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Joe Hedges Cincinnati, OH, USA relies on new and outmoded approaches to HTML, PHP, and JavaScript to weave together a network of pages or scenes consisting of photography, animation, scientific inscriptions, sound design, responsive music and visual poetry. Through disarranged representations, randomly generated navigation, and surprising and sometimes humorous feedback, Solgonda challenges notions of visual and scientific information as reliable paths to understanding and navigating our world. The imagery spans a variety of subjects but was collected mostly in the southern Mojave, in and around Joshua Tree National Park. With a reverence for history, art history, and the past, combined with an enthusiastic interest in the effects of digital technologies on human aesthetic and sociological experience, Hedges’s work melds vocabularies and media and celebrates the wonder and possibility of experiment and representation generally. He thinks as a painter but is contemporary in the sense of approaching similar subject matter from multiple perspectives and media.

Alinta Krauth An Argument in Parallel Incompleteness

Witheren, QLD, Australia

An Argument in Parallel Incompleteness is an art game in which the player is a fruit bat who battles its way through chaotic poetry barriers, setting off pieces of sound art along the way. The player reads the poetry while simultaneously pushing it away. The poem is about an argument in which characters throw math-laden curses at each other, such as “you are no Gödel at natural numbers.” You, the innocent and non-gender-specific bat, must navigate that all-toogrown-up world: the innocent among the chaotic. Krauth focuses on projection art, interactive art, sound art, art games, generative art, and physical computing, and is interested in experimenting with links between these fields. She is also interested in tying education and social relevance into interactive light pieces. She has seen her works exhibited in Australia, Europe and the US. Most of all, she is simply curious about the world.


Currents 2015 Festival Program  

Currents brings together the work of established, unrecognized and emerging New Media artists, from New Mexico, the US and the world, for ev...

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