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With deep gratitude in our hearts and humble pranams to Mahavatar Babaji, our Guruji Brahmarshi Prem Nirmal and to all the Masters of Guru Mandala, we are once again reviving Enlightened Times, a monthly newsletter for a very simple reason. It is the need of the time. Earlier Guruji was imparting teachings and helping people to become Master from Thane. All those in Mumbai and Thane were benefited and Tao Anand Spiritual Centre (TASC) has many budding Masters now. But with changing times things are moving faster. We are already into 2012 and to meet the target of critical mass of enlightened consciousness for saving earth from the expected calamities in 2012, Master is traveling all over the world to find out and help those who are interested in forming a part of the critical mass of enlightened consciousness. The mission of Enlightened Times is to help seekers all over the world to know all that is happening not only at TAO but at all Om Shri Gurve Namah places where Guruji conducts his workshops and events and help people realize their true Self. The mission is to always be connected to Guruji by implementing his teachings and always staying in touch with Guruji. Earlier being in touch meant being in the physical presence of the Master and being in the energy field of the Master. Indeed many miracles and healings have happened to many people in the Master‟s energy field. But what we think of as miracle is just an energy game for the Master. He is simply following the natural laws with awareness 24x7. The magic of Master‟s physical presence can never be denied or minimized but the vibrational changes that are expected due to 2012 has already started showing its evidence and a history of Sri Sri Mahavatar Babaji sorts happened for the first time when an online student from Skype by name ZORAN STEFANOVSKI connected online to Guruji for a Skype session and Guruji tried Shaktipat through his eyes and Zoran could well receive it through the screen online! This opened up the way to pass on SHIVAPAT experience. In a special way Guruji prepared Zoran in few minutes and Zoran could experience Shivapat too! It happened on Thursday 19th April 2012, 5pm IST. This is for the first time in the recorded history that a Spiritual Master is able to share his enlightenment through SHIVAPAT online! Impossible was made possible!! Guruji being a spiritual scientist has expressed that this experiment has opened up infinite possibilities…….Indeed now the possibilities are infinite and the best use that we can make of the high technology available today is to realize our true potential. The tools of Nirmal Kriya and Nirmal Dhyan through the medium of high technology can indeed make this possible and the mission of this newsletter is precisely that, to connect and to stay connected to the Master. You too can realize your true Self but it all depends on….how serious are you about it? Ma Gyaanda Niranjani

Guruji Brahmarshi Prem Nirmal Brahmarshi Prem Nirmal is a living enlightened master - a kriya yogi, a spiritual scientist, a compassionate Guru. He is a Guru who on one hand is so very approachable, so compassionate, down to earth, so like us, and on the other hand is one with profound knowledge, one in deep silence, a mystic, a yogi, an enlightened Master‌.. so very COMPLETE. Guruji was born in small village of Bayath, Gujarat, with minimal resources. He has lived his early life in pure and natural environment. From childhood he was so much full of prana, that he could see aura with naked eyes from the very beginning. He pursued his Electrical and Power Electronics Engineering from V.J.T.I., Mumbai University and did his Post Graduate studies in Cybernetics. His business of manufacturing SMPS and invertors, coupled with his main forte of Research and Development, enabled him to give more than 100 import substitutions to the governments. His first brush with the divinity was in the presence of Jiddu Krishnamurthy. Thereafter, He was Youth President of Chinmayananda mission for ---years. He was also lucky enough to be in the presence of Bhagwaan Osho before Bhagwaan left his body. He still recollects his sessions with Ranjit Maharaj in his small room. Eventually he met Dada Gawand, at Yeoor Hills, Thane. Under Dadaji's guidance and love, the bud became the flower. From businessman to a limitless compassionate Guru, the shift was as obvious as it seems, and is a living example of his philosophy of having a fine blend of material and spiritual life, very much in lines with the 'Middle Path' of Buddha. On the same lines, Guruji coined the concept of 'Enlightened Billionaire', which is a person who is spiritually and materially at the peak. Otherwise, one is directionless without the other. He is a crusader of householder's spirituality. Along with Guruma, he is an epitome of an ideal Grahasthi Yogi. Guruji has developed the Technology of Total Transformation, which includes his 21 teachings with the same reason in mind. From the very beginning he had a profound passion for scientific spirituality, a true scientist by heart. Scientific spirituality clears the doubts from the mind of the seeker, and the seeker walks the path with clarity and confidence. Influenced by Vihangam Marg of Ranjit Maharaj, Guruji says and proves that there are faster ways to evolution of the soul. The very reason for his confidence in declaring that Enlightenment can be Guaranteed!!! Endowed with a variety of talents, a trained trainer par excellence, he is founder director of TASC, TAO Anand Spiritual Center at Thane and has been conducting workshops on the attitudinal and skills training for the material as well as spiritual success in life. Guruji says "Awareness is the key", various meditational experiences, siddhi's are distractions on the way. Even only witnessing is not enough!! Witnessing along with awareness and understanding lead to Enlightenment. It does not require ages!!! Right understanding and right technology along with Nirmal kriya and Nirmal Dhyan will do the magic in this very lifetime!!!! Here is a Master in whose presence it feels as if all the questions are answered. Prosperity, Abundance consciousness oozes out from his every single action. He is a picture of calmness, yet unpredictable, playful and with a deep sense of humor. He is a Master who has had the privilege to learn from many masters, and who believes in making masters!!! He is Truly as master of tenth card!!! Ma Chinmayi Gurukripa

Gurumaa Bharati Nirmal Born on 1st Dec. 1962 at Nagpur in Maharashtra, as a school going child she used to go to Ramakrishna Mission every day and would love to enjoy the silence there. She would sit silently there not knowing at that age, what really meditation is! She did her graduation in Electrical Engineering specializing in Electronics. Being a hard core learner, she always was a topper and a merit holder all through school and college. Initially she worked as electronics R & D engineer in corporate sector and then in June 1986 she along with Prem Nirmal started a Power Electronics Manufacturing Unit in Mumbai. They had specialized in Custom-designed Power Electronics Projects and gave lot of import substitutes to India. During that period she headed R & D, Production and Quality Control departments. She developed lot of products for Indian defense forces, Electronic communication industry, CNC Automation equipments, Medical equipments and Automobile industry. On the way they got married in 1989 and started working all the time together in whatever they did – may it be running the industry, taking care of home, serving and learning from the masters or running a spiritual organization. Along with the electronic business, in April 1997, they also co-founded Training Institute and a Meditation Centre “TAO (Total Approach Organization)”, now known as “TASC (Tao Anand Spiritual Centre)” & “Tao Anand Library” at Thane. They also have an Ashram near Kalyan, TAO Pyramid Dhyan Kendra. She is deeply interested in the Science of “Lifetronics”. She is an passionate learner and a scientific experimenter in the field of Self-unfoldment, Noetics, Meditation, Astrology, Ayurveda, Mudrashastra, Swarayoga , Ancient scriptural knowledge and Spiritual Sciences. For last 12 years she has been regularly travelling to Himalayas for meeting different Yogis and learns from them. Their home is a place where all different Masters frequently visit, stay and interact. Thus working relentlessly and passionately, she has balanced the material and spiritual side of life very well and completing every aspect that came her way, with the Grace of the Masters, has moved in life very happily. She has translated the books of their Master Shri Dadaji Gavand - “Beyond the Mind” and “Intelligence beyond Thought” in Marathi titled as “Manachya Palikade” and “Uday Vaishvik Pradhnyecha”. She also writes articles and poems regularly in Marathi and English magazines. She also has co-authored a book on Reincarnation in Marathi with Swami Anand Rishi. Sri Mahavatar Babaji‟s Grace has made her capable of walking the talk of “Householder‟s Spirituality”. Now on completing all the household duties, having fulfilling relationships and setting the life right, she has fully dedicated her life to the mission of spreading spirituality and for fulfilling this mission, she is travelling world over to different places with her husband Guruji Prem Nirmal for teaching meditation and self-unfolding sciences. Now she is mother not only to their daughter; but travelling to different corners of the world, she has become Gurumaa - loving and nurturing all the children of their spiritual family spread world-over.

Expressing Gratitude Very few of us are blessed with the presence of a living Enlightened Master in our life. But how many of us have a real respect for this blessing of life? The Master tries many things to develop our faith and trust in him. Initially he helps us resolve our problems by either scientifically proving things to us or helping us to develop our own clairvoyance ability so that we can see it with our own eyes. Only after this we start believing in him! When we see with our own eyes, the truth of what he is talking, only then we develop some faith and trust in him. Then the doubt goes off and we become receptive to the real understanding that Master imparts onto us. Sometimes the Masterâ€&#x;s grace may create a miracle in our life! It may be a miracle for us; but for the Master it is a mere play of energy. He understands the natural laws of the energy dimension and can manifest things in our life. Seeing the temperament and the urgent need of the person, the Master gives him what he wants to give him some relief from the web of his perceived problems. This is done so that the person can become little inward and starts walking the path of spirituality. We too are happy when miracles happen with us and in that happy state we simply see only the end result – the relief from the problem and we pay no heed to the reason behind the miracle. Why it happened and what the whole episode is trying to tell us. We simply get carried away with our emotions. Sometimes, we are overwhelmed and we try to express our gratitude to the Master by some gifts and we feel the deal with the Master is over. But what most of us do not understand is that when the Master accepts the gift, it is not because he needs it. The Master is always aware and understands that by being one with the existence, existence is taking care of him. He accepts it because he understands the law of karma. Master understands that we value money the most and because we are happy and value what he has done, we part with that which is utmost valuable for most of us. The graceful acceptance by the Master, of what we offer him, helps us to offset our karma to certain extent. Life will give us what we deserve - nothing more or nothing less! If we do not respect what the Master has done for us and choose to forget it then existence will keep on bestowing us with situations that will demand learning lessons and growth will happen only when we start learning the lessons. One of the biggest lessons that we all need to learn is the lesson of gratitude. Yes, parting with that which is most valuable to us is an expression of gratitude but then simply forgetting the whole thing thereafter will invite only more lessons learning. The Compassionate Master understands all this but still keeps on doing his job. He expects nothing in return from us. It is our need to learn the lessons and grow, the Master needs nothing. We do not realize that when the miracle happens it is like a wake-up call for us to look within, to grow in awareness and understanding. The Master is neither interested in money nor in having followers. He simply wants that just as his lamp within has been lit the same happens to others. That others too light their lamp within and spread the light in the world and help others in lighting their lamp of divinity within. Gratitude can be expressed in many ways and one of the easiest ways to do so is learning the lessons fast by putting into practice the teachings and understanding imparted by the Master and living the teachings and understanding. This will also enable us to stay connected with the Master. When our job is done, help others. Just offering some gifts to the Master and then forgetting the Master and his teaching is a very limited way of expressing our gratitude. We can be sure then that even the existence will understand this limited means and blessing of the presence of the Enlightened Master may simply disappear! Existence always gives us what we deserve and not what we desire, nothing more and nothing less!! Ma Gyaanda Niranjani

Technology of Total Transformation This book Technology of Total Transformation is an “Awareness Development Program” and can be used as an aid for walking the path to Moksha, to Nirvana, to Enlightenment. The teachings help us to go deep into the aspect of human evolution and examine how every human being can grow inwards and walk the path to enlightenment. The teachings can be helpful to understand life in its entirety and how the common man can also walk the path to enlightenment and make the journey easier. It will create a deeper understanding and it will make it convenient for everyone to walk the path. That is why the “Understanding” of these 21-point teaching program is very important along with the practice of Nirmal Kriya and Nirmal Dhyan. Teaching no 1: Practice „Householder‟s Spirituality‟: (Grihasthion ka Adhyatma). Be wherever you are and lead a normal “Grihasthi” life. Do your normal duties with responsibility, as a family member, an employee or a businessman. No renunciation! No escapism in the name of Sanyas!! Only a positive approach to life!!! Practice of householder‟s spirituality is about continuing to do whatever we do without renouncing family, world and material life to walk the path of spirituality. Many take Sanyas to escape from one‟s normal duty as they are unable to face the challenges of life. Householder‟s spirituality entails doing normal duties and making suitable changes in the lifestyle so as to make it easier to walk the path of spirituality. In the original ancient Indian culture the Rishis have promoted four stages of life – Brahmacharya Ashram – The time to study and grow.

Grihastha Ashram – Perform optimum at job / in business, get married, have children and enjoy life. All this is necessary to understand how life moves.

Vanaprashtha Ashram – Start detaching self from the normal household duties, delegating the responsibilities to others & preparing self for the spiritual journey.

Sanyas Ashram – No more bound by the householder‟s duties one is fully immersed in self. Anybody who directly opts for Sanyas Ashram from Brahmacharya Ashram is escaping the responsibility of Grihastha Ashram and Vanaprashtha Ashram. One has to go through all the above four stages to understand life otherwise one remains immature and even the spirituality will not mature.

Four Purusharthas are mentioned in the original Rishi culture. Dharma - Dharma has two meanings. One is conviction of your life which one develops and the other is in the form of swadharanma which means knowing one‟s own nature, realizing one‟s true self, doing one‟s duties and walking the path with great understanding. The right understanding, view, perception has to come. This is what the Gurukul system was doing in Brahmacharya Ashram. Artha - In this the importance of money is understood without which the household duties cannot be performed. In this the youngsters are trained in a proper manner to be Grihasthis and to go through the Grihastha Ashram properly. Kama - Kama does not means lustfulness but means fulfillment of desires in a right manner. But first comes Artha that is acquiring money, resources and setting life right and then fulfilling the desires. Moksha - With this mature outlook one should walk the path of moksha. Anybody escaping the Artha and Kama aspects, the temptations of money and sex will be very heavy and if such a person goes for Moksha directly then he is likely to slip. By walking the path in the above mentioned sequence, life will hold its own beauty and spirituality will have its own maturity and depth. To attain Moksha one has to transcend the above stages. There will be no temptations and path to Moksha opens up. Thus the path of Householder‟s spirituality is all about setting the life right, doing kriya and meditation, having Understanding of 36 elements and Vihangam marg, and developing Awareness. There is no escapist mentality. The chances of growth are better when challenges are faced squarely. It is very scientific in nature and complete. One is complete only when one says “yes” to the material as well as the spiritual world. Householder‟s spirituality is about developing both the aspects simultaneously, becoming stronger, balancing life, fine tuning the middle path and reaching the peak.

Nirmal Kriya What is Nirmal Kriya? “Nirmal Kriya” is a simple, easy to practice breath work developed by Living Enlightened Master & Scientific Mystique Prem Nirmal with guidance from Babaji, for the modern man to eliminate stress and negativity instantly and fill you with positivity and harmony. “Nirmal Kriya” helps you to heal from within at the deepest level and it helps you to dive deep into meditation. There are basically two types of “Nirmal Kriyas”  25HB ( Healing Breaths ) Nirmal Kriya and  49HB ( Healing Breaths ) Nirmal Kriya Advantages of “25HB NIRMAL KRIYA” Preliminary immediate benefits of “25HB Nirmal Kriya” as reported by thousands of participants: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7)

Reduces stress levels dramatically in a very short duration. Immediately boosts Vitality levels “25 HB Nirmal Kriya” puts you in positive & joyous state of mind. Helps you to have positive health and wellness. Helps you to improve the quality of sleep and have more energy. Helps in releasing limiting thoughts, beliefs and negative emotions. Significantly increases your overall sense of well-being and inner peace.

Secondary Long-term benefits of “25HB Nirmal Kriya” as reported by participants: 1) Helps eliminate stress induced dysfunctional feelings and behavior including anger, depression, fear, anxiety etc. 2) Creates healing of emotional trauma. 3) Dramatically improves EQ (Emotional Quotient based on Emotional Intelligence) 4) Helps you to recover from all addictions more quickly and easily. 5) Slows down the aging process by eliminating the harmful effects of stress. 6) Improves your vitality levels which results in over all sense of well-being, health and happiness. 7) Dramatically accelerates mental, emotional and spiritual growth. 8) Helps to develop the ability to connect with people (because of increased intuition) that helps in creating successful and loving relationships. 9) Helps you to improve personal effectiveness, creativity, and ability to take key decisive actions and thus enjoy life to the fullest. “49HB Nirmal Kriya” has multifold effect. It helps in detoxing, (removing toxins from body-brain system) energizing, healing and awakening your Prana-Shakti. Doing “49 HB Nirmal Kriya” consciously helps to heal our self defeating patterns at sub-conscious level. It removes deep seated emotional issues. After doing “49 HB Nirmal Kriya”, you feel something has changed deep within you. You also feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

The biggest advantage of “49 HB Nirmal Kriya” is… It helps in creating “Nirmal Sthiti” within from where the quantum jump in meditation happens. Millions of people world over are struggling to enter the state of Meditation. “Nirmal Kriya” ends this struggle instantly! “Nirmal Kriya” can be repeated during any time of the day. You do not need any cassette or gadget for doing “Nirmal Kriya”. You do not need to travel to join a group and you do not need any outside teacher once you have learnt it in a right way. “Nirmal Kriya” can help you to come out of your negative emotions if practiced at the onset of such negative emotional states. For example, if you feel that depression is just happening, immediately practice “Nirmal Kriya” and it will disappear! Such is the magic of “Nirmal Kriya”!! Many such cases are reported and proven scientifically. Ultimately, “Nirmal Kriya” is to lead you to the state of enlightenment. As you do more and more “Nirmal Kriya”, your cellular level changes will create a new YOU. With regular practice of “Nirmal Kriya” followed by meditation; you are reborn! Through your commitment to practice “Nirmal Kriya” and Meditation on day to day basis, which is to focus on emphasizing the positive, you will increase balance in your life. That balance is the basis of wholeness and fulfillment. “Nirmal Kriya” is a simple balancing technique that is also a powerful tool for life transformation!

Secrets of Nirmal Dhyan Dhyan means meditation. Meditation is freedom from thought, a state of no mind. It is a state of pure consciousness with no contents. It is the activation of natural „seeing‟ activity of the „Self‟ or consciousness. It is the finest way to increase one‟s personal energy by getting connected to the Source. Meditation means to be in thoughtless state in full awareness. First three steps of "Nirmal Dhyan" are to sharpen our skill of witnessing. It helps us to begin the process and quiets the mind to a great extent but the real magic starts in fourth stage while "Refreshing Awareness every nano second". This is the way to align Awareness with witnessing that change the quality of witnessing to a very great extent. It also prepares you for the next step. Fifth step is "Sandhikal Jagrukta". This is the most significant method that helps you enter the GAP without much of the problem. Even first timers have reported good results. All along most Meditators found entry to "Thoughtless State" a most arduous task. Fifth step of "Nirmal Dhyan" makes it very easy. It also has a secret of how to stay in that GAP! As you learn to stay in GAP with full Awareness, lots of cosmic energy starts flowing into your body through crown chakra! This is the experience of "Shaktipat". This cosmic energy is very soothing and healing. In 15 minutes, it has the capacity to heal Body-Mind beyond our imagination! Sixth step in "Nirmal Dhyan" is the most miraculous. Shivapat vibrations are felt in expanding awareness state. Shivapat has got capacity to remove deep rooted negativity, remove hatred, jealously, guilt, shame etc from human systems completely, remove possession of any kind, and remove negative vibrations picked up from others while interacting with them. Even attacks of "Energy Vampires" are healed in this step! Two non-harmonious persons sitting side by side and passing through this process of Kriya plus six steps of Dhyan will have tremendous healing effect on their relationship. Shivapat vibrations are stored in "Chidakash Smrity" (Consciousness Memory – not very good translation but we do not have better word for it in English!) and hence it has the capacity to help us cross Vaitarna River while being alive thus avoiding becoming "Earth Bound Soul" and hence no "Pitru Dosha" for next generation in the family. Even those people who are suffering because of "Pitru Dosha" are healed with Shivapat experience!

Ma Chinmayi Gurukripa‟s Sharing…….. Indeed the teachings are profound and touch deep within. These teachings have benefitted millions in different ways and Ma Chinmayi Gurukripa shares with us her understanding. 99% of the people world-over are Grihasthis. Earlier, as much as I liked the idea of marrying, having children, having relatives, enjoying, I wondered why? Why to go through all this? Various functions, taking care of needs of all, guests, everyday house work, earning, and then earning more, then paying tax, etc. etc. and maintaining all this. It is too much of a hassle. Some people do live without all this right? But somewhere I also knew that I have got this life and I have to experience everything possible, otherwise at the end, I will surely feel kind of hollow inside. There was confusion, why do this or why do that? If I take up one what if I miss out on the other one? This teaching of Guruji cleared all my doubts. Now I know I can have best of both the worlds. As promoted by Rishi culture Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha, these 4 purusharthas are very scientific. Have a conviction of life, know yourself, earn, fulfill your desires and liberation automatically. It is easier to leave things when you have experienced them, lived them. How can you leave something which you don‟t have/and have not experienced? For this very reason our great Rishis promoted four stages of human life Brahmacharyashram, Grihasthashram, Vanaprasthashram and Sanyasashram. Escaping to fourth stage directly may lead to immaturity and there are chances of falling back. Earlier this teaching, like most of the other 21 teachings of Guruji were more like text-to-be-read, now I know their true significance. Now there is no guilty feeling, now I have respect and high regards for every householder as well as true sanyasis. Thank you Guruji for showing me the light!!!

Masters Wisdom

Precious Pearls on ‘Meditation’ Have you ever watched your mind with aloof attention (Shakshi Bhava)? If you can, you will understand the fantastic capacity of mind to create images, concepts, visions and so called meditative experiences! Mind is ever ready to cook up stories!! As long as you are with words, thoughts, images, dreams, visions… You are in the field of mind. Do you ever meditate?

Precious Pearls on ‘Understanding’ A wave on the ocean develops the notion that I am different from the ocean! The fact is that they had never been separate! So what does a wave need to do to become ocean? Nothing! Wave is ocean, all the time! Only the misunderstanding has to go. That‟s all. “Ego” is the biggest misunderstanding. Right understanding is realization. See God in everyone. Serve God in everyone. Selfless Service is the best way of uplifting your spirit.

Precious Pearls on ‘Enlightenment’ When an unlit lamp that is ready, comes nearer to a lamp that is lit, it immediately catches the flame! Lit lamp has lost nothing and unlit lamp has got everything! This is Guru-Kripa the Grace of the Master!!! Many lamps are shining in a room, can you tell which one was lit first and which second? What difference does it make? Lamp is lit - that‟s all!

Precious Pearls on ‘Love’ Never lose sight of the fact that the most important yardstick of your being human is how you make other person feel. Unconditional forgiveness relieves you of the burden on your heart while unconditional loves heals you completely from within!

Divine Mission: Guruji's Programs and Tours Ashtavakra Geeta Camp Pyramid Ashram, Kalyan, Mahrashtra, India Starts at Friday 25th January 2013, 4 pm till Monday 27th January 2013 9am

Kriya Yoga Workshop (Level 1) TAO, Thane 16th and 17th Feb 2013

Seva Paramo Dharam This New Year 2013 brought great joy and happiness for children of Kolum and Dahivali village near our Pyramid Ashram Kalyan. Enlightenment Education Society (EES) touched upon yet some more lives by providing them essential things like water tanks and buckets for Kolum children, absence of which they had to walk few miles for water. Dahivali school students from 1st to 3rd standard were excited to receive crayons and pencil-erasers. 4th to 7th standard students were happy to receive geometry boxes and biscuits.

ॐ सर्वे भर्वन्तु सुखिनः सर्वे सन्तु ननरामयाः । सर्वे भद्राखि पश्यन्तु

मा कश्श्िद्ुःिभाग्भर्वेत ् ।

ॐ शाश्न्तः शाश्न्तः शाश्न्तः ॥

Seekers Page Life-transforming journey of Ma GyaandaNiranjani TAO – a sacred temple of learning. No, it is not merely a place but a sacred temple. But, why a temple? A temple, because a temple signifies a serene place, a place with high energies and vibrations.Where one meets God and surrenders to God. God here means the divinity hidden within and surrendering oneself means surrendering the ego. But are things so simple? Yes indeed they are if one works with the basics. If one sticks to the basics then every perceived complicated or complex situation can be overcome. One of the basic things in life is the way we look at life or approach life. In common parlance it is known as Attitude. Each one of us have our own attitudes based on the inputs received in our formative years and at times even carried forward from our previous lifetimes and are reflected within us as habits and patterns and we operate out of these habits and patterns. Attitudes are also formed out of the various conditionings that one undergoes and could be parental, educational, social, cultural, regional, and national and many others. Then our every action is done with this colored vision and we miss simple facts of life, as we do not see things as they are but see them as we are. When I came to TAO I too was operating out of rut, habits and patterns and conditionings but things changed when I stumbled upon these simple secrets of life. There is nothing as material and spiritual life. Life comprises of both at any given point of life. The bifurcation is made by inappropriately used instrument called mind. Life has to be lived in totality.     

To live life in totality one need to align oneself with cosmic intelligence. Responding and not reacting to situations and life. The basic understanding behind this is that one cannot direct the wind but can definitely adjusts the sails. There is nothing like right and wrong. Based on situation one should do what is appropriate. To inculcate in life all the basics that are conducive to growth and to do away with all that is self limiting and self defeating. To live life in awareness of the divinity within and without and with understanding to sustain the same.

But a major shift happened within when I stumbled upon my life mission. The struggle and the search ended. Now the energies are simply focused on aligning everything that I do for the life mission and life purpose. My four years old journey has been about learning these basic things. The easiest way to do this is to increase the Awareness and Understanding. The learning has to happen with this aim. The entire sadhana now revolves around this. With these two wings of Awareness and Understanding one learns to fly in the open sky of this inwards journey. But the flight is not a simple flight. The presence of living Enlightened Master makes the flight, a flight of an Eagle. Unknowingly and in a very playful way life transformed in the last four years in this temple of learning. Indeed coming to TAO is LIFE TRANSFORMING!! Before TAO life was good, But wanted it to be better and smooth, In TAO stumbled upon the best, and will continue to live so till the last breath.

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