friday, November 4, 2016 7:00 pm

“I’d tell you all you want and more, if the sounds I made could be what you hear.” —David Foster Wallace

Ave Maria


Five nuns in the West Bank have their daily routine disrupted by a Jewish family.

Somewhat estranged identical twins reconnect at the largest annual gathering of twins in the world.

Director: Basil Khalil Narrative Palestinian Territory/, France, Germany

Director: Joe Garrity Narrative USA


L’Ours Noir (The Black Bear)

A solitary dish washing robot discovers the beauty of the outside world with the help of a small friend.

When entering the natural habitat of the black bear, always follow the rules for safety,


Thunder Road

The Voyager spacecraft travels the solar system in an expedition spanning over three decades.

Officer Arnaud loves his mom.

Director: Tom Teller Animation USA

Director: Santiago Menghini Documentary/Animation Spain

Directors: Meryl Fortunat-Rossi, Xavier Seron Narrative France

Director: Jim Cummings Narrative USA

A bout This Program—AFTER NOAH The 10 films that make up the Opening Night Program are presented under the title

High Chaparral

Man O Man

A Swedish theme park celebrating the American West becomes a Syrian refugee camp.

When Glen attends a primal scream class, he releases something within that knows no limits.

All These Voices

Mot Nord (Northbound)

A young SS soldier is forced to come to terms with his complicity in the aftermath of WW II.

Four world-class skateboarders make the frozen Norwegian seashore their playground.

Director: David Freid Documentary USA

Director: David Henry Gerson Narrative USA

Director: Simon Cartwright Animation United Kingdom

Director: Jørn Nyseth Ranum Documentary Norway

“After Noah.” They are from 8 different countries, and they explore the cyclical nature of life and the necessity to learn from our mistakes. Filmmaker Alejandro Gonzales Iñárritu has said: “Life and death are all illusions. We are in a constant state of transformation.” The circumstances of our birth and the consequences of our death are not what define us. It is only the “in-between” that defines our humanity. The Old Testament story of Noah has always been, to me, about the opportunity to “reset.” When the evil of mankind compelled God to destroy the world by flood, He returned the Earth to its pre-creation state. We were given a second chance. What have we done with it? Human beings are the most inspirational and the most bewildering creations. We can be both abundantly kind and relentlessly cruel. We can celebrate our shared humanity one moment, and give in to unprecedented hate the next. This program begins with Ave Maria, Basil Khalil’s compassionate and compelling exploration of how our history continues to divide people who were never meant to be at odds in the first place. For a brief moment in the Saudi desert, a flood of recognition and shared humanity washes the past away. What happens after Noah? The steps we take on that clean earth can move us either toward compassion or chaos. We choose. That’s what happens after Noah. —Barry Smoot, Festival Director


long way down 
 Saturday, November 5, 2016 2:00 pm “The difficult thing isn’t living with people, it’s understanding them.” —Jose Saramago

Life Smartphone

Director: Chenglin Xie Animation China Staring at glowing screens is gradually alienating people from the loveliness of life.

Sali (Tuesday)

O Negative

An ordinary day for a teenaged girl in Istanbul and her encounters with three different men.

A woman and the man who cares for her take shelter in a roadside motel to feed her addiction.

Director: Ziya Demirel Narrative Turkey

Director: Steven McCarthy Narrative Canada

A New Home

Director: Žiga Virc Narrative Slovenia What is the biggest danger Europe faces: the crisis on its borders or its own paranoia?

Linden Tar


A plush puppy living with his foster mom goes in search of fire when his mother’s lamp goes out.

Life is disrupted for eight-tear-old Aida when her father returns with a young Senegalese woman.

Director: Olga Grechanova Animation Russian Federation

Director: Maïmouna Doucouré Narrative France

About This Program—LONG WAY DOWN La Leçon (The Lesson)

Director: Tristan Aymon Narrative Switzerland A weekend biker plans an afternoon game of seduction.


Director: Alexandre Jamin Narrative France, Mexico After the drowning of his sister, a brother is seeking to find her to tell her a last goodbye.

The Send-Off

Directors: Ivete Lucas, Patrick Bresnan Documentary USA A group of students hope to transcend their rural life on the night of their high school prom.

Det Lyse Mørket (Pushing Night Away) Director: Jade Hærem Aksnes Narrative Norway A meeting between Eddie, who wants to die, and Kate, who is fighting to stay alive.

       The 10 films that make up the Matinee Program are presented under the title “Long

Way Down,” and represent artists from 10 different nations. I wanted to curate a program that looked at modern relationships in a unique way. I wanted to find those films that, in the simplest of terms, expose their protagonists boldly and without pretense. One of my favorite authors, Dale Peck, once said: “Sometimes when we think we’re protecting ourselves, we’re really hurting ourselves. And sometimes the people around us too.” The higher we climb above the fray to escape the chaos of our modern lives, the farther we have to fall when that isolation leaves us defenseless. Our technology has given us false cocoons. Inside, we feel emboldened to say things that we would never say face to face. We communicate with texts and words and emails, rarely even taking the time to use our everpresent cell phones as a means to actually hear a human voice. To be fully committed—to a person, to a cause, to a belief system—we have to be bold enough to communicate our feelings face to face. We have to expose every part of us. We have to be willing to show both the strengths and weaknesses of who we are. True commitment requires that we stand firm. It requires that we choose not to ascend the steps that lead away from honest connections, that release us from the little wonderful and difficult things that make us human and make us valuable to each other. There is no greater commitment than to love someone for exactly who they are. —Barry Smoot, Festival Director



 Saturday, November 5, 2016 7:00 pm “If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten we belong to each other.” —Mother Teresa


Greener Grass

Director: Daniel Mulloy Narration United Kingdom, Republic of Kosovo

Director: Paul Briganti Narrative USA

As thousands attempt to get into Europe, a comfortable English family sets out on holiday.

Soccer moms Jill and Lisa compete for approval and acceptance in a bizarre suburbia.

The Procedure

Replique (Partner)

A man is captured and forced to endure a strange experiment.

When Tony goes to a conservatory audition, his friend and scene partner does not show up.

Bon Voyage


A couple’s compassion is put to the test when they come across a ship of refugees while on a cruise.

A mysterious relationship develops between two parking lot security guards.

Director: Calvin Lee Reeder Narrative USA

Director: Marc Wilkins Narrative Switzerland, Greece, Turkey

Director: Antoine Giorgini Narrative Belgium, France

Director: Juanjo Giménez Narrative Spain

About This Program—TRIBES        The 10 films that make up the Closing Night Program are from 12 different nations


Bacon & God’s Wrath

A boy accidentally witnesses a miracle that will change his life forever.

A 90-year-old Jewish woman tries bacon for the first time.

Last Base

Deux Mondes (Two Worlds)

Director: Aslak Danbolt Narrative Norway

Directors: Stéphane Moukarzel, Meryam Joobeur Narrative Canada

Two friends decide to honor the friend they lost in a base jumping accident by repeating the jump.

A young Syrian refugee living in Montreal struggles with the separation from his family.

Director: Oton Bačar Narrative Slovenia

Director: Sol Friedman Documentary Canada

and are presented under the title, “Tribes.” I believe that we are, whether we choose to acknowledge it or not, standing at a crossroads. As a human race, we are at the brink of some tipping point. On one hand we have the Barbarians at the Gate, those who will stop at nothing to cleanse the world of anyone who does not meet the expectations of their beliefs. Millions of people are now at their mercy. On the other hand, we have those who still believe in the absolute power of the human heart and soul—those who believe that we are perfect and imperfect at the same time, and that understanding our differences is the only way we will ever survive. How can we have separated ourselves into such opposing factions—such Warring Tribes? This program begins with a quote from Mother Teresa. She has said that “if we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.” This program is not about politics, but it is. It is not about loneliness, but it shows us the power of connecting. It is not about grief, but it honors our losses. It is not about faith, but it shows us the consequences of closing our minds. It is not a condemnation of how we have grown complacent, but a telling look at what the cost of that indifference can be. A tribe is defined as a social division of a traditional society consisting of people linked by social, economic, religious, cultural or blood ties. It is telling that those same ties have been flashpoints for every major conflict the world has ever known. It is true. We do forget that we belong to each other. —Barry Smoot, Festival Director

David Henry Gerson Tom Teller All These Voices


Paul Briganti

Greener Grass

CANADA Santiago Menghini Voyagers

Steven McCarthy Sol Friedman O Negative

Bacon & God’s Wrath


SLOVENIA Stephane Moukarzel, Meryam Joobeur Deux Mondes (Two Worlds)

Ziga Virc

Oton Bacar

A New Home


Calvin Lee Reeder The Procedure

Jørn Nyseth Ranum Jade Haerem Aksnes Aslak Danbolt Mot Nord (Northbound) Pushing Night Away

Simon Cartwright Man O Man

Daniel Mulloy Home


Ivete Lucas, Patrick Bresnan The Send-Off


Thunder Road


Jim Cummings

Alexandre Jamin

Replique (Partner)


High Chaparral

Antoine Giorgini


David Freid




Meryl Fortunat-Rossi, Xavier Seron L’Ours Noir (The Black Bear)

Joe Garrity


2015 Best Director Atsuko Hirayanagi—Oh Lucy!

Tristan Aymon

Last Base

Basil Khalil Ave Maria

La Lecon (The Lesson)


The 24fps 
 International Short Film Festival extends congratulations to the 35 directors of this years’ Official Selection Films for their exceptional work.




Marc Wilkins Bon Voyage





Juried privately in select cities

Ziya Demirel


Sali (Tuesday)

Chenglin Xie

Life Smartphone

Juanjo Gimeniz Timecode

The 2016 Competition Field FOR the second year in a row, the 24fps International

Olga Grechanova

Short Film Festival received over 6,000 submissions from worldwide artists. From these submissions, 30 Official Selection Films were chosen. This year’s competition field represents 22 countries and includes 2016 prize-winning films from major festivals including Sundance, SXSW, Palm Springs, TIFF, Cannes, and the Student Academy Awards.

Linden Tar

Talkback Receptions at the CCA immediately following both the Opening Night and Closing

Night programs, the Center for Contemporary Arts, located one block south of the theatre on Cypress Street, will host a reception for all audience members. These “talkback” receptions will give viewers the opportunity to discuss the films and to meet members of the jury and attending artists.

The Festival Poster Image Artist TRAVIS LAWRENCE is an artist influenced by Jungian psychology and mythology. He uses the art of printmaking to present archetypal figures iconically composed of symbol and allegory. The iconic figures play the role of emblems of contemplation, and contain symbolic references to a deeper transcendental meaning. By embracing a sense of mystery, the viewer is allowed to invoke his or her own metaphorical interpretation. Travis uses traditional relief printmaking, but continues the post-printing process by uniquely staining the paper and hand coloring each individual print. He received his BFA in Printmaking from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, and currently lives in St. Louis, Missouri. To learn more about Travis and his work, visit:

Ivan Barge (Jury Chair, Independent writer and director, Aukland, New Zealand) Cameron McHarg (independent actor, writer, and director, Los Angeles) Ran Barker (Retired producer--Warner Bros, Burbank, California) Dustin Reed (Co-founder Buried Films, Producer at Red Hot Organization, NYC) Gadi Elkon (Entertainment critic, writer, and blogger, Dallas, Texas) Robert Leeper (Robert Leeper Media, University of Texas, Dallas, Texas) Dean Nolen (Actor, theatre acting/directing chair, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas) Kyle Smith (Writer, director, KD Conservatory, University of Texas, Arlington, Texas) Bhavesh Patel (Freelance producer/editor, Austin, Texas) Barry Smoot (24fps Festival Director, Paramount Theatre Artistic Director) LOCAL PANEL

Juried privately in the Paramount Theatre

Bradley Garlock (Jury Chair—independent production designer, Los Angeles, CA) Nil Santana (professor of Art and Design, Abilene Christian University) Betty Hukill (Paramount Theatre Executive Director) Martha Kiel (Visual artist, Hardin Simmons University) James Wagstaff (Arts advocate, festival consultant) Casey Huff (Arts advocate) Lori Sims (Freelance artist, musician) Richard Transki (Costume designer) Randy Davis (Arts advocate) Sara McKnight (Paramount Theatre) Kyle Dickson (Associate professor of English, Abilene Christian University) Grayson Allred (Paramount Theatre) John Mark Lapham (Musician, composer) Daniel Latham (Abilene Behavioral Health, TSTC ) Janet Van Vleet (Entertainment critic, blogger) Charlie Hukill (Visual artist, designer, director, McMurry University Theatre) Diane Hunt (Executive Director, Young Audiences, Abilene Cultural Affairs Council) This project is supported by a grant from the Abilene Cultural Affairs Council and the City of Abilene.

24fps 2016 Public Exhibition Program  

The official online/digital program for the 18th edition of the 24fps International Short Film Festival, presented at the landmark Paramount...

24fps 2016 Public Exhibition Program  

The official online/digital program for the 18th edition of the 24fps International Short Film Festival, presented at the landmark Paramount...