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Ch Livanda Faberge

Best In Show British Pekingese Club Best In Show Birmingham Pekingese Club Best In Show The Pekingese Club Top Pekingese Puppy 2011 Pup of the Year Finals Qulifier Best Puppy Dog, RCC Midland Counties Best Puppy, Puppy Group 4th Darlington Dog Show Society Best Puppy Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show Best Puppy, RCC East of England Championship Show Best Puppy Windsor Championship Show

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Eng Ch Livanda Santana

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Year 2011

BLACKPOOL CH SHOW 11 PD (4) 2 Livesey’s Livanda Faberge, nice dog, good head & expression, good front assembly, plenty of bone, moved well with correct action; JILL PEAK WINDSOR CH SHOW 11 PD (8) 1 Livesey’s Livanda Faberge, 7 months silver/f of lovely size for age, moved with assurance & really looked good, for his tender years his body was firm, head a picture of the Standard, very good prospect for the future. Best Puppy ANNE WHITEHEAD E OF ENGLAND CH SHOW 11 MPD (3) 1 Livesey's Livanda Faberge, made my day! Surely a star in the making even at 7 months, bred in the purple, apart from his glorious head, ample bone, firm front, low slung body, fabulous shape & perfect size, here is a dog who epitomises the breed's character with his dignified roll & bright expression, already takes himself so seriously as to make you smile, destined to be a top winner at all levels & proud to be the first to certify him of ch quality. RCC & Best Puppy; HOWARD OGDEN BOURNEMOUTH CH SHOW 11 MPD (2) 1 Livesey’s Livanda Faberge, at just 8 months he is the small, well balanced type of dog that we expect from this kennel. Large head of the correct proportions, & I particularly appreciated his large enough dark eyes & jet black mask. Body is short & he has a wide chest, spirit level topline & a defined waist. Moved soundly in a slow & dignified manner & did not display any timidity whatsoever. This is a special puppy, & he can expect a great future; MICHAEL A MASON SKC (AUG) CH SHOW 11 PD (4) 2 Livesey’s Livanda Faberge, a difficult decision between the first two as this boy is also so well balanced & presented an outstanding picture in profile that, I thought at first glance, he would be my class winner. Large head with black mask, short in body, wide chest & well defined waist. He had many of the attributes of the first, being by the same sire, however on the day I preferred the front movement & tightness of elbow of 1; LORRAINE GILLHESPY WKC CH SHOW 11 MPD (2) 1 Livesey’s Livanda Faberge, top quality puppy, produced from this now wellestablished kennel, super head, good body & bone, ultra sound, groomed & put down to perfection. I am sure this youngster has a great future in this breed. Best Puppy In Show; DONALD LEE DARLINGTON CH 11 PD (4) 1 Livesey’s Livanda Faberge, well balanced, excellent bone, large head, well feathered ears, good coat & excellent presentation, large dark eyes, black muzzle, nice short body, strong topline, good depth of body & shape with wide chest, moved soundly. Best Puppy In Show & RCC IRENE McMANUS MIDLAND COS CH SHOW 11 PD (3) 1 Livesey’s Livanda Faberge, quality 10 months silver/f with a super head, masculine head with the correct size dark eyes, broad open nostrils, super pigment & firm underjaw, sound front & rear, level back, high set tail, broad chest & short in body, confident mover & immaculately turned out, one out of the top drawer & sure to have a bright future. Best Puppy Dog & RCC; ANDREW BOX

Year 2012

CRUFTS 12 JD (7) 2 Livesey’s Livanda Faberge, ideal size, correct bone, blackest pigmentation, open nostrils, high tailset, in super coat & condition. Unlucky to meet 1; ALBERT EASDON PEKINGESE CLUB, 18/03/12 JD (1) 1 Livesey’s Livanda Faberge, the top puppy in the breed in 2011 & it is easy to see why. This 15 months silver/f with b/m has so many virtues to offer the breed. His head is large & of the correct shape , ears well set, long black ears fringes, excellent expression, nothing overdone in any way, super clean dark eyes, good clean wrinkle and does not obscure his eyes or nose, jet black nose leather, open nostril, nice finish to his mouth, blackest of pigment & sufficient length of muzzle for a Pekingese. Front assembly is very good due to his heavy boned slightly bowed forelegs, super big flat feet, enough neck, level back, big barreled ribs, lovely shape, very good tailset, sound lighter hindquarters & pick up heavy for his size. Has just right amount of coat, which is the correct texture & presentation was first class. Faberge was in A1 condition & is a sound well balanced excellent type of Pekingese. This becomes evidence to around the ringside when he started to move with his typical effortless rolling gait. Over the last decade the Livanda kennel has established itself as the leading breeder of top quality male Pekingese in the UK & Faberge is destined to add further glory to this famous kennel. CC & BEST IN SHOW Mike Mays N OF ENGLAND PEKINGESE C, 29/07/12 LD 1 Livesey’s Livanda Faberge, light fawn with solid black head, lovely open nostrils, correct shape & body, moved & showed well; ELIZABETH BARTRIM BRITISH PEKINGESE C, 06/10/12 LD (3) 1 Livesey’s Livanda Faberge, fawn b/m, like his name suggests this dog uses quality, most exquisite head & expression which would melt any breed lovers heart, dark expressive eyes which never left me whilst he was being judged, level mouth & open nostril, could do nothing else but move correctly because he is totally sound with a short bowed front, in good coat that was presented to perfection, on the move looked terrific, fits the bill perfectly for my type. CC & BEST IN SHOW ANN OFFILER

Ch Livanda Faberge  

Ch Livanda Faberge Pekingese

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