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Welcome to The Buccaneer! You are invited to try our food. Breakfast, lunch and diners are served daily. Our dishes are made by respecting the highest hygiene standards. Taste our philosophy of creative, simple but high quality fresh food. We specialize in fresh catch of the day, lobster and filet mignon Our professional chef and her staff will make your visit to our restaurant one you will remember for a long time! If you have any comments or suggestions, please let our staff know so we can improve our services.

Breakfast Toast, butter and home made marmalade

US$ 2.00

Pancakes with fresh fruits

US$ 2.50

French toast with fresh fruits

US$ 2.50

Cornflakes with fruits

US$ 2.00

Fruit plate

US$ 2.50

Egg omelette

US$ 2.50

Scrambled eggs

US$ 2.50

Scrambled eggs with ham

US$ 3.00

Scrambled eggs with ham and cheese

US$ 3.50

Cheese omelette

US$ 3.00

Ham & cheese omelette

US$ 3.50

Farmer’s eggs

US$ 4.00

Appetizers and Snacks

? Nachos

US$ 3.50

Hot spicy nachos with chilli sauce

Plantain cheese dips

US$ 4.00

Deep fried plantain in a crust. These go really well with the island’s typical white cheese and mashed beans (frijoles), so that’s what you will get.

Fishy fingers

US$ 5.00

Pieces of fish filet, deep fried after being marinated. The croquettes are served with a tartar sauce, French fries and salad.

Caribbean Viagra (Ceviche)

US$ 4.50

This is one of Corn Island’s traditional dishes. Typical seafood used to make Ceviche are shrimps, lobster, trigger fish, snapper or conch.

Paraiso style lobster cocktail

US$ 6.50

Fresh pieces of lobster, served in a cocktail glass with home made cocktail sauce.

Devil’s cocktail

US$ 6.00

Daily fresh shrimps (9 of the big ones!) served in a spicy tomato based sauce.

Italian Tomatoes Tomatoes on toast with mozzarella cheese, oregano and pepper; out of the oven.

US$ 4.50

Salads and Soups Salad

US$ 5.00

Salad with tomatoes, croutons, olives, herbs and spices

Tuna salad

US$ 5.50

Pieces of tuna with lettuce, pies, sweet pepper and spices.

Pasta salad

US$ 5.50

Cold pasta with olives, grated vegetables, herbs and spices.

Caesar salad

US$ 6.50

Pieces of the best chicken filet marinated in soja sauce, then grilled, served in a salad with a bite...

Buccaneer style shrimps salad

US$ 7.00

10 of the big fresh shrimps marinated and served with salad in a spicy sauce and tartar dressing. This one is favoured by many and a solid menu item for years.

? Tom ka kai (if available)

US$ 5.00

The great Thai soup which earned the “International dish of the year” award in 2002. We make it with chicken or shrimps, lemon grass, ginger, coconut milk, hot peppers and spices.

Ocean’s delight

US$ 6.00

Can you imagine what it tastes like if you mix all the best of the Caribbean waters in a home made soup...? Consider this soup as your lunch or diner, not as a starter unless you haven’t eaten for 2 days.

Soup tortilla

US$ 5.50

Chicken bouillon with pieces of tortilla, crème, avocado and cheese

Sandwiches and Burgers Sandwich

US$ 3.50

It’s the 2 pieces of toast, smoked ham, salad and the cheddar cheese that make this sandwich so tasty.

Club Sandwich

US$ 5.50

Soft juicy chicken breast with tomato, ham, cheese, onion and salsa sauce, between pieces of toast, served with French fries.

Hot Dog

US$ 3.50

A Traditional American hotdog with relish and mustard.

Beef burger

US$ 3.50

Just like the one from Burger King, but then much better! ☺

Stacked Tunas

US$ 4.00

3 slices of toasted bread stacked with tuna, mayonnaise, onion, tomato and fresh lime juice.

Cheese burger

US$ 4.00

The traditional hamburger topped with 2 slices of melting cheddar cheese.

Fish filet Sandwich

US$ 4.00

Filet of fish with lettuce. Potato salad on the side.

Chicken Sandwich

US$ 4.50

Marinated and grilled chicken filet with bbq sauce, served with French fries on the side.

Steak Sandwich Marinated and grilled steak in a sandwich, served with French fries on the side.

US$ 5.50

Fresh Sea Food! Please note: All our sea food and meat dishes are served with 2 side dishes of your choice. Choose between salad, plain rice, French fries, baked potatoes, fried plantain and vegetables.

Whole fish

US$ 8.50

You can have this one fried, grilled with garlic, Caribbean style or with just lime, salt and pepper. Most likely the fish is a yellow tale snapper or a red snapper.

Fish Filet

US$ 9.50

If you like your fish without any bones, this is your choice. You can have it one fried, grilled with garlic, Caribbean style or with just lime, salt and pepper.

Catch of the day!

Ask for today’s price

We try to have fresh fish every day and sometimes we buy a different fish from the island fisherman. This might be tuna, jack, kingfish, barracuda or old wife (triggerfish). Please ask your waitress about availability. The prices vary.

Prices shrimps / lobster Garlic Tom

US$ 12.00 / 14.00

Daily fresh shrimps or lobster, grilled in garlic butter.


US$ 12.00 / 14.00

Fresh shrimps or lobster, breaded and deep fried after being marinated.

Red shrimps or lobster

US$ 16.00 / 18.00

Fresh shrimps or lobster, in a sauce of tomatoes and fresh herbs.

Limy lob



Some like lobster in sauce or breaded and some‌ like it simple. Limy lob is 2 pieces of fresh lobster which are just marinated in salt, pepper and fresh lime before they are grilled.

Caribbean Style

US$ 17.00 / 19.00

The milk of island coconuts makes the base for this Caribbean style lobster or shrimps.

Your style!

US$ 18.00 / 20.00

So many people, so many tastes. Tell us how you like your shrimps or lobster and we will accept the challenge!

Beef and Chicken

Breaded chicken

US$ 9.50

Chicken legs or breast, breaded and deep fried.

Chicken The Buccaneer

US$ 9.50

Chicken filet, filled ham and mozzarella cheese, accompanied with a bbq sauce.


US$ 10.00

Mexican spiced chicken breast pieces or beef.

Chicken in wine sauce

US$ 12.50

In wine marinated chicken breast filet.

Argentinean Style (Churasco)

US$ 15.00

Argentinean style baby beef, topped with a sauce of fresh parsley, pepper, lime, olive oil and garlic.

Paraiso Filet Mignon 8oz.

US$ 17.00

A meat lover’s party! We import our filet mignon from Argentina. It will be served with bacon and a great mushroom sauce. Finger licking good!

Paraiso Filet Mignon 12oz.

US$ 20.00

Surf and Turf

US$ 22.00

Who said that seafood and meat don’t go together? This surf and turf proves otherwise! Delicious fresh shrimps with an 8 oz. filet mignon, served with a Creole mustard sauce.

Royal Surf and Turf Like Surf and Turf but then with lobster instead of shrimps.

US$ 24.00

Buccaneer Specialties

Boca mixta

US$ 7.50 per person

Mixed fried pieces of fish, lobster, shrimp and chicken on a big plate accompanied by a delicious cocktail sauce and fried plantain. This one is great to share with your friends.


US$ 10.00

Flour tortillas wrapped around chicken filet, salad, herbs and spices.


US$ 11.50

Burritos with melted cheese on top of them.

Pastas and Pizzas Pasta Maria

US$ 9.50

Even Italians are jealous on this one! Pasta “al dente� combined with grounded beef, fresh herbs, bits of fried bacon, fresh tomato and a bit of black pepper.

Pasta Jimmy

US$ 12.50

Pasta with fresh shrimps.

Penne Alfredo

US$ 12.50

Pasta penne with ham, onion, cream, butter and parmesan cheese.

Pasta Primavera

US$ 12.50

Pasta with mushrooms, vegetables in olive oil and basil.

Penne Pomodoro

US$ 12.50

Pasta penne with fresh tomatoes and basil.

Pasta Putanesca

US$ 12.50

Pasta with olives, capers, onion, olive oil, fresh tomatoes and anchovies.

Pizza Tuna

US$ 12.50

Pizza with tomato sauce, basil, mozzarella cheese, tuna fish, onion, tomatoes.

Pizza Hawaii

US$ 12.50

Pizza with ham, mushroom and pineapple.

Pizza del mar Pizza with fresh mixed seafood.

US$ 12.50


Ice cream

US$ 4.00

Please ask your waitress about the available flavours.

Ice cream with seasonal fresh fruits

US$ 5.00

Thin hot pancakes with ice cream

US$ 6.00

Singed Bananas

US$ 4.00

Sautéed bananas with butter and rum, served with ice cream.

Singed Pineapple

US$ 4.00

Sautéed pineapples with butter and rum, served with ice cream.

Thin Chocolate pancakes Thin pancakes with sautéed fruits and chocolate.

US$ 4.00

Menu "The Buccaneer"  
Menu "The Buccaneer"  

Our new menu. Prices or menu items are subject to change.