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Festival locations

Schedule Fri, June 14

Opening, 5~7pm at Zane Bennett Contemporary Art and David Richard Gallery FeStival Opening 6pm~Midnight at El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe Performances: Miwa Matreyek, The Bridge Club, Xristina Pena, Paula Gaetano-Adi

Sat, June 22

institute of american indian arts Digital Dome Screenings, 2~5pm Sun, June 23

8:30pm~Midnight, Outdoors in the Railard Plaza Events: SFUAD Projections, Axle Contemporary, Meow Wolf DJs, Jake Snider-Tunnel Sat, June 15

el Museo cultural de Santa Fe Main Exhibition, 11am~10pm Docent Tour with Artists, 11am~12:30pm Performances, 7:30pm: Tim Weaver, Pask, Grosse, Feder Zane Bennett contemporary art Cesar Meneghetti Talk, 1pm Warehouse 21 Max/MSP Jitter Workshop, 2~4pm institute of american indian arts Opening Reception & Digital Dome, 2~5pm

Sun, June 16

Mon, June 17

el Museo cultural de Santa Fe Main Exhibition, Noon~9pm Performances, 7:30pm: Pask and Grosse

Mon, June 24

el Museo cultural de Santa Fe Main Exhibition, Noon~7pm

Tues, June 25

el Museo cultural de Santa Fe Main Exhibition closed

Wed, June 26

el Museo cultural de Santa Fe Main Exhibition closed

Thu, June 27

el Museo cultural de Santa Fe Main Exhibition, Noon~7pm center for contemporary art Experimental Documentaries, 7:30pm

Fri, June 28

el Museo cultural de Santa Fe Main Exhibition, Noon~10pm

Sat, June 29

el Museo cultural de Santa Fe Main Exhibition, Noon~11pm

Warehouse 21 Max/MSP Jitter Workshop, 2~4pm

institute of american indian arts Digital Dome Screenings, 2~5pm

institute of american indian arts Digital Dome Screenings, 2~5pm

Railyard plaza Heath Productions Presents: D Numbers, 7:30~10pm

el Museo cultural de Santa Fe Main Exhibition, Noon~9pm Experimental Documentaries, 7:30pm

Tues, June 18

el Museo cultural de Santa Fe Main Exhibition closed

Wed, June 19

el Museo cultural de Santa Fe Main Exhibition closed

Thu, June 20

el Museo cultural de Santa Fe Main Exhibition, Noon~9pm Experimental Documentaries, 7:30pm

Fri, June 21

el Museo cultural de Santa Fe Main Exhibition, Noon~7pm center for contemporary art SARC Panel, 2~6pm Experimental Documentaries, 7:30pm

Fanta Se DeVargas Park Opening Party StatS nightclub Opening Dance Party with Meow Wolf DJs, 10pm~1am - $5

el Museo cultural de Santa Fe Main Exhibition, Noon~10pm

el Museo cultural de Santa Fe Main Exhibition, Noon~10pm Zane Bennett contemporary art Art & Artificial Life Panel, 6pm

Sun, June 30

el Museo cultural de Santa Fe Main Exhibition, Noon~7pm

center for contemporary art Conor Peterson / New Media Installation Munoz Waxman Exhibition Space May 24~June 30, Thursday~Sunday, 2~5pm Closed Saturday, June 22 & Sunday, June 23 Zane Bennett contemporary art Tuesday~Saturday, 10am~5pm david Richard gallery Tuesday~Saturday, 10am~5pm

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InstallatIon 14

sIngle Channel / anImatIon 21

multImedIa PerformanCe 24

exPerImental doCumentary 27

Web based Work / aPPs 31

festIval Partners 36


CURRENTS : Past / Present / Future CURRENTS was established in 2002, when Parallel Studios initiated a series of exhibitions showcasing New Mexico’s abundance of world class New Media artists. In 2010 a partnership with El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe allowed CURRENTS to mature into an international, annual New Media Festival. The main exhibition transformed El Museo’s expansive, flexible space into a magical world of light, sound and image. Partnerships developed between Parallel Studios and organizations and venues throughout Santa Fe and CURRENTS became a citywide event. In 2011, Parallel Studios was designated a Federal nonprofit, permitting it to develop a strong, and growing funding base. Its 501(c)(3) status has supported its mission to provide free access to the vibrant and ever changing world of New Media Arts that can be found at all Festival events. We are committed to artists and the broader community they serve. In 2013, over a hundred national and international artists, performers, developers, programmers and presenters are taking part in the Festival. Parallel Studios is bringing twenty-three artists to Santa Fe to install their work alongside twenty New Mexican New Media artists. Exhibits, panel discussions and workshops, providing art/technology resources to the public, exemplify a new, 21st Century, open source approach to exhibition and the sharing of ideas and expertise.


Panels / PresentatIons

Partnerships with local arts organizations, schools, galleries and businesses have fostered the Festival’s growth. As it becomes a destination event, attracting out of town visitors, CURRENTS takes its place on the list of Santa Fe’s, and New Mexico’s, summer highlights and becomes a piece in the puzzle of the state’s economic health. Frank Ragano and Mariannah Amster Co-Executive/Artistic Directors and Founders Parallel Studios Santa Fe, New Mexico The Festival is free and open to all. Visit as often as you like, and – as long as the doors are open – stay as long as you like. Your interest, enthusiasm and support make the Festival possible.

InstallatIon at El Museo Cultural de santa Fe Adriana & Jason Argyropoulos Chas Curtis

Anne Farrell

David Stout & Cory Metcalf

Bonnie Lane

Madelin Coit

Joyce Rudinsky

Paula Gaetano-Adi

Flame Schon

Karen Niemczyk

Marion Wasserman & Louis Leray

Max Almy & Teri Yarbrow

Kendra Fleischman

Matthew Chase Daniels

Red Cell / The Product Division SCUBA

Javier Villegas

Kayla Anderson

Michael Allison & Aaron Sherwood

Susanna Carlisle & Bruce Hamilton

Charles Veasey

Emily Martinez

Ethan Bach, J. Craig Tompkins & Charles Veasey Jonathan Brainin

Cesar Meneghetti

Miles Telos Toland

Robert Campbell

Vera Klute

Myriam Tapp

Robert Drummond


InstALLAtIon Adriana & Jason Argyropoulos

Anne Farrell

Slow Space, 2012 New Mexico, USA

Playground, 2013 New Mexico, USA

This project utilizes the medium of video to emphasize temporal experience within space.The project was shot entirely on the Red Epic camera using built sets that consist of a combination of hard materials and projected light. The edited sequence is then projected onto a custom-made, rear projection, hemisphere screen providing an immersive and intimate viewing environment.,

The table is a sand table, playground, fort, prison, microcosm of the outer world and inner psyche. The construction format plays with the dichotomies of fake/real, inner/outer, playground/prison, and creativity/introspection while also making affable commentary on our constructed consumer culture. But really, I’m not here to explain it: I’m here to do it. (Fabrication assistance: Patrick Simpson)

Bonnie Lane

César Meneghetti

Make Believe, 2012 Melbourne, Australia

I/o Project, 2010~ongoing Sao Paolo, Brazil / Rome, Italy

Through a kaleidoscopic lens the images of Make Believe, morph between the distinguishable dancing limbs of a young girl and an abstraction of patterns formed from the little girl’s costume. The video explores the subjected roles of childhood and adulthood and the tumultuous transition between the two. Masked within a bottomless black void the haunting video explores human aloneness, the absurdity of adult existence, and the inability to reconnect with the innocence of childhood.

Cesar Meneghetti works with the Community of Santo Egidio in Rome, as part of an ongoing program in which artists work with physically and mentally disabled people. While there are of course a number of questions raised regarding the appropriateness of art projects carried out with and amongst disadvantaged people, one outcome is that the tools of the artist, which enable self-exploration and empowerment, are made available to all.



Charles Veasey

Chas Curtis

Human Heart, 2013 New Mexico, USA

Turning Thought Sculpture, 2012 New Mexico, USA

The heart is not only a vital organ, but also carries strong symbolism within our culture. It’s connected to life, emotion, intuition and strength. This piece allows the viewer to look into the pulmonary artery. The piece explores the spiritual and physical perceptions of the heart. Characteristics such as a heart of gold, cold hearted, or broken hearted, along with the physical anatomy of the heart are represented.

My fascination with light developed while I was an undergraduate in electrical engineering. I was amazed by its beauty, by what we could explain and what was still inexplicable. In Turning Thought I’ve combined my interest in optics with my background in electrical engineering, material balance and sculptural aesthetics to create something entirely new, yet reflective of my original fascination with light.

David stout & Cory Metcalf

Emily Martinez

Melt, 2013 Texas, USA

AntiApocalypse, 2012 California, USA

A world in flux: Formal abstraction exists as a state of continuous upheaval; a vista of rifts, eroding plains, crags and caverns flows from a generative system oscillating between moments of frozen stasis and swiftly accelerating change; glacial retreat gives way to unpredictable climactic events. A multi-sensory clock, marking heraldic events and provides a speculative glimpse into deep time.

AntiApocalypse creates an immersive digital cinema in which the mindbody of the spectator bares the task of enacting “worlds” as mediated by an EEG brain/computer interface, custom software, and a digital video database. The viewer navigates a labyrinth of multiple, discontinuous, collective memories, exploring the disorienting and transformative liminal spaces between these virtual records, their material manifestations and psychic traces.


InstallatIon Ethan Bach, J. Craig tompkins & Charles Veasey

Flame schon

The Royal Road Project, 2012 New Mexico, USA

Dissolve My Tongue, 2013 New Mexico, USA

The Royal Road Project is an interactive digital installation that journeys through one of the most significant trails in early North American history, the El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro. This installation creates visceral temporal shifts as one travels the length of the trial through landscapes comprised of panoramic images, video, and audio.

Dissolve My Tongue melds a kaleidoscopic vision of natural environments into a new visual landscape that empties expectation and defies common narrative. The video allows the viewer to flow easily through unfamiliar portals, the soundtrack providing an aural ferryman, guiding the viewer on into ever deeper waters.

Javier Villegas

Jonathan Brainin

Ant Theater, 2012 California, USA / Bogota, Columbia

Pendulum Video, 2012 New Jersey, USA

Ant Theater is a real time installation that invites the spectator to reflect on how many small efforts are behind the construction of the image that we have of ourselves. How many people fabricate our commodities? Do we see them as individuals or just as part of the gear? Ant colonies show us how, from a small set of local rules applied by independent individuals complexity can emerge.

Pendulum Video is a video–centric response to Steve Reich’s Pendulum Music (1968) and is influenced by the video installations of Nam June Paik. In Pendulum Video, a television attached to the end of a pendulum arm is set in motion. The television displays video feedback images, which evolve nearly imperceptibly as the energy of the pendulum arm dissipates; creating a hypnotic effect that induces a meditative state.



Joyce Rudinsky & Victoria Szabo

Karen niemczyk

Psychasthenia 2, 2013 North Carolina, USA

THE EVOLUTION OF SELF, 2011 North Carolina, USA

Psychasthenia 2 is an interactive artwork that explores the culture of psychological diagnosis and treatment within the context of a highly mediated consumer culture that often produces the ills it purports to treat. Through a single-user video game environment, the psychological “patient,” / user, learns to cope with a psychological disorder, “psychasthenia”. The project re-imagines the game environment as a space for new kinds of interaction and critical reflection.

SELF, a three dimensional helix made from copper wire, floats in open space, emphasizing its exposure and vulnerability to the world around it. Fiber optics intertwine with the LED structures and pulse in response to low ultrasonic heartbeat sounds. In the open structure are 512 white LEDs that interact with the viewers around the work, triggering sequences of light movement (based on a modification of Conway’s Game of Life).

Kayla Anderson

Kendra Fleischman

Artifact | Artifice, 2012 Texas/Illinois, USA

Story Teller, 2012 Colorado, USA

Artifact | Artifice (The Repository) addresses notions of ‘artifact-ness’ and complex systems of value. Between 2010 and 2012, the Chicago Public Library system withdrew books about cultures that immigrated to America as well as books about Native American cultures and archeological studies of Illinois. The imagery of this installation comes from one of these books – one that wishes to inform but simultaneously fetishizes a culture through its artifacts.

Inspired by Native American storyteller dolls, this video sculpture features a robot-like “elder”, sharing a story about the past. The “children” are pushing the elder along to share the story with others. The video explores the history of the west, specifically Colorado and New Mexico. Some of the images are kitschy, some are poignant. The scenes are a collection of video filmed by the artist in Colorado and New Mexico, combined with vintage film from the artist’s family home movies and archival footage from Prelinger Archives.


InstallatIon Madelin Coit

Marion Wasserman & louis leray

Tesuque: Waveform, 2013 New Mexico, USA

Video Dream Tent X2, 2013 New Mexico, USA

Tesuque: Day and Night referenced passage of time through cyclic modulation of light, with sounds that reflected the unique tone and rhythm of the garden where it was shot. Tesuque: Waveform is the reduction to waveform of the sounds native to that garden. Sound, echo-location are decisive.

A tent with a dual projection where viewers are able to relax into a more intimate experience. It is a place of rest where reality blurs with the projected image. Viewers become unguarded as the images conjure lucid memory and abstract reality. Nature is magnified and time elongated; an urban camping into an interior psyche. Juxtaposed dreams time lapse nature’s breath.,

Matthew Chase-Daniel

Max almy & teri Yarbrow

River, 2013 New Mexico, USA

Portal 2: Lapis, 2013 New Mexico, USA

In River, I am working with a combination of video and natural materials (rocks, leaves, sticks, water) to evoke an experience of looking into a small stream. The combination of new and old media works together to create more meaning than either media could independently.

Portal 2: Lapis explores a vision of ecstatic multiplicity that glows through an elaborately cut opening in a harsh metal surface. The metaphor of light pushing through darkness is enhanced with brilliant LCD imagery and projected animations radiating out from the center of a digitally water jet cut and patinated steel circle. Using natural images, complex patterns and algorithmic animations, we are working with imagery that ranges from ancient art to the supersymmetry of the latest scientific discoveries.



Michael Allison & Aaron sherwood

Miles Telos Toland (Music by Amon Tobin)

Firewall, 2013 New York, USA

The Alchemist, 2011 Washington, USA

Firewall is an interactive installation developed using a stretched sheet of spandex as a performance membrane. When pushed it creates fire-like visuals and expressively plays music. The further you press into the membrane the faster and more intense the piano music becomes or the higher pitched the sound. Depth information is captured using a Kinect, visuals are created with Processing and sounds using MAX/MSP.

Miles Toland has developed a unique hybridized art form by projecting animations directly on top of his mixed media paintings. The work exists both as static painting and the ephemeral new media experience in which each state of being informs the other in a poetic tug of war.

Myriam Tapp

Paula Gaetano-Adi

La Mancha II, 2012 Montréal, QC. Canada / New Mexico, USA

Desiring-Machine I, 2010 Texas, USA / San Juan, Argentina

La Mancha II is part of a series of work that explores transformation of internal and external territory: it investigates the impermanence and changes that occur through time. The surface of the sculpture is transformed with projected moving images, bringing to mind memories. The architecture construction and its shadow become a reflexion for the viewer’s own history.

I have created a simple machine to transport milk. There I am: trying to hold milk with my dress. I try to hold as much milk as I can; then I go pour the milk back to its origin. Why perform a “futile” task over and over again? Perhaps I am developing a revolution based on middles – the moments in between, the unpredictable interstices of process, movement, and inventions.


InstallatIon Red Cell / the Product Division

Robert Campbell

Anti-Video, 2012 New Mexico, USA

Interval Two, 2013 Washington,USA

In our rapidly evolving digital lives, we’ve become expectant of instant gratification with instant uploads, view-on-demand and everything worldwide in real time. Anti-Video physicalizes the participant’s virtual “self” in a way that accentuates the duality and isolation experienced with our virtual online personas. Anti-Video is a study in non-gratification, control, virtual reality and duality.

This 3-channel video triptych is an extension of an ongoing series titled The Bardo Series. Bardo is a Tibetan term referring to transitional or liminal states of being. I am using the term loosely in my work to describe the feeling of the mysterious, empty landscapes and also the techniques through which the images, made from photographs of accidental outcomes, emerge.

Robert Drummond

susanna Carlisle & Bruce Hamilton

Wave Field, 2013 New Mexico, USA

Untitled, 2013 New Mexico, USA

An experiment in parabolic acoustic reflection, ultrasonic directional audio and automated LED lighting systems, Wave Field is an immersive interactive sound and light environment. Using tuned acoustic reflectors, ribbon speakers and sound sensitive light controllers, the space contained within Wave Field becomes a multidimensional sound and light chamber filled with modified field recordings and shifting ambient light the can be altered by movement.

Our work combines video, sculpture, and environmental concerns. By bringing the moving image into a three dimensional environment made of fragile materials, we hope to suggest the vulnerability and destruction of the natural world and built environment, displacement of people, plants, and animals brought about by climate change, natural disasters, and man’s poisoning of the environment.




Vera Klute

Melting Point, 2013 New Mexico, USA

The Grand Scheme, 2013 Dublin, Ireland

Melting Point explores our perception of melting ice using digital projection on hanging columns of porcelain discs. The porcelain discs depict drawings of snowflakes in different states of change. The projection casts spotlights that cascade down each column at different times and speeds. Melting Point engages the viewers to perceive the drawings on the porcelain as melting snow, emphasizing the act of observing ice melt as a feat of concentration.

This animation takes inspiration from Renaissance frescos depicting the world as divided into the underworld, the world we live in and the heavens above. While quoting from the composition and structure of the old masters it is a modern attempt to define our place and function in the world. The work plays on a subjective perception taking emotional rather than rational angles, while coming to terms with an existentialist viewpoint.

P et er Sarki S i a n V i d eo Wo r ks , 1 9 94 –201 1 through august 18 New Mexico Museum of Art 107 W. Palace Avenue, santa Fe on the downtown plaza open daily 10am–5pm Pictured: Peter sarkisian, Extruded Video Engine, Large (Version 1) (detail), 2007, vacuum-formed thermal plastic, video projection, audio, 39 × 40 × 8 in. Pending gift of Cindy Miscikowski and the ring-Miscikowski Trust.

Single Channel / animation at el museo Cultural de Santa Fe Anabela Costa

Catherine Chalmers

Jean Paul Gomez

Jenn Berger

Miles Toland & Tyler Coray Ron Diorio

Karl Stewart

Orlando Leibovitz

Salvatore Insana

Veronika Lukasova

Cheri Ibes & Kerry Loewen

Snow Yunxue Fu

Maria Spivak

Diego Ramirez

Jacob Tonski

Martha McCollough

Patricia McInroy Timothy Weaver

Rodrigo Andres Valenzuela Valerio De Bonis

Single Channel / animation


anabela Costa

Catherine Chalmers

Landscape, 2012 Paris, France

The Chose, We Rule, Safari, Crawl Space, Squish, 2012 New York, USA

Landscape is about what can be seen, not in physical terms but as an outward expression of human perception. A landscape is a cultural image, a pictorial way of representing, structuring or symbolising surroundings, so it will always be a personnal take of an area of land, of human elements, buildings or structures with a cultural and aesthetic dimension.

My work gives form to our complex relationship to the natural world. I am drawn to the zones where nature and culture collide. Whether I raise the animals I work with or work in the field, I am inspired by what my subjects naturally do and I work with their behavior to create my artwork. The content is a result of both our contributions.

Cheri ibes & Kerry loewen

Diego Ramirez

The Survey, 2012 New Mexico, USA

Polly, Jennifer and Melissa, 2011 Melbourne, Vic. Australia

The Survey is a collaborative multimedia presentation between Kerry Loewen and Cheri Ibes. It continues Ibes’ exploration of the relationship between humans and the natural environment, aligning discordant elements - two tracks of dialog, fragments from Henry David Thoreau’s Walden, and fragments of news from recent environmental disasters, alongside a video that whimsically transplants Thoreau, in his capacity as a land surveyor, from the 1850’s into the present day.,

Mixing sci-fi, queer and horror genres, Polly, Jennifer and Melissa is a provocative, performance-based video challenging gender roles and identity politics. An androgyne named Polly recalls an episode of post-coital anxiety. Jennifer confesses to a disquieting priest, and Melissa poses flirtatiously for the viewer.


SinGle Channel / animation Jacob tonski

Jean Paul Gomez

Different People, Same Dream, 2013 Ohio, USA

Labor, 2012 New York, USA

A self-adjusting platform makes everyone the same height, probing ideas of equality and power. A larger-than-life top wobbles through themes of pleasure, danger, youth and decay. A sofa teeters on one leg, musing on the instability of social structures. Time and gravity serve as foils for things we are powerless to direct and with which we must instead negotiate.

My work references our physical and social living conditions. These have produced an array of contradictions that I employ to create spaces between the two, ranging from the poetic to the political. I allude to domestic environments in opposition to public spaces as markers of transience and displacement. My work records traces of migration and human gestures based on my own transitional living patterns, and my understanding of our collective memory.

Jenn Berger

Karl Stewart

The Split, 2012 California, USA

Animaux Découpages, 2012 Düsseldorf, Germany

My work utilizes video, performance, and photography to unsettle the boundary between humans and animals, the living and dead, and the animate and inanimate. I aim to destabilize a coherent sense of self that appears to be independent of the world in which it exists. In my video performances I draw with my body, attempting to inhabit the being of another and demonstrate the tenuousness of the line between self and other.

Amimaux Découpages is a spinoff from a documentary I’ve been working on regarding a small rural community located near Lyon, France. While photographing the farms there, I was constantly struck by what I felt were the strong personalities of the animals I encountered. This video is in a small way an expression of my admiration for our fellow Earthlings.

Single Channel / aniMation


Maria Spivak

Martha McCollough

Delicate Landscapes, 2013 Limassol, Cyprus

Journey up the Amazon / It Turns Out /Supervillain / Heavy Hand in A Black Sky / The Questions / Mr. Lucky’s Jackpot / I Spy / 2 Birds / The Ghostly Hand, 2012 Massachusetts, USA

An exploration of my city (Limassol). Cities, and especially the places that we grow up in, are the urban fabric that shape a large portion of our everyday reality. Certain city spots (like the Limassol sea front) can become imprinted in a persons mind much like distinctive famous paintings. I’ve chosen one of these spots and framed it in a way that becomes my own interpretation of this view of the city.

My work is playful, meditative. I try to stay open to changes of direction and meaning as I work. Current animation software, with multiple capabilities for manipulation, gives a new freedom to experiment making it easier to resist the impulse to narrative efficiency.

Miles toland & tyler Coray

orlando leibovitz

Reframed, 2011 Washington, USA

Nine Second Video, 2013 New Mexico, USA

Reframed is a street art project using picture frames and information tags to create a beautiful but overlooked urban landscape. Toland and Coray choose compositions that recall the aesthetic qualities of academically accepted modern painters. Prior to being framed, these compositions appear to be created subconsciously, even accidentally. The icon of the frame has been appropriated from galleries and recontextualized in the streets. This transference of power offers a democratic approach to art.

Orlando often works on series that contain underlying emotional and intellectual themes. He creates mirrors for people to look into and see some aspect of themselves. Nine Second Video is a self-portrait about the passage of time. Orlando recorded his daily perceptions and emotions in a drawing for each day of the year.,


Single ChAnnel / AnimAtion Patricia mcinroy

Rodrigo Andres Valenzuela

To Do, 2011 Colorado, USA

Light and Emptiness, 2012 Washington, USA

To Do is a short video that interrogates and celebrates goal setting while simultaneously poking fun at it. Actual “to do” lists are set to a snappy beat in a manner that avoids being overwhelming and opens up possibilities.

Shot in a one hundred year-old ghost town in the Atacama desert in Chile, the spectral camera navigates the town as a floating memory of the Belle Époque of Chilean economy. The piece is constructed primarily from photographs I took, which were seamlessly edited together with computer-generated images.

Ron Diorio

Salvatore insana

Born On A Blacklist, 2012 New York, USA

Fill Up the Space, 2012 Rome, Italy

At a typewriter on the night shift, these chilling words, “I believe in God”...

Nervous spidery spirits looking for a body (language) - theirs probably – moving along in a space-time void without any shape, without boundaries, liquefied. Filling up space-time, not suffering too much the temptation to sink in. Human corpses floating in the white magma formerly known as the unconscious.

Single Channel / animaTion


Snow Yunxue Fu

Timothy Weaver

Access, 2012 Guiyang, China / Illinois, USA

ArthropodaChordataConiferophyta, 2013 Colorado, USA

I approach the subject of the sublime using topographical computer rendered abstraction. My imagery references cosmic and biomorphic forms simultaneously. I use 3-D animation as mathematical research to explore the infinite. My work references historical concepts of the sublime but in terms of a confrontation with the grandness of an abstract technological interpretation of nature. It is a place beyond regional and cultural boundaries.

This is a work of afterlife cinema that reanimates the residues and records of lost ecological memory. The work follows the intertwined cycles of life to the afterlife through cinema as sensorial access to complex biological, ecological residues. It explores the re-animation of digital residues of lost and endangered life forms. Audience engagement yields a vision of the complex imagined distance when ecological memory becomes lost to the circumstance of extinction.


Valerio De Bonis

Veronika lukasova

Un Cadeau Pour... A Gift For... 2007/2011 Pietragalla, Italy

Solace of Quantum, 2012 Czechoslovakia / London, UK

Too often it happens that children under 5 years of age die in absurd ways, provoking a strong reaction among public opinion. I react to all that through the means that art can give me, in a kind of a creative release that is also able to mock death!

The cloud chamber is used for detecting ionizing radiation. A charged particle in the cloud chamber produces a trail illustrating its half-life. The chaotic nature of a particle’s trajectories combined with alien music has a mesmerizing effect on the viewer. In Solace we witness the invisible - sub-atomic particles called cosmic rays - with the naked eye. These rays fill every corner of the unimaginably vast universe and flow freely through our bodies.

MultiMedia perforMance at el Museo cultural de Santa fe Andrew Pask, Darwin Grosse & Janet Feder Xristina Penna

Miwa Matreyek

The Bridge Club

Timothy Weaver

MultiMedia PerforMance


andrew Pask, darwin Grosse & Janet feder

Miwa Matreyek

Duo and Trio

Myth and Infrastructure, 2010 California, USA

Two performances, a trio featuring Feder (guitar), Pask (clarinet, saxophone, analog and digital systems), Grosse (coder, producer, visualist) explores sonic and visual worlds with electronically embellished sound, broad color palettes, and video feedback; and a duo (Pask and Grosse) with acoustic instruments, analog synthesizers and shared video instrument, exploring ways virtual instrument space and virtualisation of playing spaces influence the process of improvisation.

As the artist walks behind the screen, her silhouette becomes an integral part of fantastical oceanscapes and cityscapes, conjuring dreamlike scenes with light and shadow. The audience sees both the collapsed cinematic space of the screen and the theatrical physicality of the live body, screen and equipment that constructs the cinematic illusion.,,

the Bridge club

timothy Weaver

Medium Texas/Tennessee/Connecticut/Colorado, USA

ArthropodaChordataConiferophyta, 2013 Premiere Colorado, USA

The title Medium refers both to the collection/dissemination of other-worldly messages and to materials from which artworks are created. The artists of The Bridge Club collaborative sit on chairs suspended just above viewers’ heads. The performers’ activities – spiritual, psychic, scientific or otherwise – invoke intentional, wondrous, quasi-religious aspects of both art-making and seeking the divine.

ArthropodaChordataConiferophyta seeks to reanimate residues of lost ecological memory, exploring digital residues of lost and endangered lifeforms (insects, birds and forests). Ancient DNA and protein sequences will be experienced through ambient field video from lost ecosystems and through live performance (morphological drawing and electroacoustic instrumental interfaces), to envision the complex imagined distance when ecological memory becomes lost to the circumstance of extinction.


MultiMedia PerforMance Xristina Penna I know this, I do this all the time United Kingdom / Greece


May 31 - July 6, 2013

Viewers’ drawings, projected on the performer’s visage, are collected and gradually overtake the doer’s private territory, unearthing patterns of self: messages, codes, images that invade, embed and collude in our encounter with the Other. “Stage space” is a temporal/spatial representation of the brain, referencing mental processes: how information is represented and transformed.

Polly Barton Alison Keogh



ExpErimEntal DocumEntary at El museo cultural de Santa Fe Alexander Kaluzhsky Rodrigo Valenzuela

Bernd Lüetzeler Victor Arroyo

Dan Currier

Denis Côté

Filipe Rodrigues Afonso


ExpErimEntaL DocumEntary alexander Kaluzhsky

Bernd Lüetzeler

The Visitors, 2013 New York, USA

The Voice of God, 2011 Germany / India

The Visitors, a collaboration between a filmmaker and a painter who have very similar familial histories, explores the nature of the young artist’s work. At the same time, through the filmmaking process, it establishes communication on an extremely intimate, personal level with the people we should know best, but most of the time know least of all – our families.

If God came to earth to earn a living, he would probably become a successful voice-over artiste, lending his voice to thousands of Hindi movies and films. The Voice of God uses stop-motion and time exposure, and features Harish Bhimani, well-known to the Indian public as narrator of the epic Mahabharat. No digital technology was involved in the final print.,

Dan currier

Denis côté

This Old Man, 2011 Washington DC, USA

Bestiaire, 2012 Montreal, Canada

Between 1933 and 1977, North Carolina sterilized 7,600 residents under state law. Dr. Clarence Gamble, heir to the Proctor and Gamble fortune, wrote this poem about 1947 and submitted it to the state Mental Hygiene Society, hoping it would attract support for the program. He was surprised when the society declined to use it. North Carolina’s eugenics program ended in 1977.

A mesmerizing meditation on the relationship between man and beast, Bestiaire starts with a group of art students attempting to sketch an animal. The film blurs the line between observer and observed, with dramatic tension pervading every carefully-framed shot: the sight of a lion attacking the doors of its cage or the scurrying striped legs of zebras in a holding pen. It is contemplative and enthralling.

ExpERimEntAl DocumEntARy


Filipe Rodrigues Afonso

Rodrigo Valenzuela

TelevisĂŁo, 2012 Lisbon, Portugal

Diamond Box, 2012 Washington, USA

Seeing television through a window suggests contact between internal and external, on-screen (actors) and off-screen (watchers). Walking in the oldest neighborhoods of Lisbon on warm nights, when people leave windows open, let me see what people were watching and imagine who was living there. The closer I got inside the houses, the more I wanted to know, and the less I knew.

Diamond Box took me back to parking lots and loading zones where I had worked when I lived undocumented in the U.S. I met laborers, hired and interviewed them, seeking common ground through shared experiences and recording subtle details in mannerisms and movements. The final work, stripped of sound, no longer narrative, becomes a series penetrating portraits, lacking context, showing mutual vulnerability.

Victor Arroyo Parc Mont-Royal, 2013 Montreal, Canada This piece comments on how the technology of cinema has modified not only our notions about the gaze, but also the gaze in itself. Parc Mont-Royal is not ever finished – it needs the interpretation of the observer. As we intersect with this video piece in a specific historical moment, it provides a point of purchase on the human experience of the gaze.

Web based Work / apps at el Museo Cultural de santa Fe Bang-Guel Han

Benjamin Poynter

Jean Constant

Leonardo Selvaggio

Bob Paris Rick Silva

Carrie Ida Edinger

Frederick Ostrenko

Yusef Lovato & Santiago Perez

WeB Based Work / aPPs


Bang-Guel Han

Benjamin Poynter

Baguette Hell New York, USA

In a Permanent Save State Nevada, USA

Playing on the word bagatelle (meaning an inconsequential thing), Baguette Hell investigates the virtual and tactile, intimate and global relationships emerging from ‘app culture’. Baguette Hell offers a series of interactive iPad and iPhone apps featuring images of its namesake, French bread. Reminiscent of Dadaist exercises, the apps often seem impractical and playful, revealing the obsessive and tactile nature of the ‘app space’.

This is a fantasy game about real events. Seven migrant laborers die by their own hand while building iDevices. The interconnected story sheds perspective on the Western spectacle vs. the Eastern dream. There is an effort to deconstruct the idea of where the games we cherish come from and to deconstruct the video game form itself. Those who assemble the dreams of this world now have their own at devastating cost.

Bob Paris

Carrie Ida edinger Collections

Infiltration Virginia, USA

Delaware, USA

Popular videos are infiltrated with unwelcome transmissions from the world of weapons and war. Remixed videos are presented in a web gallery of disquieting juxtapositions. Infiltration explores the tension between meaning and distraction, entertainment and justice, signal and noise. Infiltration is part of The Cluster Project, a web-based project exploring the social, historical, financial, and technological anatomy of cluster bombs, and the issue of war in modern society.

The Collections project is formed by social and culturally based research, and video documentation. Media supports the presentation of the collections content and allows public accessibility. The subject matter is a specific activity, an object, or the human body. My art practice deals with the social interactions between people and objects, and documents the function of the interaction instead of putting the focus on the object.



Web baSeD WORk / appS Derick Ostrenko

Jean Constant

Conglomeration Lousiana, USA

The Naked Truth New Mexico, USA

Conglomeration is a minimal HTML5 game and mobile application exploring the cycle of tech startups and corporate takeover. Each element on the screen represents a specific company and its size is determined by a live market capitalization feed. The goal is to grow by swallowing smaller companies and avoiding bigger ones. The goal is to take over smaller companies and become the biggest company on the screen.

Don Tapscott discussing the role of technology in modern society once said “You can’t hide anything in the digital world”. So here it is - all that’s inside my computer. The backgrounds of the images are composed of colored blocks representing all the files on my hard drive. Each rectangle is proportional to the file’s size. This visual feat is made possible by a small utility developed by the artist and software engineer Erwin Bonsma.

Leonardo Selvaggio

Rick Silva Illinois, USA

En Plein Air Oregon, USA, explores what happens when open sourcing is applied to identity. In relinquishing control over my online persona I have given up my identity to be manipulated, created, and even destroyed. How do social technologies shape how we present ourselves? If we create ourselves through technology and if that process is open to public discourse, who am I? The answer to that lies in your hands. BE ME.

Taking a laptop into the wild and creating animations and images in response to the surrounding terrain and elements, En Plein Air is in the tradition of the impressionists and is a logical endeavor considering the artist’s marriage of natural and technological material and imagery in his practice. We are offered a prolific output of images offering an artist’s perspective as communicated through the manipulation of software.

Web baSed Work / aPPS


Yusef Lovato & Santiago Perez Voyage to Fantômas New Mexico, USA Voyage to Fantômas is the first book of the iPad series Welcome to Fantômas. Fantômas is old and medieval, new and contemporary. It is animated by beings and characters out of “twisted” fairy tales, myths and legends brought to life through animation, effects, original music and interactivity.,

Great Food Starts With Good Water Chef Charles Dale of Bouche Bistro knows good water is as important to great food as the finest and freshest ingredients.

I invite you to stay at our hotel. Located in downtown Santa Fe in the heart of the Guadalupe Railyard District, our unparalleled personal service, warmth and hospitality make you feel at home. For the ultimate pampering and luxury, stay in our Hacienda — with fireplaces in each room and on-call butlers to fulfill your most exacting requests. Our spa and fitness center is the perfect place to lose yourself in a Native American inspired treatment that draws on ancient healing techniques.

That’s why he chose a nano-membrane filter from Santa Fe’s filtration experts: Good Water Company

1501 Paseo de Peralta 855-262-0317 933 Baca St 471-9036 Rated 4 out of 4 Chiles by Pasatiempo


Lunch and dinner daily 505-995-7805

Festival partners The Institute of American Indian Arts / Digital Dome Zane Bennett Contemporary

David Richard Gallery

Center for Contemporary Arts

Railyard Plaza

Axle Contemporary

FesTIvAl pArTners


Audri phillips

Axel straschnoy

Migrations, 2011 California, USA

Kilpisjärvellä, 2012 Helsinki, Finland

Migrations touches on many forms of migration – spatial/physical movements, the journey from life to death, the migration of the spirit in its quest for liberation and transformation – all amid the many wonders of our world. A journey, not always linear, sometimes circular, is embraced by the domed environment, which also helps create the sensation of flight, a prominent feature of this piece.

In Finland seeing the northern lights implies a long trek in freezing conditions to a place away from people and light pollution. Everyday activities become meaningful during days awaiting the lights: getting firewood and water, eating and staying warm. Kilpisjärvellä recreates the actual experience of seeing the aurora borealis, in the context of new narrative tools that the planetarium format provides.

The Institute of American Indian Arts / Digital Dome

The Institute of American Indian Arts / Digital Dome

The Institute of American Indian Arts / Digital Dome

The Institute of American Indian Arts / Digital Dome

Bart Woodstrup & Curtis Bahn

Claudia Cumbie-Jones & lance Ford Jones

Under Saraswati River, 2006/2012 Illinois, USA

Chromasatya, 2011 Florida, USA

Saraswati is the Hindu goddess named for a river that once flowed in northern India. She is often depicted holding symbols of knowledge, meditation, purity and perfection in the arts and sciences. Under Saraswati River (in which the audience is literally under the river) explores interactions between individual artists and culture, and between music and the visual arts.

Chromasatya is an immersive mandala that uses color and music to create a brief meditative experience. www.


FesTIvAl pARTneRs lance Ford Jones

Rose Generazio

Information!, 2011 Florida, USA

Pressure, 2011 Florida, USA

Information! is an exploration of the evolution of communication from simple shapes to the overload and babble of the information age.

Pressure is immersive media student work from the Ringling College of Art and Design, produced for Cosmix 2011. Rose is a Photography and Digital Imaging major experimenting with fish-eye time-lapse photography using latex to create an immersive environment.,

The Institute of American Indian Arts / Digital Dome

The Institute of American Indian Arts / Digital Dome

The Institute of American Indian Arts / Digital Dome

David Richard Gallery

sarah Choo Jing


The Hidden Dimension, 2013 Singapore Composite footage of the artist’s family, busy with their daily activities, explores themes of alienation and change, questioning absorption in daily routines as a means of avoiding the present and addressing the inevitability of change and its impact on social interaction. The familiar setting of home pulls the viewer into the whimsical and surreal nature of an imaginary world.

David Richard Gallery in the Railyard Arts District will present PROJECTED, a selection of new media art by: Max Almy & Teri Yarbrow, Portal 3, 2013; Matthew Kluber, Humm, 2010; and Susan Herdman, The Berlin That I Have Seen, 2008. (image: Matthew Kluber, Humm, 2010, Alkyd on aluminum, custom software, computer, digital projection, 48 x 96 “)

FeStival PaRtneRS


D numbers

Jake Snider

New Mexico, USA

Tunnels, 2013 New Mexico, USA

The magic of a D Numbers’ live performances is in the realtime reorganization of analog sounds from live instruments into intricate webs of loops, samples and digital bliss. D Numbers creates multilayered compositions that explore a wide range of feelings and tonalities that range from melancholy ambience to aggressive rock to ecstatic funk, and that take their listeners on a sonic joyride. Saturday, June 29th at 7:30 - 10pm

Often space is considered an empty void, defined by a lack of structure. Tunnels defines space using light itself as the structure. A hollow shape projected through fog becomes a three dimensional space with opaque light-walls, and as its form is manipulated, so too is the space, and with it one’s mood and perception of the otherwise empty room.

Railyard Plaza

Railyard Plaza

Railyard Plaza

Railyard Plaza

Meow Wolf

Santa Fe University of art and Design

Dirt Girl + P.F.F.P. New Mexico, USA

OVF@Currents, 2013

Meow Wolf is an arts production collective from Santa Fe, NM best-known for pioneering immersive art, a form of multi-media art installation that surrounds audiences within a sub-universe of imagination. The collective is made up of 30 individuals who deep down just want to party. So, accordingly, Meow Wolf also throws dance parties with DJ Dirt Girl - one of Santa Fe’s most beloved DJ’s and co-founder of the collective. Opening night Music in the Railyard www.

OVF@Currents brings some of the best work to the exterior spaces of the Railyard on opening and closing nights of the festival. Outdoor Vision Fest (OVF) is a free, annual public event happening every spring on the campus of Santa Fe University of Art and Design. OVF features environmental projections, 3-D architectural mapping, object-based video, interactive media and other related installations from design, art, film and photography students.,


Festival Partners Zane Bennett Contemporary art

Conor Peterson

Projections in New Media

Vector Field, 2013 New Mexico, USA

Projections in New Media, features three artists, Derek G. Larson, Inhye Lee and Molly Bradbury whose work includes videos, interactive installations and paintings. The exhibition opens Friday, June 14th and runs through July 19th. The opening reception is Friday, June 14th from 5-7pm. The Railyard Arts District Last Friday Art Walk is on Friday, June 26th from 5-7 pm. a(Image-Piano: Face Jumble by Inhye Lee)

Vector Field, a mysterious sound-and-light sculptural installation invokes the darker secrets of the universe. Equal parts science fiction and science fact, the room-sized sculpture is a meditation on the fluid interplay between familiar surroundings and the cosmic sublime. In the context of CURRENTS, Peterson sees Vector Field as a way to question the interactive nature of much technology-driven art. May 24 - June 30, Thursday - Sunday at 12-5pm by appointment. Closed June 22 & 23

Zane Bennett Contemporary

axle Contemporary

august Muth Carnival of Shattered Dreams, 2013 New Mexico, USA August Muth creates an interactive performance installation in Axle Contemporary’s mobile gallery. A series of glass holographic plates will be broken inside the gallery space and create a evolving multidimensional sensory experience. You can take part in the Carnival of Shattered Dreams! Smash, crack, burst, splinter, and crush all those rational ideas for change! Try your luck at shattering the holographic handgun! Let the big money in politics fall to pieces!

Center for Contemporary arts


Projections in New Media V I D E O A R T A N D I N T E R AC TIVE I N S TA L L AT I O N S

June 14 through July 19 OPENING RECEPTION:

Friday, June 14, 5–7 pm June 28, 5–7 pm


Image: Molly Bradbury. Derive, 2012, video



435 South Guadalupe Street, Santa Fe, NM 87501 505 982-8111 Tuesday–Saturday 10–5 or by appointment


Workshops Workshops Workshop 1: Rapid Development of Visual Performance Tools Saturday, June 15th, 2-4pm Warehouse 21 (Santa Fe Railyard District)

Workshop 2: Exploring the Analog Model Sunday, June 16th, 2-4pm Warehouse 21 (Santa Fe Railyard District)

Using Max and Jitter and a set of subroutines called Vizzie we show people how to quickly prototype video-based performance systems. It’s more than a beginner Max class - we also talk about when to push into more advanced work, and how to interface with the system in performance mode. Participants need only bring a laptop, preferably one with a built in web camera. No previous Max programming experience is required to achieve success in this workshop.

In this workshop we show people how analog modular synthesizers work through the use of a set of open sourced Max modules called BEAP. Using the software as a parallel to the hardware, we’ll show how high-level modular systems (of either type) can be used to make idiosyncratic and complex systems through experimentation and hands on exploration. Participants need only bring a laptop and a pair of headphones. No previous Max programming experience is required to achieve success in this workshop.

Presented by Darwin Grosse and Andrew Pask from Cycling‘74,

Presented by Darwin Grosse and Andrew Pask from Cycling‘74

Image (above): from Welcome to the Anthropocene a film about the state of our planet which opened the UN’s Rio+20 summit on sustainable development. Welcome to the Anthropocene is also a website designed to improve our collective understanding of humanity’s impact on Earth.

Panels / Presentations Panels and Presentations César Meneghetti: Discusses his work I/O Saturday June 15th at 1pm Zane Bennett Contemporary Arts

I /O is a multidisciplinary work aiming to investigate the border between normality and disability. In 2010 Cesar Meneghetti started meeting a group of people with mental and physical disabilities who worked at the 9 Experimental Art Laboratories of the Community of Sant’Egidio in the suburbs of Rome. Until then, they had been producing their work using traditional techniques such as painting, sculpture, and drawing. One of his goals was to introduce digital media into their artistic process. Since the first meeting, the formal boundaries of “normality” were continually being moved, transforming everyone, involved in the process, including Cesar.

New Media: Arts & Sciences 1st-Mile Institute’s SARC (Scientists/Artists Research Collaborations) presents:

Free – Sunday June 23rd, 2-6pm The Center for Contemporary Arts, Munoz-Waxman Gallery, Richard Lowenberg Program Director: 1st-Mile Institute

An afternoon program of panels, presentations, screenings and group discussions, with arts/sciences practitioners, working at the convergent forefront of new media technologies and methods, challenging ideas and creative eco-social responsibility. Program 1, 2pm: From Nanos to Cosmos (micro to macro worlds, visions and views) Program 2, 3:30pm: Geo-Info-Eco (Global to local imaging, simulation and modeling) Program 3, 4:45pm: Photonic Interference & Coherence (The future of light-based media)

Art and the legacy of Artificial life : The synthetic embrace of bio-media, embodied form, hybrid systems and evolutionary networks Free – Friday June 21st at 6pm Zane Bennett Contemporary Arts As an art form, A-Life can be seen as a subset of diverse new media practices with a long history extending from the figurative automatons of the Swiss clockmakers through the pioneering systems of 1960’s and 70’s video art. The panelists will reflect on this history, providing a rich illustration of contemporary forms and discuss the emerging areas of scholarship, exhibition and theory guiding the next wave of interdisciplinary experimentation. The term, Artificial Life (A-Life) was first presented during workshop proceedings at Los Alamos National Labs in New Mexico (1987) by physicist, Christopher Langton. A-Life systems include computational simulations, hardware or robotic manifestations and the possibilities for “wet” biochemical constructs. Utilized as a scientific means to pursue greater knowledge of living systems, complex network behavior and the implementation of new possibilities for semi-autonomous machine learning, A-Life also presented an emerging field for artistic exploration. PANeliStS : Paula Gaetano Adi - Assistant Professor and Area Head for New Media, College of Visual Arts & Design, iARTA Faculty Associate, University of North Texas / David Krakauer - Director, (WID) Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, Professor of Genetics, & Co-Director, Center For Complexity and Collective Computation / Cory Metcalf - Instructor (EDP) Emergent Digital Practices, University of Denver and research affiliate with the iARTA Hybrid Arts Laboratory, University of North Texas / David Stout - Professor of Music Composition / Studio Art - New Media, Coordinator (iARTA) Initiative for Advanced Research in Technology and the Arts, Director, (HAL) Hybrid Arts Lab, University of North Texas

PANeliStS : tom Ashcraft - Santa Fe,NM / Todd Siler - Denver, CO / tyler Frazier - Santa Fe Institute / Andrea Polli - UNM / Cathy Wilson - LANL / August Muth - Lasart / Sally Weber - Resonance, Austin, TX / liDAR Guys - Albuquerque, NM

Admission to all festival events is free. image (above): Cory Metcalf and “the Colony”.


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Currents is produced by Parallel Studios, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization.


GALLERY Humm, 2010, Alkyd on aluminum, custom software, computer, digital projection, 48” x 96”


Portal 3, Patinated Copper, 2013, Digital Waterjet Cut, LCD and Projection, 48” x 48” piece / with projection approx. 72” x 72”

Max aLMY & Teri YarBrOW

Through June 29, 2013

08-Graffiti Soldiers-SS Headquarters Tiles, From The Berlin That I Have Seen, 2008, Video and digital print on aluminum panel


PRO J EC TED Railyard Arts District 544 South Guadalupe Street, Santa Fe, NM 87501 p (505) 983-9555 |


LANB Creating a better way.

Currents 2013 Festival Program  

Currents 2013 Media Arts Festival Program / Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA / June 14 - 30, 2013