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We’re not about numbers. But what’s an annual report without a few facts and figures?

2012 was a year

for the books.

so we made


December - Finished our first year strong

July 2012 - Hit 1,000 visitors on our website

July 2012 - Our first international client

June 2012 - We finally designed our own logo

May 2012 - One of our logo designs becomes a permanent arm tattoo. (not on ourselves of course)

April 2012 - First client website launch

March 2012 - First new client

February 2012 - (Day 2) first lesson learned the hard way. Oops.

February 2012 - Paradox becomes official

November 2011 - the idea of Paradox was born

A bright sunny day in 2010 - our team met for the first time

Feel free to flip the book to prevent neck cramps.

our timeline

selected work

Taco Tuesdaze

Our growth 4 Employees 3 Contracted designers / developers 20 Books read among our team 5 Pounds gained

(side effect of the tacos)

We have gone

20 days without a


injury Our previous record was 18 days (paper cut)


How we stay productive All Apple products of course

selected work


Paradox 2012 Annual  

The story of our first year