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june 13 -29 / 2014 the santa fe international new media festival video and interactive installations, animation, art-apps, digital dome screenings, experimental documentaries, multimedia performances

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Presented by Parallel Studios, El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe, Center for Contemporary Arts, Institute of American Indian Arts, Santa Fe University of Art and Design, Zane Bennett Contemporary Art, Santa Fe Art Institute, Heath Concerts, Axle Contemporary, Scientists/Artists Research Collaborations, the Santa Fe Railyard, Warehouse 21 and the City of Santa Fe

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av an *12.4 miles from El Museo Cultural (allow 20 min by car)




el museo cultural de santa fe closed on mon and tue / fri and sat noon–10 pm, weekdays noon–7 pm unless otherwise noted


El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe 555 Camino de la Familia 505 992 0591


Warehouse 21 1614 Paseo de Peralta 505 989 4423


Axle Contemporary Mobile Gallery 505 670 5854


Railyard Plaza




Zane Bennett Contemporary Art 435 South Guadalupe St 505 982 8111

Evoke Contemporary 550 South Guadalupe St 505 995 9902

Center for Contemporary Arts 1050 Old Pecos Trail 505 982 1338


Jean Cocteau Cinema 418 Montezuma Ave 505 466 5528

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David Richard Gallery 544 South Guadalupe St 855 983 9555


Institute of American Indian Arts 83 Avan Nu Po Road 505 424 2300

currents /celebrating our fifth year 2



Index/Directors’ Statement


Schedule of Events


Installation Artists


Single Channel Artists


Web/App Artists

2 1 Special Events 21 Digital Dome Artists 24 Experimental Documentary Artists 26 Multimedia Performance Artists 29 Outdoor Events 30 Partner Venues 31 Drift 32 Workshops 32 Panels and Presentations 33 Sponsors and Partners

Parallel Studios began presenting New Media exhibitions in 2002, but 2010 was the year CURRENTS became an annual, citywide, international festival. Since then, partnerships have grown with other arts organizations, city and state agencies and private galleries and businesses. Our audience has expanded, bringing people into the Railyard and to our partner venues all over town, from places as varied as Roswell, NM and Dubai, UAE. Along the way we’ve had the good fortune to work with talented interns from the Santa Fe University of Art and Design, the University of North Texas, Denver University, and with an incredible group of volunteers, whose skills and commitment have helped make the Festival what it is today. Over the last five years, CURRENTS’ artists have come from every continent, and almost every US state—over 400 as of our 2014 opening. This year we’re bringing 40 artists, performers and presenters to Santa Fe to be part of Festival activities. You can also see the work of 60 single channel, digital dome, web/app artists and experimental documentary film makers during the Festival dates. Our new website ( and this program guide, both so beautifully designed by ANAGR.AM, will give you access to our schedule of events and an introduction to this year’s artists and their work. We look forward to future Festivals and the opportunity to bring the vision and exploration of New Media artists to Santa Fe. This year we are also setting our sights on a new initiative. New Media New Mexico ( new-media-new-mexico) will begin to tie together other technology/art organizations and events across the state. We encourage you to visit our first New Media New Mexico partnership—Digital Latin America, launched by 516 ARTS ( in Albuquerque, on view through August 30th. The Staff and Board of Directors of Parallel Studios thank all of you for your support. Frank Ragano and Mariannah Amster Co-Executive/Artistic Directors and Founders Parallel Studios Santa Fe, New Mexico

The CURRENTS Festival is free and open to all. Visit as often as you like and, as long as the doors are open, stay as long as you like. Your interest, enthusiasm and support make the Festival possible.


June 13

Currents 2014 Opening Night CURRENTS primary exhibition hall at El Museo Cultural 6 pm–Midnight


New Media Transforms Tradition Astrid Toha, Sophie Kahn, Sandy Kessler Kaminski, Esteban Garcia & Jeremy Rotsztain

June 15 12.30pm

Warehouse 21 free workshop 2.45pm

El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe

gallery exhibition

Blue Tara Max Almy & Teri Yarbrow

performance 3.30pm

digital dome screenings

gallery exhibition

Trombe Performance



artist presentation

El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe 7.30pm

El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe

popup performance

The Human Avatar Project Christopher Breedlove & Alexander Love

Railyard Plaza

multimedia performance

June 17 8pm

Evaluation: Banal to Transcendent Mara Leader, Jason Goodyear & Jocelyne Danchick

Axle Contemporary on Railyard Plaza

June 18 8pm

Breezy Night audio/visual installation


Outdoor Vision Fest Railyard Plaza audio/visual installation


Warehouse 21

June 19 8.15pm

2:22 am

June 21 3.30pm



Zane Bennett Contemporary Art Gallery panel


Multimedia Process using Max for Live free workshop


Digital Dome Screenings

June 22 3.30pm

Lee Montgomery and CENTER

Center For Contemporary Arts exhibition opening


First Saturday Performances Arcos Dance & Noisefold

El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe multimedia performance 4

Digital Dome Screening Institute of American Indian Arts digital dome

June 25 8pm

Feature Film / The Great Flood Jean Cocteau Cinema Bill Morison & Bill Frisell experimental documentary

June 26 8pm

Shorts Hope Tucker, Silvia Dal Dosso, Zohar Kfir, Timothy David Orme, Justice Whitaker, Menno Otton, Kent Tate, Piibe Kolka & Hounyeh Kim

Jean Cocteau Cinema

digital dome

CCA Openings

Second Saturday Performances

multimedia performance

Institute of American Indian Arts 6-8pm

Institute of American Indian Arts

El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe

Cory Metcalf, Andrew Pask & Darwin Grosse

Warehouse 21

Digital Dome Screening

Elaine Bearer, John Carpenter, Tom McVeety, Gary Lee Nelson & Noisefold

Dean Terry

The Art of Technology: A New Era of Interactive Creativity

El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe

digital dome

222444 / Live Net Performance online performance

Drift / Experimental Video Screening experimental video

audio/visual installation

June 14

Hope Tucker, Silvia Dal Dosso, Zohar Kfir,Timothy David Orme, Justice Whitaker, Menno Otton, Kent Tate, Piibe Kolka & Hounyeh Kim experimental documentary shorts

Just Intoned Poem Molly Bradbury


Jean Cocteau Cinema

Mara Leader & Jason Goodyear

Railyard Plaza

Bill Morison & Bill Frisell experimental documentary

audio/visual installation, multimedia performance


Feature Film / The Great Flood Jean Cocteau Cinema

audio/visual installation, multimedia performance


First Sunday Performances Karen Schupp, Todd Ingalls, Andrew Pask, Darwin Grosse & Cory Metcalf

Flinching Eye Collective El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe


Oscar Raby / Assent El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe

Patrick Saint-Denis multimedia performance

Digital Dome Screenings Institute of American Indian Arts

David Richard Gallery 7-10pm repeats on the hour

OPTICKS / Send An Image To The Moon And Back Daniela De Paulis

Zane Bennett Contemporary Art Gallery 5pm

Exploring Sound Design with Convolution and Ableton Live

experimental documentary

June 28 8pm

Musical Performance with Video Luke Carr & GRYGRDNS

Railyard Plaza performance

Please refer to for the most complete and up-to-date event listings.


Beaming Baudrillard is a multi-channel installation involving animation, sound, and computer-assisted fabrication. The project began in response to two texts: The System of Objects (1968) by cultural theorist Jean Baudrillard, and a 1981 reproduction of The Catalog of Roycroft Furniture and Other Things (1906), both which have been translated in various ways through digital technologies. The installation addresses themes of reproduction, translation, and transmission as images from an early 20th century furniture catalog are reproduced both virtually and physically; allowing for various modes of function and interactivity.

Kayla Anderson Beaming Baudrillard | A Foray into the World of Furniture and Other Things Installation Chicago, Illinois / San Antonio, TX

The Cloud Chamber or Camera Nebulosa was originally built to create artificial clouds in the laboratory and investigate their emergence in the atmosphere. In recreating this experiment for a video camera Alejandro Borsani attempts to reflect in the relationship between the Camera Nebulosa, the video camera and their intimate connection with light. The Origin of Clouds documents the process by which the abstract and ineffable phenomenon of light becomes form and shape, and is used as a medium for artistic creation.

Alejandro Borsani The Origin of Clouds Projection Denton, TX / Argentina

Bardo I: Como Area is a one-of-a-kind, site specific immersive installation, created for the first time at CURRENTS 2014. Colored light projected across an array of ceiling suspended objects will create a dynamic cityscape-esque visual environment. Bardo I: Como Area creates an otherworldly, dreamlike sensation through a combination of pigment, colored incandescent light, ultra-violet light, and animated digital projection. Spacial relationships and material dimensions are obscured by mixing various forms of color and light. The viewer’s shadow integrates into the landscape creating a narrative and interdependence between the work and the viewer.

Corvas Brinkerhoff Bardo I: Como Area Installation Santa Fe, NM 5


Gillian Brown Beginning of Language Shape of the Universe - 2013 Installation

Beginning of Language A small book made from wax-covered paper hangs behind the throat of a translucent sculpture of a mouth and neck. Images of birds flying out from the center are timed to whispered Sanskrit vowels and projected onto the book. Shape of the Universe A wire-frame pyramid, sphere and cube are nested within each other. These geometric elements give way to playful musings as the outer cube sprouts a roof, and the central object becomes a bed. Video images of a restless figure lying on the bed are projected onto the translucent sculpture.

Fairfield, IA

An ongoing exploration of liminal, or betweenstates, this work looks at the physical, emotional and semiotic notions of dissolution of ontologies. A 3-channel synchronized installation, Dissolution of Order is the second in a series begun last year with Interval Two. Viewed on three verticallymounted 55” flatscreen panels, the work slowly unfolds: seven image poems gradually morph into each other in a continuous loop.

Robert Campbell

Dissolution of Order 3 Channel installation Seattle, WA

Graffiti has been an integral and vibrant part of many cultures across the globe and has told (and continues to tell) stories encompassing every facet of the human condition. It has always been controversial: from the prehistoric petroglyphs to the rude marking in Pompeii, to the chalk “tags” scribbled on the Reichstag by Russian soldiers, to the social and political protest of contemporary artists such as Banksy.

Susanna Carlisle and Bruce Hamilton Iron Curtain - 2014 Installation Santa Fe, NM

Images from the Berlin Wall projected onto serrated, rusted steel slats are symbolic of how graffiti has been and continues to be a rich window into the diversity of people, cultures and issues across the globe.



Coker works with video as an extension of photography and its ability to engage the memory and imagination through the evocation of time and place. Recognition is an interactive, sculptural play on traditional portraiture. In size, format, subject, and color palette, it resembles a painted portrait. The image displayed is that of the user; processed and time-smeared just to the point where it is not completely recognizable as that of the viewer. At some points during the processing cycle, the image is abstracted to that of pure color fields.

Jim Coker Recognition Interactive Installation Albuquerque, NM

Research investigates the intersection of digital imaging and scientific inquiry emphasizing the mysteriousness of the scientific process and the search for insight into how the world works. It was inspired by early optical instruments and scientific glass making.

Fernanda D’Agostino Research Installation Portland, OR

Duet examines the process of interaction. Provided with minimal instructions, the viewer explores an unknown audiovisual interface populated by an abstract animated figure; which alternates between performing looped dance phrases to different pieces of music, and states of rest and preparation. As the viewer continues to engage in a joint performance with the technological construct and its quivering human avatar, layers of audio revealing the inner life of a dancer multiply and subside; allowing seemingly opposing states of being to exist simultaneously.

Eliot Gray Fisher Duet Interactive Installation Santa Fe, NM



Hye Young Kim Unfulfilled Desires Installation Winston-Salem, NC

Unfulfilled Desires shows two synchronized videos: Unfulfilled Desire I idiosyncrasy and II blindness. Details of a tongue consuming a lollipop with a repetitive licking action and an unending stream of honey dripping from a sword represent boundless acts of consumption; active and passive, a living embodiment of desire or a receptor of pleasure. By juxtaposing these two means of fulfilling desire, it becomes clear that desire will not be fulfilled upon the completion of a task (the case of Unfulfilled Desire I idiosyncrasy) or be satiated through infinite supply (in the case of Unfulfilled Desire II_blindness).

Stifled under a totalitarian regime, women reclaim a modicum of personal self-determination by reading banned books. Over time, the characters find ways to maintain a veneer of compliance with social edicts, while transcending that two dimensional fiction; eventually creating their own reality.

Heidi Kumao Egress - 2014 Video projection with a stack of books Ann Arbor, MI

Ha Na Lee Vestiges, part III - 2014 Interactive Installation Seattle, WA


Vestiges, part III is an interactive and immersive video/sound installation, which turns the act of going up and down the stairs into a poetic and dynamic experience turning the stairs into a timeless space. The stairs are transformed into a timeless space. The piece focuses on exploring the time domain in both the psychological and physical realms. The installation detects the audience’s presence and behavior to help compose the experience within the site. In doing so, the system creates different patterns of narrative sequences which project illusionistic, fantastical, and realistic stories in the stair case.


Viewers who experience Synthesis help shape the installation, as their movements through the gallery effect the color patterns of light projected onto the floor. Sound artist Owen Clayton Condon stimulates the senses further by highlighting the motion of Synthesis through an original score inspired by six colors of the light spectrum (red, yellow, blue, green, orange, and purple), and three musical instruments (glockenspiel, cymbal, and wine glasses filled with water).

Luftwerk Synthesis - 2013 Interactive Installation Chicago, IL

Four interactive fans serve as an electronic soapbox for SMS pronouncements. The work draws on common experiences with electronic communications, in which a text, tweet or email can evoke unintended and unexpected responses. The Messengers comes to life when the viewer decides to participate. Text messages sent from the participant’s cell phone are displayed on the fans and then used to seed Twitter. The work utilizes “smart” machines to rearrange the flutter and flow of Twitter into poetic, hilarious, or nonsensical mash-ups, highlighting the uncertainties of our social lives.

Kathy Marmor The Messengers Interactive Installation Baltimore, MD

Air and Space is an Immersive, interactive environment where kaleidoscopic cities and nature-scapes are projected onto suspended umbrellas. Observers walk among the projections, experiencing the light and creating shadows, flowing as a group through geometrical shapes and patterns, imitating both natural and computer-based forms. Light currents immerse observers into a cell-like microscopic environment with homemade kaleidoscopes, where the viewer experiences new perspectives.

William Mitchell

Air and Space Installation Santa Fe, NM



Lenka Nováková & Otso Lähdeoja

Ten large sheets of glass hang in a dark room. They vibrate and emit sound, forming a spatial polyphony of sonic objects. Video footage of the spectators themselves is projected on the glass sheets, creating a maze of self-portrait reflections and transparencies. The spectator is immersed into a chimerical space of sonic and visual illusions.

OVAL Interactive Installation Quebec, Canada / Helsinki, Finland

Reflecting the architecture of Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. and the current state of affairs there, Partisan is an attempt to highlight the frustrations of Stefan Prosky’s beloved hometown and its landmarks. The work is unbiased, and neither the artist nor viewer has control over the bots. Only chance and position let them win.

Stefan Prosky Partisan Installation Washington, D.C.

In 1973, Oscar Raby’s father witnessed the execution of a group of prisoners captured by the military regime in Chile, the same army he was a part of. Assent puts the user in Raby’s father’s boots, walking to the place where the executions occurred.

Oscar Raby Assent Oculus Rift Installation Northcote, Australia



This installation explores the veil between worlds, and the shift that exists in the place between light and shadow. It represents the foundation needed for the journey to the highest expression of ourselves, and the layers that lure us into deeper understanding. It is about the multi-dimensional experience in the evolution of the soul. Seemingly insignificant moments whisper expansiveness from their depths; the beauty that we are drawn to offers everything we need.

Keith Ryan Riggs Explorations of the Veil Installation Santa Fe, NM

In youth, the thought of spending one third of life sound asleep seems a ridiculous waste of time. In midlife, battling insomnia, sleep becomes mysterious and precious. Sleep is the source of physical rejuvenation; skin, the landscape of mortality. If you examine skin closely you can see how little it resembles the stereotypical surface we imagine ourselves clothed in. Sleep is also the source of psychological rejuvenation. As conscious mind rests, unconscious mind awakens, and dreams drink from experiences overlooked by the conscious mind.

Dave Ryan & Mika Negishi Laidlaw Sleep Cycle -2014 Interactive Installation North Mankato, MN

Michael Schippling gravitates towards the technological because he finds the tools to be more flexible, if less well developed in their actual use, than traditional media. His aesthetic lies in veiled expressions of the erotic and dangerous, with occasional forays into the formal and humorous. While he is conversant with history and theory, he prefers to mine the post-post-modern mis-en-scène for nuggets of undiscovered irony and hidden sub-text, which are then bricolaged into his work.

Michael Schippling Various Small Robotic Works Interactive Installation Santa Fe, NM



Ben Skea Sleep Vessel Installation Glasgow, Scotland

This work focuses on the cyclical and transformative nature of experience, memory and matter. Reality is suspended; fabrication and illusion co-exist with the tangible–exploring the human form, movement and spatiality, hovering between representation and abstraction. A residual fragment of an object holds dual power; familiar yet uncomfortably strange, attractive, and repulsive at the same time. Chaotic and fractured, this mixed media work is a synthesis of oppositions; deliberately disordered in an attempt to make them explicit. They capture moments of near destruction; incomplete and reordered states evoking a visceral response.

Jörg Staeger MILIEU All I have is my distance Installation

Video projections appear as a light sculpture in space. Five transparent, barely perceptible screens are covered by images. The screens catch the images and let them pass through, combining with other images in layers to create new perspectives. Space between the screens invites visitors to walk through and influence the projections with their bodies. There are no predefined images projected, though graphic shapes and textures are generated by programmed rules, controlled by the work of composer Markus Muench.

Gräfelfing, Germany

Re-Collect is a responsive installation that uses sculptural objects, live recordings and playback to draw attention to the visitors’ physical presence and movement within the installation. Re-Collect forms a luminescent and sonic mass attentive to its environment, which uses sound as a metaphor for the electrical impulses moving through the brain, and points to the moment that two entities meet; when memories form, entangle with the present and shape experience.

Jane Tingley with Michal Seta Re-Collect Interactive Installation Toronto, Canada



In Species of Space, George Perec uses the contents of his bedside table as a point of entry to the topography of associations of everyday objects and spatial understanding. The Bedside Table uses this model to explore boundaries between physical travels and imagined dreamscapes. The physical objects on the table correspond to the content of the website in a nonlinear narrative structure. These items become pushpins in a map of loose associations; they create moments for play and wandering in the accumulation of information.

Martha Tuttle and Nicholas Chiarella The Bedside Table Interactive Installation

Santa Fe, NM

White Tara explores a new type of mandala; a radiant, translucent, animating, light filled mandala that combines ancient imagery with media technology. This work, explores the reflective, refractive and luminous qualities of glass and light. After creating several large mandala-like works in copper, White Tara now uses glass, video and LED lighting to push the visual and visceral presentation even further, into a more brilliant, glowing and ecstatic experience.

Teri Yarbrow and Max Almy White Tara Installation Abiquiu, NM

single channel programs

The art of rosemaling (translated literally from Norwegian as “decorative painting�) began in 18th century Norway as a way to cope with the long, dark, winter months. Smorgasbord represents the way cultural traditions and values rely on reinvention for the survival (perhaps even growth) of future generations. In addition to the final representation, this time-based piece documents the artist’s focus on creating the end (blooming) state, similar to how rosemaling artists might approach their own process and craft.

David Beck Smorgasbord (after Per Lysne) - 2012 Single Channel 3D Animation, 2 min 10 sec Menomonie, WI


single channel programs

Gregory Bennett Floratopia -2013 Single Channel Animation, 2 min 15 sec Auckland, New Zealand

Annie Berman Street Views Single Channel Video, 8 min New York, NY

The intricately constructed virtual worlds of Floratopia are populated by multitudes of de-individualized moving figures trapped in an uncanny life; bodies enacting seemingly endless cryptic and cyclic rituals, existing in a marginal state, neither dead nor alive. Proliferating avatars inhabit a range of environments where existence is either tenuous or wholly subsumed into a synthetic ecosystem. These spaces can be psychological landscapes, representations of hermetic digital colonies (fluctuating between utopian and the dystopian), or figures enacting an enigmatic ceremonial.

Street Views explores how virtual mapping alters the experience of space and identity, and uses humor to navigate a surreal, disoriented landscape. A situationist-inspired, somnambulent drive through New York’s West Village on a summer afternoon, shot entirely within Google’s Street View, the film defies natural laws of perspective, time, and continuity. By retracing her path, our guide discovers that even though all has already occurred, it is never the same twice, and that she can get lost without straying from the map.

Three.Two is an abstract video that was created as a high-definition re-visioning of a standard definition video made in 2003. The original video was processed using custom software to create new high-definition video that could later be edited, manipulated and composited.

Jonathan Brainin Three.Two Single Channel Video South Orange, NJ

Three.Two is very different from Three, yet it also very much the same. It is these differences that account for Three.Two being more contemplative than its predecessor and a more typical example of Jonathan’s current artwork.

Metro is a journey, beginning outside and moving inward. Sometimes enveloping, sometimes sparse and shattered, time produces forward motion and simplification. Real journeys are distilled into a beautifully abstracted experience, similiar to the disconnection one has while riding public transport. Physical bumps, speed, and curves affect the hand of the artist, producing fragmentation and gaps in data. The final models document time, perspective and perception.

Christopher Coleman Metro Re / De-construction Single Channel Video, 6 min 17 sec 14

Centennial, CO

single channel programs

Uncle Bob is a character developed in the artist’s painting practice and repeated in wall paintings and now animation. Uncle Bob is over it, fed up with life, and all he can do is sigh. Yet he is an erudite man, so he sighs in several languages. The work takes its name from the popular English phrase, “Bob’s your uncle,” meaning “Everything’s all right.”

Peter Daverington Uncle Bob -2012 Single Channel Animation, 1 min 54 sec Beacon, NY

In this film, the notion of repetition was deliberately built into the idea, process, images and staging, both in the building of sculptures and in mechanical destructiveness. This new approach allows for contemplation of a single moment, so the viewer can have a subversive experience. An introspective eye will hurt the image’s consumer but not the image’s thinker.

Gilles Dusabe The Inevitable Single Channel Video, 1 min 57 sec Kigali, Rwanda

Guerrilla Dancer remixes the boundaries of what is culturally permissible in public spaces as she dances through supermarkets, churches, graveyards, electronics stores, shopping malls, playgrounds, demolition sites, construction zones, etc. The ambient audio from each location pulses as a rhythmic soundtrack, highlighting the music present in every environment. As global terrorism has created a background noise of paranoia and fear, Guerrilla Dancer risks expulsion and arrest, simply by dancing where it is unexpected.

Joseph Farbrook with Micaela Gardner Guerrilla Dancer Single Channel Video, 2 min 10 sec Brookline, MA

Swallowed Whole is a somber, animated, experimental film about surviving extreme isolation and physical limitations as a result of traumatic injury. In this movie, Heidi Kumao creates a desolate and disorienting dreamscape as a metaphor for the deep netherworld she was thrust into when she broke her back in 2011.

Heidi Kumao Swallowed Whole - 2014 Single Channel Video, 3 min 52 sec Ann Arbor, MI


single channel programs

Orlando Leibovitz Visual Diary Single Channel Animation

Orlando Leibovitz is a painter, photographer, video artist and curator. He thinks of the objects he creates as mirrors for people to look into and see some aspect of themselves. He often works on a series that contains underlying emotional and intellectual themes. Chance and random concepts sometimes play a part in the creation of his art. The desire to penetrate the mysterious motivates his art.

Santa Fe, NM

This series of animations aims to induce a meditative state in the viewer, both through the music and through the hypnotic motion of the animations. The concept evolved through spending time staring at Huichol paintings and contemplating the dynamic nature of their designs. By giving simple motion to an already dynamic art form, these pieces are meant less as works of video and more as moving paintings.

Tristan Love

Huichol Yarn Painting Animations Single Channel Animation Santa Fe, NM

Maura McDonnell Variegated Beat – Loose Concrete, 2013 Single Channel Video, 4 min 17 sec

Variegated Beat – Loose Concrete is a visual music piece created in response to a musical composition remixed and composed by Cignol/ Sean Reed. Diatribe, the label representing the music, invited McDonnell to create the work. The visuals explore the beats and rhythms of the music soundtrack through the use of multiple colors. These “visual beats” correspond to the musical beats. Although the imagery is suggestive and evocative of real things, it was generated solely from one small blue square.

Maynooth, Ireland

Ellen Mueller


Chief Resource Management Officer Series: Cleaning the Rocks Single Channel Video, 1 min 43 sec Buckhannon, WV

This series of videos decontextualizes and amplifies mundane tasks and actions, exposing inherent absurdity and dry humor. Themes of corporate management structures, cult dynamics, and Sisyphean tasks are engaged conceptually and visually. By developing situations that disrupt familiar social and political hierarchies, and by utilizing recognizable apparel and gestures, the series occupies the threshold of absurdity, asking questions about time, value, routines and the monetization of work and/or presence.

single channel programs

One of the most fraught subjects to address effectively through artwork is art itself and the conflicts that it presents, both on a personal level for the artist and in the broader terms of commercial and institutional stages of the art world. Kate Rhoades tackles these topics through video, painting, and public activities, producing work that is usually self-reflexive and humorous. She believes that the best humor is based in truth, particularly truths we find too troubling to talk about directly.

Kate Rhoades Self-Portrait as a YouTube Tutorial Single Channel Video, 2 min 52 sec Oakland, CA

Inspired by the illustrative works of Ernest Haeckel, Cosmic Flower Unfolding is a constant flow of emerging and dissolving oceanic, futuristic, and mandala forms. It is a tribute to abstraction, the connection of abstraction to the inner space we inhabit, and the way inner space can be externalized.

Benjamin Ridgway Cosmic Flower Unfolding Single Channel Video, 2 min San Francisco, CA

Ying-Fang Shen’s recent work, Short Films Without Spoken Words, examines human nature, gravitating toward related subjects and the characters they convey. Training as a painter and immersion in East Asian arts stimulated her interest in metaphorical communication. She sees events and stories as waves carried on water: focuses on states they form, rather than plots they create. Every element in the video functions as a thread of a story, working as texts, performing, developing motions, speaking a thousand words.

Ying-Fang Shen Humanexus Single Channel Video, 12 min 34 sec Richmond, VA

Some would say water is a reflection of us. And though we walk past sources of water almost everyday, we frequently don’t notice what we are reflecting back onto its surface. Images in a Nondescript Fountain, an elaborated version of a previous work entitled K20, uses reflected images in a fountain outside the museum K20 in Dusseldorf. It is part of the artist’s water period work and a continuation of the Alice in Dusseldorf series.

Karl F. Stewart Images in a Nondescript Fountain Single Channel Video, 5 min 30 sec Dusseldorf, Germany


single channel programs

Emilio Vavarela The Google Trilogy: 1. Report a Problem Single Channel Video, 5 min, 1 sec New York, NY

These 100 digital photos form the first part of The Google Trilogy, a project about the relationship between humans, power and technological errors. Report a Problem appears at the bottom of Google Street View, allowing viewers to report problems such as inaccurate colors. The artist photographed wrong landscapes on Street View before others could report problems and prompt the company to adjust images. Unexpected technical errors transform common landscapes into something new.

This project started with building elaborate kinetic sets in order to video-capture a large range of displacement. Several artist teams were utilized to charge the rectilinear set simultaneously with differentiated events, expressions of cataclysmic human circumstances. These high-action works emulate some of the formal traditions of abstract expressionist painting, imagist idea constructs, and contemporary performance.

John Wenger

Calamity Stent One Single Channel Video, 4 min 50 sec Sandia Park, NM

IP Yuk Yiu The Plastic Garden, 2013 Single Channel Video, 11 min, 12 sec Hong Kong, China

Snow Yunxue Fu Geo Single Channel Video, 1 min 40 sec 18

Chicago, IL

The Plastic Garden summons the ghost of a forgotten future, a total nuclear war, that held the world hostage half a century ago. Despite going out of fashion as a socio-political symbol, nuclear drama continues to haunt the world in various forms. Hacking and appropriating the video game Call of Duty: Black Ops, The Plastic Garden unravels a forgotten future that felt like an endless nightmare, or else a collective death wish that comes to define modern sociopolitical reality. ip-yuk-yiu/

This work deals with the issues that arise when mankind is confronted with nature and the metaphysical, but manifested in its digital forms, as they are increasingly experienced and/or expressed in the 21st century. Using topographical computer-rendered abstraction as it develops on a time line the imagery references cosmic or biomorphic forms. It deals with the discourse of the simulated reality and human relationship to nature, which is also a major concern in Chinese traditional landscape paintings.


Rehearsals and Returns is a video game about conversations that will never take place. It invites players to say something to various people alive and dead, such as Genghis Khan, Hillary Clinton, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and Leni Riefenstahl. In this pensive platform and matching game, players collect and send clever quotes as well as kind and hateful statements. These days media lets us share our thoughts but, what would you say if no one was listening?

Peter Brinson, Jason Ronzani, Sam Marshall Rehearsals and Returns Web Art / Game Pasadena, CA / New York, NY

This project is part of a series of visualizations based on the work of Mathematician Bernhard Riemann combined with symbolic references to the Minoan culture. In the 19th century Riemann defined the environment in which fractals and complex theories are now possible. This series reflects on a combination of science and artistic inspiration from an ancient culture that intuited the world far ahead of the objective understanding of some of the most fundamental mathematics theories.

Jean Constant The Riemann Conundrum Website Santa Fe, NM

Zetamaze is a web game that allows visitors to edit, draw on, and explore a virtual maze. The game is played in browser and the actions of each visitor affect the experience of others who play the game. Each user is empowered to share their artwork and ideas through collaborative construction, mark making, and file-sharing. The artist has created a space and a proposition, but it lives and grows, driven by the creative decisions of participants.

Brannon Dorsey Zetamaze Web Art / Game Chicago, IL

Flederhund is a children’s book collaboratively written and illustrated by Heather Freeman and Jeff Murphy. The project was crowd funded through USA projects (now in February 2013 and completed in October 2013. In the story, a young boy travels through central Europe in search of his dog, who is always just a step behind him. This interactive book also exists in softcover and PDF.

Heather D. Freeman and Jeff Murphy Flederhund - 2013 Interactive iPad Book Charlotte, NC



Zohar Kfir Points of View - 2013 Interactive Documentary

Zohar Kfir is an artist working with experimental video, interactive art, and installation. She has shown her work internationally at galleries and video festivals. Zohar received Media Arts Canada Council for the Arts and Vivacité Montréal grants to develop her latest project, Points of View, an interactive web-based documentary, which explores Palestinian life stories and events. The basis for this project is video footage from B’Tselem’s advocacy project, The Camera Distribution Project.

Montréal, Canada

Prayers and Reflections was developed as a response to intolerance. Initially, the artist was struck by comments made by people across the nation in response to the tragedy of 9/11. Her Prayers and Reflections represent unspoken thoughts; thoughts that are still relevant even as time has passed. It seems intolerance continues to be commonplace.

Mary Anna LaFratta Prayers and Reflections Interactive Art Site Crosby, TN

This project consists of eight multi-model, multiplatform works in a mobile app and exhibition version. All of the works in the P.o.E.M.M. cycle engage the question of how we talk to one another, how we locate ourselves in wider cultural geographies, how we authenticate ourselves against our own expectations and those of others, and how matters that are once seen as so essential can later be regarded as contingent.

Jason Edward Lewis P.o.E.M.M.: Poetry for Excitable [Mobile] Media Interactive iPad Word Games Montreal, Canada

[Steps] is an experimental game in which users create a persona and undertake a journey. The interface has a minimal design and thus allows participants freedom from overt control. There are many different roads, symbolizing different paths in real life; each with a different color, theme, feeling. However, they all lead to the same destination. Every road is different, the only real common element is yourself.

Seph Li [Steps] iPad Game 20

Tokyo, Japan


Swipin’ Safari is one of the artist’s recent interactive artworks for the iPhone that reflects upon the human gesture in a digital age. Here, the gesture is not an expressive act, but rather a means to navigate an infinite landscape; a space that, like the Internet or social media feeds, continuously expands and offers up new sights and experiences as it is explored.

Jeremy Rotsztain

Swipin’ Safari iPhone App Portland, OR

This work shows a collection of manipulable software-mirrors running on iPad devices. In these mirrors, a new representation of the world captured by the device’s camera is presented, and this representation can then be manipulated by the user through the touch screen. The tablet becomes a tool for reinterpreting and transforming the world. Users are able to drastically manipulate the input image while maintaining fundamental aspects of its original identity.

Javier Villegas and Angus Forbes Abstract Mobile Mirrors iPad App Tucson, AZ

Episodic is an artwork that allows users to create a moving collage from disparate fragments. Contained within the app are black and white looping animations—eight on the iPhone, 12 on the iPad. Each animation is a short episode that can be repositioned and scaled, allowing users to link together different segments to create a narrative and explore new relationships. Episodic is available for free in the iTunes store.

Jody Zellen Episodic iPad App Santa Monica, CA

digital dome

Mind Chimes, an interactive dome piece, explores the connection between sensory stimulus and mental state. Visuals and sound are generated on the dome by a single user using a live brainwave (EEG) feed. The user can augment the visuals and sound in real time by changing their current mental state. The piece provides everyone viewing it with a mesmerizing experience akin to watching wind chimes on a breezy day; virtual chimes ringing to the breeze of one’s thoughts.

Chris Clavio Mind Chimes Interactive Dome Experience Albuquerque, NM


digital dome

Turquoise Trails is a chromatic crossing through displaced moments in time captured on Sandia Mountain and in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Claudia Cumbie-Jones and Lance Ford Jones Turquoise Trails Digital Dome Projection, 3 min 37 sec Sarasota, FL

Eliot Gray Fisher and Rick Fisher Hejira 9 - 3 min Digital Dome Projection Santa Fe, NM

Ben Ridgway Tribocycle 1min 23sec Digital Dome Projection

Hejira 9 is an audiovisual meditation on diverse phenomena present, but frequently overlooked, in our daily lives. Flowing freely from vast, primordial symbols of earth and human ceremony, to magnified and distorted perspectives on the mundane manmade objects and processes of contemporary life, this full dome video provokes viewers to consider unimagined connections between seemingly disconnected moments. Unaltered circular subjects are transported into a new dimension as they are projected onto the spherical dome, suggesting their form be considered anew.

Ben Ridgway is an experimental animator. His abstract animations investigate the metaphysical features of reality. They are designed to stimulate archetypal associations and invite the viewer to make personal connections to the visual and auditory experience without any reliance on narrative or spoken language. His work is intimately connected with the exploration of new technologies used for 3D computer graphics and animation, using newly available software applications in unconventional ways fueled by drawings made using traditional media.

San Francisco, CA

This year’s IAIA Digital Dome program will include selections of some of the best immersive works from the artists of the SAT Residence in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, showcasing a variety of talents and visions from Montreal’s constantly growing immersive art scene.

SAT FEST 2013 22

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

digital dome

Bone Jam will take place in the IAIA Digital Dome. A visitor’s skeletal pose is captured, then used as a template to generate a virtual 3D mobile whose bone-like members, suspended in space, move and clack about in the manor of wind chimes. Each visitor can attach their mobile as a “child” to a point on a large “parent” mobile hovering overhead in the virtual space of the dome, offering the possibility to create a giant music producing mobile structure.

Zack Settel Bone Jam Interactive Dome Experience Montreal, Canada

I Am Not Afraid is a collage of places and scenes that invoke a feeling of wonder and mystery. The images, slightly ambiguous in their scope and composition, are assisted by the voice of Nobel Laureate, Richard Feynman, our celestial guide that grounds our awareness within the piece.

Greg Schuter I Am Not Afraid Digital Dome Projection, 1 min 11 sec Sarasota, FL

The Digital Dome Projection Program will start off with a selection of student work. Included in screening will be the work of Christina Chang, Millivette Gonzalez De Jesus, Lynea Hagman, and Sooyun Kim from the Ringling College of Art and Design and selected students from IAIA Digital Dome classes.

Student Digital Dome Program Ringling College of Art and Design and IAIA Students Digital Dome Projection Sarasota, Fe / Santa Fe, NM

The metaphysical, the spiritual, the sublime, and how we relate to and live around them, have become the central exploration in Snow Yunxue Fu’s work. Her pieces deal with issues that arise when mankind is confronted with nature and the metaphysical. She approaches her work using topographical computer rendered abstraction as it develops on a time line. The discourse of simulated reality and human’s relationship to nature is also a major concern in Chinese traditional landscape paintings.

Snow Yunxue Fu Digital Dome Projection Chicago, IL / Guiyang, China


experimental documentary

Silvia Dal Dosso The 1 Up Fever Experimental Documentary, 13 min 20 sec Berlin, Germany

Zohar Kfir Gaza Airport - 2013 Experimental Documentary, 7 min 10 sec

The 1 Up Fever imagines a Berlin district in which residents use a smartphone app to win Bitcoins that can be used instead of money at local businesses. The mockumentary was posted online, garnering wishful participants around the world. The fraud eventually revealed a problematic consideration: most of the Internet’s users treat their online activities as a game when, in fact, their information and interactions are turned into huge earnings for search engines and social networks.

In the Gaza Strip, workers sift through fragments of buildings destroyed during Operation Cast Lead in order to produce gravel. Salvaging these materials has become vital due to the harsh Israeli restrictions on entry of construction materials, and it has become relatively profitable. This video, shot by volunteers of B’Tselem’s Camera Distribution Project, brings the reality of their lives, under occupation, to the attention of the Israeli and international public.

Montréal, Canada

Documentation is the recording of a series of actions based on the Map of Conduct, or the Mission Map. Participants follow a few simple rules and either accept or decline the missions with which they are presented. In documenting these narratives, the video examines the effect of personality traits on participants’ decision-making and on the outcome of their action history. The idea of a person as an individual entity is formed in the process.

Hounyeh Kim Map of Conduct/Documentation Experimental Documentary, 3 min 34 sec

Seoul, South Korea

It is night in New York, and the city is glowing with lights. Some nocturnal wanderers know there is another luster beyond the bright streets. Where do they look for the cosmos they want to explore? 540 Nanometers was initiated by the author’s interest in the human need to find expression for curiosity. It is an investigation of the documentary form, probing the possibilities and limitations of non-linear narrative, abstract expressions, and personal story telling.

Piibe Kolka Newsch 540 Nanometers Experimental Documentary, 13 min 27 sec 24

Brooklyn, NY

This is an investigation of the artist’s aging body, its slowing processes of rejuvenation and speeding processes of decay. When he looks in the mirror, he sees his bags and wrinkles looking back. He asks his girlfriend to document his appearance from her perspective. In his contemplation of her footage, he recalls a line from the poet Randall Jarrell. “A face is its own fate”. We can never truly see our own face, only its reflection or a recorded image.

experimental documentary

The Great Flood is a film-music collaboration by Bill Morrison and Bill Frisell based on, and inspired by, the catastrophic Mississippi River Flood of 1927, the most destructive river flood in American history. Part of its enduring legacy was the mass exodus of displaced sharecroppers. Musically, the “Great Migration” of rural southern blacks to northern cities saw the Delta Blues electrified and reinterpreted as the Chicago Blues, Rhythm and Blues, and Rock and Roll.

Bill Morrison and Bill Frisell The Great Flood Experimental Documentary, 78 min 12 sec USA

Timothy David Orme A Wrinkle in Time Experimental Documentary, 5 min Iowa City, IA

In this short meditative documentary filmed on the streets of Malaga, Via Dolorosa catches a group of men during an ancient religious ritual: The Semana Santa. Every year they walk “the way of grief ”. Menno Otten and his crew tackle this subject in a physical way, as if performing the same thing as the people they film: to carry the one they love most. Unique both in form and content, this short, clenched film leaves the viewer with a drastic and yet meditative experience.

Menno Otten Via Dolorosa Experimental Documentary, 15 min 35 sec Amsterdam, Netherlands

During a severe thunderstorm, Buckminster Fuller appears, disappears, then re-appears at a gas station. He discusses World War I, the shift from animal and human power to machines, the law of thermodynamics, and evolution. If the artist were a futurist, he would predict that the world Fuller describes, or the world we are familiar with in the early 21st century, will be a very different world in the 22nd century.

Kent Tate The Sun Comes Out At Night Experimental Documentary, 4 min 50 sec Southwest Saskatchewan, Canada


experimental documentary

Hope Tucker

“Rachel Carson is dead, but the sea is still around us…This small lake is a sad reminder of what is taking place all over the land, from carelessness, shortsightedness, and arrogance. It is our pool of shame in this, our particular instant of time.” E.B. White, 1964

The Sea [Is Still] Around Us Experimental Documentary, 4 min USA

What to the American Slave is the 4th of July is a historical re-interpretation of the Speech given by Frederick Douglass on July 5, 1862. The excerpt compares the position of Douglass speaking as a free black man under the system of slavery to our current form of slavery and the ideals of freedom and independence. The film closes with the statement “RIP Independence”, suggesting that our present day freedom has been laid to rest.

Justice Whitaker

What to the Slave is the 4th of July Experimental Documentary, 5 min 42 sec Santa Fe, NM

mulitmedia performance

ARCOS Dance The Warriors: A Love Story (excerpts) Multimedia Performance

The Warriors: A Love Story, is a multimedia performance that confronts the disturbing beauty and profound devastation of war. Dance, interactive video projections, and live music conjure a condensed history of life and death in the twentieth century, and a soldier’s epiphany upon nearly shooting his own reflection in an abandoned farmhouse. Originally premiered in 2013 in Santa Fe, the reimagined production is on its way to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland.

Austin, TX / Santa Fe, NM

In this performance, two companion pieces for electric cello are activated by the same video projection software, with each producing different visual outcomes. In response to Songs, by E.L. Bearer and Elements, by Tom McVeety, John Carpenter’s interactive video projection will respond to high and low pitches, intensities, and rhythms with pattern and color moving across the screen.


E.L. Bearer, Tom McVeety and John B. Carpenter Songs and Elements Multimedia Performance Albuquerque, NM / Los Angeles, CA

Flinching Eye Collective, a group of 7 interdisciplinary media artists, explores soundbased, interactive performance and video. The Collective was born out of a desire to re-imagine what an art experience could be and how an art space can be activated. The group provides a unique, transient art experience that engages the community, and challenges contemporary notions of exhibition, through disruptions and re-fabrications in sound and the building and collapsing of sonic landscapes.

mulitmedia performance

During the Opticks performance images submitted by the audience will be transmitted as radio signals to the moon, reflected back and projected live, using Visual Moonbounce, developed after WWII for espionage purposes. Opticks transforms the original intent of the technology into playful international cooperation. Each live performance is made possible thanks to the international collaboration of radio enthusiasts in the UK, The Netherlands, Brazil, United States and Italy. Co-sponsored by 1st-Mile Institute: SARC

Daniela de Paulis and Jan van Muijlwijk Opticks Image Moonbounce Performance with Steven Paxton and SFUAD Musicians Italy/Netherlands

Flinching Eye Collective Multimedia Performance

Gary Lee Nelson has been a pioneer in digital arts since 1964. His work runs from electronic music in the studio to interactive performance on stage. Since 2000, moving image has joined sound in a series of films. The as-yet-untitled work for CURRENTS is a structured improvisation with Nelson as the conductor. Using wireless devices, he controls a world of sound and sight where every element lies under his hand. Key words are “evolution” and “emergence.”

Denver, CO / Huntsville, TX / Brooklyn, NY

Gary Lee Nelson Untitled Multimedia Performance Santa Fe, NM

Scalene explores the idea of applying jazzinfluenced improvisation to serial processes and real time graphics. Simultaneously, serial techniques and algorithmic devices are used to inform the parameters of improvisations and free play. This creates a data-rich feedback network for the development of intimate and immediate art; expressed using acoustic instruments, analog electronics, and digital processes.

Darwin Grosse, Cory Metcalf and Andrew Pask Scalene Collaborative Trio Performance Denver, CO / Los Angeles, CA


mulitmedia performance

Patrick Saint-Denis Trombe Multimedia Performance, Jesse Tatum flute Montréal, Canada

Karen Schupp and Todd Ingalls Western Door/Power Trail Multimedia Dance Performance, 40 min

Trombe evolves around the relationship between an object from the real world and a solo instrument, using live audiovisual processing and simple robotics. The interactions between the object and the instrument are constructed to have the multiple significations of the object transfer onto the music. Integrating the performer inside the projection gives special attention to the spatial qualities of the video. “Trombe” in French means a very active storm carrying a large amount of water.

Western Door/Power Trail is a collaborative performance piece tracing issues of sustainability and water rights in relationship to power and relocation. Through exploring and embodying these ideas, evocative sound and visual environments emerge anew in each interactive performance. The work is a trio with performer Karen Schupp, interactive media artist Todd Ingalls, and the media generated in performance. The interactivity is revealed to foreground the live interplay of decision-making throughout the work.

Tempe, AZ

NoiseFold: David Stout / Cory Metcalf Four Directions Home Multimedia Performance, 65 minutes Denton, TX

Using the painterly possibilities of digital generative techniques, this live cinema, sound and music performance explores real-time audiovisual processes to re-imagine the traditions of landscape painting. We can no longer view the landscape as a refuge, as much of the world is under siege. In this transfigured landscape of strip mines, chemical dumps, deforested expanse and glacial decline, NoiseFold imagines a different kind of elemental awareness. The pastoral slides away in successive waves of transformation.

222444 is an online performance event that plays from 2:22 to 4:44 am wherever you are in the world. The initial event is live and will take place online. It will include a number of short performances intended for semi-consciousness and late night viewing. Performers will include visual, video, sound and performance artists. The event will be viewable exclusively from 2:22-4:44 am from any time zone in the world.

Dean Terry 222444 Multimedia Performance 28

Richardson, TX

outdoor events

Evaluation: Banal to Transcendent is a multimedia performance that explores ideas of surveillance. Multiple elements of experimental video and sound emanate from the interior and exterior of the Axle mobile gallery. Dancers perform and interact with audience members, repeating rhythmic pedestrian movement and sequentially modulating time. A video camera records and projects to the exterior world the spontaneous, secretive interaction in the truck, luring the audience inside. As audience members exit the mobile gallery they are asked to take a quick survey.

Axle Contemporary Presents Evaluation: Banal to Transcendent Multimedia Performance, Mara Leader, Jason Goodyear, Jocelyne Danchick Santa Fe, NM

Just Intoned Poem is a cycle of video and sound tone poems presented as a three-channel projected video and sound performance. Made from recordings of ordinary things: a table, a plant, a lamp, the images are processed and modulated into something spectacular. The audio is composed of analog synthesized sounds arranged by an aleatoric method. The arrangement of video and sound tone poems is also determined by chance, allowing each performance of Just Intoned Poem to be unique.

Molly Bradbury Just Intoned Poem Outdoor Projection / Warehouse 21 Santa Fe, NM

The Human Avatar Project is an evolving media experience, made up of a multimedia game, performance and installation, that was birthed inside the Electric Forest Festival. The goal of the project is to highlight the fun and wonder of interactive media achieved with simple but tantalizing digital tricks. Each performance is unique and can include the Human Avatar Booth, the FaceBase Station, The Live Avatar, all of which require the audience to complete the magic.

“People know Storming The Beaches With Logos In Hand as a band, but it is more than that. As the producer and composer of this sci-fi rock opera, I am thrilled to present STBWLIH at CURRENTS 2014, not only as a band, but as a film and a completely immersive experience. A thrilling narrative is brewing at this project’s core, a narrative that needs no explaining. Sometimes the fight to find the story is bigger than the story itself.” Luke Carr

Christopher Breedlove and Alexander Love The Human Avatar Project Outdoor Interactive Performance Chicago, IL

Luke Carr’s Storming the Beaches With Logos In Hand

GRYGRDNS Closing Weekend Concert Santa Fe, NM


outdoor events

Mara Leader Breezy Night Installation, Jason Goodyear composer Santa Fe, NM

Breezy Night is an installation highlighting the simplicity and visual beauty of light, motion and sound. The experimental video imagery is footage filmed of a holographic light installation by August Muth. The editing illuminates the ethereal transparency of light and the musical content scored by Jason Goodyear is responsive to changes in the color palette. A tactile weaving of the seductive threads of light, and the modulating audio composition, create tonal and textural palettes. OVF@CURRENTS brings some of the best work to the exterior spaces of the Railyard on opening and closing nights of the CURRENTS festival. Outdoor Vision Fest (OVF) is a free, annual public event happening every spring on the campus of Santa Fe University of Art and Design. OVF features environmental projections, 3D architectural mapping, object-based video, interactive media and other related installations from design, art, film and photography students.


Students and Faculty

OVF@CURRENTS 2014 Santa Fe University of Art and Design

partners venues

The Center For Contemporary Arts Lee Montgomery Air Force: aesthetic experiments in aviation CCA spector ripps project space 1050 Old Pecos Trail Santa Fe, NM

CURRENTS @ David Richard Gallery

A television transmitter broadcasts from a tethered 5-foot weather balloon. Unmanned autonomous vehicles shoot aerial video. Drones make drawings in the sky at an architectural scale. And in the gallery, wall drawings and works on paper are created via remote control airplane. For several years, Lee experimented with broadcast technologies via his collaborative project, Neighborhood Public Radio. With Air Force, he finds ways to further this work with experimental transmission, this time using controlled vehicles. June 14 – August 10, 2014 David Richard Gallery, a supporter of New Media work, will exhibit Max Almy and Teri Yarbrow’s Blue Tara, which explores an ancient art form, the mandala, while utilizing modern media techniques. Blue Tara plays with video, light, glass and reflectivity. The glass has been digitally etched with an intricate pattern. Vibrant video, digital and particle animations overlay and interact with the etched surfaces, creating a translucent and luminous mandala with hypnotic interplays of pattern and animation.

Blue Tara 30

David Richard Gallery 544 South Guadalupe St, Santa Fe, NM

partners venues

Since 2002, the SFAI has operated with time and space as the central focus of the residency program; offering a beautiful place to live and work in the 16,000 sq ft Ricardo Legorretadesigned building, among vibrant artists and writers from the region, the nation and from around the globe. SFAI is honored to partner with CURRENTS in providing a one-month residency for visual multimedia artist, Alejandro Borsani, whose work will be shown during the 2014 main exhibition.

Santa Fe Art Institute/CURRENTS Artist in Residence

Alejandro Borsani Denton, TX / Argentina

New Media Transforms Tradition, at Zane Bennett Contemporary Art, will include the work of five artists, Esteban Garcia, Sophie Kahn, Sandy Kessler Kaminski, Jeremy Rotsztain and Astrid Toha. Their work represents several aspects of New Media work: sculpture, single channel and installation. The Zane Bennett Gallery has been a consistent supporter of New Media work and the CURRENTS Festival.

Esteban Garcia & Maxwell Carlson Chronic Shifts

Zane Bennett Contemporary Art New Media Transforms Tradition Esteban Garcia, Sophie Kahn, Jeremy Rotsztain, Sandy Kessler Kaminski and Astrid Toha 435 S. Guadalupe St, Santa Fe


DRIFT is a nomadic intermedia exhibition that moves to a new location every year. Founded by artist Eileen Olivieri Torpey in 2002, the show characterizes the impermanence and site-specificity of the artworks as well as the adaptive qualities of the participating artists. DRIFT highlights under-represented talented artists while emphasizing the critical role of experimentation and process within conventional and unconventional exhibition spaces. As part of CURRENTS 2014, DRIFT will showcase artists in a 1 hour video shorts program.

Film still from “Water Root,� William Villalongo, 2013

Eileen Torpey - Curator Drift Nomadic Intermedia Exhibition/Screening Santa Fe, NM 31

presented by Darwin Grosse and Andrew Pask Workshop


Exploring Sound Design with Convolution and Ableton Live

This workshop will use Ableton Live and the Max for Live “Convolution Reverb” device to explore otherworldly sound design. Participants will explore the processing of signals with convolution processes, learn how convolution distorts the original sound, and create original sonic material for their own processing. More info at

This will be a workshop on using Ableton Live to create original audio content and a general introduction to the use of Ableton Live as a tool for creative sound sculpting.

Multimedia Processes Using Max for Live presented by Cory Metcalf, Darwin Grosse and Andrew Pask, assisting Workshop Sponsored by Ableton

The Art of Technology: A New Era of Interactive Creativity Joseph B. Smith–Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council; Moderated by James V. Denova–Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation; Joshua Jeffrey–Andy Warhol Museum; Andrew Swensen–Carnegie Mellon University; Sandy Kessler Kaminski–Artist; Jonathan Gaugler– The Carnegie Museum of Art; Kim Chestney Harvey– Pittsburgh Technology Council

Max for Live is both a world of devices and a community of device builders. Create your own devices or utilize ready-made instruments, effects and tools from the dedicated community of artists and builders who share their Max for Live creations. More info at

This interactive panel features national leaders in art, digital media and education who all share a passion for exploring the boundaries of creative expression and experience. Attendees will be invited to ask questions, share ideas and interact with various applications. Panelist expertise spans film, digital media, traditional art, contemporary art, art education and the creative economy, including the role of creativity in cultural and economic innovation. More info at


Oscar Raby will take us through the process of making his autobiographical documentary-game Assent, an intimate story about the relationship with his father, an army officer of the military regime in Chile. Through his performance based practice in South America during the 2000’s to his current Virtual Reality production pipeline and upcoming Transmedia projects in Australia Oscar will try to unveil, to us and to himself, why he is doing what he is doing. More info at

Assent 32

A presentation by Oscar Raby Presentation

festival donors

youth media makers collaborators

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26-29 JUNE 2014


28 JUNE 2014, 6:30– 9:30 PM



27-28 JUNE 2014



27 JUNE 2014, 6– 8 PM






May 30 - June 29, 2014


Blue Tara, 2014, Digitally etched and cut glass with video projection glass, 72” x 72”

p (505) 983-9555 |

544 South Guadalupe Street, Santa Fe, NM 87501

Railyard Arts District

Max aLMY & Teri YarBrOW


Hot Chocolate, oil on linen, 40 x 64 (detail)

505.995.9902 877.995.9902 550 south guadalupe santa fe new mexico 87501





The CURRENTS New Media Festival has grown from its local roots in 2002 into an annual, international, citywide event in Santa Fe. Albuquerque became an international hub of activity for new media art during ISEA2012, the 18th International Symposium on Electronic Art, a massive collaboration led by

Parallel Studios in Santa Fe and 516 ARTS in Albuquerque announce the launch of New Media New Mexico, an ongoing effort to highlight media arts in our state each summer. In June 2014, New Media New Mexico begins with Digital Latin America, an Albuquerque collaboration led by 516 ARTS and CURRENTS 2014 in Santa Fe, presented by Parallel Studios.

Explore the spectacular landscape of New Mexico and the immersive world of 21st century art at the same time. Known for both its exceptional environmental beauty and its work in scientific innovation, New Mexico has historically been a mecca for arts and technology. In recent years, the state has become a gathering place for new media artists and enthusiasts from around the world who converge here to focus on the expanding intersection of art and technology.

Digital Latin America Guided Tour at 516 ARTS, Albuquerque Railrunner train departs Santa Fe at 10:44am and arrives in Downtown Albuquerque at 12:12pm.

CURRENTS 2014 Guided Tour at El Museo Cultural, Santa Fe Rail Runner train departs Downtown Albuquerque at 8:58am and arrives in the Santa Fe Railyard at 10:29am.

For the complete Railrunner schedule, visit

Saturday, June 28, 1pm

Saturday, June 21, 11am

new media new mexico tours

The 2014 collaboration kicks off with the Digital Latin America Opening Weekend symposium and events in Albuquerque June 6-8, with programs to continue through the summer. The three-week CURRENTS festival opens the following week, June 13. The lead venues in each city, 516 ARTS in Albuquerque and El Museo Cultural in Santa Fe, are connected by the Rail Runner train. It is a short walk to 516 ARTS from the station in Downtown Albuquerque, and the train arrives at the Santa Fe Railyard Plaza, the home of El Museo Cultural. Come to both events to experience cutting edge, experimental, innovative, playful and poetic new work from around the globe. Works include interactive and fine art video installations, single足-channel videos, multimedia performances and webbased art forms to name a few, along with panels, workshops and presentations by world-renowned artists.

516 ARTS that helped establish Albuquerque as a world-wide art destination. Now, that spirit of collaboration continues with the launch of New Media New Mexico, which is intended to be an annual series of events celebrating new media arts around the state.

Saturday, June 7, 5–9pm 516 ARTS 516 Central Ave. SW & outdoors on Central between 5th & 6th, Downtown Albuquerque Free

Saturday & Sunday, June 7 & 8

The Albuquerque Museum of Art & History 2000 Mountain Rd. NW, Old Town, Albuquerque Admission: $55 general / $50 516 ARTS members / $25 students Register today at:

30,000 sq. ft. of New Media Arts and Multimedia Performances in El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe: Video Installations, Performances and DJs in the Railyard Plaza Free

Visit for the complete schedule of exhibition/event listings and locations of venues across Santa Fe during the 17-day Festival.

at El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe, on the Santa Fe Railyard Plaza

Friday, June 13, 6pm–midnight

festival opening

CURRENTS 2014 Santa Fe International New Media Festival

Visit for information about the multi-site exhibition on view through August 30, the opening symposium, the Downtown Block Party and public programs throughout the summer.

opening & block party


Opening Weekend

Digital Latin America

June 6 – 8 June 13 – 29

Profile for Currents: Santa Fe International New Media Festival

CURRENTS 2014 Festival Program  

CURRENTS 2014: Santa Fe International New Media Festival - June 13 - 29, 2014

CURRENTS 2014 Festival Program  

CURRENTS 2014: Santa Fe International New Media Festival - June 13 - 29, 2014