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Livestock NEWS Robovet ...New Practice Computer System Our ‘go live’ day for our new practice software system is Thursday 7th February. On the day before Wednesday 6th February we will not have a computer system as they convert our current data. Considering this, we would be grateful if clients could try and limit the number of drug orders made on this day. Otherwise we hope it will be business as usual and we hope the transition will be seamless from your point of view - if not or you would like any clarification or if you spot anything out of the ordinary, please pick up the phone and let us know we will need your assistance and consideration.

Ewe care and lambing...

Contact us:

Do you have up and coming young farmers or other staff who could benefit from more knowledge about problems that occur around lambing time? The course includes common ewe problems and their treatment, care of


If you have a spare minute take a look at our facebook page or our website. Log on at or at facebook ParagonVeterinaryGroupFarm

the new-born lamb and correcting common mal-presentations. February 7th 2013 at Dalston 10am-3pm, £45, lunch provided. Please contact the practice on 01228 710208 if you wish to attend.

Parasite forecast for February...

CALDEW VETERINARY HOSPITAL Carlisle House, Townhead Road, Dalston, Carlisle

Tel: (01228) 710208 TOWNHEAD VETERINARY CENTRE Townhead Veterinary Centre, Newbiggin, Stainton, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 0HT



Nematodes (worms) Watch out for scour in housed calves and yearlings that were not dosed with an Ivermectin type drug at housing.

Liver fluke Watch out for acute fluke continuing into February in some situations.

Tel: (01768) 483789

The wet Summer and the mild conditions over the Winter mean that the infective stage of liver fluke has remained viable this Winter. Some persistent freezing weather may alter the situation.

PARAGON ET The Mart, Tyne Green, Hexham, Northumberland NE46 3SG

Many Thanks

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These animals may have been exposed to high levels of worm infection when grazed last Autumn. Infection can lie dormant in the stomach wall and cause disease in late Winter/Spring when the larvae start to emerge.

Liver fluke Many cattle will need Winter/Spring fluke treatment, please discuss with one of the vets. ●

Out wintered cattle may have been exposed to fresh infection after previous treatments. Housed cattle may still be carrying infection that was too young to be killed by treatments at or after housing.


visit us at:

Out wintered sheep on high risk pastures are most susceptible to infection.

Tel: (01434) 600566

Faecal samples from 10 ewes would identify any infection acquired in the Autumn. 24HR EMERGENCY SERVICE

See for further information


New licence for Metacam Metacam is now licensed for the relief of post-operative pain following dehorning. Local anaesthetic works in the first few hours to eliminate pain but Metacam will take care of the long term pain which can be up to 60 hours post dehorning. Metacam at this time will help to improve calf well-being and it has been shown that Metacam-treated calves gained significantly more weight over 10 days post dehorning.


Same medicine but cheaper! You may or may not be aware that some medicines depending on the manufacturer work out at better value than others. What is in the bottle is the same active ingredients but available at lower cost to you.

Synulox/Combiclav £31.10



Welcome back A big welcome back to Vicky who has returned from maternity leave. She will be working Monday, Wednesday and Friday and will be on the Newbiggin on call rota. We are all really pleased to have her back and she is looking forward to seeing you all on farm soon!

Excenel RTU/Readycef £52.48


Farewell! Also a big farewell to Jake who left the practice mid January. He has taken up a position in a farm practice in Skipton. We all wish him well in his new job!

Finadyne/Flunixin £30.11

Nuflor/Shotaflor £41.17



Farms are dangerous places - we all know someone who has been injured on a farm. If one of your family or employees was involved in an accident, having first aid training could mean the difference between life and death. Having done the course myself, I thought we should give our clients the opportunity to do a first aid course. The trainer we used was a no-nonsense kind of guy who most farmers would relate to, so I've asked if he can come back to do a course specifically for farmers.



First Aid Course for Farmers I recently took part in an excellent Farmskills first aid course for vets. Being a vet, I already had a few first aid skills, but things like heart attacks and resuscitation are dealt with a bit differently in humans. I'm really glad I did the course. I now know that I'd be confident in doing the right thing if I was faced with someone needing emergency first aid.


Oxytetrin LA/Alamycin LA £10.57



First Aid course for Farmers Tuesday 12th March 2013 10.30am - 4pm at Paragon Vets, Dalston Cost £70 +VAT Lunch provided

All prices above are for 100ml bottles and for prompt payment discounts of 5%.

If you'd like to come, please phone the practice ASAP to book a place (places are limited, fist come first served).

Please when ordering specify if you would like the cheaper alternatives to the 'brand' products. It all helps to lower your monthly bill…..


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