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Employing a diverse workforce has continued to be incredibly important to Paragus.

foray into remote employees would include a physical presence where multiple employees would work together in a shared office. We also remained open to granting exceptions when long-term employees of one of our physical offices decided to move. However, no matter the location, each space we open is a unique reflection of our values combined with the local culture and needs of its employees.

We have recruited talent from non-traditional

While recruitment is fundamental, Paragus

sources and increased the diversity of talent

views retention of long-term employees as

applying for positions with the company. In

a top priority. Over the past 5 years we have

support of our desire for diversity but also

continued to adjust our policies, offerings and

growth and retention, we have embraced the

benefits to align with our goal of retaining the

need to employ people who resided outside

talent that we feel is well aligned with our

of Western Mass. We decided that our first

mission, values, vision and purpose.

Once hired, our onboarding program runs like clockwork.

Each day and each week of an employee’s first 90 days has structure, purpose and objectives that are specifically tailored to that individual’s needs.

Aided by tools, additional resources and well-refined processes, new hires become acclimated to the “Paragus Way” while also clearly understanding their role, what’s expected of them and how they can navigate their path to success. This process includes individual orientation sessions for each of our values, conducted by various experienced staff members within the company. These orientations include context, examples and assignments to engage the new hire and help them to explore and truly appreciate the meaning and history behind each value statement. What’s unique about the entire onboarding process is the role the new hire plays in it. True to its training compact, Paragus ensures that the new hire has clearly defined expectations and goals; however responsibility to achieve those goals is placed with the employee. For example, the skills, knowledge and experience required to be successful are clearly documented in a way that can be easily tracked, but then the employee must identify and use the tools and resources available to them in order to check off each item, a process that we refer to as a quest.


Vision 2020  
Vision 2020