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NEWS ASK THE VET by Laura McKirdy

DOGS AND STICKS Most dogs love to play with sticks and because it’s great exercise, many owners will enjoy throwing sticks for their pets to chase. Sadly - we Vets are all too accustomed to seeing the kind of injuries sticks can cause. What tends to happen is that the stick wedges in the ground and the dog pounces on it - often getting the sharp end in the mouth or throat, or possibly in the chest or armpit. The wounds caused can be quite severe. I have seen a stick pierce straight through a dog’s chest. A typical stick injury wound will be in the mouth near the back of the throat and commonly the stick will break off leaving a bit lodged in the soft tissue.

May 2013

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In most cases the dog will need to be examined under anaesthetic to assess damage and to remove any fragments left behind. Unfortunately this can be quite tricky as tiny pieces can be wedged so deeply they’re hard to find. They can then create a foreign body reaction so that weeks or even months later, a swelling or abscess will develop round the affected area. The fragments can sometimes even migrate further through the tissue. Trying to solve these cases can be a real headache and may even need repeated surgery. So - the best advice might be - throw a ball instead of a stick!

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As I was going to Thailand for a friend’s wedding in February, I decided to offer my veterinary services to a local charity while I was there. I asked beforehand if they needed any medical supplies and put a cry for help round XL Vets. I ended up with so much I hardly had any room left in my luggage for my clothes! I did have major fears of having to explain to Thai customs why my rucksack was full of needles, urinary catheters and so on, but happily I avoided any nights in a Thai jail and made it to the island with all kit intact. The clinic was in the jungle, well off the beaten track, and basic to say the least. Attempts at sterility would make UK Practice Standards Inspectors shudder and medications had been donated from every corner of the planet. As well as neutering and treating stray animals, the clinic offered treatment to the local people at cost price. I was only there for a couple of days but it was an eye-opener. I saw my first case of canine distemper, and rabies is a real concern. I also found that Thai people believe human doses of paracetamol and ibuprofen are sensible drugs for dogs and cats! In all it was an amazing experience and I would recommend it to anyone thinking of doing something similar.


Veterinary Surgeon and Director Ann Noble will be on sick leave from 30th April for approximately eight weeks. We look forward to having Ann back with us on 26th June following a back operation. It is with regret that after many years of service with us, Veterinary Surgeon Sarah Lewin will be leaving the Practice on May 2nd. Both Paragon and colleagues wish Sarah the very best while thanking her for her professional contributions and support shared throughout her time with us at the Practice. Sarah personally extends her farewells and thanks to all the clients from the last 18 years and wishes them well.

Congratulations to Veterinary Nurse Sam Holliday and husband Mike on the birth of their daughter. Ava Grace is a wonderful addition to the family and sister for two year old Findlay. Two of our Veterinary Nurses have been awarded their final Nurse Registrations, following the recent success of their nursing exams. Emma Sturch and Kelly Armstrong are both looking forward to welcoming clients and their pets at their Nursing Clinics.

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Pets May 2013  
Pets May 2013