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SW. Pekingese By Suwan Ngamsiriwong My fascination with Pekingese began when I was 9 years old while visiting my grandfather’s house. I had met many lovely Pekingeses that owned by my grandparents and I was very fortunate to acquire one Pekingese from them. He became my great companion and I really felt in love with him. After that, many breeds such as Dachshund, English cocker spaniel, Golden retriever, Boston terrier and Basset hound had come to join my life but I always have a special place in my heart for Pekingese. In 1993, I got another pet Pekingese from a local pet shop and I was totally addicted to this breed. Year after, I had imported five Pekingeses from Europe, one male and four females, with a high hope that they would produced show quality Pekingeses for me but I finally realized that all of them were just pet quality. So, I Me with Multi. BIS. BISS. Eng.Th. Grand Ch. Livanda San Eto decided to study about the breed seriously. The prefix SW. was registered in 1995 and the kennel is located in Nonthaburi province, Thailand but the real beginning of the SW. Pekingese was in 1998 when I got a bitch that was a Pekingese from my friend. She was a Pekingese that has a big head, lovely expression and good coat. Her name was Bacsbokod Szepe Luszi. She was eventually bred to my American import from “Fourwinds Pekingese” namely Am.Th.Ch.Fourwinds Doubley Royal (Am.Ch.Fourwinds Royal Touch x Am.Ch.Fourwinds Always Be A Lady) and produced two beautiful girls for me. In the year after, I had imported another Pekingese from Australia whose name was Aust.Ch.Toosha Sparkling Sunrise (Aust. Ch.Woonan What A An early dog at SW., Am. Th. Ch. Sensation x Aust.Ch.Toosha Shantilly Lady). So I mated Sparkling Fourwinds Doubley Royal ( Am. Ch. Fourwinds Royal Touch x Am. Sunrise to one of those puppies name SW.’s Aueng Yong, she Ch. Fourwinds Always Be A Lady) whelped five puppies, one boy and four girls. I kept all of them and showed the boy to finish his championship title. His name was Th.Ch.SW.’s Guay Jeng. He became the first SW. bred peke to finish the title and the four girls became my foundation bitches. For two years there were no breeding program at SW. and so I decided to start breeding my Pekingeses again in 2002. Doubley was used to breed with his granddaughter, SW.’s Tai Kiaw, who was one of SW.’s Aueng Yong’s kids and produced two puppies. One of the puppies was a beautiful puppy bitch who I thought she is my once in a lifetime bitch. Her name is Th.Ch.SW.’s Angie. She was such a stunning puppy bitch with beautiful breed type and wonderful showmanship that the breeder could dream. Angie was Th.Ch.SW.’s Angie, an important bitch shown since she was 4 months and of course she won Best Baby In at SW. Show at her very first show and continued her winning ways by winning BBIS every time she was shown in the baby class. She finished her title in puppy class and became an important bitch of SW.

I was very impressed with the result that I got from mating Doubley with his granddaughter so I did the breeding in the same manner. And in 2003, SW.’s Ziaw Kiaw and SW.’s Cupid (both are Tai Kiaw’s litter mates) were bred to Doubley. Ziaw Kiaw produced Th.Ch.SW.’s Rady Dragon who has beautiful head piece, well constructed body, nice movement and glamour. Rady Dragon turned out to be a girl that produced well for me. Cupid gave me a Th.Ch.SW.’s Rady Dragon, mother glamorous boy name Th.Ch.SW.’s Red of Mr. Gorgeous and Roc Ruago Dragon. He made me very proud of him by winning BBIS, BPIS, Best Local Born In Show (BLIS) and Reserve Th.Ch.SW.’s Red Dragon Best In Show from the puppy class. During that time, I got a phone call from a friend of mine who was at dog show in USA. He told me that he saw a beautiful red puppy dog and his owner might no longer show him anymore. He asked me if I want to get this dog. And yes, I decided to get this dog without seeing any pictures of him. I only knew that he was sire by a Linn-Lee’s dog Multi.BIS.BISS.Int.Th.Grand.Ch. out of a Lakshmi’s Bitch. The red puppy Gem Star’s Dancin Jewel ( Am. Ch. arrived Thailand with a 9 months of age. Linn-Lee Dance In The Wind X Am. Ch. Lakshmi Jake’s Jewel) This dog is latter known as Multi. BIS. Multi.BIS.BISS.Int.Th.Grand.Ch. BISS. Int.Th.Grand.Ch.Gem Star’s Dancin Jewel (DJ). He is by Am.Ch.Linn-Lee’s Dance In The Wind and Am.Ch.Lakshmi Jake’s Gem Star’s Dancin Jewel won BIS under Ms.Nina Karlsdotter Jewel and bred by a short time breeder, Linda Baker. DJ becomes (Sweden) another important sire at SW.

In 2004, I was able to get puppies from my friend in Thailand. They were by Int.Dk.Sw.Th.Ch.Kisci Lucky Grandiosa out of a Micklee’s line bitch. Those puppy became Int.Cn.Thai.Ch.Elegant Saree Idle Mischief (Murthy) and Th.Ch.Elegant Saree Silver Gem. Now, Murthy is living with Matthew Fan where he won 15 BIS in China before he is retired. I also bred Doubley to SW.’s Leng Nueng and she whelped Th.Ch.SW.’s Nawin. He was sold since he was a baby and came back to me for show in junior class for his owner. Nawin did well in junoir class by winning Th.Ch.SW.’s Nawin BJIS and Finished his title in a very short time.

Th.Ch.SW.’s Roc Ruago

Leng Nueng was than used to breed with DJ in 2005 and she produced a lovely bitch name SW.’s Sweet Sensation. This bitch won BBISS and RBBIS in Thailand before she left to China where she won numorous BBIS. I did another two breeding that year, Rady Dragon with Murthy gave me Th.Ch.SW.’s Roc Ruago and Red Dragon with SW.’s Celeste of Fourwinds gave me a multiple BBIS and BPIS winner, Th.Ch.SW.’s Diamon Dragon.

I started to show DJ on June 2006 after he finished his title in 2005. DJ and I had a great time in the ring. He was a super showman and knows how to be a good guy in the ring. He charmed the judges with his glamoruos look.

One of Mr.Gorgeous’s Best Local Born In Show Wins under Dr. ML. Apiwut Kasemsanta (Thailand)

We did win Left: Th.Ch.SW.’s Blithe Spirit /Right: Th. Ch. SW.’s Love Song. numurous Toy Both by DJ x Silver Gem Group 1st , BISS (Toy Group Specialty), a Reserve Bes In Show and a Best In show which made him one of the Top Dogs all breed and Top Toy Dogs in Thailand. During 2006, I bred DJ to Th.Ch.Elegant Saree Silver Gem she produced three puppies, one boy and two girls, these two girl became Th.Ch.SW.’s Blithe Spirit and Th. Ch. SW.’s Love Song. Another love match for this year was DJ with Rady Dragon she gave us one beautiful red boy and a girl. I kept a boy and this beuatiful red boy became Multi. BIS. BLIS. BISS. Int. Am.Th. Grand Ch.SW.’s Mr. Gorgoues. He is the first BIS winner son of DJ.

I continued showing DJ in 2007 and was able to make him to a Grand Champion title. Unlike the Grand Champion title in America, In Thailand you have to win at least Three All Breed BIS (2 RBIS = 1 BIS) in order to get the Grand Champion title. DJ finished the year 2007 as No.4 Dog All Breed and His son, Mr Gorgoeus was shown to finish by going BPIS, BJIS and BISS (Toy Group Specialty). I also bred my dream girl, Angie to Am.Phil.Grand.Ina.Ch.Londu Striding Forward (Strider) when he was flew to show in Thailand from Indonesia. Angie gave me a sweet bitch name Th.Ch.SW’s Irresistible Baby Th.Ch.SW.’s Irresistible Baby (Multi.Ch. Londu Sriding Forward x (Naja).Now, Naja has proven her self as a good producer like her Th.Ch.SW.’s Angie) mother for SW

In 2008, I started to show Mr.Gorgeous as special. He did very well than my expectations and like his father Mr. Gorgeous finished this year by winning many Toy Group 1st , BISS (Toy Group Specialty), Best Local Born In Show and a Best In show. Of course these made him became No.1 Pekinges, No.2 Toy and No.7 Dog All BIS. BLIS. BISS. Th. Ch. SW.’s Landslide Victory won his first BBIS, handled by Paramet

Breed. His father, DJ also got his 4th First all breed BIS for both Landslide CACIB at the FCI International Dog Victory and His handler, Paramet Show 2008 which made him became an International Champion. Another love match that I was really looking forward was mating DJ with Angie which resulted in two lovely puppies, a boy and a girl. I kept a boy who I thought he has a beautiful breed type that I really like, small, compact, low to groud, lovely head and glamour. His name is BIS.BLIS.BISS.Th.Ch.SW.’s Landslide Victory. Landslide Victory was shown since he was a baby and won many BBIS. He was finished in 2009 by winning BPIS, Reserve Best In Show from Puppy Class and a Best In Show. I also continued special Mr.Gorgeous and in Aug 2009 and he has made history with his 3x Best In Show and 3xBest local Born In Show wins in the same weekend under six different judges. Thank you very much to all judges especially Mr.Andrew H. Brace (UK) who thought so highly on him. That was the day I will never forget!!! Again Mr. Multi.BIS.BISS.BLIS. Int.Am.Th.Grand.Ch.SW.’s Gorgeous became another Interanational Champion, Mr. Gorgeous won 3x BIS and 3x BLIS from six different judges Thai Grand Champion of SW. and one of Thailand’s Top Dogs.

BIS.BISS.Eng.Thai.Grand.Ch. Livanda San Eto (BOBO) in UK.

Since 2009, I was thinking to bring a new bloodline to my breeding program but it was not an easy task to do so. It took me for a year to leave no stone unturned to find my next addition and after a seriuos discussion with my good friend, Paramet, we thought we need a dog from a kennel that produce quality

nd and consistency in breed type. Finally,We decided that we need a good BOBO won Toy Group 2 in UK at Bath 2009 show dog from the fame “Livanda”.

Judge: Mr.Terry Nethercott

BOBO picture by our good friend, Joanne

I sent lots of picture and video of my dogs I have bred or owned over the years to Mrs.Andrea Livesey. And on April 2010, we got a good news from Mrs. Andrea Livesey!!!! She offered us an English Champion who was two and a half year olds and this dog was an only English Champion that she has ever part to other. His name is Eng.Ch.Livanda San Eto (BOBO).He was by Eng.Ch.Livanda Santana (UK Top Toy Sire 2007 and UK Top Pekingese Sire 2005-2010) out of Livanda Lady Jane.

While I tried to get an information about this dog as much as I can (show results, judges critique, disscussion with people who have seen him), I asked Andrea to send me pictures of him and I definitely feel in love with him. I would love to express my greatful thanks to Stuart and Andrea Livesey for their kindness to part one of their great kids to me. BOBO is one of the precious gifts in my life. He is very a sweet guy. He is meeting everyone’s expectations…Excellent Breed Type….Outstanding Showmanship and Movement to Die For!!! It took me for a while before I get started to show BOBO on July 2010. We were very excited about his very first show in Thailand. There was a toy group specialty show that I entered BOBO and he made me and his handler, Paramet very prould of First time out in Thailand, BOBO won BISS him by winning BISS at his (Toy Specialty) under Dr. Raymundo W. first show with his super Lo (Philipines) showmanship in the ring. On top of that, the judge for this show was an esteemed pekingese expert, Dr. Raymundo W. Lo of “Dreamville Pekingese”.I showed BOBO again on November 2010 and this was his second show in Thailand. He did it in grand style with his three group 1st , Reserve Best In Show and Best In Show wins. That was a great start for my boy. This year I First All Breed BIS for BOBO under judge, mated Irresitible Baby to DJ Mr. Carlos Fernande Renau (Spain) She whelped three lovely girl. One of the girls name Th.Ch.SW.’s Macara was very stand out. Like her grandmother, Angie, she won many BBIS and Th.Ch.SW.’s Mascara going RBPIS under finished her title with BPIS. I am expecting to get some nice Dr.Paolo Dondina (Italy), Wesminster BIS Judge 2011 puppies from her.

Another Breeding that I did in 2010 was Landslide Victory with Love Song,a half-brother/half sister breeding on Multi.BIS.BISS.Int.Th.Grand.Ch.Gem Star’s Dancin Jewel. This breeding resulted in one boy and one girl both are champion, Th.Ch.SW.’s Power of Victory and Th. Ch. SW.’s Song of Victory. I was very impressed by what Left: Th.Ch.SW.’s Power of Victory Lanndslide Victory produced for me as he passed his Right: Th.Ch.SW.’s Song of Victory Both by Th.Ch.Landslide Victory x Th.Ch.SW.’s Love Song quality to his offsprings.

Left: Landslide Victory /Right: Mascara Both by Multi.BIS.BISS. Int. Th. GCh .Gem Star’s Dancin Jewel

We have a great start in 2011, BOBO won Best in Show at the first all breed show of the year and won Best In Show 3rd afterward so he only need one Reserve Best In Show in order to finish his Grand Champion title. It was not hard for BOBO to do this job. Shortly after that he won Reserve Best In Show Another BIS for BOBO under Mr.Tan Oo and finished his Grand BOBO won RBIS and finished his Hook (Malaysia) Champion Title. So he is know Grand Championship title under as Multi.BIS.BISS.Eng.Thai.Grand.Ch.Livanda San Eto.He was judge, Mr. Hans Almgren (Sweden) proving himself as a good show dog so It was time for him to prooving himself as a stud dog (a show career of a dog means little or nothing if the dog does not produce quality) and so, I mated him with Irresistible Baby. She produced five beautiful kids, three boys and two girls. There name are Th.Ch.SW.’s Rock This Town, Th.Ch.SW.’s A Hard Act to Follow, Th.Ch. SW.’s Mr.Big Shot, Th.Ch.SW.’s Miss Black Power and SW.’s Miss Congeniality . This had First litter of BOBO’s kids in Thailand. From L to R : Ch.SW.’s Hard Act to Follow, Ch.SW.’s Rock this Town, Ch.SW.’s Mr. Big to be a match made in heaven because I got Shot and Ch.SW. Miss Black Power many promissing puppies in this big litter.

One of the boys in this litter name Th.Ch.SW.’s Rock This Town (Ninja) has already followed his father’s pawsteps. He did very well in the ring by winning many BBIS, BPIS and finished a champion title. His litter mates are waiting for their turn too. Now BOBO can take some Th.Ch.SW.’s Rock This Town (Ninja) won BBIS under judge, Mrs. Yolanda Magal (Isarael)

rest and let his kid have fun in the Th.Ch.SW.’s Rock This Town won BBIG under judge, Mr.Fred C. ring. Basset (USA)

Ninja finished his title and RBPIS Back to Back BPIS wins by Th.Ch. SW.’s Rock This under judge, Mr. Gabriel Gamarra Town. Judges: Mr. Adrian Jones (Australian) and (Uruguay) and Mrs. Jocelyn Croad Mr. Bong Natividad (Philippines) (Aust)

Ninja won BBIG under judge, Mr. Richard Paquette (Canada)

This year I also sent my homebred boy, Mr.Gorgeous to USA. He is expertly handled by Hiram Stewart to finish his title and including his group palcement win under breeder judge, Mr. Malcolm E Moore during his show i n USA. Mr.Gorgeous did lots of great things for me during his show career. He became the first ever Thai bred peke to finish American Championship Title. I hope there will be more SW.’s bred peke to be shown in USA in the near future.

Mr.Gorgeous won Best of Winners 4 points major at the Pekingese Club of Georgia under Mrs .Charlotte P Patterson

Mr.Gorgeous’s Group Placement under breeder judge, Mr. Malcolm E Moore

Mr.Gorgeous finished his American Championship title under judge, Mr. Carl C Yochum

In 2012, at the first weekend shows of the season, I decided to bring Ninja to show and he did a phenomenal job by winning back to back Best In Shows form junior class. It was totally unexpected as he was just 12 months old. Following the win of Ninja, there was a show where 18 best in show winners in 2011 competing for “Thailand Best Dog of The Year 2011 Award”. BOBO was qualified to compete in this event against the other BIS winners in Thailand and it turned out that he took the judge’s heart and won Thailand Best Dog of The Year 2011 award. It was really big honor to win one of the most prestigious awards in Thailand. I would like to thank Mr. Ian Rasmussen, the judge for his appreciation on BOBO and his daughter, Ch. SW.’s Miss Black Power who also won BOBO won Thailand Best Dog Of The Year 2012 Award under judge, Mr. Reserve Best In Show under him at the other all breed show. Back to Back BIS for Ninja at 12 months under Mrs. Perry Jackie (UK) and Mr. Tan Oo Hock (Malaysia)

Ian Rasmussen (Australia)

Since Mr. Gorgeous was back from USA in Dec 2011, I still want to bring him back to show in Thailand and it was just for fun. So, I decided to show him weeks after BOBO won Best Dog Of The Year award. He was still in the top condition and performed really well in the ring. Without a doubt, he won Best In Show at that weekend show and officially retired. In February 2012, my good friend from Indonesia, Mr. Christian Budilarto invited me to bring Ninja to show in one of the biggest shows in Indonesia. So, Paramet and Ninja had flew to Indonesia and brought home with 4 x Best junior In Shows and group placement wins. After the Indonesian trip, Paramet and Ninja were heading to the biggest show in Asia, The FCI Asia & The Pacific Section Dog Show 2012 held in Manila, Philippines. Paramet and Ninja had a huge success at this show. Ninja swept all the awards in junior class by winning 6x Best Junior In Shows from all six shows and 3x Best In Toy Group wins among the best toy group lineup in Asia at the age of 13 months. On top of that he won Reserve Best In Show from the biggest event of the weekend, FCI Asia & the Pacific Section Dog Show under judge, Mr. Takahiro Miyakawa (Japan).

Ninja won 6x BJIS from 6 different judges at the FCI Asia & The Pacific Section Dog Show 2012, Manila, Philippines

After numerous wins that Ninja did since he was 4 months old such as Best Baby In Show, Best Puppy In Show, Best Junior In Show, Best Local Born In Show, Best In Show, Asian Section Winner 2012. We decided to special him in Thailand. Within six months of showing, Ninja was No.2 Dog Among All Breeds, No.1 Toy and No.1 Pekingese in Thailand (July, 2012) before he let his

Kungfu won BLIS under judge, Mr. Zoran Brankovic (Serbia)

dad and brothers have fun in Back To Back BIS wins for Ninja under the remaining months. Now, judges, Mrs. Carla Molinari(Portugal) and Mr.Fred Salud(Philippines) Ninja is known as Multi.BIS.BLIS.BJIS.BPIS.BBIS.ASW12.Phil.Thai Grand Ch. SW.’s Rock This Town. BOBO was sparingly showed in this year just for his International Champion Title and he still did really well from every show. Recently, Ninja brother, Thai Ch. SW.’s Mr. Big Shot (Kungfu) was shown and finished Thai Champion with Toy Group win and Best Local Born In Show which make BOBO’s first litter in Thailand as BBIS, BPIS, BJIS, BLIS and BIS winners litter.

During July- September 2012, I had a chance to welcome another UK bred Pekingese as a visitor to my kennel. His name is Thai Ch. Yakee In The Line Of Fire (Patrick). He is by Ch Yakee Ooh Aah Cantona out of Ch. Yakee Come On Eileen. Patrick is a fun dog to live with. He finished his Thai Champion with Reserve Best Junior Show before bakced home with his beloved owner, Mr. Christian Budilato of Edelweiss Pekingese, Indonesia.

Patrick finished Thai Champion and won RBJIS under judge, Mr. Partha Chatterjee (India)

I have done some breeding with BOBO, Ninja and Mr.Gorgoues this year and now their kids are waiting in wings. One of the kids that currently stand out is SW.’s Whatever Lola Wants. She is sired by Ninja and a line breed of my once in a life time girl, Ch.SW.’s Angie. SW.’s Whatever Lola Wants, Ninja’s daughter at 39 days old

Currently, I am serving as a vice preident of The Kennel Club of Thailand so I do not show my dog much during this period but SW. is still very active in breeding for better pekes. I would like to thank The Ventura Pekingese Club and Sarah Kirby for asking me to share my story about my beloved kids. It has been a great honor. I am very much looking forward to getting to know Me with the Kennel Club of Thailand Director members

others in the pekingese world.

Suwan Ngamsiriwong SW. Pekingese, Thailand WWW.SWPEKINGESE.COM

SW. Pekingese Story