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Official Jury  Results  

2011 24fps  International   Short  Film  Festival         GRAND  JURY  PRIZE   “The  Strange  Ones”   Directors:  Lauren  Wolkstein  and  Christopher  Radcliff   USA     SILVER  MEDAL   “Pioneer”   Director:  David  Lowery   USA     BRONZE  MEDAL   “Baby”   Director:  Daniel  Mulloy   UK     SPECIAL  JURY  CITATION   “Pentecost”   Director:  Peter  McDonald   Ireland     AUDIENCE  AWARD   “Noreen”   Director:  Domhnall    Gleeson   Ireland     HORIZON  AWARD  (Outstanding  Student  Film/Most  Promising  Filmmaker)   “Paths  of  Hate”   Director:  Damian  Nenow   Poland  

KUROSAWA AWARD  (Creative  Excellence)   “The  Centrifuge  Brain  Project”   Director:  Till  Nowak   Germany     LUMINARIA  AWARD  (Outstanding  Cinematography)   “Hidden  Soldier”   Director  of  Photography:  Pablo  Burmann   Spain     RED  CITATION  HUMANITARIAN  AWARD   “Skateistan:  To  Live  and  Skate  Kabul”   Director:  Orlando  Von  Einseidel   UK     BEST  DIRECTOR   “The  Strange  Ones”   Directors:  Lauren  Wolktein  and  Christopher  Radcliff   USA     BEST  SCREENPLAY   “Pentecost”   Writer:  Peter  McDonald   Ireland     BEST  PRODUCTION  DESIGN   “Hidden  Soldier”   Art  Direction:  Miguel  Riesco   Spain     BEST  EDITING   “Paths  of  Hate”   Editor:  Damian  Nenow   Poland     BEST  SOUND  DESIGN   “Paths  of  Hate”   Sound  Designer:  Genetix  Studio,  Maciej  Tegi   Poland  

BEST ORIGINAL  SCORE   “Love  &  Theft”   Music:  Heiko  Maile   Germany     BEST  ACTOR   Will  Oldham   “Pioneer”   USA     BEST  ACTRESS   Arta  Dobroshi   “Baby”   UK                  

Jury Results--2011 24fps International Short Film Festival  

The Official Jury results for the 24fps International Short Film Festival 2011 competition.

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