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February 2014

Bridging The Gap Between Dreams and Reality Amplify Mindware Academy For Development Of Education & Research (AMADER) is group of Institutions evolved from the long felt need for a international class

In This Issue Android Application Development P.1 Social Networks: Impact P.4 Visual Effects & Animation in . The Film Industry P.6 NVIDIA Shield P.8

“Corporate University� in India. The promoters & founding members of the institution are

Google Glass P.11 Indian Animation Industry P.14

some of the best practioners from corporate & academia. They visualized the need for a skilled &

UI and UX Design P.17 Nature and Architecture P.19

competent professional human capital for the emerging national economy.

Issue 1

Technological Evolution P.21 Amplify Coding Competitions . and Tech Reel 2013 P.23

PreFace We at Amplify Mindware are glad to release the first issue of our Tech-Magazine. The idea for our magazine came out of the need to showcase the work of our students. The magazine focuses primarily on the research and practical work of the students at Amplify Mindware. The first issue includes topics on Android app development, Animation, GUI etc. We have tried to include topics which are “hot” and “trending” in the industry. We would like to thank Mr. Prashant Hinduja, members of the magazine committee, editors and the college management. Each issue of the magazine would be released on a quarterly basis. Our magazine committee is continuously working and researching to make the contents better. We would also be including articles and interviews from the industry. We would like to ensure our reader that the next issue would be a very interesting one. We would like to have a printed version of the Magazine and would be glad if any of our readers would like to help us. We are also continually finding sponsors for our magazine. We would like to thank all our editors: Prashant Hinduja, Gourav Pal, Avinash Gaikwad, Akash Gajbhiye, Alexin James. Our Contributors:

Gourav Pal Final Year MSc IT

Arpit Jain Final Year MSc IT

Karmendra Kumar Final Year BSc A&G

Priyansh Sastry Final Year BSc A&G

Avinash Gaikwad Final Year BSc A&G

Parag Verma Final Year BSc A&G

Akash Gajbhiye Final Year BSc A&G

Stuti Jain Second Year BSc A&G

Priyanka Chhabra First Year BSc IT

Nidhi Chonkar First Year BSc IT

And a big thanks to our college management and to all our well wishers. Contact Us : Issue 1

Android Application Development

Gourav Pal

It’s a weekend and you plan out a small hangout and eating at a fast food outlet. You see a long queue for ordering your menu. Waiting in long queues is actually boring and you might miss the fun your friend’s are having when you are all busy to place the order.

Final Year M.Sc IT

Arpit R. Jain Final Year M.Sc IT

What if the menu comes to you and you decide what to order and the order directly goes to the kitchen and you are acknowleged when the order is ready.“Table ordering and feedback system” just does this. An handheld device will have a built in menu which will display the price, description of the menu, brief ingredients and nutritional information. Customer can browse through different menus and select the dish they want to order. They can also apply different coupons and offers available if any. The order being placed goes to the kitchen. The staff alerts as soon as the order is ready. By the time your order is in process you can sit along with your friends and family, enjoy capturing beautiful memories, sharing them on social media.

Issue 1

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Android Application Development

Before placing the order customer need to give order confirmation. If the customer confirms the order after that only the order is being processed and a token number is given to the customer. The customer can get the meal when the token number is displayed on the screen at the meal counter.

Using this application kids can play various games and have fun while order Is being processed. Apart from ordering food, sharing moments customer can also plan and book a party.

Issue 1

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Android Application Development

Customer just need to make a few entries like name, address, contact details , date, time and any query if they have. Such an application would save time and also at the same time keep the customer entertained. Technologies used to develop this application : Android SDK 4.2






Social APIs

Issue 1

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Social Networks : Impact

As life cannot be imagined without the three basic elements on earth i.e. food clothing and shelter similarly In this advanced world we cannot imagine our life without gadgets. Priyanka Chhabra First Year B.Sc IT

Gadgets : A gadget is a small tool such as a machine that has a particular function, but is often thought of as a novelty. (

Right from the morning to night we are surrounded by gadgets. From the time we get up in the morning to the time we call it a day we require our gadgets especially communication gadgets. What is the use of gadgets like mobiles and gadgets without applications especially social network applications. The social networking sites have stretched their arms to a large extent. Be it young or old… they all engage themselves in Facebook, Orkut, Twitter etc. We are so engrossed with these social networking sites that we cannot imagine to live without them even for a day. Moving over to technology we are now concerned about the modern apps. The current operating systems are nowhere less. Android, Symbian OS, Windows etc. have grasped their hands over the young minds. They want every latest technology to be in their hands. Technology, no doubt has inspired the young minds. Living without technology in today’s world is like living without resources. Just as we live to earn livelihood similarly technology is the second reason to earn for a living. Summing up we can say that living without technology in today’s world is living without a reason, without a purpose.

**The applications and games have been listed anonymously . No ratings have been assigned. Issue 1

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Social Networks : Impact

As every coin has two faces, everything has both good as well as bad aspect. We all enjoy using Facebook for hours. But have we ever thought that what impact has social networks left on young minds. Sitting and chatting for hours have resulted in problems like back pain, headache, eye troubles and many more. According to a survey it has been noted that using these technologies for a long time results in psychological disorders mainly in the teens. Getting involved with strangers and sharing personal information without knowing its consequences are the common practice nowadays. These social networking sites have an adverse effect on the minds of people. Privacy and security are the two major reasons that are associated with being a member of these social sites. No doubt it is very time consuming. Due to lack of awareness among the teenagers they are mainly the victims of identity theft. Moreover the academics are also affected. Lack of concentration is the major issue of concern. Smoking, drinking, use of drugs is some of the common practices followed by youths today. C y b e r b u l l y i n g i.e., harassing, threatening, embarrassing someone, is one of the major issues. Kids are connected to internet for long and get mean texts and phone calls. These all viewpoints once summed up together prove that although social networking sites are beneficial to an extent but they are more destructive in spoiling one’s way of living. Some Of The Trending Social Networking Apps Include: 


Facebook Messenger



WhatsApp Messenger

Line **The applications and games have been listed anonymously . No ratings have been assigned.

Issue 1

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Priyansh Sastry Final Year B.Sc A&G

As game-lovers grow across the world, NVIDIA comes up with its handheld game console NVIDIA SHIELD in July 2013 which runs on Android OS. It has a flip-up 5 inch touch screen display. It is the first device to be powered by NVIDIA‘s TEGRA 4 and has some features similar to XBOX 360 controller. Some of its eye-catching key features include its multi-touch 5 inch 720p retinal quality display, console-grade game controller which gives ultimate control and precision, integrated speakers with built-in microphone, WIFI connectivity and a 100% Android OS (Jelly Bean) providing access to all the Android Apps and games. It is equipped with 3 Axis Gyro and 3 Axis Accelerometers as motion sensors and a battery that gives a 28.8 watt hour (which is about 7350mAh) of power. The device has received a mixed response. However here are a few critiques that have been argued upon; The screen is 720p while most new devices offer 1080p. Also the internal storage capacity is 16GB, which seems very tight when you start installing the games. However, with a microSD slot, you can at least expand the storage if you like. And it comes with Bluetooth 3.0, when 4.0 would offer much more device connectivity while still saving battery life (like Fitbit devices, Pebble watch, Metawatch, etc.) Issue 1

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But even with such mixed specs of responses, the device really shines out. Here are a few reasons why this is so: The software is one area where the device really shines because of its relative simplicity. For the most part, its stock Android (4.2.1), with a highly modified version of Nvidia’s TegraZone app preinstalled. This of course comes along with tweaks and binary blobs as necessary to make the controller work and pull in optimizations for the GPU. PC Streaming is another plus point of having a SHIELD. A lot of people have a reasonably powerful gaming computer at home and enjoy sitting down with a keyboard, mouse, and giant monitor to play games; but it’s not always possible. But with SHIELD around, now they can play those same games (at least the ones on Steam) anywhere in the house. With a large number of Steam games moving in the direction of offering full controller support, it seems perfect to have a wireless controller with a small display attached to it, offering you portability and mobility for your gaming (provided you stay within the confines of your wireless signal). Overall, the device seems to be a comfortable device. However, the cost seems very high and game selection is a bit limited, which may not attract many game-lovers. (Ref. -

Issue 1

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Visual Effects & Animation In The Film Industry

Nowadays, all movies are based on CG (Computer Graphics) whether it is Hollywood or Bollywood. In pre-Production, many movies are filmed on Green or Blue screen. When shooting is completed in pre-production phase, it then goes to postproduction house , where editing of the movie is done. Karmendra Kumar Final Year B.Sc A&G

In editing, green or blue screen is removed and the computer graphic scenes are compiled and mixed with the live scenes. A good example of CG based movie is Life of Pi which was released last year .

Image ref.

Above picture is example of CG character before and after the editing. First scene is actual scene without tiger. In second scene, the CG tiger is tracked according to the real scene. Why to use only green/blue screen (Chroma screen) ? Use Chroma key (Pre-Production)- Often thought of as a special secret of Hollywood and Bollywood directors, Chroma Key or Blue screen / Green screen is easily within the ability of any photographer who wants to be creative with backgrounds. Maybe you are working at a venue and it's raining, taking a fantastic picture of the venue while it's nice and shooting your subjects indoors on Chroma key will enable you to replace the Chroma key when you return to your studio.

Issue 1

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Visual Effects & Animation In The Film Industry

Blue chroma key is used because: 

It is complementary to skin tones If you don't pick up all the "blue" in the background in your editing process, the so called "Blue-spill" doesn't notice so much as green. Blue has been traditionally used for film due to the color separation processes used, but blue chroma key requires more light.

Green chroma key is used because:

  

Video and digital cameras are more sensitive to green with less noise making it easier to generate a cleaner mask. Green requires less light Also Green is used where you have predominantly blue subjects (maybe you shoot in schools where the uniforms cross into the particular shade of blue). Software's used for visual Effects :After Effects, Nuke, Digital Fusion, Real Flow Software's used for Animation:Maya, 3Ds Max, Cinema 4D, Adobe Flash Software's used Compositing:Premier Pro, AVS, After Effects. Career in Animation & Visual Effects industry:Animator, Composter, Roto Artist, 3D Artist, 2D Artist, Production & Post production Manager, Lighting Artist, Texturing Artists , Sketch /Cartoon / Story board Artists , 2D Flash Animator, 3D Rigger.

**The list of software's may vary. The list given is on basis of the author’s experience and preference. Issue 1

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Visual Effects & Animation In The Film Industry

Good Example Of The Use Of Chromascreen: A Scene From The Movie Final Destination 5 Movie shooting in Green Screen: In below is example of CG bridge and Environment before and after the editing.


Image ref.

Post Production- In second scene the CG Environment

Image ref.

Issue 1

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Google Glass

I assume that you (the reader) already knows about what a

Akash Gajbhiye ( B.Sc A&G )

Google glass (yeah its Google Glass not Glasses) is, if you don’t just follow this link and for those who are reading this article on a paper or are lazy enough- Google Glass (styled "GLΛSS") is a wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display (OHMD) that is being developed by Google in the Project Glass research and development project (this is how Wikipedia defines Google glass).

This is how the Glass looks :

Image ref.

When one puts on Glass he gets a 25 inch high definition screen from eight feet away. Like smart phones Google glass comes with an inbuilt 5mp camera to take picture and record videos in 720p resolution and of course we’ll be able to share them too. There is no GPS support but Glass can be connected to a Smartphone using MyGlass app. The best thing about glass is the way it generates sound. For audio it uses Bone Conduction Transducer, there is this transducer which vibrates on your skull which transmits voice directly to your inner year.

Issue 1

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Google Glass

On right side there is a touch panel using which you can scroll notifications your emails, Facebook, twitter….am I forgetting something? Oh yeah Google plus. Glass features can be controlled using voice commands. We have technology everywhere and glass will bring it right into our field of vision. People at Google are saying that the concept behind Glass is getting technology out of our way by bringing it right in front of your eyes, personally I don’t know how that’ll work. If you are having conversation with someone who has a Google Glass on his nose and he is staring at you, you can never tell if he is listening to you or he is checking his Facebook wall. People already struggle for getting attention, they need to compete with other human beings and when Google Glass comes into scene they’ll compete with apps floating in our field of vision. There is no way to tell if someone is recording a video or taking pictures using his/her Glass and that sound scary and this is why I think that glasses will be banned inside theaters. UK has already banned Glass for drivers may be because it’ll cause distraction while driving, Imaging yourself driving and suddenly you get a message from your girlfriend that she wants to break up. Enough of disadvantages, let’s talk about some advantages now, biggest advantage is that you don’t need to take out your cell phone every time you get a new message, If you have Google Glass and you get a new message all you need to do is tilt your head 30 degree upwards to read the message. While driving you can get directions right into your field of vision. There are many augmented reality apps already available inthe market. Word lens is one example which translates text using your device's camera .

Issue 1

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Google Glass


Now imagine using this app with Glass, No need to hold the camera with your hands. Like every technology Google Glass has it Good and bad uses, it’s us the users who’ll decide how to use it. Like uncle Ben said “With great power comes great responsibilities”.

Well I am waiting for my pair of glass because it’ll make me feel like I am Iron-man. All the information floating right in front of my eyes.

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Why The Growth Of Indian Animation Industry Stuck ?

Avinash Gaikwad Final Year B.Sc A&G

When the countries all around the world are creating new milestones in the field of animation, why has the Indian animation industry still stuck in the stories of its mythological legends and characters?? Lack of effective production pipeline, skilled workforce and infrastructure are creating are some of the major hurdles in the growth of this industry. What is meant by infrastructure in case of animation industry in India? Lack of Infrastructure includes problems like lack of availability of proper hardware configuration machines and also the high prices of the software. The directors and producers in the Indian film industry believe that investing big amount of money would not bring in the required output both in terms of quality as well as wealth. The producers are not ready to take risks on investing large amount of money on production of animated movies. The lack in investment creates lack in production cost which in turn creates limited setup and limits manpower which leads to depreciation in quality and decrease in entertainment quotient in Indian animated movies.

Issue 1

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Following are some of the animated movies made in Indian so far:

1. Ek Anek Aur Ekta (1974) 2. Ramayana: The Legend of Prince Rama (1992) 3. Pandavas - The Five Warriors (2000) 4. Hanuman (2005) 5. The legend of Lord Buddha (2005) 6. Kittu (2006) 7. Krishna (2006) 8. Krishna (2006) 9. Return of Hanuman (2007) 10.Inimey Nangathan (2007) 11.Return of Hanuman (2007) 12.Roadside Romeo (2008) 13.Dashavatar (2008) 14.Ghatothkach (2008) 15.Cheenti Cheenti Bang Bang (2008) 16.Jumbo (2008) 17.Bal Ganesh (2009) 18.Lav Kush - The Warrior Twins (2010) 19.Toonpur Ka Superrhero (2010) 20.Ramayana: The Epic (2010) 21.Koochie Koochie Hota Hain (2011) 22.Arjun – The Warrior Prince (2012) 23.Delhi Safari (2012) **Ref.(

Issue 1

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INDIAN ANIMATION INDUSTRY One of the major conclusions that can be drawn from the list is what had been discussed in the first paragraph of this article. We can infer that the Indian animation industry is not thinking out of the box i.e. out of the mythological world. One of the major reasons why mythological is considered is that the Characters are easily recognizable to the audience. Although such movies gather Indian audience but the methodology of storytelling and lack of creativity fails to entertain the audie n c e . The storyline is slacky and also major creativity is required to make the movies better. The Indian animation industry should learn from Disney and Pixar how their stories are not only attractive to children but also put a smile on faces of the a u d i e n c e . Shanker Mohan , director, International film festival of India (IFFI) feels that there is a need for a platform to showcase and contemplate animation movies and its future in the country. The industry needs a good platform to showcase its movies. We have to work on developing trends which may increase demand of skilled manpower, increase budget of movies and use of animation across all sectors of the entertainment industry in India.

Though there are many negative points, we get hope from movies like Delhi Safari, Chhota Bheem and The Throne Of Bali. Such movies have got huge response from the audience.

Image ref.

Issue 1

Image ref.

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The UI and UX Design

Parag Verma

Hello Friends, I guess you all are quiet familiar with the terms UI and UX, Well giving you a brief about UI & UX. USER INTERFACE is an element which is used to interact or help the user to communicate with the machine or mobile or so on. But there is always a confusion that what is USER EXPERIENCE. So I want to clear your doubt in just one line i.e.

Final Year B.Sc A&G

UI != UX User Experience is very different from the User Interface. User Experience is the overall result or say final output of feedback which comes from the user side after experiencing the whole product, game, app. The most interesting fact about UI and UX are they both are the most widely used term in the field of IT. Today the requirement is totally changed, It becomes user-friendly and attractive with clear understanding to each and every targeted user. And for making the app, software, games and even websites, the user interface is one of the base component. In other words we can say that, UI is an ART of attracting the users in a very smart way that they find the app easy, and understands the app's each and every feature without any problem. - After all Design Speaks more than words. UI DESIGN is just similar to the very famous proverb"FIRST IMPRESSION IS THE LAST IMPRESSION." and of course the future market capture of your app is directly depends upon its UI. For ex: If you launched your app with the very useful and wonderful unique features which other apps does not have in them but the UI designing of your app is weird or irregular so at the end people will not use its features properly even if they wish too.

Issue 1

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The UI and UX Design

The Bottom line: How to make your UI better • Know Your Users • Pay Attention to patterns. • Stay Constant. • Use Visual Hierarchy. • Provide feedback. • Be forgiving. • Empower your users. • Speak their Language.  Keep it simple.  Keep moving forward Example : Custom UI Designed And Created By Parag Verma

Upcoming Opportunities: Being a UI & UX designer, I am experiencing the boom of UI in the market. There are high requirements in the field of UI & UX for a designer because there are many designers but for UI & UX the number is very less. If we talk about apps and games in mobile and websites there are different techniques for making a UI and so their methodology is also different. Every platform has its own techniques. for ex: Android, IOS, Black Berry, Windows etc. The Bottom Line: There is always a unique requirement in UI design and we have to make more creative work to fulfill those requirements. Now the trend of having at least one designer for UI and UX in the software development firm comes into practice. In the end, I would just say,

"First Impression matters a lot."

Issue 1

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Nature and Architecture

Stuti Jain Second Year B.Sc A&G

From past 500 years people were into thinking that architecture destroys nature but now it’s changing architects are not only incorporating nature into their design but are actually taking ideas from nature. According to Thomas Knittel Achieving equilibrium with the environment is where we hope to go with architecture, designing buildings with gradients and responsiveness. HOK designers drew inspiration from the barrel cactus, whose vertical ridges work as a self-shading device something that would cut down artificial cooling loads in the finished structure this is a good example of taking architectural ideas from nature.

Image ref.

Lavasa is India first planned hill city. During monsoon Valleys fill up with as much as nine meters of water for three months, but the site remains arid the rest of the year this condition is not good for modern agriculture techniques. HOK team got inspired from the area’s original ecosystem and now they are working with engineering consultancy Buro Happold and are designing a building foundation system to store water, as the trees once did. For rooftops they took ideas from banyan fig leaf so that roofs can be washed and to channel water through the city, for this they took idea from local harvester ants. HOK took inspiration from honeycomb, which retains its structural integrity even while twisting, for a twisting skyscraper in South Korea.

Issue 1

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Nature and Architecture

This system, with staggered supporting walls cantilevered from the core, allows each floor-plate to pivot around the center of the building, generating a structurally sound tower. This is a nice approach for developing new architectural structures, nature has evolved for 3.8 billion years and therefor there is nothing wrong in taking ideas from nature. This also helps in building ecofriendly structures. He concept of green building is great. It refers to the structure and process that is environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout a building's life-cycle. Eco bricks are now being developed which are energy and resource efficient bricks produced using cleaner production techniques. With improved quality, they result in reduced carbon footprints. And therefore now we can say that architecture is not dangerous for nature in fact it’s providing us new ways in which we can connect ourselves with nature and still live in cities and a luxurious life.

Image ref.

Issue 1

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Technological Evolution

Two Main Upcoming Technologies

Nidhi Chonkar First Year B.Sc IT

In the field of technology, many new technologies have been launched and are yet to be launched, but the main aim of this technology is to be making human efforts easier then it exist. One of two main technology which is yet to be launched are briefed below Smart contact lenses by Google

Image ref.

It is a new level of technology which is not yet launch but going to be launched shortly by Google. A “miniaturised” glucose sensor and a “tiny” wireless chip are embedded between the two layers of the lens substance there are also further plan to integrate small LED light in it which indicate the level of glucose when it has crossed infinite thresholds. It is used to measure the glucose level in tears and took like glitter bits. It can be useful for a diabetes patient to control their disease more sooner by just monitoring their glucose level frequently as abrupt drops or spikes are hazardous. Though the multiple clinical research studies that help in improving our prototype. It has been working with us food and drug administration (FDA) to get the product to conventional u s e . Google also experimenting more on it so as to include more useful things.

Issue 1

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Technological Evolution Smart phone by Micromax using MAD

Image ref.

An Indian mobile phone manufacture Micromax has extended its budget Smartphone collection with the addition of the MAD A94 this Smartphone is launched in India at cost of Rs 8,490 MAD A94 is the maker’s first gadget to sport its MAD app. Micromax canvas MAD A94 has a display of 4.5 inch full touch screen with 480*854 pixel screen resolution. It has 5MP back and 5MP front camera with auto focus and 1.5 GHz quad core Broadcom processer with 512 MB of RAM. Android 4.2.2 jelly bean is the OS on which this Smartphone runs. MAD is a app which allows the customer to watch allows the customer to watch advertisements and earn point for all the advertise viewed, that can be converted into actual money and credited into their prepaid or postpaid phone account.

Image ref.

Issue 1

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Amplify Coding Competition and Tech-Reel

Amplify Tech Committee has successfully organized Hackathon, technical seminars, workshops, and many more techie activities. The main highlight of this year’s tech events were the 'Coding Competition' and 'Tech Reel'. The Inter-college Coding Competition and Tech Reel Event were organized on 13th of April 2013.These events were sponsored by Forbes Marshall, MobiDo Wonders and Cafe Chokolade. To view the stills of the mentioned events you can visit this link and you can also refer to our registration page to get more info. The winner of the Coding Competition and Tech Reel were Yogesh Fulsundar from M. Sc. (IT), Rishi Raja and Akash Gajbhiye from B. Sc. (A&G) respectively. The winners were decided by experienced IT Professionals and industry intellectuals. Judges Voice . This type of events should go on, because students think out of the box and develop something that nobody has expected. Its really great effort by the organizing committee and wish them all the best for their future.

We think this is a tremendous exposure of what the students are getting by the industry interaction and we hope organizers of this event will carry on their good work.

This kind of event not just allow students to show their coding or presentation skills, but it also helps them to showcase their time management, team work, logical and analytical abilities. Students are very enthusiastic and one think I would like to mention that the organizers have done a great job. Hats

Issue 1

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Amplify Coding Competition And Tech-Reel

1. Registration Process

2. Introduction

3. Participants

4. Judges

Issue 1

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Amplify Coding Competition And Tech-Reel

Yogesh Fulsundar- M.Sc(IT)

Rishi Raja– B.Sc(AG)

Other Winners


Issue 1


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