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FREE ADMISSION Simulacra by Karina Smigla-Bobinski




2. Railyard Plaza

Closed Mondays and Tuesdays. Open noon to 7 Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Open late Fridays and Saturdays. Check website for times.

3. Zane Bennett Contemporary Art 435 South Guadalupe St 505 982 8111





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9. Institute of American Indian Arts 83 Avan Nu Po Road 505 424 2300 *12.4 miles to Institute of American Indian Arts, IAIA (allow 20 min by car)



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8. Peters Projects 1011 Paseo De Peralta 505 954 5800



7. Center for Contemporary Arts 1050 Old Pecos Trail 505 982 1338


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4. Warehouse 21 1614 Paseo de Peralta 505 989 4423 5. Violet Crown Cinema 1606 Alcaldesa St 505 216 5678



1. El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe 555 Camino de la Familia 505 992 0591

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46 Multimedia Performance Artists

CURRENTS brings together New Media artists in an atmosphere that fosters open exchange and professional networking. CURRENTS serves as a platform for artistic experimentation and generates exploration into all forms of New Media art and provides the public with an opportunity to experience an outstanding selection of innovative work. Through extensive fundraising and generous support from donors CURRENTS Festivals are free to the public.

50 Experimental Documentary Artists

In 2015 Parallel Studios will cover the cost of lodging, travel and

56 Digital Dome Artists

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will provide honorariums to local New Media Installation artists. The Staff and Board of Directors of Parallel Studios thank all of you for your support. Frank Ragano and Mariannah Amster Co-Executive/Artistic Directors and Founders Parallel Studios Santa Fe, New Mexico

The CURRENTS Festival is free and open to all. Visit as often as you like and, as long as the doors are open, stay as long as you like. Your interest, enthusiasm and support make the Festival possible.



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6th Santa Fe International New Media Festival closed Mondays and Tuesdays

Artist Talks Nicole Selken, Tomoko Hayashi & Aurèle Ferrier

Warehouse 21

Artist Presentation


J U N E 12- 2 8 / 2 015

Public Symposium

New M edia N ew M exic o

2nd Annual, Statewide New Media Arts Trail




INSTAL ATION Barthelemy Antoine - Loeff, Lj贸s 8

Barthelemy Antoine - Loeff Lj贸s Paris, France

Lj贸s: crackles of light trapped under a bell jar. Lj贸s is about fragility and equilibrium, of the moment, of life, of light. About how impossible it is to contain light, light as life, lightephemeral, light-captured. The installation combines audio with video mapping, paper, glass, and programming based on excitement, temporality and balance. The careful arrangement of these materials offers a light scenography, poetic and sensitive. Antoine-Loeff is a French new media artist, director and performer, co-founder of the new media art and stage art collective Iduun. With pictures as a raw material and starting point to explore new narrative forms, his work is complex, free and sometimes interactive. He does both performances and installations. His poetic universe deals with unsaid, (distorted) reality and the search for a balance that can break in a second, combining new media and a low-tech dimension in his work.

Tony Abeyta Myth Shifter Santa Fe, NM, USA

The images in Myth Shifter are abstractions taken from paintings and large scale drawings. Paper cut-outs are photographed, taken into Photoshop and animated to pulsate, spin & move. Abeyta is a contemporary Navajo artist working in multiple disciplines such as paintings, large scale black and white drawings/ installations, video /animation, projections and fullyimmersive dome projects with Vortex animation. His current work is predominantly abstract and employs culturally-based iconography (Native American mythology) within a modern context, to address environmental impacts on water, uranium and coal mining on Native lands. Abeyta has studied at the Institute of American Indian Arts, Maryland Institute of Art and New York University (Steinhardt) and has exhibited nationally and internationally. His work is represented in the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the Heard Museum, the NM Museum of Art and the Wheelwright Museum, among others.


Brian Bowman Greg Walters A Thousand Rooms

Bloomfield, NJ, USA Brooklyn, NY, USA

A Thousand Rooms explores the subconscious through visualizing psychological phenomena like dreams, belief, and spirituality. Recorded interviews ranging from lucid dreamers to near-death survivors provide a woven aural tapestry for imagery that maps out impossible spaces. As if witnessed by sonar, the unseen is revealed: dark landscapes, ephemeral mansions and the commonality of human experience. Bowman, with a background in animation and architecture, works in a range from stereoscopic film-making to immersive built environments. His projects often reside in between the visual and the spatial. At Trollbäck + Company, he creates visceral experiences for advertising and entertainment. Recent work includes sculpture garden projections for the 2014 AICP Awards at MoMA and a film directed by Kanye West in 2012. Walters, a journalist and musician, brings a unique perspective to his band Tiny Victories, who have toured and played with Javelin and others, and have produced the album Haunts.

Daria Baiocchi Sound Installation: Plasma Audio Installation Milan, Italy

Plasma is often called the fourth state of matter. It is a distinct state of matter containing a significant number of electrically charged particles, a number sufficient to affect its electrical properties and behavior. Plasma also refers to the liquid component of blood that holds the blood cells in suspension. Inspired by energy, thunder and blood, Plasma began as a recording of sounds of the sinori, a thunder-sheet, that have been processed with these images in mind. Baiocchi’s compositions have been played in theaters and concert halls and broadcast on radio throughout the world; she also enjoys a career as concert pianist. As a composer and video artist, she has won numerous international competitions and was awarded the title of Cavaliere di Gaia by the Italian Ministry. In 2013 her piece Beat Impulse for contemporary ballet was selected by the Venice Biennale. 10

Robert Campbell Red Forest Vashon, Washington, USA

Comprised of six LED monitors reminiscent of traditional Japanese ‘byoku’ screens from the Edo period, Red Forest employs formal and poetic elements of that tradition. The synchronized, digitally animated tableaux are read from right to left. The viewer is invited into contemplation of evolving painterly landscapes and interior spaces – spaces both intimately familiar and strangely alien. Campbell’s practice includes video art, digital film, digital imaging/collage, installation, and documentary filmmaking. His single-channel video art work and installation work have been exhibited at festivals and exhibitions nationally and internationally, and his video/dance collaborations have been shown nationally. He has produced documentaries in the U.S., Europe and Africa, with excerpts of his work in Africa selected for the Journey to Planet Earth series on the PBS network. He teaches at Cornish College of the Arts, where he is co-director of the Institute of Emergent Technology and Intermedia (iET+I).

Susanna Carlisle Bruce Hamilton Inside Out

Santa Fe, NM, USA

The relationship between the human body and technology is diverse and complex, creating a tangle of questions in a veil of mystery. Inside Out portrays the way technology and art are attempting to make the inner landscape of the body visible, to reveal it in its raw, vulnerable, subjective state of being. Hamilton and Carlisle have backgrounds in video, sculpture, architecture and computer programming. Their work has been exhibited at venues in the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Recent work has addressed environmental concerns such as the vulnerability and destruction of the natural world and the built environment due to climate change and natural disaster, and man’s impact on the environment. Hamilton studied at Queens University in Ontario and the Annenberg School of Communications at the University of Pennsylvania. Carlisle studied at the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Pennsylvania’s Penn Design. Susanna Carlisle and Bruce Hamilton courtesy of Yares Art Projects special thanks to John H. Marks, MD 11

James Coker Trellis Albuquerque, NM, United States

Trellis is a video installation piece comprised of LED panels connected via iron pipes in a ‘sparse grid’ configuration. The panels collectively display a singlechannel video mapped in such a way that the panels act as windows on a virtual screen. The piece displays intensely saturated colors with a mixture of processed natural imagery, presented in a three-dimensional environment of floating planes and fragments. Coker is a media artist and software developer in Albuquerque, New Mexico, working with video, sound, photography and printmaking. The subjects are usually, but not always, landscapes and environments, but the process is always abstraction. He is also author of the music software called Numerology, a modular music sequencer and sound-processing tool designed for real-time improvisation by performing musicians.

Grayson Cooke {image} Rafael Anton Irisarri {sound} AgX Ballina, NSW, Australia

AgX is an art-science project about material memory and forgetting; it features time-lapse macro-photography of photographic negatives being chemically destroyed. Designed as a quadraphonic dual-channel video installation, two soundtracks will work together in a single space, with directional speakers and two separate video channels playing simultaneously. Born in New Zealand and based in Australia, Cooke is an interdisciplinary scholar, media artist, and teaches at Southern Cross University. He has presented media art and live audio-visual performance works in Australia and internationally, and he has exhibited and performed in major international festivals such as the Japan Media Arts Festival, NeMaf in Seoul, VIDEOFORMES in France, TIVA in Taipei, and the FILE Festival in Sao Paulo. He is also an associate editor for the online peer-reviewed journal “Transformations.” He holds an interdisciplinary PhD from Concordia University in Montreal.


Shawn Decker Jan Tichy The Difference Chicago, IL USA Czechoslovakia/USA

The Difference, a collaboration between sound artist Shawn Decker and light artist Jan Tichy, uses material from a previous work by Tichy that also incorporated sculptural objects. The new work adds sound and replaces the sculptural objects with speakers. Decker creates sound and electronic media installations and writes music for live performance, film, and video. His work involves music composition, the visual arts, and performance, using physical and electronic media to investigate, simulate and praise the natural (and unnatural) worlds. Tichy works at the intersection of video, sculpture, architecture, sound and photography; many of his works combine these elements. Using video projection as a time-based source of light, he creates physical and psychic spaces with themes of concealment, obscurity, and the seen/unseen. His use of photography, tempered by his strictly formal and minimalist visual language, results in installations in which the narrative is open to interpretation.

Anne Farrell The Island of Pal Santa Fe, NM, USA

The Island of Pal: Pal has his own island; he lets us come to it and play. He is our guide and transport to sacred realms, and he travels the territory as hallowed messenger, heroic, strong, and flying. Art is a map to inner territories, the unknown, the future. The Island and the Pond are maps; the Cell is an emissary from the past into the future, carrying encoded information for continuation of life. The Island is the realm we enter with Pal; the Pond is entry into hidden dimensions. Its depths contain the Cell. The Horse is an intermediary between the domestic and the uncharted. Farrell studied classics of Western thought and then studied with Jorge Flick in New Mexico. Later she met a mouse and felt she had found her true medium, making movies and drawing on the computer. More recently she is integrating drawing, painting and pixels.


David Forlano Totem Santa Fe, NM, USA

Totem, a light painting, diffuses the light of a digital display behind an acrylic and plexi filter system, in order to see color and light closer to the way we view nature. Totems are representative of a tribe; this totem represents all people. Its grid is like a face looking back, its colors suggest the color world before computers, and the background shifts color and brightness like a changing sky. Forlano has a world-renowned collaboration in art jewelry with Steve Ford, called FordForlano Jewelry. A pivotal figure in sound/music and video for stage performance in the 90’s, he returned in 2003 to printmaking, painting, drawing and other media. He has won numerous awards for his video work on short films. O’Donnell is a digital media developer, works on autogenerating scores to aid music education, and composes music derived from seismic waves that have been transposed to human-audible levels. David Forlano and Sean O’Donnell

Yolande Harris Pink Noise WA, USA

Pink Noise challenges preconceptions about underwater sound by juxtaposing an idyllic video of the surface with the overwhelming, yet often strangely beautiful, anthropogenic noise underneath. By involving the audience in an otherwise alien, inaccessible environment, the installation aims to establish a more empathetic relationship to the underwater world through the immersive experience of the artwork. Ocean of Desert brings together these diverse yet interconnected environments. In two complementary parts, the audio visual installation Pink Noise and the sound-walk Guide: Whale draw the participant into an immersive experience guided by the sounds of the undersea world.


Tomoko Hayashi {artist} Stefan Agamanolis and Matthew Karau {technical development} Mutsugoto Kyoto, Japan

Human intimacy is a significant but often neglected part of modern life. Communication tools supposedly engender a feeling of connectedness but are mostly impersonal and generic. Mutsugoto is a new kind of communication device. Breaking away from traditional systems, intended for operation by any pair of people in any situation, it is designed to reflect the nature of human communication more strongly by allowing distant partners, family members or friends to communicate through the language of touch. Hayashi, a multidisciplinary artist/designer, was trained in traditional Japanese fabric-dyeing and fibre art. Her work explores the use of five senses and digital media to enhance the intimacy of human connection by contemporary communication technologies. Her collaborative projects, which reflect her intercultural experience, have been exhibited in museums and galleries world-wide. She currently lives and works in Kyoto, wondering about human emotion / communication. Supported by the Japan Foundation, Los Angeles.

Hye Young Kim Intimate Distance Winston Salem, NC, USA

Intimate Distance is an installation composed of two synchronized HD videos called Intimate Distance I and II. Kim asked her family (including herself) to close their eyes for three minutes and to keep the smallest distance apart without touching each other. Her intention was to capture the intimacy of closest proximity, and to show family dynamics by questioning what intimate relationships are, how to define roles of family, and how the intimate relationships of family affect who she is. Kim was born in 1982 in South Korea. She studied at Korea University, Washington University in St. Louis and the University of Florida, and teaches at Winston-Salem State University in North Carolina. As a video performance/installation artist, she has investigated human existence with physical and psychological traces by integrating traditional art-making techniques with experimental video and installation. Her work has been exhibited in North and South America and Europe. 15

Ha Na Lee James Hughes Two Women

Seattle, WA, USA

Two Women was inspired by the suicide of the artist’s grandmother. The work explores several possible ways to understand her death: kinetic machines tabulate and archive suicide-related data; channels of video portray images such as a drowning woman; narration is by an elderly woman who describes her room, a dream about a room with machines, and a fantasy of her younger self drowning. Lee works primarily in video, new media, installation art and experimental film. She focuses on portraying an individual’s experience of psychological and physical trauma in a poetic narrative, exploring these traumas by creating bodily and cinematic experiences and spatializing fragmented narratives in the form of interactive and immersive environments. Hughes is concerned with systems, agency and information. His research involves the use of real-time audio/video processing, audio/video synthesis, computer vision, sensors, networks, robotics and artificial intelligence, using them to create interactive installations and performance platforms.

Tristan Love Em Wingren Proxy Santa Fe, NM, USA

Proxy is comprised of duplicate stations in disparate areas, each with a podium with a built-in water-vapor screen. When people occupy both stations, each sees the other as a hologram with live audio, like a Skype-hologram. If not, the person is shown pre-recorded video replicating a live effect. Participants are not told whether the piece is interactive or pre-recorded. The intention is to highlight the expectations of interactive media art and interpersonal digital interaction. Love is an award-winning filmmaker/editor who studied at the Film and Television School of the Academy of Performing Arts (FAMU) in Prague. He is a founding member of the filmmaking collective Color Chart. His work has been screened on television and in festivals worldwide. Wingren, with a degree in Intermedia Art and Neuroscience, says, “I’m conscious matter, I’m space, I’m your dog. I’m interested in psychological/liminal space and in chemical reward through abstraction.”


Max Almy Teri Yarbrow Tom Sorce Vibrant Portal Abiquiu, NM, USA

Vibrant Portal is inspired by the mystical doorways of the East, a vibrant immersive experience where light pours in through elaborate grates and creates ornate glowing patterns on the floor. This work is a new media homage to these ancient portals, with a multilayered interactive environment affected by the viewer. It touches on contemporary concepts such as recent interest in “vibrant matter,” and the political theory that everything is alive, interconnected, in process and pulsing with life. Almy and Yarbrow are award-winning, internationally exhibited video and installation artists known for pushing the boundaries of art and technology. Their works have been featured in major museums, festivals, screenings and collections throughout the world. Sorce is a composer and audio/media designer. He has worked internationally as an audio and lighting designer, an engineer/programmer, and technical director, integrating audio, lighting and video into complex projects at the Superbowl, Olympics and other major events.

Andreas Lutz Christoph Grünberger Wutbürger Berlin, Germany

Wutbürger deals with the anger and individual failure of Stefan W. (an Everyman) in present-day Germany. The five-hour performance was recorded in a speciallymade wooden box and is now projected in the same box. The viewer thereby experiences the illusion of a present-time play that addresses him directly for action. The protagonist undergoes different stages of his life in retrospective, which finally brings him to the present, irreversible situation in the prison of his life. Lutz graduated from UoAS Offenburg in Media and Information Science and works in the experimental field of design, interaction and sound. He founded the interdisciplinary studio Kasuga, where he focuses on human-computer interaction and its alternative and artistic uses. He also lectures on interactive design. Grünberger is a German illustrator and designer who lives and works in Munich. He is co-author of publications “NeubauIsm” and “Neubau Forst”. 17

William Mitchell uWedge

Santa Fe, NM, USA

uWedge is an immersive interactive piece and performance. Twin screens fill the visual field of viewers as they interact with themselves. Changing imagery and digital manipulation transform the viewers’ perspective and surroundings, with their bodies, shadows, and video feedback creating compelling footage. Live performances by Mitchell, taking place at various times, add further interaction. uWedge becomes a beat, with participants dancing and transforming on the screens. Mitchell, a pioneer in the world of cinematography, won the1987 Academy Award for cinematography and has gone on to shoot numerous commercials, TV productions, and feature films. In his journey to push the limits of film, he has engineered innovative film capture and projection equipment. He has supplied visuals for the Rolling Stones and Grateful Dead. Mitchell loves to perform projection art, whether from circular imagery projected on large floating umbrellas, or mounting multiple projectors, or from a bicycle.

Dylan McLaughlin Cannupa Hanska Luger Thought and Memory Santa Fe, NM, USA

Thought and Memory invites contemplation of the intimacy of thought and memory. One figure projects its memory onto the other, while the other projects its thoughts. A closed circuit, it literally leaves the viewer in the dark. The work illustrates that what seems fluid in your own mind becomes very rigid when projected upon others. Born in North Dakota on the Standing Rock Reservation with Mandan, Hidatsa, Arikara, Lakota, Austrian and Norwegian heritage, Luger studied at the Institute of American Indian Arts and currently creates socially-conscious work with a high standard of craftsmanship. His sculpture has been included in museum collections and exhibitions worldwide. Growing up in the Navajo Nation in Arizona, McLaughlin learned the importance of storytelling. His digital media and filmmaking work includes documentary-style artist and community portraits, narrative short filmmaking, and more experimental interactive works and video installations. He studied at the Institute of American Indian Arts.


Oana Suteu Khintirian Navid Navab Threads Montreal, QC, Canada

Threads, a responsive kinetic sound sculpture, is concerned with the mnemonic dimension of the written word and examines the acts of reading and writing in an intricate play of sensory relations. Threads of hand-written paper, transcriptions of century-old correspondence, when touched, produce sounds modulated by movement. Threads reveals memory as a blueprint of sensation. Khintirian’s work encompasses films, installation and media scenography; it focuses on movement and the human body’s correlation with environmental elements. The work has been represented in international film festivals and exhibitions. Navab is a media alchemist and composer/improviser. Interested in the poetics of gesture, materiality, and embodiment, he explores the transmutation of matter and the enrichment of its inherent performative qualities. His works, which range from gestural sound compositions to responsive architecture, site-specific interventions, theatrical interactive installations and multimodal improv-based performances, have been presented at various contemporary art museums, festivals, and events worldwide.

Ben Mittleman The Matrimony of 18 Santa Fe, NM, USA

The Matrimony of 18 features a white plaster cast of a human body in a flying position, suspended from the ceiling. A loop of black ink moving through water is projected from below onto the underside of the body. There is ambient music, and a carpet with pillows that invite viewers to lie down and look up toward the suspended body. Mittleman’s artistic practice is rooted in photography, sculpture and humanism. Throughout his life, he has walked a line between commercial and personal art, his love of conceptual art binding together his experience as an art director and the current exploration of his more personal voice. His first body of work, Dissection, bears witness to a physical and emotional reconnection with himself: the prioritizing of the heart, the birth of a song, the dusting-off of unattended truths. His work breathes poetry, quiet strength, and a humble attempt at understanding. 19

Sylvia Nicolaides Airground Limassol, Cyprus

Airground is a 3D visual conversation between the projected acrobats and the viewer, following a looping, spiraling, nonlinear path. Viewers are asked to enter a darkened area, wear their 3D glasses, and lie on mats on the floor, looking up toward the projection screen. The moment the viewer puts on the 3D glasses, the whole journey comes to life. The work deals with the sorrow of existence, loss, death and rebirth. Nicolaides originally studied education in Cyprus, with an emphasis on visual and creative arts; she subsequently earned degrees in art in London and audio-visual studies in Prague. Her films were included in film festivals internationally, and she participated in the exhibition Catharsis/Rebirth, co-directing a short film that was later presented at the Louvre. In 2014 she won the jury’s Special Prize at the 3D Korea International Film Festival.

Kian-Peng Ong Particle Waves Singapore

Particle Waves is a kinetic sound installation inspired by sea waves. The installation is comprised of kinetic bowls, servo motors and metallic beads. Arranged in a grid, the bowls are controlled by a wave algorithm, moving them in a wave-like motion, at times ferociously, at times peaceful and relaxing. Each bowl contains hundreds of metallic beads that make a noise-like sound. Collectively the bowls form a soundscape that reminds us of waves and the sea. Ong, was born and based in Singapore. His works range from audiovisual performances to media installations. His interest in nature, audiovisual, and our perceptual apparatus often results in works with computational and DIY electronic apparatus. He has shown his work in exhibitions and festivals in the US, Europe and Asia. Ong studied at Lasalle College of the Arts in Singapore and UCLA. He lectures in the Interaction Design Department, Nanyang Polytechnic. Supported by the Singapore International Foundation


Jeff Ong Alon Chitayat Subway Stories Brooklyn, NY, USA Israel/USA

Subway Stories, begins with a projection of an animated subway car, filled with passengers. A physical “conductor’s box” gives users control of where the projection is focused and the camera zooms. The audience hears the thoughts and sounds of passengers in focus, or zooms in to hear their stories. Chitayat is a digital artist and founder of Animishmish Creative Studio , which explores the intersection of video and interactivity. He is currently pursuing graduate studies at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP), concentrating on drawing as a means for interaction. Jeff Ong is an artist and technologist, studying at ITP. Focusing on creative coding, Jeff is interested in new forms of immersive storytelling and expression. After working at The Barbarian Group in New York, Jeff came to ITP to explore ways to humanize and push the applications of interactive technology.

Alice Pixley Young Will You Miss Me When I Burn Cincinnati, OH, USA

Will You Miss Me When I Burn explores questions of nature, gender and the state of our world. Wallpapers of ash, kiln-cast glass hand mirrors, and video of forest fires and smoke plumes mark a dark apocalypse and the poignancy of impermanence. The work utilizes historical instruments of seeing: peepholes, hand mirrors and the Claude Glass: the dark mirror that Hudson River School artists used to create idealized landscapes. In contrast, Young’s wall installations and mirrors reflect disasterscapes of the 21st century. Young studied at the University of Maryland, the Studio of the Corning Museum of Glass and Pilchuck Glass School; she has completed several residencies, received fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts/Hambidge New Artist Initiative, the Surdna Foundation and the Jentel Artist Residency Program. She is a finalist in the eMerge 2014 International Biennial at Bullseye Glass in Portland. 21

A hotel can be as distinct as the land it calls home. TRUE


Hotel Santa Fe is

Hotel Santa Fe, The Hacienda & Spa, owned by the Picuris tribe, is the only venture of its kind in the United States. The tribe originally settled in the area nearly 800 years ago, and today our hotel is a testament to their enduring spirit. We recently 22

became the first hotel in the nation to power all guest rooms with solar energy. So you can rest easy, your room is running on sunshine. Join us at the Hotel Santa Fe, The Hacienda & Spa and make your stay an authentic Santa Fe experience.

W W W.H OT E L S A N TA F E .CO M 855-825-9876
































& WiFi






















Karina Smigla-Bobinski Simulacra Munich, Bavaria, Germany

Simulacra is an interactive video installation and an opto-physical experimental arrangement. Four LCD monitor panels are assembled in the form of a hollow square; a tangle of cables and control devices pours out of the middle; several magnifying lenses dangle from chains. The monitor shines with an intense white light and doesn’t display any pictures; but with the magnifying lenses function is restored, repositioning the virtuality back into the viewers head, making it a mental cinema. Smigla-Bobinski lives and works as an intermedia artist with analogue and digital media in Munich and Berlin. She studied at the Academies of Fine Arts in Krakow and Munich. She produces and collaborates on projects ranging from interactive and mixed-reality art, art interventions and multimedia physical theatre performances, to digital and traditional painting, analogue interactive installations and kinetic sculptures. Her work has been shown on five continents at festivals, galleries and museums. Supported by the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany / Houston

Steina 4-Screen Compositions Santa Fe, NM, USA

This one evening event, Saturday, June 27, 8:00 pm10:00 pm at El Museo Cultural, is a rare opportunity to view a selection of work from the oeuvre of this remarkable artist. For many years Steina has been creating multiscreen compositions. This is a composite of works from many periods of her life starting in the 80s. Steina began working with video in 1969, and since then her various tapes and installations have been exhibited in the USA, Europe and Asia. Although video and video installations are her main focus, she also has developed interactive performances using a digitally adapted violin to manipulate video images. In 1971 she co-founded The Kitchen, an Electronic Media Theater in New York. Born in Reykjavik, Iceland, she and her husband Woody Vasulka moved to the United States in 1965. They have been Santa Fe residents for over 30 years. 24

David Stout Cory Metcalf Emblems of Ascension Denton, TX, USA

Emblems of Ascension, a multi-screen installation by the intermedia artist collaborative NoiseFold, explores interplay between inertia, noise and force of attraction within the digital simulation of spinning particle fields, revealing latent images, sounds and musical potentials that give rise to arcane and archetypal emblematic forms. Stout is a visual artist, composer, writer, curator and performer exploring cross-media synthesis and interdisciplinary approaches. The recipient of numerous awards, he founded the MOV-iN Gallery and the Installation, Performance & Interactivity project at the College of Santa Fe. He directs the Initiative for Advance Research in Technology and the Arts at the University of North Texas. Metcalf, a moving-image and sound artist, programmer and performer, creates complex interactive software environments. His performance works, real-time media systems and responsive installations question the primacy of the human perspective and anthropocentric Western rational mind, and linearity of progress. He teaches at the University of Denver.

Marion Wasserman Ritual Hive Santa Fe, NM, USA

Ritual Hive is about the trajectories of transformation, lines of intersection and the alchemy of honey. There is a certain ritual that the hive embodies as it collectively transforms pollen into honey. This installation forms a ritual space that speaks to the geometry and complexity of alchemy, the molecular structures of the carbon age, and the collective, complex intelligence of hive mentality. Circumambulate the axis of the hive and witness transformation. Educated in Philosophy and Eastern Religion, Wasserman explores themes of Prana, consciousness, transformation, and archetypes in her video work. Influenced by her years as a painter, she layers images and timelines into visual stories. Incorporating video into a sculptural installation has led Wasserman to create stories contained in a new context or new realm. Currently she is an MFA candidate at the Transart Institute, Plymouth University. 25


Andrew McWilliams, Existential 26

Evanthia Afstralou Fur Elise London, UK

The choreography of Fur Elise, based on the Beethoven work of the same name, was completed during Afstalon’s residency at Elsewhere museum in North Carolina, a museum and residential institution where societal rules are reinforced within the artistic community – a society within society. Everyday activities such as cleaning and tidying up are choreographed and synchronized to become parts of a theatrical and metaphorical performance. Afstralon’s videos are quasi-narrative stories of the choreography of everyday life. She believes that routinized behaviors such as dressing, brushing hair, or tying shoelaces have something to do with art. She does not want simply to dislocate the everyday, but rather to choreograph it, force it, reenact it, like learning an action all over again. She wants to put the everyday on stage and synchronize the movements to music, or to direct a painfully wrong performance of it.

Zinka Bejtic Split Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

How does fashion help construct an identity? What role does gender play? Changes in the perception of what is beautiful present new and different expectations for all aspects of the fashion world. As this changing perception brings a modern twist to what we see as visual quality, it challenges our previous notions of beauty but suggests a legitimized art form that reshapes the definition of what is beautiful. Bejtic was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina but has spent most of her life in Toronto. Her work ranges from graphic design and experimental film to video art. She is engaged in a timebased aspect of visual communication, and she often explores dichotomies such as inside/outside, polished/rough, physical/ emotional, distant/passionate. Through experiments in video and sound, she explores new visual forms for non-narrative formats. Bejtik teaches at the College of Architecture Art and Design at the American University of Sharjah.


Orit Ben-Shitrit VIVE LE CAPITAL Brooklyn, NY, USA

Pascal works on Wall Street and surpasses greed to become a prominent philanthropist. Greed surpasses Pascal because he works on Wall Street. Vive le Capital is a deliberation on a love/hate relationship with money. The plot pirouettes between the protagonist’s soliloquy in French, and dancers who respond with various transgressive behaviors. Orit is a Moroccan-Israeli interdisciplinary artist, educated in New York and showing internationally. She works in photography, video and choreography and utilizes movement and bodies to address issues of domination and the potential for violence. These issues are developed through three main topical themes: cycles of violence in the Middle East, invisible mechanisms of political, religious and economic control; and conflicted beings trapped in bodies. The works use texture-rich imagery and span a spectrum of historical references, combined with ideas that relate to codependency, inner demons and behavioral disorders.

Daniel Bennett Definitions 1 Baltimore, MD, USA

Daniel Bennett’s work shows an exploration of the human body interacting with modern technologies. Bennett experiments with ideas of invisibility present within today’s technologically automated world. By treating his body as a tool, Bennett practices a performance-research hybrid. He engages playfully with elements of the everyday, such as moving walkways and electric sliding doors. Bennett, an emerging video/performance artist, lives in and works out of Baltimore . He has been a guest critic and has presented on his work/practice at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Recent work includes a debut solo show at Aspect Ratio Projects in Chicago, streamed live works online through ACREtv with Mana Contemporary of Chicago, and representation in venues across the U.S., Europe and Asia. He holds an MFA in New Media from the University of Illinois Chicago. 28

Olivia Brown sequence_3 Denton, TX, USA

sequence_3 arose from the desire to explore the multiplicity of self that is expressed through ritual and is found in the minutia of everyday. It emphasizes the form of the sacred. Olivia Brown is a New Media student at the University of North Texas. Expression through new media gives Brown accessibility to her audience. Her recent experimentations with video and performance reflect her desire to incorporate intimacy, shared experience, and vulnerability into her works. At present her central investigation is the micro-political structure of shared and individual human experience.

Ina Conradi Chavez Elysian Fields Singapore

Elysian Fields, a 3D stereoscopic animated film, commemorates World War II. The film was screened at the 2013 Ars Electronica Total Recall Festival and won an award at the 3D Beyond Festival ZKM at Karlsruhe, Germany. Ina Conradi Chavez is an award-winning digital new media artist living and working in Singapore. Referring to animated films as “unframed paintings,� she works innovatively with digital animation and stereo in diverse media spaces. She holds an MFA from UCLA, is a Japan Foundation Fellow, and is a member of the Union of Slovene Fine Arts Associations. Her work has been exhibited and screened in the US and Europe. She teaches at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Credits: Director/Producer Ina Conradi Chavez; animation and stereography, Joshua Tan Davier Yoon; Associate Producer Marc Chavez; music and sound design, Jeremy Goh. 29

Dimitar Dimitrov The Day of the Bleeding Gums Sofia, Bulgaria

The protagonist in The Day of the Bleeding Gums is an artist who has turned into a kamikaze, with the sole purpose of winning another meaningless day. He does not, however, realize the spiritual meaninglessness of his actions. He has the potential for figuring out the meaning, but cannot do so because there is no such meaning. Dimitar Dimitrov was born in Buglaria and was awarded a Masters degree as an animation director at NATFA. He works as a 3D artist for Gameloft and creates virtual television decors for Nova TV. He also makes animated stage sets for theatrical performances and produces all kinds of digital and drafting projects as a freelance artist.

Silvia De Gennaro Travel Notebook: Perugia Rome, Italy

Perugia is part of a series of works called Travel Notebook. Using details from a photo reportage, de Gennaro created a digital collage that reassembles the city as it is formed in my imagination. The details are notes on a traveler as pad, fragments surviving in the memory. The work’s animation tries to give back not only lived impressions and influences, but also the points of view of the traveler’s eye, now focused on one particular, now on another. De Gennaro lives and works in Rome. She began her career with abstract painting, but for the past ten years has worked with digital photography, video art and animation. Her work is represented in museums, and she has participated in screenings, group exhibitions and festivals around the world.


Zach Duer nothings_nomeanings Richmond, VA, USA

nothings_nomeanings is a multimedia collage of found sound and found video. Duer melds samples together to create new and unique entities or gestalts. Hundreds of sound and video clips are churned together, each providing its own distinct identity. The exact quality of every recording – the hiss, the static, the color – is kept intact. The samples represent exactly themselves, snippets of recorded media, no more and no less. Zach Duer is an educator, artist, musician, and performer. His work focuses on experimentation in digital technology, multi-media instrument creation, and all forms of collage. He studied at Virginia Commonwealth University, Mills College and Minnesota State University Moorhead. He lives in Richmond and teaches at Virginia Commonwealth.


Zürich, ZH, Switzerland

INFRASTRUCTURES involves a journey through a landscape of infrastructures that are common to an everyday reality of routine. Yet here we find these environments are deserted. This shifts the viewer’s focus instead to the design and spatial arrangement of the objects and makes the features of these landscapes – which would not usually attract our attention – centrally present. Ferrier, a video artist from Switzerland, studied at Zurich University of Fine Arts and Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris. His work has been shown in Europe, Asia, Australia and the US. Supported by the Swiss Arts Council PRO HELVETIA, the Consulate General of Switzerland in Los Angeles and the Arts Council Kanton St.Gallen.


Simona Fitcal Transhumant Stanford, CA, USA

The title of Transhumant is derived from the word transhumance, which means the seasonal movement of livestock due to climate change. Focused on the present European scene, the video circles around the idea of globalization, a phenomenon known to affect national identities and traditions. The video explores the dichotomy of modern versus traditional, through a journey into the unconscious of the character. Music by Constantin Basica. Fitcal is a multimedia artist currently studying at Stanford University. She also holds degrees from the University of the Arts in Bremen and the National University of Arts in Bucharest. Her visuals tackle the power of seduction specific to the cinematic spectacle, by reflecting on the ubiquitous manipulation of media and information in consumer society. Her themes, inspired by globally relevant topics, attempt to document the present and to capture the self in relation to digital values, trends, ever-shifting environment, and intercultural/cross-cultural communication.

Mark Franz Rocking Mirror Athens, OH, USA

Rocking Mirror, a visual interpretation of Rocking Mirror from Takemitsu’s Yureru Kagami No Yoake, references the tradition of visual music, and the work of artists such as Oscar Fishinger, Hans Richter, and Wassily Kandinsky, by creating a synesthetic experience based on non-objective imagery. While many of the time-based formal elements in this animation are intended to be non-representational, some of the imagery breaks from this tradition and lends itself to the creation of more figurative scenes. Franz is a designer, artist, and educator whose exhibitions and primary research projects involve interactive installations that reflect on issues of violence, dislocation, and other social constructions important in contemporary culture. His secondary research involves creating custom hardware and software for audiovisual performance and installation, and references the art historical current of visual music commonly discussed as part of animation history. His work has been shown by influential American institutions such as the Smithsonian.


Ariana Gerstein The Perfection 1200 Vestal, NY, USA

The Perfection 1200 is a 15-year-old document scanner that renders an image over time, from right to left, not like the camera’s instant frame. One scan, depending on resolution, can take 20 seconds or more. Over that period of time in the film The Perfection 1200, the subject breathes, shifts, trembles, while attempting to remain still for the picture. Through this artificial deconstruction and reconstruction process, there is a reflection of life and art, deeply felt. Gerstein works in experimental video and experimental documentary. Her films have been screened and awarded prizes at festivals in Europe, Canada and the US. She has presented at such institutions as the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art and Pacific Film Archives in Berkeley. Her work has been supported by the National Endowment for the Arts and Rockefeller Media Arts, and was broadcast nationally on PBS.

Alex Ingersoll Dark Objects Stevens Point, WI, USA

Drawing on a recurring childhood dream, Dark Objects swerves between physical and digital spaces of entanglement. Watching the to-and-fro of a cube, an object that resists possibility, we move from a narrated moment of declaration to a reconsideration of elements such as affect, intuition, and memory. Alex Ingersoll is an Assistant Professor of Media Studies and Production at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. His written and creative works deal with technologies of spatial representation, orientation, and navigation. He is particularly interested in accounts of orientation and navigation technologies as a way to analyze their contributions to the social imaginations of space. 33


Love Memo, oil and acrylic on canvas, 48 x 60

速 550 south guadalupe street santa fe new mexico 87501




C U R R E N T LY E X H I B I T I N G S T E I N A VA S U L K A , Q A Q O R T O Q A N D R YA N W O L F E , B R A N C H I N G S Y S T E M S


1 0 1 1 PA S E O D E P E R A LTA S A N TA F E N E W M E X I C O T 505.954.5800 PETERSPROJECTS.COM



Hwayong Jung Cosmos Euphoria New York, NY, USA

Cosmos explores parallels between invisible landscapes and the environment of technology. A new approach for representing landscape, Euphoria deals with perception and the re-creation of landscape through software. Hypnotically geometric forms and looped video blend with live organisms that continuously change, revealing the fact that being and reproduction have no beginning and no end. Euphoria and Jung’s second video, Cosmos, delicately reflect on the collapse of nature and the unique visual language of technology. The video gathers aesthetic forms/patterns found in our environment and recreates them with computer simulation. Code-generated terrain, endless mazes and ruptured images transform and blend into a giant organism that changes and reproduces, giving rise to a new digital scene. Jung was born in South Korea and studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York. His work focuses on building a bridge between art, design methodology and new technology, via digital print, video and interactive installation. Euphoria 36

Orlando Leibovitz Sleeplife: Dreams & Nightmares Santa Fe, NM, USA

Sleeplife: Dreams & Nightmares features the work of classic artists in The Six Inch Gallery, a virtual gallery conceived and hand-drawn by Orlando Leibovitz. The gallery is a collaboration among Orlando, the artists, and technologists; its exhibitions interweave the analog with the portable digital experience. Orlando Leibovitz lives in Santa Fe. He is a painter, photographer and curator. He thinks of the objects he creates as mirrors for people to look into and see a part of themselves. He often works on a series that contains underlying emotional and intellectual themes. Chance and random concepts sometimes play a part in the creation of his art. The desire to penetrate the mysterious motivates his art. His art can be viewed digitally at and

INterzone by Flame Schon 37

Fragments of Peace

Lin Li Prelude Fragments of Peace

Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Prelude, part of a three-part video, is also a stand-alone piece. Using images taken with the camera partly immersed in water, it plays with the idea of ‘stream of consciousness’ during borderland mental states, when logical linear thinking is interrupted by more enigmatic mental processes. It considers the questions of what constitutes peace and whether peace is attainable, particularly in relation to the idealized notion of rural living, and highlights the fragmentary, selective and illusory nature of our perception and understanding of reality. The interpretation and re-presentation of the interview material is highly subjective, and is therefore inseparable from the film-maker’s personal experience. Originally from Hong Kong, Li resides in Glasgow, Scotland. Moving images and sound are the core elements in her creative practice; her primary themes are the ephemeral elements of nature, the concept of peace, and the interpretive and selective process involved in seeing, hearing and communicating. 38


Andrew McWilliams Existential New York, NY, USA

Existential is composed of rendered depth data, shot live with an infrared camera. The depth data was colored in post-processing with video textures. The soundtrack was algorithmically time-stretched repeatedly, to achieve an extreme lowering of resolution. The viewer sees the grainy figure of an anonymous traveler on London Underground. Bag over shoulder, the subject navigates winding tunnels as countless other anonymous travelers pass by. The film investigates the apparent emptiness of urban interactions. How are we affected by a void of identity? How can the previously-impossible angles of depth camera technology enrich our understanding? Andrew McWilliams is a British-born, New York-based independent artist, technologist, and program director. Exploring relationships between materiality, sensation and presence, his practice spans installation, sound, light, video and software engineering. He has exhibited in Asia, Europe and the US. Founder of Art-A-Hack and Hardware Hack Lab, he is also program coordinator with the Volumetric Society.  

Slawomir Milewski Self Lidzbark Warminski, Poland

Self, a short experimental film, conveys impressions about experiencing the present. It presents the self as a flow, undefined. Slawomir J Milewski, born in Poland, studied at the University of Fine Arts in Poznan, Poland and Universite Rennes 2 in France. His work has earned awards at the X Monographic Show of Media Art and the IX Monographic Show of Media Art in Colombia, the REEL Independent Film Extravaganza in the US, and the Barcelona Film Festival in Spain. His films Poor People Must Die and Ecstasy of Saint Agnes have been screened on French television.


Steven Pedersen Untitled (Island) Potsdam, NY, USA

Much of Pedersen’s work involves teasing out an inherently awkward relational dynamic between viewer and work that is at once complicit and yet abstracted from the encounter itself. His point isn’t so much simply to reveal the disjunction between presentation and interpretation, but more that these layers in themselves can somehow be feigned, functioning like flags of convenience under which other spaces are granted passage. Pedersen is a transdisciplinary new media artist currently based in upstate New York. Working across time-based practices, interactive installations, and digital imaging, his works weave together disparate media forms and languages that explore questions of subjectivity and identity in a digital era.

Edward Ramsay-Morin Push Pull Huntsville, TX, USA

Push Pull is a collage film of clips from the Prelinger Archives. Using footage from scientific films as the primary source, the film explores themes of power and control. The combination of different clips creates fragmented and distorted physiologies, creating both spatial and psychological tension. Edward Ramsay-Morin studied at the University of North Texas and Syracuse University. His digital media work includes animated collage, stop-motion animation, collage film, and generative media. His work has been exhibited at the Taubman Museum of Art in Roanoke Virginia; the Jonathan Ferrara Gallery in New Orleans; Louisiana; Box13 ArtSpace in Houston, Texas; the Video Art Festival Midden in Kalamata, Greece; and the Without Words Film Festival in Metz, France. He teaches at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas, where he serves as the coordinator for the Computer Animation Program.


Ben Ridgway Inner Space Artifacts

San Francisco, CA, USA In Inner Space Artifacts, artifacts from inner space are transformed into moving digital sculptures. Ridgway’s abstract animations investigate the metaphysical features of reality. They are designed to stimulate archetypal associations and invite the viewer to make personal connections to visual and auditory experience without any reliance on narrative or spoken language. Ridgway teaches at San Francisco State University in San Francisco, California. In his prior work in the video games industry, he helped create games for Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft console systems. His abstract/ experimental animations investigate the metaphysical features of reality.

Sim Sadler Leverage Lancaster, CA, USA

Leverage is a time-based collage study of the boomand-bust housing market. Using appropriated imagery from the construction and finance industries, Sadler explores the strange metaphysics unleashed by the collision of these two parallel universes: on one side interest rates, equity, loan docs, and the time-value of money; on the other the tangible/mutable forms of building materials: concrete, plywood, chain link. The video explores the interplay of temptation, evasion, and decay that form the narrative of a bubble in continual formation and collapse Sim Sadler is a filmmaker, video artist and editor residing in Los Angeles. Educated at Columbia College Chicago, he has exhibited film and video work at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Cannes Film Festival and other venues around the world. Between freelance gigs as a producer and editor for film, TV and corporate media, he’s created several political video remixes that have gone viral.


Flame Schon INterzone Santa Fe, NM, USA

The film INterzone is a “portal to the crack between the worlds.” We slip through into the second part of the journey – INterzone – a deeply interior and yet utterly tactile world, where constantly changing, glowing shapes open and close, undulate and collapse, disappearing and reappearing as we move always forward, through sancta. Schon’s work with film and video has spanned decades and has provided a thread and continuity for her life, forming a visible narrative of her personal process.

Maryam Tafakory Fragments of a letter to a child unborn I was five when I became a woman Taklif London, UK

In the film Fragments of a letter to a child unborn, guilt, fear, and the strangeness of singular becoming plural are retold as a voiceless, anonymous narrative that portrays the thoughts of a young woman going through an emotional trauma, facing the taboo of abortion in Islamic society. I was five when I became a woman is an emotional tapestry that invites the viewer to share briefly in the lifelong torment of genital mutilation, which is still forced upon many young girls around the world. Maryam Tafakory is an animator/filmmaker who explores forms of visual narrative and storytelling in her semi-documentary work, using abstracted, symbolic and textual motifs to convey a range of issues, struggles and protagonists. She uses formal elements of minimal text, object, performance and drawing, and draws on the tensions of her personal experience of being brought up in post-revolutionary Iran. Her work has been screened internationally.


I was five when I became a woman



Mark Tholander #### Risskov, Denmark

#### is a collaboration between contemporary artist Mark Tholander and film producer Sam Lomberg. It is a reflection on how the world has changed into a hybrid reality where the space between the physical and the virtual is fluid. This change represents a movement from an analogous sphere to a digital one. Mark Tholander works and lives in Denmark, and studied in St. Petersburg, Russia. His art explores how we perceive the world, and how this perception has changed with the advent of the digital. Today he is a student at the Jutland Art Academy in Denmark.

Steven Travis Midnight Los Angeles, CA, USA

We dream, we love, we hope. What prevails in the hour of darkness? The film Midnight explores this question. Story concept is by Steven Travis and Evelyne Okonnek; filming, artwork, setting, editing and electronic music are by Steven Travis. Travis has exhibited his paintings and ceramic sculptures in Los Angeles, New York, and Paris. His themes are often based on urban settings of his own invention. Use of the virtual world of Second Life® has allowed him to create expansive environments using 2D and 3D digital art. He has also created short art movies on the internet. P Evelyne Okonnek is an award-winning German writer of fiction, poetry and – using a pseudonym – non-fiction. Recently her focus has been on short stories and scenarios for short movies, as well as digital and 3D art in the virtual world of Second Life®.


David Watson Colliding Parts Milwaukee, WI, USA

Colliding Parts was shot and edited in David Kent Watson’s home studio; music for the film was written and recorded there. Of primary interest to him is the narrative, and how lyrics are affected by the style of music and the imagery of the video. Watson is a graduate student and teaching assistant in the Department of Art and Design at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where his studies are focused on technology and the arts. He uses new technology and near-new technology in performance and installation. His projects utilize scanners, poetry, old televisions, motion- and body-tracking software, found footage, projectors and sound.

Alucine Festival Program Alejandro Valbuena, Camilo & Felipe, Martín-Flórez, Cecilia Araneda, Cecilia Velasco, Guillermina Buzio, Jorge Lozano, Laura Marie Wayne, Sojin Chun/ Sinara and Rozo-Perdomo {curator}

Contemporary Latin Canadian Visions Canada

Contemporary Latin Canadian Visions, a program of independent experimental short films that focuses on the multilingual visions and diverse socio-­political perspectives that artists bring to Latino -­‐Canadian media art. All of these films reveal histories and stories of integration, alienation, love and mourning within the contemporary Canadian society. Latino/a filmmakers bring their own ethnic and cultural mestizaje to their work, becoming bridges between different cultures, languages and experiences of immigration that are happening now in North America. Sinara is a Toronto based arts administrator, curator, a proud mother and educator. She has been working in artist-run environments for over 18 years. Her curatorial work has been featured in festivals in Mexico, Hungary, Colombia, Brazil, Germany, the US and Canada. Sinara co-founded the annual aluCine Latin Film + Media Arts Festival; entering its 16th festival year.




Soft Revolvers by Myriam Bleau

Michael Allison Ecstatic Computation Brooklyn, NY, USA

Ecstatic Computation, an Oculus Rift performance, is a techno-shamanic virtual reality ritual that addresses the intersection of spirituality and computation. A ritual performance exploring the merging of consciousness and quantum energy within a computer’s memory, it explores the moment when human and computer become one, the moment when thought becomes bit and electrons become ideas. In a time where experiences are created to be shared in bitesized pieces to millions, Ecstatic Computation celebrates the intimacy of a performance crafted just for one. Allison, with his roots in music/performance and his present in computation/creative technology, is not just about problem-solving, but is also attempting to rectify human expression and advance technology. He offers a different lens through which to view the future, to inspire wonder and to ignite imagination. He progresses through the study and practice of music, philosophy, creative coding, computer science, interactive design, physical computing, mobile and web technologies.

Myriam Bleau Soft Revolvers Montreal, Québec, Canada

In Soft Revolvers, an audiovisual performance of spinning tops, each top is associated with an ‘instrument’ in an electronic music composition; sensors placed inside the tops collect motion data, which informs musical algorithms. LEDs illuminate them from within in a precise counterpoint to the music, creating stunning halos. With their circular spinning and their role as music-playing devices, they evoke turntables and DJ culture, hip hop and dance music. Bleau is a composer, digital artist and performer based in Montreal. Exploring the limits between musical performance and digital arts, she creates audiovisual systems that go beyond the screen, such as sound installations and performancespecific musical interfaces. Her presence on the popular music scene influences her electronic practice, integrating hip hop, techno, experimental and pop elements. Her work has been presented in venues such as transmediale, AKOUSMA, Radical dB, NEXT, Music Tech Fest, Sounds Like, NIME, Earzoom and Network Music Festival. 47

The Product Division Not Me, You Santa Fe, NM, USA

Our image, our identity, our concept of self is often a way in which we attempt to control our surroundings or those around us. We attempt to project our own image or reality onto others, making it impossible to see them authentically. We confuse other people’s identity with our own. Never has this been truer in human connectivity than it is now, in a world of avatars and curated images supposedly reflective of our real lives. Not Me, You is a performative video action that clearly illustrates this superimposition, virtual ego and abstracted sense of self. The Product Division, a collaboration of Red Cell & JC Gonzo, works from a belief that the process is the product. Currently, they are traveling the world, collaborating with artists and musicians as they work on their year-long art project called RePoRTal, a limited edition work of art/life that comes in subscription format.

Kyle Evans de/Rastra Austin, TX, USA

de/Rastra is a performance piece with oscillographic synthesizer and computer interface. Sound, light and electricity are the fundamental components of Evans’s artistic practice. He combines these mediums through a method he relates to alchemy. This takes place on two levels, the first being the practice of hybridization, the hybridization of new and old, resulting in the creation of unusual sonic combinations or the generation of technological chimaeras. Archaic technologies hold a particular fascination for Evans, given the current perception of them as inept devices. So in this state of abandonment, technology is given the potential for resurrection and remediation, the second level of alchemy. Through the integration of antiquated technology with that of contrasting current-era technology, hidden capabilities of the archaic emerge, allowing what was once dormant to speak again in a new and unusual voice.


Zack Settel Totem Montreal, Québec, Canada

Totem integrates three overlapping works into one performance. Instruments are based on The Pipe, a robotic instrument that produces sound mechanically. Laporte ‘s “Jonah and the Whale”, references the sonic world into which Jonah (represented by the robotic instrument) plunged, once he was swallowed by the whale. Seta’s “Touch & Flurry” is a comprovisation” in which twin Pipes are played by an innovative controller called Intonaspacio. Settel’s “Air Jam” combines a saxophonist and pneumatic sound-emitting robots that pull and push the player, who carves the music. Laporte integrates visual arts and sound exploration, using a diversity of sound sources. Seta is a researcher, composer/improviser, performer and digital artist. Settel has directed the Music Technology area and the Center for Intelligent Machines at McGill University and founded/directed the immersive audio research group at the Societé des Arts Technologiques, where he remains a resident artist and researcher.

Ecstatic Computation by Michael Allison




We All We Got by Carlos Javier Ortiz

David Adler Potlach nm0012130/#producer New York, NY, USA

Potlach is a documentary about an arts and dance festival that takes place inside a US prison, Hudson Correctional Facility in Colorado. The prisoners, outsourced from Alaska, are allowed once a year to put on their version of the traditional Native American Potlatch festival. The film is primarily about dance, and the need to move, by people who are confined, often for the rest of their lives. It has received a jury nomination at the upcoming Japanese Media Arts Festival in Tokyo. Adler is a documentary filmmaker. His work has been shown in diverse venues, ranging from a New York gallery and the Athens Biennale to a historic prison and the BBC. At present he is co-organizing the upcoming prison arts and activism conference Marking Time, which will take place at Rutgers University.

Chris Henschke The Nature of the Apparatus Brunswick, Victoria, Australia

The Nature of the Apparatus is an experimental expression of the dynamics within the Large Hadron Collider, using 4K video shot on site, including in the CMS experiment, a 10,000 ton detector that manifested the Higgs Boson. Besides conveying the almost overwhelming scale and complexity of the science and technology involved, the video also expresses the unimaginable energies produced in the giant apparatus. Henschke is a Melbourne-based artist who works with digital media. His main area of practice is in the experimental combining of sound and image, space and time, art and science. He has completed residencies and shown his work in Australia, Asia and Europe. 51

Salome Mc Three Rituals of Perdurance Sendai, Miyagi, Japan/Iran

Three Rituals of Perdurance deals with life’s rituals. Shinichi Kato tells of his sustainable art of living, a ritual that lasts a lifetime. All of us create rituals of our own to deal with the challenges that life lays upon us. Some live in fear of what’s about to come, not being able to cherish the unknown; some live inside an illusion of safety, only to find themselves needing rituals to deal with the pain of losses and failures later on. Salome MC is an Iranian multimedia artist who started her artistic journey as the first female hip hop MC of Iran in 2002. After graduating from art school in Tehran, she moved to Japan and made experimental audio/visual art projects her main field of work. She has had performances, exhibitions and screenings around the world.

Carlos Javier Ortiz We All We Got Chicago, IL, USA

We All We Got captures the poetic language of the streets: the ghetto birds flying over the city, music popping out of cars, people talking on the street corners as preachers holler for the violence to stop after another young person was senselessly gunned down on the streets of Chicago. Carlos Javier Ortiz was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and raised in Chicago. He works with photography, film and text and specializes in long-term documentaries that focus on urban life, gun violence, race, poverty and marginalized communities. Ortiz’s photographs have been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world and are included in the permanent collections of the Worcester Art Museum in Massachusetts, the International Museum of Photography and Film in Rochester, N.Y., the Library of Congress in Washington, the Midwest Photographers Project at the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago, and the Detroit Institute of Arts.


Diego Ramirez Digimaster: The Ultimate Dream

Thornbury, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Digimaster: The Ultimate Dream is an experimental documentary engaging with two cosplayers and their practices. Cosplay is a pop-cultural activity that involves the performance of characters from media franchises, including anime, videogames and comics. The film seeks to reflect on the politics of gender and media-audience identification surrounding the players’ acts of mimicry. Diego Ramirez was born in Mexico; he lives and works in Melbourne. For the past three years he has held solo shows in artist-run and independent spaces including The Substation, Seventh Gallery, Blindside and Kings ARI. Most recently his work was shown at [MARS] Gallery, a commercial gallery. His video work appears regularly in international screenings that take place in galleries, museums and artist-run/alternative spaces.

Eileen Rosensteel Bodyscape Blue Mounds, WI, USA

Bodyscape: A super-size fat woman meditates on her terra incognita, the unknown land of her flesh. Eileen Rosensteel is a bodacious Bohemian committed to embodying sacredness. Finding inspiration in stories of forgotten foremothers and community, she creates poetry, performance art and healing rituals. Her portfolio includes a show about the fat ladies of the circus, dancing in a non-normative body, and poetry about what it’s like being a fat woman in today’s society. She stirs life up from her hometown of Madison, WI. Her work has been shared on stage as well as in We’Moon, Breadcrumb Scabs, and Madison Magazine.


Lynne Sachs My Day is Your Night New York, NY, USA

Immigrant residents of a “shift-bed” apartment in the heart of New York City’s Chinatown share their stories of personal and political upheaval. As the bed transforms into a stage, the film reveals the collective history of the Chinese in the United States through conversations, autobiographical monologues and theatrical movement pieces. Shot in the kitchens, bedrooms, wedding halls, cafés, and mahjong parlors of Chinatown, this provocative documentary (in Mandarin, Spanish & English with English subtitles) addresses issues of privacy, intimacy, and urban life. Directed by renowned experimental artist Lynne Sachs, Your Day is My Night is a hybrid documentary that seeks to transcend the scope of artificiality through collaborative filmmaking.

Roberto Santaguida Goran Novi Sad, Serbia and Montenegro

The documentary film Goran takes an intimate look at the despair and joy, the hope and pride in achievement, as constructed by Goran Gostoji of Novi Sad, Serbia. Since receiving his BFA in film production from Montreal’s Concordia University, Roberto Santaguida has worked in experimental and documentary film. His first short film Miraslava has been screened in over 120 international film festivals. In 2010, Santaguida received the K.M. Hunter Artist Award and was selected for a fellowship at the Akademie Schloss Solitude in Germany.


Steve Snell Elizabeth Stehling A Goldfish Documentary Hastings, NE, USA How does one transport goldfish cross-country in a way that protects the well-being of the fish, without spilling water all over the car? A Goldfish Documentary tells the story of Noodles and Tony P, two small goldfish from Great Plains of Nebraska, and their transformative journey to the hamlet of Wassaic, New York. Bowl-bound meets highwaybound in this autobiographical true story. Stehling’s recent work involves folk dances as structures to explore interpersonal relationships. It has been included in exhibitions in Berlin, Tel Aviv, Chicago, and New York City. A freelance videographer/producer, she studied at Pratt Institute and teaches art at Hastings College in Nebraska. Snell grew up in the suburbs of Columbus, Ohio, studied at Miami University and UMass Amherst, and teaches at Hastings College in Nebraska. His work has been shown in galleries and film festivals throughout the United States.

Ronny Trocker Gli immacolati (The Immaculates) Bruxells, Belgium

Gli Immacolati reconstructs a day of demonstrations that followed the accusation of rape of a 16-year-old girl in Northern Italy by two Romani men. This virtual reconstruction appears at once incomplete and coincidental, as does the memory of the event. Ronny Trocker was born in Bolzano, Italy, and worked for several years as a sound engineer in Berlin, where he also participated in theatre and music projects and collaborations with various sound artists. He moved to Argentina to study cinema at the Universidad del Cine in Buenos Aires and then back to Europe for a residency at Le Fresnoy, the National Studio of Contemporary Arts in France. He has directed several short fiction films and documentary projects. Today he lives and works between Brussels and Paris.



Cycles by Eric Freeman 56

Tony Abeyta Aqueous/Acquiesce Santa Fe, NM, USA

Aqueous/Acquiesce, a fully-immersive dome projection, was included in the Ai Wei Wei /Bert Benally collaboration Time, a project that traveled to Art Basel Miami. Abeyta produced content and worked with animators at Vortex Animation of Los Angeles. The concept addresses the idea that water has memory, that there is forgiveness within its ability to reconstitute itself, purify itself and again offer nurturance, even as we create toxicity, acidity and even radioactive spills within it. Abeyta is a contemporary Navajo artist working in multiple disciplines such as paintings, large scale black and white drawings/ installations, video/animation, projections and dome projects. His work is predominantly abstract and employs culturally-based iconography within a modern context, addressing environmental impacts on water, uranium and coal mining on Native lands. Abeyta has studied at the Institute of American Indian Arts, Maryland Institute of Art and New York University (Steinhardt) and has exhibited nationally and internationally.

Claudia Cumbie-Jones Lance Ford Jones Gulfstream Sarasota, FL, US

Gulfstream is a visual stream of consciousness depicting a drive along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, through places of personal significance and memory. The old structures destroyed by hurricanes are rebuilt tenfold; places are changed but are still strongly evocative. Using time-lapse photography blended with the reification of analog video feedback, Gulfstream echoes a lifetime of experience in a land once simple and natural, now overgrown and overcrowded. Claudia Cumbie-Jones teaches in the Department of Fine Arts at Ringling College of Art and Design. Lance Ford Jones teaches in the film department at the same college.


Fernanda D’Agostino New Math Portland, OR, USA

The New Math, an experimental digital dome piece, is a meditation on the connection between math, physics and the natural world, and on the ways that people have struggled to conceptualize that relationship. Science material for the project ranges from contemporary quantum physics to early attempts to visualize gravity. Much of D’Agostino’s work incorporates moving images in novel ways. She is a pioneer in the use of outdoor video projection in public art. Her Celestial Navigations, projections on a monumental navigational instrument, is sited at SEATAC International Airport. Her video work has screened in Europe, Asia, South America and the US. She recently visited the American Academy of Rome to work on The Method of Loci, a multi-chambered installation combining sculpture, interactive video, and architecture, to investigate the intersection of place and memory.

Eric Freeman Cycles Somerville, MA, USA

Made for the 4K Dome in Boston, Cycles is a seven-minute work exploring an everchanging landscape by using high-resolution time-lapse photography. Eric Freeman is a multimedia artist and musician living and working in the Boston area. He holds a BFA in Photography from the Mary Myers School of Art and a MFA from Massachusetts College of Art’s Studio for Interrelated Media. He has received numerous scholarships and grants for his work in photography, installation, and film/video.


Chris Henschke Edge of the Observable Brunswick, Victoria, Australia

Edge of the Observable explores the limits of materiality and knowledge through an experimental manifestation of data taken from CERN’s Large Hadron Collider. The work expresses dynamic qualities of particle collisions. Taking the form of a physics experiment, the data is emitted as light and is modulated, then captured and recorded by a detector. Through fine adjustment of the physical variables of the experiment, the output contains the essence of both the structure of the artwork and that of the LHC experiments. Henschke is a Melbourne-based artist who works with digital media. His main area of practice is in the experimental combining of sound and image, space and time, art and science. He has completed residencies and shown his work in Australia, Asia and Europe.

Yusuf Emre Kucur Bio-inspire

Istanbul, Bahçelievler, Turkey

Animals are an inspiration to technology. Bio-inspire involves the simplicity and complexity of animals. An insect has a simple meaning for humans, but this is not a fact but a feeling. The eyesight of an insect, with an angle that reaches up to 180 degrees, is much larger than a human view; the neural network creates this sharp panoramic view through synapses in the brain. This is so simple for an insect, but not for us as humans. Yusuf Emre Kucur is a multidisciplinary designer living in Istanbul. He is a student of Visual Communication Design at Bilgi University in Istanbul and works as a freelance designer.


Kortney Luby I Know What I Am Los Angeles, CA, USA

In I Know What I Am, we become engulfed in an endless black and white tunnel with complementary music – with every new beat, there’s a new inverted step taken towards the end. It’s a dream-like state where we encounter mysterious beings and questionable images. When we are introduced to two masked humans, one innocent and the other mischievous, the questions form of who they are and if they are two separate beings – or even human. Luby teaches in the Department of Film at Ringling College of Art and Design. Music is by Band of Skulls, Sony/ATV Publishing.

IAIA Students: Deepak Maharjan, Erica Moore, Dwayne Joe, Delfino Castillo, Felicia Nez UNM ArtsLab Students: Mia Casesa, Rubin Olgin, Adam Davis Student project leader: UNM David Beining / IAIA Mats Reiniusson The Student Dome Program features work by students from the Institute of American Indian Arts, University of New Mexico and Ringling College of Art and Design. Project leaders: IAIA – Mats Reiniusson; UNM – David Beining: RCAD – Claudia Cumbie-Jones and Lance Ford Jones.


Woody Vasulka and Steina The Vasulka Dome Project Steina: Qaqortoq Woody Vasulka: From Lucifer’s Commission

Santa Fe, NM, USA

The Vasulka Archive consists of more than 27,000 pages of documents relevant to the history of video and electronic art. These include articles, essays, interviews, reviews, schematics, diagrams, illustrations, posters, concert programs, photographs, and correspondence. Woody Vasulka and Steina Vasulka reimagine this archival material on the Digital Dome at the Institute of American Indian Arts. Woody’s individual works have been shown in numerous exhibitions, at festivals and institutions including the International Center of Photography, New York; Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions; Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh; the Whitney Museum of American Art Biennial; and numerous cultural venues internationally. Steina’s work has been shown in Europe, Iceland, Canada and the US. In 1998, they received honorary doctorate degrees from the San Francisco Art Institute and an award from the San Francisco National Association of Media and Culture, recognizing their remarkable achievements in media arts.

Michael Wyshock Deluge Sarasota, FL, USA

The format of Deluge, an experiential video, is centered on the idea of submersion by flooding. Treatments are meant to evoke the physical threat and visual beauty that can be found in acts of nature. This piece was generated entirely on the computer, using planes of flat color that are composited and reorganized in software applications. The music is an excerpt from Deluge, a piece composed by Fang Man, commissioned by the LA Philharmonic in 2008. Michael Wyshock teaches in Department of Fine Arts at Ringling College of Art and Design.




Harvey Moon DELTA San Francisco, CA, USA

Delta is a robot built to make art. Borrowing from industrialized factory robots, Delta was programmed for a different context. Harvey Moon is the artist, systems architect and programmer, and Delta is the extension of his hand. In another way the machine is enacting a performance. When painting, it is programmed to emulate the gestures of the human action. Using software algorithms, the movements of Delta are generative. The creative process is a visual language, a translation of one input to another. With these guidelines the machine creates the art. Moon is a creator of tools and machines. He works with emerging technologies, finding new and creative ways of connecting people to the world around us. Using electronics, mechanics and software, the works straddle mediums while opening new insights into our connection to art and technology. He received his BFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Stefan Prosky BabyBotts Washington, DC, USA

BabyBotts are interactive art robots that explore end users’ views of parenthood and responsibility. Large baby bottles are personified as toddlers and infants, with sound and movement. The infants roll around, cry and gurgle when they roll into things. Picked up, they speak like a two-year-old, depending on how they are held. The shorter toddlers travel around upright. They will follow someone but never get closer than two feet. They also may speak if picked up. Occasionally they need babysitting and extrication. Animation is the illusion of life because nothing is too wonderful to be true. As a digital and technology artist, Prosky’s love of electronics, biology and animation has led him to create animation, video, robots and installations that mimic or question the character of life. His work attempts to create the illusion of life to please viewers and pollinate their cultural meme type.


Michael Schippling People for the Ethical Treatment of Autonomous Robots – PETAR Santa Fe, NM, USA

People for the Ethical Treatment of Autonomous Robots – PETAR is an installation comprising a wire cage, much like those seen at shopping-mall animal adoption operations, and a small table. The cage contains robot vehicles on the order of a cubic foot in size, and the table holds smaller, hand-sized, robots. In general the robots will be operating autonomously. Some pace back and forth or respond to viewers’ presence in different ways. Others just interact with their environment in what might be marginally intelligent ways. Schippling’s work, written, pasted, welded, photographed, machined, and digitized, has been published and exhibited throughout the country. He has an Aesthetic Studies degree from the University of California at Santa Cruz, has taught a Machine Shop for Artists class, and has been a systems software engineer and robotics researcher. He is currently at large in Santa Fe.

Delta by Harvey Moon





Artifact by Jenn Law


Stephen Barrass The Shape of the Sound / Tuning Forks /Singing Bowl Canberra, ACT, Australia

The Shape of the Sound is a series of 3D printed bells where each bell has been shaped by the sound of the previous bell in the series. Does the series vary forever, or lead to a bell that is the shape of its own sound? In Tuning Forks, 3D printed variations on the tuning fork reconfigure the arrangement of the prongs to allow unruly vibrations. Could an unruly tuning fork sound interesting enough to join the orchestra too? Singing Bowl is a 3D printed stainless steel singing bowl that has been shaped from a year of Barrass’s own blood pressure readings. The sound of this singing bowl is a personal reminder to live a healthy life style. Barrass is a sound artist and designer exploring the intersection of 3D printing with physical acoustics and data sonification. His work has appeared in exhibitions in Australia, Asia, Europe and the US.

Tony Buchen Jazzmean Goodwin Capo di Muro Santa Fe, NM, USA

Capo di Muro represents a genre of sculpture involving a new way of conceptualizing and relating to three-dimensional form, one in which the physicality of an object is adjunct to other ways of experiencing it. Video and 3D print installations are juxtaposed as two aspects, or translations, of a single virtual sculpture. This video explores a virtual sculpture whose component parts are cross-sectioned to reveal the complexities of their inner nature. Concepts encountered working in virtual space challenge our assumptions about the physical universe. Buchen and Goodwin work in virtual space. A residency at Sloss Furnaces, an industrial museum in Birmingham, Alabama, allowed them to experiment extensively with the exceptional computer-related technology of the city’s metal industry, provoking new concepts regarding the medium of sculpture. Currently they utilize this cyber-medium exclusively, developing sculpture as virtual models to be explored photographically, as stills and video. 67

Dennis Harroun Off The Wall Albuquerque, NM, USA

In Off The Wall, a full-color 3D-printed wall-mountable work, Harroun utilizes 3D printing and other materials. First modeled/sculpted in Maya and Mudbox, it was then printed, using a full-color Zcorp machine. The base is made of walnut, with two insignias printed in brass, and then hand-polished. Off the Wall brings a graffiti sketch the artist drew years ago into a new dimension. With a background in various traditional mediums and even some street art experience, Dennis Harroun has found a unique means of expression in emerging creative uses of 3D printers. At the Art Institute of Colorado he learned to use animation software. Gradually the creative potential of being able to touch his once-intangible digital sculptures persuaded him to buy his first 3D printer and dive into the technology. As a part of the “maker� movement Dennis has incorporated traditional mediums and methods into his work.

Jenn Law Re-inventing the Wheel / Artifact

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Re-inventing the Wheel, a fully-functional miniature 3D printing press, was designed from blueprints for a full-size intaglio press. Thus the most advanced printing technology is used to reproduce a traditional printing technology. The work is, in effect, a print that prints prints. The 3D print Artifact replicates a volume by Edmund C. Berkeley, a computer scientist who wrote one of the earliest popular publications on computers. The printed book is non-functional: the pages are printed but do not turn; the book is open but cannot close. It is unreadable, existing solely as an art object. Jenn Law works in print media, cut paper and book work. She has worked as a lecturer, editor and curator in Canada, the UK and South Africa, and has published on South African, Caribbean and Canadian contemporary art and print culture. Her work is shown internationally; she has received numerous fellowships, grants and awards.


Press with Prints by Jenn Law 69

WEB/APP The Quaste Quandary by Jean Constant 70

David Clark The End Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

The End explores stories about the deaths of historical figures such as Alan Turing, Sigmund Freud, Princess Diana, Jim Morrison, Walter Benjamin and Judy Garland. Through a series of associational connections, the work explores themes such the unknown, concealment, secrecy, the boundary between animal and man, and the post-human era. Each of the seven sections corresponds to a color in the rainbow and uses the logic of the mash-up to combine a range of cinematic and internet materials. Clark is interested in experimental narrative and cinematic use of the internet. Recent works include interactive narrative works for the web such as 88 Constellations for Wittgenstein, and the feature film Maxwell’s Demon. His work has been exhibited widely and has won numerous awards. 88 Constellations for Wittgenstein was included in the Electronic Literature Collection #2 and won the Nova Scotia Masterwork Award in 2011. He teaches NSCAD University in Halifax.

Jean Constant The Quaste Quandary Santa Fe, NM, USA

The Quaste Quandary is a set of mathematical visualizations that map out and outline the Greek letter alpha. The purpose is both artistic and educational: how much do art and the modern environment depend on mathematics? How much does the understanding of mathematics allow us to explore new, singular shapes in the digital environment? At present Constant does research on mathematics and art in the context of a series of lectures and art exhibitions for the AMSJMM conference in San Antonio and at the University of Baltimore. He has been a visual communication instructor and administrator in the state academic environment; a public servant in the field of public art for local, state and national administrations; and a consultant for non-profit organizations involved in the promotion of art. He is interested in both the creative aspect of art and its successful integration in today’s social and cultural environment. 71

Joe Hedges Cincinnati, OH, USA relies on new and outmoded approaches to HTML, PHP, and JavaScript to weave together a network of pages or scenes consisting of photography, animation, scientific inscriptions, sound design, responsive music and visual poetry. Through disarranged representations, randomly generated navigation, and surprising and sometimes humorous feedback, Solgonda challenges notions of visual and scientific information as reliable paths to understanding and navigating our world. The imagery spans a variety of subjects but was collected mostly in the southern Mojave, in and around Joshua Tree National Park. With a reverence for history, art history, and the past, combined with an enthusiastic interest in the effects of digital technologies on human aesthetic and sociological experience, Hedges’s work melds vocabularies and media and celebrates the wonder and possibility of experiment and representation generally. He thinks as a painter but is contemporary in the sense of approaching similar subject matter from multiple perspectives and media.

Alinta Krauth An Argument in Parallel Incompleteness

Witheren, QLD, Australia

An Argument in Parallel Incompleteness is an art game in which the player is a fruit bat who battles its way through chaotic poetry barriers, setting off pieces of sound art along the way. The player reads the poetry while simultaneously pushing it away. The poem is about an argument in which characters throw math-laden curses at each other, such as “you are no Gödel at natural numbers.” You, the innocent and non-gender-specific bat, must navigate that all-toogrown-up world: the innocent among the chaotic. Krauth focuses on projection art, interactive art, sound art, art games, generative art, and physical computing, and is interested in experimenting with links between these fields. She is also interested in tying education and social relevance into interactive light pieces. She has seen her works exhibited in Australia, Europe and the US. Most of all, she is simply curious about the world.


Mary Anna LaFratta Southern Cross Cosby, TN, USA

Southern Cross is an interactive web-based experimental documentary based on the United States’ involvement in Chile before and after Salvador Allende was elected president. The text content was retrieved from the National Security Archives and the Truth and Reconciliation Report. This work reflects the secrecy of the US government and is an homage to those who were tortured, went missing, and died. The text is meant to be read, and sometimes heard; it therefore feels as if moving in and around this space is slow-going and solemn. LaFratta’s multidisciplinary projects have been funded by the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Art Education Foundation, and the National Science Foundation. Her professional work is included in the Library of Congress’ collection of significant Internet resources, and she developed a digital map for the US Peace Corps’ World Map Project. She teaches at Western Carolina University.

Nicole Selken Emoji Dictionary Brooklyn, NY, USA

As we move into abstracted modes of communication such as texts, tweets, and emoji, Selken explores the impact this communication has upon our ability to connect with each other. By highlighting emoji as a creative medium, she starts to unpack the millions of Emoji texts and messages sent every day, and what might be emerging as a meaning-making tool beyond the chat log. The Emoji Dictionary explores the semiotic impact of Emoji. It is a mobile, responsive website, allowing users to search and add their own definitions to each of the Emoji. Selken, a designer, technologist and theater-maker with a focus on creating new wearable and performance technologies and web interaction design, founded the web design and IT company Big Treehouse, and an experimental theater company, Ko Labs. In 2014 she was New York NASA Space Apps winner and a global finalist for the wearable tech project Senti8.


NewHive Outdoor Internet

We use the word wilderness to describe a place that lacks human presence – a realm that is unexplored. Typically we’re referring to natural spaces, but we also use this term to describe cities, internal landscapes, or any place that arouses the same confusion and insecurity as an uncharted forest. We could also describe the internet, which has become a landscape in its own right, as a wilderness. Much of it has been explored and cultivated, but there remains infinite unexplored space, each freshly-opened tab a new frontier. Imagine a horizon that consists of tabs, icons, and apps. What would an outdoor internet look like? New Hive invited artists to submit their interpretations of an outdoor internet, using NewHive’s multimedia publishing platform. Top selections are on display at Currents New Media Festival and on NewHive’s homepage.

Jody Zellen Time Jitters Santa Monica, CA, USA

Time Jitters is an app based on an interactive installation at the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art in Charleston, SC. In this app animated clips, connected to random sounds, can be scaled and repositioned, creating a collage of overlapping visual and sonic elements. Zellen is a Los Angeles-based artist who works in many media simultaneously, making interactive installations, mobile apps, net art, animations, drawings, paintings, photographs, public art, and artists’ books. She employs mediagenerated representations as raw material for aesthetic and social investigations. Urban Rhythms, Spine Sonnet, Art Swipe, 4 Square and Episodic are her other five apps. Her interactive installations include Above the Fold at The Halsey Institute at the College of Charleston, The Unemployed at Disseny Hub Museum in Barcelona and The Blackest Spot at Fringe Exhibitions in Los Angeles. 74

Solgonda by Joe Hedges 75

cinema. restaurant.

For more information visit


1606 Alcaldesa St Santa Fe, NM


SANTA FE . 2015


J U LY 9 -1 2 , 20 15



F R I D AY, J U LY 1 0 , 1 1 - 6 P M




S AT U R D AY, J U LY 1 1 , 1 1 - 6 P M



5 - 8


S U N D AY, J U LY 1 2 , 1 1 - 6 P M

A L L T I C K E T S A V A I L A B L E AT T H E L E N S I C B O X O F F I C E 5 0 5 . 9 8 8 . 1 2 3 4

Art Santa Fe is the 4th place winner in USA Today’s “Top 10 Best Art Fairs & Festivals”!



email | web | tel 505.988.8883

C E L E B R AT I N G F I F T E E N Y E A R S Image detail: ©2014 Brian Goodman, California, Prismatic Exploration 1, Edition of 12, Archival Pigment Print on Canson Arches Aquarelle Rag 310, 60 x 36 inches

Opening Night Gala, lead sponsor Art & Antiques


Walking the Years by Chris Cassidy


Chris Cassidy Walking the Years Greensboro, NC, USA

Walking the Years, a sidewalk projection, allows pedestrians to uncover the changing nature of this particular patch of Santa Fe terrain, from the present to the remote past. Walking across the projection peels away time. Layers of images and animations are revealed, moving from the present to the first arrival of the steam-drawn train, then back to 1846, when US troops occupied the town. The sequence continues back to a period of massive eruptions along the Rio Grande rift valley as it was wrenched open by tectonic pressures, and then on to millions of years earlier, when rivers tumbled down recently uplifted mountains. In some ways a history lesson, this is also an adventure in time that requires the physical participation of an audience that will be awed by the experience of interacting with a piece of artwork to effect change. Cassidy teaches at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro.

Tim B. Castillo, Levi Romero, Miguel Gandert & Hue Walker Memory + Emergence Albuquerque, NM, USA

Memory + Emergence is a 20-minute film that commemorates the State of New Mexico with poetic and photographic reflections on the past 100 years of culture and regional identity in the IndoHispano communities of Northern New Mexico. This collaborative effort between New Mexico State Centennial Poet Levi Romero, photographer and filmmaker Miguel Gandert, immersive media artist Hue Walker and the director of the ARTS Digital Media Lab, Tim B. Castillo, all New Mexican artists, creates a past while looking into the future. This project is funded by the National Endowment for the Arts and New Mexico Arts.


Chris Clavio Skeletal Music

Albuquerque, NM, USA

Skeletal Music is a multi-user virtual painting and music synthesis program. It allows up to six users to paint virtually on a projected canvas, using full body gestures while simultaneously synthesizing a musical landscape. Each user is given a different color and instrument, to encourage collaboration and play. Users can easily enter and exit the interactive space and only need their bodies to engage. The combination of virtual painting and simultaneous music synthesis speaks to fabricated synesthesia and the relationship between light and sound. Chris Clavio, a student at UNM, produces work that explores the sublime and interconnectedness, using light, sound, and interactive environments. He has shown work across the United States, most recently collaborating with Ian LeBlanc and Colombian artist Jessica Angel at 516 ARTS in Albuquerque. His works push the envelope of what we consider possible in hopes of creating a brighter future for us all.

Sobia Sayeda Simon De Aguero ReMix3 Entry Pavilion Santa Fe, NM, USA

ReMix3 Entry Pavilion was designed specifically for Currents: Santa Fe International New Media Festival 2015. For the past three years, Sobia Sayeda and Simon De Aguero of IDS3 have been invited to design and build an entry pavilion for this annual event that takes place in June. Their work balances linear and curvilinear forms in a delicate temporary design that transforms a plain metal building façade into an entryway with interest and interaction. This year’s entry pavilion design balances and explores regeneration through reused materials, light weight fabrics and modern technology into a delicate temporary installation which transforms a back door experience into a celebrated entry way creating interest and interaction. This year’s design uses a sequence of carefully placed colorful plains and patterns into a large scale arrangement carefully shifting play of light and shadow. Supported by Molecule Design 80

Nathaniel Gutiuerrez aka Ethnograph & The 1960 Sci-Fi Era Fragment Albuquerque, NM, USA

Fragment is a collaborative performance piece from two members of Albuquerque’s Nothng Forevr artist collective. The project is an experiment with forms of co-creation. The visual and auditory elements are created in unison, feeding off each other, and all sounds and sights are original creations from each artist. The objective is to take the audience on a cinematic journey through colossal imagery and powerful thematic musical movements. Ethnograph is the artist responsible for the principle animation content and the design of the installation. The 1960 Sci-Fi Era is an Albuquerquebased producer who has played beside a number of larger acts including Odesza, Blochead, Chromesparks, Astronautica, and The Gaslamp Killer.

Motion Conference FACEOFF :: The After Effects Challenge! Albuquerque, NM, USA

Faceoff:: The After Effects Challenge! features three motion design pros who take the stage at the Railyard on Saturday evening, June 13th to create five- to 15-second motion design pieces from scratch. This unique After Effects exhibition happens on stage in front of a live audience. When the clock starts, the challengers have 60 minutes to create a motion design piece, and 15 minutes to render. The project? They won’t know! Just seconds before FACEOFF, the creative brief will be announced. And then the excitement begins!


Tara Ray Russo Projections: Vestments Santa Fe, NM, USA

Russo’s use of ephemeral materials like chalk, mirror, flashlights, cosmological imagery and projection expresses his fascination with the processes and transformations of our temporal existence and our interconnectedness to the universe and each other. In Projections: Vestments he projects thoughts and affirmations such as “Artist Wanted Apply Within” and “I See Myself In You”; these phrases are projected onto the viewer in the form of a vestment, a uniform symbolizing the embodiment of virtue. Audio, the sound of glass breaking, is heard before the change of each sign, signifying a break from the subconscious to the physical realm and reality. Viewers see only a white light until they are within a ten-foot range, at which point the projection appears on their clothes. The viewer moves toward the light and reaches the mirror, where the backwards text comes into focus and the viewer can read it.

Santa Fe University Vision Fest 2015 Santa Fe, NM, USA

Santa Fe University of Art and Design’s annual one-night-only Outdoor Vision Fest™ highlights outstanding student artist work in projection mapping, interactive media installations, video married to sculpture, and other cutting-edge projected media and location-based moving image art experiences. This year’s on-campus crowd-pleasing collection of installations will be reprised and extended at the Railyard during the opening weekend of Currents. 82

Jake Snider TUNNELS Santa Fe, NM, USA

TUNNELS is narrative animated work based on the structural interaction of light and fog and its disrupting effect on spacial perception. Jake Snider is based in Santa Fe and currently works on tech and interactivity with Meow Wolf.

Tim Thompson Space Palette San Jose, CA, USA

Space Palette is a musical and visual instrument that lets you play music and paint visuals simultaneously by waving your hands in the holes of a wood frame, as though you are using several three-dimensional mousepads hanging in mid-air. No pre-recorded media, sequences, or loops are used – viewers create the musical notes and visuals in real time by the Tai Chi-like motion of their hands. Thompson is a software engineer, musician, and installation artist. After working for Bell Labs, AT&T and NetApp, he moved on to wide-ranging artistic work that includes a programming language for MIDI (KeyKit), interactive installations at Burning Man and other festivals (a 12-foot lyre, an 11-foot monolith, an antique radio), musical performances with Playstation dance pads and QWERTY keyboards, visual performances using pre-iPhone multi-touch pads, and real-time video looping and processing with a handheld security camera (LoopyCam). 83


WORKSHOPS & SEMINARS Deborah Fort Projection Mapping for Everyone Warehouse 21 Media Lab Saturday, June 20 1:00-3:00pm Learn the basics of projection mapping using VPT7–an open source realtime projection mapping programl built with Max/MSP/ Jitter. VPT7 has a wide variety of tools that support mapping on three dimensional surfaces. It can be used in live performances or installations. Best of all, it is free to use on both Mac and Windows.

Jason Goodyear Controlling VJ software with Ableton Live Warehouse 21 Media Lab Saturday, June 20 3:30-5:00pm Sponsored by Ableton, presented by Jason Goodyear. This workshop will use Ableton Live and CoGe VJ software to explore how to connect and combine audio/visual processes in the computer. Participants will learn to use MIDI and other systems to link actions and behaviors between the two pieces of software. Workshop duration is 90 minutes.

Edward Shanken & Yolande Harris Thinking and Writing about New Media Art: Art and Technology in Collaboration

Various Locations - see website Wednesday June 10, Saturday June 13, Sunday June 14 The seminar invites the public to use the work in CURRENTS’ main exhibition as a vehicle for reflecting on the creative process, the role of technology in the arts, and technology’s impact on 21st century life. The three day program begins with a visit to the install where participants will view new media art being installed, engage with artists, curators and scholars and explore the process of preparing work for public view. Interviews, facilitated by Dr Harris, will focus on artists’ creative motivation, their relationship with their work and their work’s relationship to the larger cultural and social landscape. Dr. Shanken’s lecture will put the work in the exhibition in historical context, discuss the intersection of art and technology and over arching questions of technology as a social force. A response component will allow participants to use their experiences to think and write critically about the work in the exhibition. 84

PRESENTATIONS Edward Shanken Public Lecture – Art and Technology in Collaboration Warehouse 21 Theatre Saturday, June 13 12:30pm Mr. Shanken’s lecture will put the work in the exhibition in historical context, discuss the intersection of art and technology and over arching questions of technology as a social force.

Tomoko Hyashi Warehouse 21 Theatre

Nicky Selken Warehouse 21 Theatre

Auréle Warehouse 21 Theatre

Sinara Rozo-Perdomo Sinara is a Toronto based arts administrator, curator, a proud mother and an educator. She has been working in artist-run environments for over 18 years and have many years experience and her curatorial work has been featured at several festivals in Mexico, Hungary, Colombia, Brazil, Germany, the US and Canada. Sinara co-founded the annual aluCine Latin Film + Media Arts Festival; entering its 16th festival year. Sinara holds a B.F.A. (hons) in Film and TV production from Universidad Catolica Andres Bello (Venezuela) and an M.F.A. in (film production) from York University. She has curated film programs and art house cinemas internationally as well as completed short films as director and writer, which screened in festivals.




Axle Contemporary

Axle Contemporary Metapatterns by Mindy Mcgovern for info and daily location Santa Fe, NM, USA

Metapatterns is an installation of sound, video and painting that explores the emergent behavior of pattern. A term coined by the late Gregory Bateson, metapatterns exist across multiple scales and disciplines, such as the honeycomb design and fractals. Inspired by the cymatic patterns formed by sound in liquid, the patterns for this installation function as visual designs, rhythms, and harmonies. An interdisciplinary artist, Mindy McGovern works in sound, music, sculpture, photography, and video. Her artwork explores the physical properties of sound. A multi-instrumentalist, writer, and crafter, she creates both autonomous and collaborative projects that have appeared in galleries, video festivals, multimedia performances, and on the radio. Axle Contemporary is an art gallery on wheels. Axle Contemporary was founded in 2010 by artists Matthew Chase-Daniel and Jerry Wellman, as a collaborative work of art, and an innovative vehicle for arts distribution. Info and daily location at:

Center for Contemporary Arts A room listening to itself by Adam Basanta Montreal , QC, Canada

“A room listening to itself” is a site-specific sound installation exploring amplified acoustic inactivity within a unique spatioacoustic environment. The installation produces sound exclusively through the making-audible of physical relationships between microphones, speaker cones, and the surrounding acoustic environment using the aural phenomena of tuned microphone feedback. Adam Basanta is an award-winning composer and media artist whose work traverses electroacoustic and instrumental composition, audiovisual installations, site-specific interventions, laptop performance, and dynamic light design. The Center for Contemporary Arts (CCA) is an arts and culture hub for northern New Mexico’s diverse communities. Founded in 1979, CCA is one of the oldest artist-centered organizations in the American Southwest, committed to supporting emerging and established artists. CCA draws more than 65,000 visitors annually for exhibitions, independent films, performances, and education/public programs.

Institute of American Indian Arts CURRENTS 2015 at IAIA Digital Dome See the Digital Dome Section of the catalog for participating artists See the Digital Dome Section of the catalog for participating artists The Digital Dome offers is a unique space to learn new applications for creative expression, scientific and technical exploration, and the merging of art and technology. It is also unique in the world as the only articulating dome which can move 90 degrees and be positioned in multiple locations for different viewing experiences. IAIA has joined the international fulldome consortium to link our programming and knowledge formation with others across the country and the world experimenting in new ways in this immersive environment. The Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA) is the only four-year degree fine arts institution in the nation devoted to contemporary Native American and Alaska Native arts. 87

Santa Fe Art Institute/CURRENTS 2015 Residency Intimate Distance Project by Hye Young Kim

Winston-Salem, NC, USA

Thanks to a generous residency at the Santa Fe Art Institute, Hye Young Kim will further develop “Intimate Distance Project“ by inviting visitors to participate by spending 3 intimate minutes with someone they are close to. Hye will record, edit and present new videos, which will be updated everyday. The videos will be uploaded online so that participants can view their videos at the CURRENTS exhibition or online at home. The Santa Fe Art Institute (SFAI) was founded in 1985 by Pony Ault and the noted architect and artist William Lumpkins, both of whom sought to provide a unique opportunity for emerging artists to pursue a brief, intense period of study. SFAI’s international Artists and Writers Residency Program continues to grow and expand to serve the needs of artists and foster invaluable relationships with artists and organizations in the local communities and beyond.

Violet Crown Experimental Shorts / Experimental Documentaries / Contemporary Latin Canadian Visions Santa Fe, NM, USA

Violet Crown Cinema will be this year’s venue for CURRENTS 2015 Experimental Shorts, Documentaries and a special screening of Contemporary Latin Canadian Visions curated by Sinara Rozo-Perdomo. The Violet Crown offers 11 screens devoted to quality independent, documentary, international and studio films. Located next to El Museo Cultural, in The Railyard, Santa Fe’s vibrant new cultural urban space, the Violet Crown offers modern amenities including state-of-the-art digital sound and projection, comfortable seating, and stadium auditoriums with unobstructed sight lines.

Warehouse 21 Identities / Makers Santa Fe by Alexandra Spradling, Alfredo Carmona, and other students from Santa Fe High, Santa Fe University of Art and Design, and Moving People Dance – mentored by Jason Goodyear, Mara Leader, and Jocelyne Danchick Santa Fe, NM, USA

Students from Santa Fe High, Santa Fe University of Art and Design, and Moving People Dance will create an interactive multimedia piece projected on the front of Warehouse 21. Identities is a collaborative expression of the relationship between how we see ourselves and others, and how others see us. The artistic tools of music, video and dance allow these students a nonverbal form of communication and the ability to express themselves, inviting the audience into an artistic conversation about who we are. During CURRENTS this year, Warehouse 21 will also be hosting Makers Santa Fe. Since 1997, Warehouse 21 has served thousands of Santa Fe and north central New Mexico youth and young adults by providing award-winning development programs in the performing, media and visual arts. Mentored, project-based learning and a practical “do-it-yourself” ethic foster artistic independence and entrepreneurism in W21’s inclusive safe environment.

Zane Bennett Contemporary Art ZBKids teamLab Future Park Santa Fe, NM, USA

Zane Bennett Contemporary Art proudly presents a collaboration between ZB Kids and teamLab entitled “Future Park”, a highly innovative series of ventures designed to inspire growth, development, and education in children of all ages. These projects stimulate a learning experience for children across the globe. The seven interactive projects create activities that encourage curiosity, interaction, and exploration. The virtual aquarium transforms children’s artwork into an animated, digitized part of a rich undersea environment, called the “Sketch Aquarium”. Future Park also includes an interactive “Hopscotch for Geniuses”, large orbs of color and light which respond to touch and play called “Light Ball Orchestra”, and a 3D sketch town designed by the artwork of the children, among other inventive programs. Located on Guadalupe Street in the Railyard District, Zane Bennett’s nearly 10,000 square foot space allows for ongoing offerings of well-established contemporary artists, internationally-known mid-career, emerging and regional artists.

Peters Project Steina Santa Fe, NM, USA

Ryan Wolfe San Francisco, CA, USA

The summer program includes two installations by Ryan Wolfe and Steina Vasulka. Ryan Wolfe’s Branching Systems involves masses of robotic leaves that flutter like butterflies to transform space into a network of complex, serendipitous movement. An interactive installation, viewers’ physical actions are catalysts that trigger a ripple across the piece’s custom-made network causing faster movements and different rhythms in the artwork. Steina’s Qaqortoq is a 5 channel video installation comprised of electronics and custom made television monitors. Steina collected the footage for this installation during her 1999 residency in Qaqortoq, Greenland. Peters Projects vision is to expand the gallery audience in the Southwest for historically significant nationally and internationally based contemporary artists whose work is better known in the major art cities of the world. The gallery’s program exhibits multiple artists simultaneously; with specific gallery spaces dedicated to photography, ceramics, design, new media, and leading contemporary artists.

El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe / Main Exhibition Venue Santa Fe, NM, USA

This non-profit organization dedicated to preserving, protecting, and promoting the Hispano art, culture and traditions of Northern New Mexico is organized as a Center of Hispanic Culture and Learning. El Museo’s programs emphasize participation and inclusion of the entire community. Exhibitions and performances are accompanied by workshops, lectures, and support presentations, to promote learnng and educational activities. Its programs nurture and support the arts and cultural education, and underscore the value of economic benefits available through the arts. Located in the heart of Santa Fe Railyard property, this 31,000 square foot warehouse facility houses galleries, exhibition spaces and a theater. There are ongoing activities plus space is available for rental for events such as the winter indoor flea market.


T R A V EL A M E D I A A RT S TR A IL T H ROUG H N E W M E X I CO ’S SP ECTACU L AR L A ND S C A P E View Google Map of NMNM Media Arts Trail New Media New Mexico is a project in development to highlight media arts in our state each summer. Known for both its exceptional environmental beauty and its work in scientific innovation, New Mexico has historically been a mecca for the arts and technology. In recent years, our state has become a gathering place for new media artists and enthusiasts from around the world who converge here to focus on the expanding intersection of art, science and technology. We are looking for artists or arts organizations who would like to be part of a media arts trail in New Mexico. Visitors will have the opportunity to explore the spectacular landscape of New Mexico and the exciting world of 21st century art at the same time. If you would like to be part of the trail and have a proposal for an indoor or outdoor exhibition/installation contact us and we can discuss a possible collaboration. 90

New Media New Mexico 2015 Partners Warehouse 1-10 Contemporary Art Space in Magdalena New Mexico invites artists to submit proposals as part of the CURRENTS 2015 New Media New Mexico Project. Warehouse 1-10 working in collaboration with The Very Large Array, Magdalena Ridge Observatory and Bureau of Land Management can provide key outdoor locations for specific media events and installations.

Roswell Museum and Art Center June 12 – August 9 Today, the Roswell Museum and Art Center is among of handful of federal art centers that remain in operation, and has expanded into a 50,000 square foot facility that includes twelve galleries dedicated to the exhibition of art and history, the Patricia Lubben Bassett Art Education Center, and the Robert H. Goddard Planetarium.

Center for the Arts in Hobbs June 13 – August 1 The mission of the Lea County Commission for the Arts is to provide leadership, vision, and support to ensure the availability and diversity of the arts in Lea County.

The Paseo in Taos The Paseo is a festival dedicated to bringing the art of installation, performance and projection to the streets of Taos, New Mexico.

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Currents 2015 Festival Program  

Currents brings together the work of established, unrecognized and emerging New Media artists, from New Mexico, the US and the world, for ev...

Currents 2015 Festival Program  

Currents brings together the work of established, unrecognized and emerging New Media artists, from New Mexico, the US and the world, for ev...