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Interview with

Nuclear Energy Its time has passed

Keys to the Universe

Cosmic Master Keys at Sirius & Hollow Earth

Katie Gallanti,

Channel & Spiritual Teacher


Sexuality Women’s Sexual Fulfilment

Successful Meditation 10 Hot Tips

Orbs! ISSN 1745-4336


Stranger than Fiction

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Issue 49. Nov- Jan 2011


Interview with Katie Gallanti Multidimensional Healer, Conscious Channel and Planetary Lightworker by Edwin Courtenay


We challenged Jhadten to draw Paradigm Shift’s Quantum Self


Astrology Update

The Ceres-Pluto conjunction is pivotal to everything between October and the final Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in January


Take the time to step out of your learned self

by Claire Cusack

by Marcus Mason


Healing through Awakening


The Keys to the Universe There are 48 keys to the universal wisdom, each of which accesses part of the knowledge of the universe

I found myself in the midst of a spiritual and psychological breakthrough

by Mical Akullian

by Diana Cooper



Women’s Sexual Fulliment

Find those pieces of joy, those little bits that bring you pleasure and a smile to your face.

The Group through Steve Rother

The sexual fulfilment of women is vital for harmony and the well being of society as a whole

by Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita

Space Weather is generating new and rare geophysical and atmospheric affects


by Susan Joy Rennison

Nuclear Energy. Its time has passed Nuclear energy interferes most disastrously with the inner composition of the planet


The Energy Crash

H-A through Tony Neate



Orbs! Stranger than Fiction

Thought to be life forms from the spirit realms that wish to communicate with us

by Wendy Stokes



The New Light The raw material out of which you create the future is light Sananda through Christopher Sell

10 Tips for Meditation

Meditation can help to release and, importantly, prevent stress.

by Jonathan Barber

Quantum Self Portrait by Jhadten Jewall

Integrating the Higher Self

Dimensional Doorways

Its Galactic Storm Time

The ‘energy crash’ occurs as a result of us ‘coming down’ from a high and expanded state of energy and consciousness Michael Scott through Edwin Courtenay


Question Time with Diana Cooper


Alternatives & Reader’s Club Activate your DNA by Scott Crystal Awakening by Jayne Smith


Dream Time with Wendy Stokes




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‘Halls of Heaven’

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“I try to create art that can have a positive uplifting effect on the human soul to keep hopes and dreams alive.”

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Issue 49. Nov - Jan 2011

Paradigm Shift

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Issue 49. Nov — Jan 2010

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Issue 49. Nov- Jan 2011

asked to cope with a level of chaos that many of us haven’t seen since we began our journey within. Despite all the healing and clearing, so diligently done, we seem to be plumbing the depths, more often than scaling the heights, of spiritual experience. The new energies are flooding our planet with hardly any respite now and according to a message (which I believe came from Djwhal Khul through Edwin Courtenay) we are experiencing the rippling out of the great shift itself - like sitting in a small boat bobbing up an down on the bow wave of an ocean liner. As soon as we are lifted up to the sun and sky we are immediately swamped by the crashing waves of heavy discordant frequencies. Hopefully there will be some manageable periods of a more gentle wave like motion between these peaks and troughs.

to issue 49 of Paradigm Shift, the last one of this year, and I know I often go on about how time is speeding up, but it really is getting to be beyond a joke now! We’re all trying to fit a full day in to nearly half as much time and its quite a struggle. Yet, my vegetables seem to take it all in their stride. Seeds planted germinate, grow and ripen within the correct timespan and without complaint - I often expect to hear murmurs of discontent as I make my daily inspection, but no, they just raise their smiling faces to the sun and get on with it. Likewise, our beloved black cat performs his daily rituals of eating and sleeping as if nothing is amiss. So all this trouble with time must just be our perception. We treat time as if it is a constant, whereas in fact it is variable, and we try and fit everything into this now rigid construct instead of just going with the flow. One message even joked that humans had managed to measure something that doesn’t actually exist! If we went back to looking at the sun, rather than our watches, and staying focussed in the present moment, then perhaps we could once again be as laid back about our experience of time as cats and vegetables.

The exciting thing about all of this is that the moments at the top of the wave are awesomely clear, powerful and joyful. So the good thing about our perception of time speeding up, is that the next couple of years with all their ups and downs will be appear to be over in a jiffy and we will be making that great shift. I for one can’t wait! See you all again in January. Namaste Love & blessings Claire Margaret Williams

As the intensity in the build up to the coming global shift increases we are being

© Paradigm Shift


Issue 49. Nov - Jan 2011

~ visit our blog at ~

Welcome . . .

Katie Gallanti Multidimensional Healer

Conscious Channel & Planetary Lightworker

Interview by Edwin Courtenay October 2010

For those of our readers who have not encountered you before could you introduce yourself and tell us a little about what you do and how you work? Where to start . . . ! I was named after my grandmother who like me was a Catherine that went by the name of Katie. My middle name is Mary Magdalen and I believe I carry some of that feminine archetypal energy in me. As we know, our names are rarely a random choice. I was born in England and I lived both in London and in Italy for many years. And now I live in California. I have travelled extensively in my life, which has given me exposure to different cultures, which is always a mind expanding experience. Travelling is one of the ways in which we get our belief systems to shift, as many belief systems are culture specific. I started travelling at four years old, so I guess my beliefs needed to be very well shuffled right from the get go.

I have never had the pleasure of meeting Katie Gallanti in the flesh but must admit – as an avid reader of Paradigm Shift myself – her articles are amongst the first that I devour every time I get my copy. Spirit having always made it very clear to me that the information both she and her team bring forwards is always of great merit and value. As I ‘tuned’ into her to see what Spirit wanted me to ask I saw an incredible fountain of light, a shimmering crystalline glow of turquoise and topaz blue, brilliant white and brilliant pale golden yellow. This – my guides told me – was Katie, an incredible channel of great integrity, purity and sublime power. I could see how the intricate and perfectly balanced structure of her mental body grounded the spiritual light of her connection enabling the great forces she worked with to express themselves with little to no distortion, quite an achievement I can tell you! Katie seemed to hold this power and alignment with such admirable ease, and imbued it all with such incredible love and tenderness towards mankind. This is what she had to say when I put to her our questions … © Paradigm Shift

In my work, I am a multidimensional healer, metaphysical counsellor, writer, teacher, conscious channel and planetary lightworker. I also make jewellery that I channel from the Cosmic Planes, designed to activate very high frequencies of the feminine energy in the human form. As a planetary lightworker, I work to shift world energies and the collective consciousness through my writing and planetary energy work. As a healer I specialise in working with people’s psyches, energy fields and Souls. In a way I am a little like a cosmic psychotherapist, working with people’s blockages at many levels simultaneously. I help people shift blockages from their present life, past lives, 6

Issue 49. Nov- Jan 2011

You work with a fascinating Council of spiritual beings, can you tell us a little bit about them and how you first encountered them?

multidimensional aspects and Soul so they may have an easier time with the Earth plane, their Soul mission and the clearing of old wounds and karmic load, thus enabling them to resolve multi-lifetime karmic streams, and even clear blockages as far back as the birth of their Soul. With many clients I have literally been called to clear the whole karmic track of the Soul, way back to their birth as an individuated consciousness until present expression. I also assist people in activating higher levels of being, in connecting with multidimensional selves on the high planes, in connecting with guides and councils, in upgrades to new councils, and in getting clear about one’s Soul mission and how to actualise it. I also provide people with tailor made manifesting processes that help them make their Soul aligned and with the manifestation of homes, jobs, and all that is needed to live in fullness.

I work with multiple Councils of beings, both Cosmic and Galactic/Universal. However my main Councils are the Council of Cosmic Fire and the Council of the Cosmic Christ. My highest aspect belongs to both these Councils, so I essentially work with the Councils that my highest multidimensional aspect resides on. These are councils of pure angelic light, very close to the Core of Creator, on a plane that I call the Cosmic Plane, on the 12th dimension. The Council of Cosmic Fire is the Council of the Creative Spark of the Divine and is closely associated to the Ray of Divine Will and Power. The Council of Cosmic Christ is the Council of beings from which the Christ Consciousness energy emanated and is attuned to the Ray of Wisdom and Love (at least in the form in which it interacts with me). I started working with the Council of Cosmic Fire in 2004, when I consciously downloaded my OverSoul Self into this body. The relationship with the Cosmic Councils was a direct result of this download, as it is only possible to work with these kinds of Councils if we somehow already belong to them energetically. Our vibration and their vibration must match, which I believe is common of most multidimensional human to high being relationships. I connected with the Council of Cosmic Christ in 2008, very unexpectedly and out of the blue one afternoon on my patio. They have been gently whispering in my ear since then.

For the past couple of years I have also helped with relationship issues at the Soul level, connecting people to their Soul mates and helping them deal with their relationships from an elevated evolutionary perspective, often connecting the Souls of a couple so they may learn to communicate at the Soul level, as well as helping with the resolution of karmic blockages or issues that keep the heart closed. It is my understanding that as we are approaching a peak in the ascension energies many divine couples are reuniting so that they can usher in the new world to be, with new templates of love. This is very much a fun part of my recent work and an enjoyable aspect of the ascension process. I love facilitating these reunions when called to. My working method is varied. I do a lot of phone work. As a strong empath I am clearer on the phone than in person, so this works well for me. I also do distance energy clearing work with notes sent to the person after the fact. This is better when there is a lot of psychic research to do, such as when I clear a person’s Soul Records. But generally I work on the phone, in conjunction with my Councils and the person’s higher self and guides. I work in the moment with what is presented, usually with some combination of energy clearing work, guided meditations and processes, past life regressions, inner child work, and whatever I am guided to in the moment. No two people are alike and, even after ten years of working in this field, there are often still surprises.

You are an incredibly academically educated individual, do you find this aids and assists your spiritual work or does it get in the way? I was ‘guided’ to do all the academic work and have always integrated my mind with my work. One of my Soul contracts is to translate high concepts into a workable form to understand complex esoteric structures so that I can then explain them to others in simple terms. The academic work helped me develop focus of mind, which has helped rather than hindered this process, and it has also opened many doors. When people hear that I have a Masters degree in Theoretical Physics they automatically assume that I am smart and not crazy, which allows me to speak freely of the most outlandish topics to highly rational left brain individuals. It seems to help with affording me respect rather than ridicule in the wider world. So it helps with issues of credibility. I believe that my most recent Masters degree in Psychology is going to come in handy when I start writing books - I am planning to write several books on multidimensional psychology and healing. It is helpful to have the Earth background in the subject and the credibility it affords, as I launch into integrating new multidimensionally based psychological concepts with what we already know of basic psychology.

How exactly did you awaken to your spiritual path and what where your first reactions to it all? I first awoke spiritually in 1995, when I was twenty-seven years old. I am now forty-three. It was a very sudden and intense experience. Within one week I went from being a person that really did not have any interest in spirituality to a full blown mystic and channel. The outer trigger was listening to a tape on multidimensional reality by Gill Edwards, a tape that a friend had sent me in the mail. I listened to this tape, on repeat, while I was painting my kitchen and I saw the ceiling open up and my consciousness went through it and into the cosmos. I suddenly saw myself in the middle of galaxies and black holes. And for a moment I merged with the ALL and I knew the mind of God.

Can you tells us a little about ‘Cosmicessence’? The name Cosmicessence came to me in 2001, when I was in my kitchen with my boyfriend and we were talking about websites. He was explaining to me that website names were starting to get booked up quickly and that I may want to think about purchasing a domain name. I immediately saw in my mind’s eye the name Cosmicessence written on a blue background and I bought the domain name that same day.

When I returned to my body from this experience, my life had been permanently changed. The next day I began a relationship with my first two guides, Solomon and the Blue Lady, and I have not turned back since. That was the rocket launch experience into a very accelerated spiritual path. © Paradigm Shift


Issue 49. Nov - Jan 2011

What up and coming workshops or projects do you have in store?

This was before I had any awareness of my Cosmic Councils or of the Cosmic Plane. I guess it was the beginning of that download. From the start my website has been a portal for these Cosmic energies, even if I did not consciously understand this at the time.

No workshops for now. I am keeping my focus on the planet and I’m very busy behind the scenes shifting dark energy out of this plane and working with the collective energy field and planetary grid. I do however give frequent radio interviews, which you can find on my Warrior Visionaries website Radio interviews are currently the most effective way to spread timely information, so I am very open to these. Other than that, my focus is mostly on writing books, and I also write on my blog www.cosmicperspectives. I am doing a lot of teaching on Facebook right now and it feels very positive and purposeful to connect with people in real time through this medium. You can find me on Facebook at where you can join my two groups: Soul Metaphysics, and Warrior Visionaries which is my shadow shifting planetary work group.

You offer a wide range of absent spiritual assistance and I know from my own experience that some people much prefer one-to-one sessions and shy away from absent work. What would you say to encourage people to try an absent session and how do your absent sessions work exactly? I don’t do as many sessions remotely as I would like. Maybe about 10% of my sessions are remote because, as you say, people are not as open to these sessions. I mostly offer absent healing for energy clearing, karmic clearing, entity removal and space clearing. In these sessions the person and I exchange a few emails so I can get clear about the area in which they need help and any details required for the work (past history usually). After which I set aside time with my Councils and we systematically do psychic research to clear all that needs to be cleared. Sometimes there is detail with that and sometimes it’s just me zooming into area of focus and then removing or correcting energy from the multidimensional bodies and Soul records. These sessions are aimed towards in depth, fast clearing of blockages. Its easier to do this remotely and quicker, as there is no distraction to my tune in. After I am done I send brief summary notes of what was cleared to the client. I always offer people the option of a half-hour extra debriefing session for an additional small fee, if people feel the need to connect with me after the session. It’s a very efficient way of working for people who just want to see the issues shift, but do not require the counselling aspect.

Do you have any general guidance we might use as we approach 2012? My general advice is to not lose faith or focus. We are entering a period of turbulence and it is important to stay centred and not get discouraged. As the energies accelerate exponentially we are going to see the world as we know it disintegrate, and we may even see quite a few deaths and some calamity. This is not a sign of things going wrong but a symptom of acceleration. It is important to not get frightened, but to just engage more strongly our Soul, Guides, Councils and Source, assisted by which we can miraculously navigate all storms. The old has to die for the new to come forward. There will be some growing pains. However if we follow our guidance closely, we will always be in the right place at the right time. And we will always get the support we need. So hold on to your hats and snuggle up to your Creator during this last two years of intense change - and know that all is and will be well.

I hear you are in the process of writing a book, can you tell us a little about it? I am in the process of writing two books. The first is on Manifesting from a Soul perspective, with a ton of processes for people to use. Many of these are the techniques I have taught or channelled during my sessions or classes. The second is on planetary lightwork, where I give people tools for shifting collective energy and also a more in-depth view of the process we are engaged in here on planet Earth at this time. I am currently not writing as much as I would like because I am too busy earning my keep and doing planetary lightwork, which is a priority at this time. In an ideal world I would really like to have a few regular donors, so that I could work a little less and do more writing. But this has not manifested yet. I’m putting it out to the universe that funding for book writing is very welcome at this time. Feel free to email me if you want to find out more about my work in this area and if you would be interested in sponsoring some of it.

© Paradigm Shift

Katie Gallanti, MS, MA is a writer, teacher, metaphysical counsellor and multidimensional healer who works with the Cosmic Councils, assisting lightworkers, lightwarriors and spiritual seekers on the path through healing and guidance so that they may be more effective in the world and in their mission. For further information visit Katie’s websites or email katie@cosmicessence. com. You can also find Katie on Facebook at www.facebook/ katie.gallanti and join her expanding community of lightworkers. For more information about Edwin Courtenay please visit


Issue 49. Nov- Jan 2011

K E E N A H A tale of a soldiers final mission, the search for love, the soul and enlightenment by Tony Sloane Available on or order at your book store ISBN 978-0-557-11803-8

“This is a deeply inspiring and beautiful story, told with compassion and honesty, which shows that even the most difficult of life experiences can be overcome through spiritual practice and presence”

The water lily has long been seen as a symbol of unfolding consciousness, the heart as a symbol of feelings. These poems speak of a quest to bring awareness to the heart, marry consciousness with feeling, and invite a sense of freedom and compassion to flower. £9.99 ISBN 978-0-9555080-0-4

Marianne Friend

A new book by Mayan Lynch!


Rebirthing - Breath Therapy Holistic Massage - Aura Healing Holistic Holidays

Discover your natural psychic abilities; experience spiritual intuition & guidance.

& Swimming with Dolphins

One day ‘Intro to Rebirthing Breathwork’ Healing 2010 dates: Sept 5th, Oct 10th, Nov 14th Call 01932 780509 or 07966 565453 for further information or to book a session - mariannefriend@rebirthing

A readable and easy to understand very informative book. In a hurry? Order your copy online ~ £12 inc P&P Or email: for address to send cheque or postal order. Orders are sent within 3-5 days, usually quicker from website. Tel: 01202 772095

Try an uplifting and groundbreaking new perspective on life! Drop the one-life theory and see the bigger picture. Become happier and wiser as you realise that logic, beauty and love rule the Universe. “Ten Great Ways to Understand the World” is out now on Amazon By Else Byskov, author of “Death Is an Illusion”

There are 44 illustrations. Twelve tested easy to complete exercises and creative projects.

See review page 33. © Paradigm Shift


Issue 49. Nov - Jan 2011



by Marcus Mason “Oh, Divine Mother, you are in charge, not me.” Sri Aurobindo

neglecting her role as Earth-Mother, Nurturer and Goddess, so that Earth became barren from drought and devastation. Jupiter (Zeus) became so concerned that he sent Mercury (Hermes) to retrieve Persephone from the Underworld; but she had eaten seven pomegranate seeds there, so was bound to return for a part of every year. This myth was used to explain the seasonal cycles in the Eleusinian Mysteries. The four months when Persephone was in Hades, was the time of summer drought in ancient Greece.

A Unique Ceres-Pluto Alignment As NASA’s ‘Dawn’ spacecraft wings its way to encounter asteroid Vesta in 2011, and ‘dwarf ’ planet Ceres in 2015, the spiritual archetypes they represent are awakening within collective awareness.

However, the myth has a more profound meaning, concerning the soul’s evolution and cycles of re-incarnation. Zeus, Persephone’s father, had sanctioned her abduction by his brother Hades (her uncle), deeming it necessary for her spiritual evolution. The Greek ‘Kore’ (maiden) represents the innocent Soul dwelling in a blissful state of Divine Union the ‘magical child’. Pluto represents the unrelenting force of Spiritual evolution, ‘abducting’ the Soul from its blissful union with the Divine, and plunging it deep into physical form. There are echoes of Eve’s ‘temptation’ by the Serpent in the Garden of Eden and the Biblical ‘Fall’. The Serpent, like Pluto offers the possibility to remember our Divine Nature, re-awaken and embrace our spiritual power. This knowledge is only acquired through incarnation and immersion within the Form (Feminine) aspect of Deity, which includes the whole physical Universe. Through the lessons experienced in Form, the Soul consciously evolves back towards Divine Union – this is the gift of Pluto (and the Serpent).

Just after the Autumn Equinox, Ceres aligned with the Galactic Centre (GC), then became conjunct with Pluto in Capricorn on 20th October, just after midnight Universal Time (GMT). Ceres and Pluto are conjunct about every 5 years, so what’s the big deal? Well this conjunction that follows their alignments with the Galactic Centre, last occurred 249 years ago in 1761 CE, and will not occur again until 2259 CE. As, neither planet had been ‘discovered’ in 1761, their qualities had yet to emerge from the Unconscious. This is a crucial alignment, as we approach 2012. Ceres represents the Spirit of Mother Earth. After Pluto’s and Juno’s alignments with the Galactic Centre (GC) in recent years, Ceres’ GC alignment brought the opportunity to ‘pull in’ the memory of our ancient relationship with the Goddess, both as Mother Earth and Cosmic Mother. In her inspiring book Pele’s Wish, Sondra Ray writes “The Divine Mother is the feminine aspect of God, the intelligence behind matter. Einstein knew this. All my male gurus in India who perform miracles know this. It is the secret of their power. This is true power: love, safety and certainty. It is not ego power, which is about domination, control and anger. The great saint Sri Aurobindo said that the final stage of perfection is surrender to the Divine Mother.”

The pomegranate seeds represent the seven chakras, the energy centres where the soul attaches to the body and the world of Form. These attachments inevitably draw us back into incarnation, until we learn to transcend them. Pluto’s ‘abduction’ of the Soul into the Underworld challenges us to bring spiritual awareness into all levels of Being, so we may become freed from our physical, emotional and mental attachments. This Ceres-Pluto conjunction, occurring after their GC alignments, heralds a deep healing within the Collective Unconscious around all the issues in this myth. It is an unmissable opportunity for healing the ancient rift between the Spiritual and the Physical, and the perceived ‘antagonistic’ viewpoints of patriarchal and matriarchal beliefs.

The story of how our relationship with the Divine Feminine has been so roughly abused during the patriarchal eras of the last 4,000 years, comes down to us in myths such as that of Ceres (Demeter), Persephone (Kore) and Pluto (Hades), which can be interpreted at many levels. The Myth of Ceres, Persephone and Pluto Ovid’s Metamorphoses relates how, in a far-off Golden Age, Ceres and her innocent daughter wandered the Earth, enjoying a perpetual Spring. One day, as Persephone gathered narcissi, Pluto emerged from the Earth to rape and abduct her into the Underworld, to be his Queen. Ceres was grief-stricken; she roamed the Earth in search of her beloved daughter, © Paradigm Shift

It brings the chance to heal the widening rift created by the secular ‘scientific’ view of the Universe, versus the religious ‘fundamentalist’ view of the Spiritual. It is a golden opportunity to redress the hideous physical, psychological 10

Issue 49. Nov- Jan 2011

and spiritual imbalances, resulting from aeons of seeing the Physical and Spiritual realms as antagonistic to one another. The perception of the Earth as separate from Spirit has given us religious wars, Inquisitions and the persecution of great minds, such as Copernicus, Leonardo and Galileo. Now it brings a ‘war of beliefs’ between the new dogmas of scientific materialism, versus the outmoded adherence to mediaeval religious belief systems, or misinterpretations of their true teachings. Thankfully, there are those who do understand that there is no divide between the discoveries of particle physics, and the wisdom of the mystics, yogis and shamans. Perhaps the greatest lesson for us to confront globally results from not grasping that the spiritual lives within the physical, that the Earth is a sentient, spiritual Being. CeresPluto challenges us to heal this massive split in the collective psyche, which has led us on a path towards environmental destruction. Ceres-Pluto alignment

Working with Ceres and Pluto

On 9th November the Moon’s North Node conjuncts Pluto, whilst the Sun conjuncts Vesta, removing any remaining resistance to embracing Unconditional, loving Compassion towards all Beings. The Moon’s Node opens a doorway, enabling us to move forward in our understanding of the Earth as a spiritual Being. Sun-Vesta will help us to radiate these qualities out from our hearts.

Ceres’ energy manifests through the Hara Centre, our energetic umbilical; this was our source of nourishment from our mother inside the womb, now it is our source of energetic nourishment from Mother Earth. We connect to Pluto’s spiritual fire through the Earth Star, beneath our feet. When they conjunct, we can feel that connection in our belly and feet, feel the Earth as the source of nourishment, love and power that sustains us. This alignment takes us way beyond arguments about the scientific evidence for global warming, way beyond a merely conceptual understanding of the Earth as a living Being. The blue ‘Creativity Triangle’, involving CeresPluto, Juno and Vesta, enables us to feel the power of that connection with our whole being and know in the depths of our hearts how to return into Right Relationship with our Mother.

On 18th November, Jupiter goes direct; since June its conjunction with Uranus has been reaching for a new vision for our future. Finally, we may feel able to move forward with plans, although the brakes may not truly be off until Uranus goes direct on 6th December. We may need to wait until then to act, as there could still be vital pieces missing from the full picture. On 23rd November, a Grand Cross and Grand Trine arise together, creating the right conditions to manifest our highest vision. It will require focussed effort between then and December 25th, to ensure that all necessary structures are in place to support that vision.

If we breathe from our belly into the Earth, dance on the Earth, drum with the Earth or just lie on the Earth, Ceres will connect us with Pluto’s transformative fire. Hubble We must each choose to take photo of Ceres personal responsibility for our relationship with the planet, living with Her with integrity, not just physically, but with an attitude of deepest respect and loving gratitude for Her abundance, nurture and love. When we do this, we awaken to the full spiritual potentials of Pluto.

A New Year Breakthrough The final Jupiter-Uranus conjunction occurs on 4th January… Lift off! It’s time to move forward and live your soul’s vision; to be where you are meant to be, to do what you are meant to do, in readiness for the global consciousness shift in December 2012. The more you are living your soul’s vision when that spiritual re-birth occurs, the easier it will be, remembering that Ceres and Pluto have prepared us all to be good ‘midwives’.

This Ceres-Pluto conjunction is pivotal to everything that happens between October and the final Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in January:

Marcus has developed his approach to ‘Soul-Purpose Astrology’ over 25 years’ of giving readings and teaching in England, Europe and the USA. He also practices Traditional Acupuncture, combining these two disciplines in his work with Sacred Earth Energy healing; he co-facilitates Workshops, Meditations, Ceremonies and Sacred Journeys to ancient sites, including England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Alaska and Hawaii. For further information, or readings, email: or visit his blog at

Things get moving in November From 1st to 6th November, retrograde Chiron and Neptune come within 9 minutes’ arc of conjunction again, then Chiron moves direct on 6th, followed by Neptune on 8th. Now begins our final surrender to the global healing process, which began with the Chiron-Neptune conjunction in February.

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Issue 49. Nov - Jan 2011

The Keys to the

Universe by Diana Cooper but your consciousness is elsewhere, in other words you are experiencing two realities at the same time. You are also in the sixth dimension when you psychically see your own future and your impact on the planet and bless it, and when you walk with the angels and masters aligning your energy with theirs. If you feel total peace and completely in tune with your surroundings or enjoy moments of oneness you are in the seventh dimension. As the consciousness of the people on the planet has risen over the last fifty years time has speeded up everywhere. However, we are warned that some of the inventions that enable us to do more in less time are not necessarily in tune with the rising frequency of the planet. For example e-mails allow us instant communication, while jet planes fly us quickly around the world. As a result our expectations are for instant gratification and this may not be in alignment with the flow of energy of the universe. When people ask the spirit world about timing it is often notoriously inaccurate. This is because when spirit says, ‘Soon’, we expect that to mean tomorrow, while to them it means when the energy is right. Only raising your consciousness can put you into the perfect flow. Then relax and let go, so that life takes you to the perfect place in divine timing.

I was overwhelmed when the spiritual realms asked Kathy Crosswell and me to write a book called The Keys to the Universe. We were told we must write it together as it was to be very high frequency and only our combined energy could take us to the level needed to bring in the special light in a pure way. Then we had to wait two months before my guide Kumeka would give us any more information. We were fascinated to discover that there are 48 keys to the universal wisdom, each of which accesses part of the knowledge of the universe. For example there are keys to the elemental kingdom, Lemurian knowledge, the cosmic heart, sacred geometry and the wisdom of the five Golden Ages. For each key we were given a sound which unlocks specific energies. When you explore a key you expand your understanding and knowledge about that aspect of the universe. Furthermore when you have learnt about all of them you become a wise enlightened ascended master. Then you can tune into the true blueprint of Earth and be instrumental in bringing it back. We need many people to do this now so that the new blueprint can be properly established for the next Golden Age which starts in 2032. The Keys to Time and Speed There are two cosmic master keys held in Hollow Earth and Sirius. One of the Keys held in Sirius is the Key to Time and Speed. This expands on the fact that time is not linear but speeds up as your consciousness rises, and this is one way of telling where your consciousness is at any moment. Most of us have experienced the impatience of being stuck in traffic and late for an appointment. Then time crawls by very slowly indeed as we are in the third dimension. In that dimension we consciously hold onto the old flight or fight instincts. When we resist, our low frequency response stops the flow of what is happening, so we create a rough ride through time. When we bless people and situations we swim with a calm ocean. In the fourth dimension time is affected by the fact that you are aware of a situation but you are not doing anything about it. You are seeing but not acting. In the fifth dimension you are truly flowing with the universe. You are never impatient or in a hurry because you know that you will arrive in perfect divine timing. You trust the universe to serve your highest good. In the sixth dimension you have your feet on the earth © Paradigm Shift

Keys to other dimensions We are all multi-dimensional beings. While some parts of us are in the third, fourth or fifth dimension, there are aspects of us in much higher dimensions. This applies to most of us. You may be third, fourth or fifth-dimensional on Earth but your Higher Self or soul is always seventh-dimensional or higher. Your Monad or I AM presence, your original divine spark, is always twelfth dimensional, for it is the Source energy once diluted, just as a child is one step away from the energy of its parent. In order to come to Earth your soul must be in the seventh dimension or higher. If you come from another universe or are of a very high frequency, you move before conception from your home planet to one of the ascension planets, stars or galaxies - Neptune, Orion, Sirius or the Pleiades. This is to prepare yourself for your forthcoming experience on the ‘heavy’ planet Earth. Your frequency lowers as you come into incarnation. 12

Issue 49. Nov- Jan 2011

While they are in the womb the frequency of souls varies. When they contact the mother before conception they have usually transformed down to the fifth dimension so that their spiritual communication can take place. Some connect with the mother at conception and move into the fifth dimension as they stay near her during pregnancy, moving into a lower dimension soon after birth. Others connect with the mother at differing times during the pregnancy and move into the fifth dimension at that time. Your Monad or I AM Presence is the original divine spark from God to which you belong. It is twelfth-dimensional, unconditional love and it contains the ultimate manual to maintain divine beauty, wisdom, harmony, grace and light. All you need is there and you can connect to this aspect of yourself when you open the Stellar Gateway, the twelfth and highest chakra. Because our planet is struggling with ascension there are no more Monads being created here. However if Earth easily and triumphantly ascends, then more Monads will be created. I always thought that those third-dimensional beings that were unable or unwilling to raise their frequency before the New Golden Age would move to another third-dimensional planet to continue their ascension. However, we have been told that if they originate in this universe they will return to the spiritual planes for training and healing, until they are ready to return to Earth at a higher frequency. Those third-dimensional beings that do not raise their frequency and are not from this universe will continue their experiences on another third-dimensional planet in a different universe. Because this planet and this universe are ascending dark souls are going to a special school in the inner planes to receive healing and teaching.

incarnation who were pure enough to carry the white light of ascension. White refers to the level of purity they must attain. Lord Meitreya, Lord of the World, who is responsible for the entire solar system is head of the White Brotherhood and Order of Melchizedek. The Priesthood of Melchizedek, under the direction of Lord Melchizedek, brings illumined mystery teachings to humanity and is part of the Brotherhood. Serapis Bey was a priest avatar in the Ascension Temple in Atlantis and Keeper of the White Flame, the ascension flame. In one of his incarnations he was Akhenaton IV, the Pharoah who protected and re-organised the Great White Brotherhood during his reign. El Morya, who is helping the planet to ascension, is a member of the White brotherhood. He will soon become The Manu, the perfected man, on which the new root race of humanity, with their twelve strands of DNA connected and active, will be based. Master Lanto, Chohan of the Second Ray, is Master of the Council of the Royal Teton Retreat, which is where the Great White Brotherhood meets in the inner planes. You can ask to visit this and other places in your sleep. The Essenes, Cathars, Knights Templar, the Freemasons and the Rosicrucians have spread the teachings of the Great White Brotherhood on Earth in the west. In the East the Sufis, the Chinese Taoists and the Tibetan Lamas passed it on. The White Brotherhood and the Great White Brotherhood are one and work together for the highest good. In order to activate the Key to the pyramid in Tibet it helps to work with the unicorns and their energy of purity and perfect peace. When you connect with them it enables every cell in your body to relax and that is the Key to perfect health and eternal life. The Sounds of each Key

Hollow Earth With the book Keys to the Universe is a CD in three parts. Part one offers a sound bite for each of the 48 Keys. In parts two and three (the Keys for Hollow Earth and Sirius) the sounds are incorporated like an orchestra playing a symphony. It is absolutely fabulous and you may be able to pick out certain notes and sounds but the aim is to listen to them together in harmony. It enables you to access the Cosmic Keys and use them once more to unlock the secrets known by the Wise Ancients. When we made the CD Kathy and I held the intention for each key as the notes or sounds were being made. It was incredibly powerful.

Hollow Earth is an energetic space or cosmic chakra in the middle of the planet, which holds the first 36 keys. It is a seventh dimensional paradise where the divine blueprint for the planet is held. This includes the plan for all the ancient civilisations as well as the kingdoms of Earth. These embrace the bird, animal, angelic and elemental kingdoms. Here too is held the keys to the five golden ages that have been on our planet when the light radiating from the land and the people was gold. This wisdom is waiting to be released from Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu, Petranium (the golden age of Africa) and Angala (the time of the birthing of our planet). The Great White Brotherhood

The Keys to the Universe is Diana Cooper’s 19th book. Special offer for readers of Paradigm Shift - order from the website and buy the book for £8.39 inc p&p by entering KEYS/ PSHIFTW in the discount box on the second page of the checkout. Or call 01309 690582 and order for £9.99 inc p&p by quoting the code KEYS/PSHIFT. Diana is Principal of the Diana Cooper School which organises Angel Awareness Day - this year it was on 10.10.10 in London where she introduced The Keys to the Universe, and the Keys to the Angelic Kingdoms. See

One of the Keys held in Hollow Earth opens the secrets of the Great White Brotherhood. After the fall of Atlantis one of six great cosmic pyramids containing the wisdom of Atlantis was built in Tibet by Zeus. The pyramid has now been completely destroyed but is still energetically active. There is a passage to Hollow Earth from here, leading into a Library within the Great Pyramid of Hollow Earth. This contains the information of the Tibetan origins in Atlantis as well as that of the White Brotherhood, the secrets of peace and eternal life. The link flows from Hollow Earth, through the Tibetan pyramid to Lakumay, the ascended aspect of Sirius. In the Golden Era of Atlantis many of the great ascended masters joined their energy together to create The Great White Brotherhood, with the intention of initiating those in © Paradigm Shift


Issue 49. Nov - Jan 2011

WOMEN’S SEXUAL FULFILMENT Mahasatvaa Sarita Photo by: Amano Samarpan

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by Mahasatvaa Sarita PhD


Issue 49. Nov- Jan 2011

I have written a book called ‘Divine Sexuality’ which goes into great detail on the subject of both women’s and men’s sexuality. This article highlights some of the key points that are essential for women. I refer to the vagina as the ‘yoni’ – the Tantric word for the female genitals, meaning ‘sacred place’, and the penis as ‘lingam’ meaning ‘wand of light’.

Sexual anatomy I have worked with countless women in groups and individual sessions and have found that in general, women carry a great deal of misconception around the subject of orgasm. Because of this, women tend to walk around with shame and secret suffering which they may even hide from their lovers. One example of this is that 50% women fake orgasm. For this sorry state of affairs there are multiple factors to blame. One important factor is that Freud made an erroneous statement which had no basis in scientific fact. He observed that there are two types of women, the ‘infantile’ and the ‘mature’. He stated that the ‘infantile woman’ needs clitoral stimulation in order to orgasm, while the ‘mature woman’ orgasms from penetration alone. Even today, this erroneous statement haunts the lives of millions of women with unnecessary suffering.

The sexual fulfilment of women is vital for harmony in love relationships, in the family and for the well being of society as a whole. I can even go so far as to say, the future of our planetary well being depends on it. It is one of my favourite topics, and I have dedicated 37 years of personal and professional research to the study of it.

Masters and Johnson, scientifically tested this statement, in a clinical study. Electrodes were attached to women who said they reached orgasm from penetration alone, and their sexual response was carefully monitored as they were engaged in sexual intercourse. It was found in each case that the women were actively stimulating their clitoris, through the friction of the lingam rubbing on the clitoris, or by the clitoral hood stimulating the clitoris with the friction of intercourse.

There are five factors which are important to understand when discussing women’s sexual fulfilment. • • • • •

Sexual anatomy and how it functions Cycle Sensorial orientation Chakra orientation Spiritual potency

It was later verified in the groundbreaking research of Masters and Johnson, that the three elements listed above,


The clitoris has 3000—5000 nerve endings, all devoted to pleasure, connected to pleasure centres all over the body. The hood of the clitoris is attached to the clitoral bulbs which reside inside the body and become engorged and erect when the woman is sexually excited. The hood is also connected to the vaginal lips, both inner and outer, which also become engorged and erect during excitation. Orgasmic contractions happen inside the yoni, but the intensity can vary depending on the degree of excitation and arousal in the whole body, thus giving rise to the terms: ‘whole body orgasm’ vs ‘localised clitoral orgasm’. In general, women require a minimum of 20 minutes of sensual and sexually stimulating ‘warm up’ to reach a threshold from where sexual orgasm becomes possible. After sexual orgasm, in general, a woman remains on the plateau, ready for more orgasms, for at least 20 minutes.

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• •


Women are capable of experiencing multiple orgasms, (one orgasm feeding into the next in an unbroken river of ecstasy,) as well as chain orgasms, (one orgasm following the next with short gaps in between.) The yoni of a woman is not very sensitive unless she is highly aroused. This is because it is the birth canal, and if it was as sensitive as the clitoris and clitoral bulbs giving birth would be excruciating. When the woman is highly aroused the yoni lengthens and expands, giving rise to a craving to be penetrated by her lover. The yoni, being versatile, forms itself to fit the size of the lingam which is penetrating her, (within reason according to anatomical proportions of both partners.) The way a woman desires to be stimulated sexually, or to stimulate herself, stems from how she has learned to experience sexual pleasure. In most cases, her sexual empowerment is dependant on how she has trained herself to respond sexually during masturbation. A woman is capable of multiple orgasms into her 90’s and beyond. Issue 49. Nov - Jan 2011

sexual education. And because our species’ survival depends on sex our bodies, of course, make it a priority. In our present so called sexually free society there is still a great lack of sex education, and yet the internet and other media is full of pornography. I have nothing against sexually explicit media, if it remains true to men and women’s real experience and potential. Pornography however, is for the most part simply idiotic and gives false impressions to people as to what is ‘expected’ during sex. It tends to psychologically and emotionally damage the impressionable young who are trying to learn about this most vital subject. An exquisitely beautiful young woman came to one of my Tantra courses. She admitted in private that she was a high-class prostitute, in great demand, but inside she felt nothing but disgust and had never known orgasm, though she was good at faking it. I asked her about her formative years and how she found out about sex. She was introduced to pornography at age nine. The first film she saw was one in which humans were having sex with animals. She was so horrified that she went into complete shock and shutdown, and this psychological and emotional trauma became a catalyst towards her profession as an unhappy prostitute. Luckily this story has a happy ending. I was able to offer healing to her, and subsequently, she found a Beloved and discovered the joy of orgasm.

(clitoral arousal, sacral nerve, and vaginal contractions,) are necessary for female orgasm to take place. Another factor with a great deal of influence is that a large majority of women in Western society did not even know they were capable of orgasm until the 1900s. It was thought that marriageable women did not enjoy sex, but simply put up with it as a chore in order to please their husbands or to get children. People believed that only fallen women, or prostitutes, had pleasure in sex. Therefore, many women carry the ancestral belief that they have no right to pleasure and are meant to have sex to please their partner, never daring to ask for what they want and need. The healing for this is for women to practice self-pleasuring (masturbation), and discover what they like and how they like it sexually and then to share this with their partner. If you do not know and love your own body and way to pleasure, your partner will not know either.

In my groups, it gives me great joy to empower the feminine in women, helping women to become aware of their power and potential, not only in orgasm, but in many areas of life.


Because women have not been aware of their own capacity for pleasure, when the woman’s movement began the direction many women took was to deny their feminine nature, to copy men and compete to ‘do it better’. Sexually this has been disastrous. Women’s sexual response is diametrically opposite to men. This is why we are complimentary. Just imagine the positive poles of two magnets trying to meet. They cannot. They oppose each other energetically. But, if you place the receptive pole and the positive pole of the magnets together, they are hard to separate. Opposites attract.

Women are keepers of the tides of life, of all life cycles. This is so because we are bound to the moon, and to the ever-present facts of birth and of death inherent in our womb. When we carry a child in the womb the gestation of the child moves through each aspect of evolution. This means we are the keepers of the whole history of evolution, all of life. When we are not carrying a child, and are in the cycles of menstruation, each month we go through creation and destruction. As the lining of the womb moves out with the menstrual flow, our hormone levels drop and we go through a small death. When we begin awakening to the awesome power inherent in being woman, and we link this to our natural yearning to nurture and love, we will naturally be drawn to become the custodian of life in all its aspects. When a woman is not aware of her feminine power, inherent in her womb, she simultaneously is in

Another very important factor is education and the lack of it. Because of the destructive idea propounded by some spiritual traditions, that spiritual fulfilment is only possible if one denies sex, there is a great lack of any kind of intelligent © Paradigm Shift


Issue 49. Nov- Jan 2011

denial of her full potential for ecstasy.

chakra, the man is outgoing and the woman receptive. In the sixth chakra (centre of brain in line with the third eye), the woman is outgoing and the man is receptive. In the seventh chakra, at the crown of the head, male and female merge beyond duality.

I have met many women who believe that if they go into their full orgasmic potential, it will frighten the man they are with. So they hold back, not wanting to rock the boat. Our full orgasmic potential is intimately connected to how we are with our womb, with our life cycles and with our monthly menstrual cycle. Deepest ecstasy in orgasm arises when the womb is energetically open and the woman is passionately in love with being the womb of all of life. To help support this, learn to breathe and to make sounds during sexual arousal. Learn to love your belly, and to love your menstruation. Keep a diary of your cycles and note down how you feel, sexually and emotionally during the different phases of the moon cycle. If your man is afraid of your sexual ecstasy, he would benefit from a men’s group, a Shamanic group, or a Tantra group, where he can experience a rite of passage into full manhood.

A very important key for the woman to be sexually fulfilled is for her to awaken to her positive polarities in the chakra system. She needs to own and celebrate her womb centre (second chakra) as described earlier. She needs to nurture her capacity for unconditional love in the forth chakra (heart centre), and she needs to open up and use her intuition, held at the sixth chakra (third eye centre). When this happens, she will automatically become open to her lover in her receptive centres, and he will at last feel he is being fully received. When we feel disempowered we do not open to the partner, but rather protect ourselves. When you awaken the power and potential of your positive chakras you will shine and feel ready to absorb the gifts given by the male principle.

Sensorial orientation

Spiritual potency

To be sexually fulfilled, as women, we need to honour the fact that in general, we need to open up through the kinaesthetic sense. We need touching, cuddling, emotional security and feelings of all kinds. Of course, women also have highly developed visual, auditory or olfactory senses, but for moving into sexual contact, we need to own and be comfortable with our potential for emotional fluidity.

As the woman is the womb for all of life she is also the birth giver and the spiritual mother for this world. If she is weak, and unaware of her own ecstasy, she will give birth to a world based on a collapsed feminine and an over aggressive masculine, as we see today. This situation can change very rapidly if women everywhere can open up to their own divinity and power.

During sexual play, when a woman’s womb centre opens, she will have a tendency to laugh or to cry. This is a signal that her yoni is now open and ready for penetration. It is common that the woman cries as she climaxes, and unfortunately this is often at the very end of the sexual act. For the sex to be more fulfilling, she needs to open up her emotional flow before penetration. This can happen very easily by the partner placing his relaxed hands on her belly and just being present with her womb centre. Within five or ten minutes she will most likely find herself either laughing or crying, and this is a signal that all is flowing.

It has happened at least twice in history that two warring tribes came to almost instantaneous peace when the women of both tribes joined together and refused to have sex with their men until the war was stopped and a peace treaty was agreed. The woman’s power is in her capacity to become love and to radiate that love into each and every aspect of life. By studing electrodes placed in the brain, scientists found that during orgasm a woman’s brain completely shuts down. ‘No-mind’ is a highly prized spiritual state because it takes us beyond past or future, into the present moment. When a woman is moving into orgasmic ecstasy she can easily use this state to access what is known as Mahamudra, meaning ‘the great gesture which arises out of the orgasm with the universe’. A woman’s orgasm can be so powerful and full bodied that it can propel her into Samadhi (universal consciousness.) Having known her capacity for ecstasy, she then wants to bless the whole world. She becomes a devotee of life.

Chakra orientation The seven main chakras are a vast subject by themselves. In brief, chakras are energetic centres in the body, mirroring cosmic principles and supporting each person to become a full spectrum rainbow, merging into white light. Each chakra has a masculine, positive aspect or a female, receptive aspect. In the male and female bodies, the chakras are complementary opposites. This means, that in the same way you experience orgasm at the first chakra (sex centre), you can also experience orgasm at the second chakra (lower belly), or at the third chakra (stomach area), and so on up to the seventh. The male and female chakras fit together like lock and key, as complementary opposites. In the male, the first chakra is positive and outgoing, while in the woman, it is receptive. In the second chakra, the belly, the woman is more outgoing, while the male is receptive. In the third chakra the man is outgoing and woman is receptive. In the heart chakra, the woman is outgoing and the man is receptive. In the throat © Paradigm Shift

‘Divine Sexuality’ will be published in Spring 2011 by Findhorn Press. Sarita will also be releasing a DVD on women’s sexual fulfilment early next year. Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita is a world renowned Tantra teacher and author. She has been on the Tantra path since 1973 and lived 26 years in Osho’s community in India, receiving much direct guidance from him. She is co-director of the School of Awakening which offers courses and trainings in Tantra, Holistic Healing and Meditation. She teaches 7 levels of Tantra for couples and several different singles Tantra groups. She also teaches methods from the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra through on line courses and through the Tantra Meditation Retreat., 17

Issue 49. Nov - Jan 2011

H-A (Helio Arcanophus) through Tony Neate & Greg Branson

Nuclear Energy: Its Time has Passed With global warming such an emotive issue in governments and in the scientific community, you are probably aware how little has been done to address the issue at its core and to effect real change. Some scientists believe that this global warming is a natural process that would be happening anyway, and to some degree this is true. But the big issue behind global warming is greed, allowing the destruction of rain forests, the pollution of rivers and the atmosphere to continue regardless. Human activity is most certainly tipping the integrity of the planet into turmoil.

You tolerate the toxic fumes that surround you in the street; and laws are not passed to keep this in check because the corporate world does not want it. The early attempts to introduce an electric car were thwarted by big business, and now, when politicians have finally woken up to their population’s concerns, they are only half-heartedly introducing natural forms of energy; rather, they are advocating nuclear power as their main answer to global warming. You need to cut down on the carbon emissions and the poisonous fumes and all the various new forms of radiation being given off that are affecting the balance of Planet Earth within the solar system.

This is all happening because humankind has not heeded the milder warnings. You turn a blind eye to the obvious.

Š Paradigm Shift


Issue 49. Nov- Jan 2011

All these forms of energy generated electronically, your tetra masts, your microwave cookers, even wind turbines, are creating separate forms of energy that are not easily integrated; and, however well meant, the proliferation of these energies is affecting the integrity of Gaia and the planet. Nuclear energy is of a great fundamental concern to me because it interferes most disastrously with the inner composition of the planet.

Earth, and all the life forms upon it, can now draw in the energies operating on a finer frequency, those resonating to higher purpose. Consequently, many archetypal minds from the sixth plane are now penetrating into the Earth atmosphere to give the teachings needed for the Aquarian age to begin in a new way. It gave us the freedom to channel uplifting energies into your environments and into your centres of higher learning. Because of this, many people are now resonating in harmony with us and extending our influence to the natural world.

Gaia is a living entity incarnate in Planet Earth, it is her domain, and the nuclear waste that is placed in containers beneath the earth is, in a sense, under Gaia’s skin. Would you like someone to place nuclear waste under your skin? Well, that is what is happening. It is very dangerous, because that form of energy can travel through the soil; like your healing energy, it can travel through the planet. It is not restricted to just the area where it is generated. The force of it has penetrated far into the earth, affecting the energies there. Nuclear energy spreads out, it invades, it overwhelms and, apart from anything else, it is corrupting the energies of Gaia. And those underground nuclear explosions, that are still going on, have sent immense shock waves through Gaia. She has no satisfactory defence against them. She is very angry and this is why you are getting so many of these earthquakes and tsunamis. This is Gaia protesting and saying, “I have had enough!”

Nuclear energy was brought onto the planet in order to bring about subtle shifts in the way that matter is formed. It speeded up progress, and it actually cleared the air for spirits to come into human form with a higher level of understanding. The bodies of the young ones incarnating now are rather different from the bodies that you occupy. They are finer, more porous to the rays of spirit, they have a more ethereal quality, because this is a culmination time in the long process of man’s evolutionary journey, when the refining, quickening influence is taking over.

Every nuclear plant in this country has adversely affected a lot of people. It has been a major source of cancer, and a major cause of mental disturbance. It has also increased the fear element because it is interfering with the link between your spirit, your soul, your sub-conscious and your conscious mind and it is preventing many people from really seeing beyond where they are. Mental disturbance in some people is not only due to the chemicalisation of your food, it is also due to radiation being pumped into the atmosphere daily.

When nuclear energy was first produced, it carried an innocence; it was meant to subtly infiltrate the aura of the planet, gradually changing and modifying its evolutionary direction. There is an important ability that people will cultivate later; they will draw on these energies to generate a subtle substance in which they can envelop themselves. It will be as though they had an insulating jacket around them and extremes of heat and cold will not affect them. Now, this would not be possible unless there had been nuclear fission discharged into the atmosphere.

The more nuclear plants there are, the more it is going to affect the climate. Rather than being a solution to the climate change that is taking place now, it is in fact one of the main causes. It has become a retrogressive energy. If I were to select the single development that is most adversely affecting the physical, emotional and spiritual health of humankind and the planet, it would be have to be nuclear energy.

Even the opening up of the ozone layer has allowed intense rays of light to beat down into Earth’s atmosphere to be absorbed by all living things. This, too, has helped in this transmutation. So, not everything about global warming is negative.

The Positive Side Although my attitude to this issue today is entirely cautionary, it was not always so. In the early days, the splitting of the atom, with its special kind of radiation, facilitated beneficial changes in the energy dynamic around the planet. Humankind had focussed too much mental energy into enclosed ways of thinking, into restrictive social systems, into the extremist elements in religions; and the entirely expansive nuclear energy was able to clear away some of the blockages that had resulted from this. It freed up the atmosphere, and the scientific community took advantage of this to unlock the new ideas that were to completely change the way you live your lives.

© Paradigm Shift

However, as Earth speeds up in preparation for the Aquarian age, the nuclear plants are sending out resonances of energy that the planet is not ready to receive and deal with, and that includes nuclear fusion as well as fission. It is now completely at odds with what is required. It is disturbing the balance and integrity of your entire ecosystem and, to complicate matters, this particular energy has been invaded by corporate greed and given a strength, an urgency, that is causing it to impact even more harshly on the planet. Nuclear energy has long passed its sell-by date. Earth needs to evolve in a natural way, it needs to be respected by every form of evolution, and these attempts by 19

Issue 49. Nov - Jan 2011

homo sapiens to move forward too quickly, are in the long term, damaging, not helping. Nuclear is an energy that is no longer in harmony with the other energies of the planet. Like many other things introduced, its use has become soiled, corrupted to the point where it is now of exceptionally high danger to all concerned. There are hidden issues that are compromising the various life forms on the planet. For example, the crops are being affected in quite a devastating way, because the life force has been directed away from their natural process of evolution. This energy has passed into the animals that you eat and is going to cause more epidemics and pandemics in the future. One of the most dangerous aspects is that it is affecting the energy of water and, eventually, if this situation continues, it will make it undrinkable. Already you have a lot of problems on your planet with the pollution of drinking water. This is not the time to add to them. It is also affecting the ley lines and all the power points on the planet. All sorts of unforeseen consequences are beginning to be registered by your scientists but they are being suppressed so as not to undermine the building of these generators of nuclear energy. In the not too distant future, the barrier of secrecy is going to be breached, and the recognition of these harmful effects will surface. So when you send out your healing thoughts, let them include healing thoughts that will release the truth about nuclear energy. This suppression is also restricting further scientific exploration in quite crucial ways. It is time for more subtle forms of energy to be generated that are in harmony with the planet and not in conflict with it. There is a new kind of energy, very similar to electricity, waiting to be discovered, which will be much easier to harness, far more efficient, and much less polluting. But the tight hold of greed, by those who expect to make a great deal of money from the nuclear industry, is preventing it being discovered. To emphasise this, I must repeat that it is important to understand that while nuclear energy is transformative when used correctly, it is far too invasive for the current needs of the planet. It is time to consolidate, to draw energies from Earth and from the cosmos too, into a unifying focus, out of which the inner peace of the Godhead can rise up and spread harmony into the evolutionary process, which now needs nurturing, not force, to carry it forward. Nuclear energy does not nurture and this is what is most urgently required today. Planet Earth has become unbalanced, human nature has become unbalanced, and although all life forms have tremendous resilience to withstand attacks on the natural order, there is a limit, and that limit has been reached. My mission is to get people to discover a new level of freedom, and this means that you need to open your mind, your heart, and your own spiritual background, bringing its wisdom to the surface through the sub-conscious mind into your conscious mind, so that you can really understand and see what the planet needs and what is happening in so many human activities. This move into the age of Aquarius is coming at a very important moment in the history of Planet Earth and individuals need to discover the right kind of passion, until there are enough people around insisting on a complete change of © Paradigm Shift

attitude on the part of your leaders. You can’t force change on the world. You can only create an energy of peace that is passed on. It is not enough for me simply to present an idealistic world, a vision of how it could be. I need also to show you how to stand firm and not engage in the backlash that inevitably comes when you start to ruffle feathers, for truth does that. It is about reaching a point of settlement within yourself which cannot be upset by any hostile response that may come. Light shone in the darkness causes the darkness to rise up and the shadow can latch onto it and use that power for its own ends. Unconditional love is always the way to approach the shadow, it is the one thing that it cannot handle. As you open up to new thoughts, new ideas, new levels of wisdom, you will create a movement of light within yourself and as you grow in moral strength, as you create more stability in your life, you will truly become a catalyst for change.

Let me take you into a brief meditation: Breathe in the energies of light . . . and as you breathe out, let go, release your own doubts and fears and anxieties . . .let unconditional love, forgiveness and respect flow in . . . accept the freedom to be who you really are . . . as you generate more harmony, more balance within yourself, allow new ideas to emerge, and greater understanding . . . you can now access the qualities and abilities needed to move yourself forward . . .let go of the past, and you will see more clearly ahead. . . realise that you are a very important part of the planet’s movement as it progresses securely into the coming age of Aquarius, the age of balance and freedom . . . . soon, more people of like-mind will be drawn to you and you can work together, reaching out, knowing that your spiritual energy can really help transform this planet, can really make a difference . . . And now breathe in, centre and ground yourself as you breathe out. I give you my love, my blessing and my support.

© Tony Neate & Greg Branson 2009. Tony Neate has been a well-known and respected channel of higher wisdom for over 50 years. He is the author of New Dimensions in Healing and a founder of the College of Healing, the School of Channelling and Nature’s Own/Cytoplan supplement suppliers. He is currently Chair of the Spirit Release Foundation. Helio-Arcanophus, known as H-A, was a High Priest of the Sun living in the early days of Atlantis. Tony now perceives him more as an aspect of universal consciousness that has returned close to the Earth to help human-kind move through the changes into Aquarian consciousness. With the help of Greg Branson the book ‘Secrets of Planet Earth’, which is the wisdom of H-A through Tony Neate, has recently been published.


Issue 49. Nov- Jan 2011

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Issue 49. Nov - Jan 2011


by Wendy Stokes

Stranger Than Fiction Orbs are often called spirit lights and are quite mysterious spirit phenomena. Many high profile paranormal investigators are keen to find out more about this extraordinary subject. They were first photographed by American researchers about ten years ago. They usually appear as tiny flashing pinpoints or globules of soft, mystical light, and they can move either by quickly flashing along, bearing a tail like a comet, or by slowly floating or hovering. They vary in size, colour, speed and quantity. They are thought to be life forms from the spirit realms that wish to communicate with us and appear in this way in order to reserve the large amount of energy that is required for materialisation. They are often seen around the hands or heads of healers, where on closer examination, even the smallest orbs often have patterns or faces within them. If you would like to try to photograph an orb, it is best to go to a place where spirits are likely to congregate, such as a holy site. Ask your spirit guide to invite in the orbs. At first you might see delicate wisps of light or smoky mists and then the orbs might appear. They seem to be more visible to flash photography, so use a flash even if it is a clear sunlit day. This is due to the process in physics known as fluorescence. The camera flash sparks this fluorescence process, making the orbs visible to the camera.

The experts say that just because something has not yet been scientifically proven, it doesn’t mean that it is not real. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

Klaus Heinemann, a NASA research physicist who has made an extensive study of the phenomena, found that orbs can move very fast, up to 500mph. He also found that during numerous camera experiments, when using twin cameras to capture an orb from two different angles, a single orb shape would often appear - but only in one of the two images taken simultaneously. It was as if the orbs chose which camera to appear on, or whether to appear at all. Eventually, he was left with only one conclusion: that he was witnessing an intelligent being attempting communication with him. He stated: “There is no doubt in my mind that the orbs may well be one of the most significant ‘outside of this reality’ phenomena that we can ever witness. Until now, there has been a huge amount of hearsay and speculation that the spirit world exists. I believe it’s no longer anecdotal. Research into orbs is only in its infancy. But the photographs of these spirit emanations offer evidence - as close to scientific proof as we have ever come - in proving the existence of spiritual reality. Thanks to digital technology, we can see it for the first time. We are dealing with a non-physical - albeit real phenomenon”.

Examples of Orb Experiences

“Most great discoveries throughout history have been initially ridiculed”, says Miceal Ledwith who is a member of the International Theological Commission at the Vatican and has collected over 100,000 orb pictures. “To my mind, there is no doubt that the orb phenomenon deserves to be taken seriously. There are not just a few pictures that could easily be faked, but hundreds of thousands from all over the world. They come in sizes ranging from a few inches to several feet across” he says. “Sometimes they appear alone, and at other times in their hundreds, and in colours that range through the spectrum”. He is uncertain about what these orbs might actually be communicating, but he has no doubt that they are some sort of paranormal apparition. “I believe they could be many things. They may turn out to be the spirits of those who have passed into the spirit realms, or, as some spiritual teachers say, they might be spirits waiting to be born into a physical body. They may also be, or represent, a host of other intelligences - from nature spirits to beings of pure energy that have never been incarnated in a physical form”.

Mandy Trafford and her son had a strange experience. A ball of flickering hazy light appeared at her feet, rose slowly up and made its way to her son who had been unwell and was seated beside her. His T-shirt moved and the orb entered his stomach. He described the sensation as uncomfortable and both mother and son were shocked and frightened at the time but it had no ill effects. Mark Anthony Holmes woke up one night sensing a ‘presence’ in his bedroom. As he looked around his room, part of the room seemed to glow. He suddenly heard two loud knocks on his bedroom door and saw a flash like a firework in front of his eyes. This created thousands of pin pricks of light which then reformed into a single round shape about the size of a tennis ball which hovered near his face and then disappeared. Sue Woodall from South London awoke one night to see dots of coloured light cascading from the top of her wardrobe “like a waterfall”. Over a period of months, many orbs were attracted to visit her and with her knowledge of photography, Sue was able to take photos that she developed in order to take a better look at them. She noticed they accumulated around a Buddha scroll on the wall of her flat, and also would surround Sue’s niece who was very seriously unwell. Some were fleeting bright flashes, others soft globes of misty light

An increasing number of respectable scientists admit the possibility that orbs might offer a verifiable and repeatable way to study spirit communication. If so, it could have major implications on the way we view the universe and our role in life. The orbs appear to be plasma-like balls of energy - but an energy that can be detected by physical means, and which appears to have some control over its own shape and form. © Paradigm Shift


Issue 49. Nov- Jan 2011

All the above photos © Pam Raworth

© S A Woodhall © S A Woodhall

that floated around her flat. They emitted a high pitched tone and, when she touched them, they created a tingling sensation. Sue thinks the orbs are intelligent beings that wish to communicate. On several occasions, they have formed into a symbolic object, such as a fish, and Sue believes they are transmitting a meaningful message. Kim and Jay Atkinson were having a BBQ in Llangollen, North Wales and taking photos of a beautiful sunset. When the photos were developed, lots of grey spherical globes of light were seen on the photographs. Sue Woodall presents slide shows of her orb photos in South London. Pam Raworth ssys “The orbs have been appearing for the past three to four years and I think it is because I connect with angels, fairies and other spirits. The fairies in particular came after I invited them to come into my photos and they would show up in photos that were taken in my art workshops. The orbs often come in different shapes and I have had different interpretations from different people about their message. I have had Ascended Masters, Unicorns, an Elf and even a Mermaid appear in my © Paradigm Shift

© S A Woodhall

photos.” Wendy Stokes is an author, channeller, healer, spiritual counsellor and teacher. 23

Issue 49. Nov - Jan 2011


New Light Sananda through Christopher Sell

help. You might think of this light being more akin to the light of the angelic realms and so it is easier for them to be more fully present for you.

A series of articles from Sananda on the new qualities of light coming to Earth and how we may use them for our enlightenment and for the planet. Sananda is one of the timeless beings of light known as Ascended Masters. For many he is associated with Jesus Christ.

Of course you understand that angels are not like the genie in the lamp you have read of in fairy tales; they are not here to grant the wishes of your personality. Indeed many of these stories remind you of just how tricky the wishes of your personality can turn out to be. Through no fault of its own the personality is insufficiently far or wide visioned to give you reliable information about what will help you most. So angels certainly play close attention to the wishes of your personality, but they take their instructions from your soul.

Part 4: The Shape of the Future You are shaping the future now. With every breath you create the future. You might think of it like this: as you breathe in you gather understanding of the world; you take that understanding and roll it up and give it shape in the pause between inbreath and outbreath and then you breathe it out into the world and the world is made new by your gift to it. Every thought, every feeling, every image and vision, every sensation, every fragment of experience goes towards the future you are shaping; nothing goes to waste.

What, then, are the wishes of your soul? Very simply, your soul wishes you joy. This is not a naive, vague wish. Your soul applies a deep wisdom to planning a path of joy for you. You are free to follow that path or not, it doesn’t matter which; your soul continues to offer this path in every moment. It is not fixed as the word ‘path’ might suggest, but fluid, for its starting point is brought to you afresh in every moment, wherever that moment might find you.

The raw material out of which you create the future is light. You are like potters. You take light, which is your clay, and using all of your skills, all that you have learnt through your experiences of this life, you shape it as beautifully as you can. Perhaps if you are a really experienced or sensitive potter there can be a feeling that the clay is working with you, or it may be that the clay feels inert and that you are doing all the work. However that may be, when your raw material is light you can be sure that the light is working with you. Light is alive and it is conscious. It responds to you in remarkable ways.

What brings you the greatest joy? The answer from your soul’s point of view is the same for everyone - alignment with the Source of All, full expression of the light and love you are, the opportunity to grow. These are the keys. At this time you are linking with one another in the spirit of light and love much more readily than you have found yourselves able to in the recent past. There is a growing recognition that you are one consciousness as the human race and that each individual is a contributor to this consciousness. The gridwork of light you have been helping to form on the inner planes can be likened to the building of new neural pathways within the brain, with you as individual brain cells. As a human race you are becoming spiritually smarter!

In the recent past human consciousness achieved something like a critical mass, a tipping point which enabled you to access a vast range of new frequencies not present here before. You might consider this as the light itself revealing more of itself to you, as if a treasure house of light opened to reveal further treasures held within. You are still adjusting to the influence, effects and possibilities contained within the new light - hardly surprising, since it is still so new to your human selves. It is as if you having been wearing dark glasses and now you’ve taken them off. For these new qualities of light have always been there, but they waited to reveal themselves until you were ready to see them. And, just as when you take your dark glasses off on a sunny day, there can be a period of adjustment. So the purpose of this article is to help that adjustment by suggesting ways you can use this light to shape your future.

This development of a Community of Love linked through a gridwork of light is one reason why the angels are able to draw closer. The frequency patterns of the gridwork are closer to their own. Your willingness to come together, to abandon the illusion of separateness, to offer unconditional love to one another and to yourselves, is another reason. It’s what the angels do, so there is an increased resonance between the earth plane and the angelic realms.

Ask for help If angels are coming to help you shape the future, how should you enlist that help? What help do you ask an angel for? Your personalty self is not without its wisdom. Often

One of the characteristics of the new light coming into your world is that it carries much help with it, especially angelic © Paradigm Shift


Issue 49. Nov- Jan 2011

turns your present into your future is also experience. It may be that you’ve tended to think of experience as something that happens to you, rather than something you create. But we would suggest that you create experience, and that if you wish to create your highest future you can do it now. That is, you can choose to experience creating your highest future, and you can choose to be conscious of that process and you can choose for it to be now.

your personality hears and responds to the quiet voice of your soul; and often your soul uses the voice of your personality to suggest to you your highest path. So start with your personality’s wishes by all means, but don’t stop there. Look at your vision and ideas of your highest future, and not just your own, but what the highest future you can imagine for all of humanity might be. Dwell upon this; spend time exploring how you want the world to be. Consider how it might all work, for all of you to live in harmony and peace with one another. Be practical too. What are the practical ways in which this might be achieved? Put energy into those practical ways, whichever appeal directly to you, inspiring you and filling you with enthusiasm. Then say to the angels “I welcome your help and I thank you for it”.

For another characteristic of the new light is that it is changing the nature of time, or rather you are opening to experience time more as your soul does and thereby accessing or welcoming in these new qualities of light. This in turn enables a process we are calling convergence. Because time is becoming less rigid and more flowing within your human consciousness it becomes easier to connect with other realities that are related to your own. We’ve already mentioned to increasing presence of angels in your lives. Another reality that relates closely to your own is that of Shamballa.

Enjoy shaping the future in the present Every moment contains the seeds of the next moment. If you could slow time down immensely so that you could study each moment in detail (and there are millions of moments in each second) you would observe yourself like a gardener gathering the harvest of each moment’s experiences, feeding on the richness of that harvest and then setting aside the best seed you can find to send forward to the next moment. All of this happens far too fast for you to be fully conscious of it, but at the time scale where you can more readily be conscious you are very capable of being the good gardener who takes seed from the now and carries it forward to the future. One of the simplest ways of doing this is by nurturing your capacity for gratitude and using that gift as you go along.

Shamballa is a state of consciousness held by many loving beings as a template for all that is possible for life on Earth to become. Shamballa has existed through eons, at some times closer to humanity, at other times further away. In the historic past it has not been easily accessible. Now the changes in human consciousness are bringing it closer. Within Shamballa are the blueprints of humanity’s highest future. You may journey inward to Shamballa and there come to know more of your own part in the Divine Plan for humanity, your own contribution to that highest future. As you visit Shamballa the light of the Divine Plan awakens within you and your own inner knowing of how you may help becomes more and more present.

Gratitude is a wonderful way to free yourself from the limitations of the past also. The more you are able to be grateful for all that has brought you to this present moment, the more fully you are able to enjoy it. As I have written in an earlier article, one of the qualities of the new light is that of dissolving old forms that no longer serve you. Light has always had this capacity but there is a renewed strength now to this quality. You are finishing one phase of existence and moving into another, so much that was applicable to the phase you are in the process of leaving is irrelevant to the new phase. It is natural that some find it hard to make this move; all of you know what it is to feel an attachment to what is old and familiar, even when it is not particularly comfortable. So be merciful to those individuals and groups and to those parts of yourself that struggle to hold on to old ways, even when those old ways aren’t working very well.

Shamballa is something like the hub of a wheel, a central reference point from which others take guidance to build cities of light. These cities we are calling the inner Earth cities, not so much because they exist within the Earth, but because you visit them by going within yourself. You may think of these cities as existing in another dimension or as existing in your own future. Either way their reality and yours are drawing closer to one another. Within these cities of light the future of harmony, peace and plenty you wish to create already exists. Your sisters and brothers who inhabit them are inviting you to join them. You can breathe in the air of their world and as you do so a convergence takes place. Other dimensions, other times enter the now. The future you have dreamed of becomes your present.

Dare to dream your dreams of a better world. You are living the dreams of your ancestors. Imagine one of your own ancestors sitting by the fire on a winter’s night a few hundred years ago dreaming of being able to travel swiftly to sit in the sun, or to be able to speak to the brother she’d not seen since he left home to look for work years before. These dreams are now the reality you take for granted. You dream of a world of peace and plenty, a world where all may live in harmony and where each may express his or her gifts fully. Dream on! For your dreams will come true.

Christopher has channelled from Sananda: Welcome to Shamballa, a new CD with two guided inner journeys helping you to tune into the energies of Shamballa and the Divine Plan. Next year Sananda will be teaching a new course: Exploring and Using the New Light. Further details on the Heaven on Earth website, (where you will also be able to listen to some free meditations on the theme of the New Light), or in the free newsletter - contact details in the advertisement above. You may also like to sign up to receive a free fortnightly email message of guidance, support and encouragement from Sananda.

Creating the future In a sense the future exists in the present, in the same sense that the oak tree can be said to exist in the acorn. What turns the acorn into the oak is not time, but experience. What © Paradigm Shift


Issue 49. Nov - Jan 2011

10 Tips for

Meditation by Jonathan Barber

People are drawn to meditation for any number of reasons. If they stay with meditation they can enter into a wonderful connection with their inner selves, which over time can show itself in their everyday world in subtle and noticeable ways.

off of the beaten track will give a pure energy. Being outdoors such as on a beach at dawn or sunset can be very inspiring. 2 Clear the energy of the space around you. If you are out in nature in a place that feels good then you won’t need to do this. There are various techniques for clearing the meditation space. First of all, keep the place as clean as you can; give it a hoover. This shifts quite a bit of the energy that should not be there, along with any physical dust or dirt. One simple way to clear a space is to say out loud, “I claim this space for God, may the Father’s Will be done, may the Father’s Will be done, may the Father’s Will be done”. The latter phrase is said three times, one for each level of Creation: the physical, the astral and the mental.

Meditation can help to release and, importantly, prevent stress. It can lead to relaxation and a sense of peace and well-being. Time set aside at some point of the day can enable a person to put life’s challenges into perspective and even sometimes be the source of solutions. Meditation can help us live life with a sense of balance and peace, which in turn can help us be more effective at life, as well as help us experience a rich, inner life. And if we want it, meditation can be the doorway to much, much more. There are many ways of meditating, many methods and schools, and achieving a fulfilling meditation is actually fairly straightforward if we bear in mind ten points. By putting into practice some or all of these, over time, high quality meditation experiences are possible.

3 Decide how long to meditate for. If you are a beginner 20 minutes is a good length of time. After a few weeks you may, if it feels right, increase to 40 or 60 minutes. Everyone is different so different times apply. Also, quality is better than quantity. While in meditation you may find yourself going into a space where perception of time changes. A lot can happen quickly in meditation as time is experienced differently on the inner planes compared with life in the external world. If you wish, use a timer to tell you when the meditation time is up.

1 Choose the place where you feel happiest meditating. For some it is completely appropriate to meditate on the bus, train, or underground train (I used to do this sitting or standing up when I first began as it seemed a great way to pass the time). However, there are those special places, and special times that are very conducive to good quality meditation. Having a special part of a room, or an entire room dedicated to the sole purpose of meditation helps in a number of ways. For one, being in a dedicated place tells your body and mind it is meditation time. Secondly, the meditation energy builds over repeated use and creates a meditative atmosphere.

Having a set time is good rather than letting the meditation go on and on. In the West, meditation is supposed to be a time of going inside, into your inner world, and to help with living in the three dimensional world. Meditation is not well used if it is just an escape from life and uses up too much time. Spirituality is about balance, living an outer life and an inner life in a way that helps life happen beautifully and lovingly.

Make the space how you want it. Some people like a small table with flowers and a candle, crystal or picture. It all comes down to personal preference. Some people like a very uncluttered space, with just a rug to sit on or a chair.

4 A good meditation usually comes through good preparation. There are a few aspects to this. An essential one is grounding and rooting yourself into the Earth. In meditation your awareness can go up as far as it is able into the light. The light can be powerful and affect you. People who meditate can become ungrounded and out of touch with life around them, which defeats the object of meditation. It is possible to become merely blissed out and miss out on all the other gifts of meditation. With good grounding, anchoring yourself into the Earth before meditation it is actually possible to go up higher, handle and absorb more energy and light, flow on top of the energy rather like a surfer can ride a wave, and still be aware of what is going on.

You will get a sense of what place feels the best for you, and it is good to go with that sense. There might be ley lines running through the house, or there might be energy spots, which can be either positive or negative. The more beneficial and positive a place feels, the better for meditation. This applies to meditating outdoors, too. Some places will feel great, which is a sign of positive energy, and others won’t; trust your feelings on this rather than any one else’s opinion. Going into nature © Paradigm Shift


Issue 49. Nov- Jan 2011

Good grounding comes with enough sleep, rest, time outdoors, exercise, and eating foods that produce a solid feeling (steak and chips, or baked potato is good). Some foods are thought to go better with a lifestyle which is thought to be spiritual, but really it is always best to expand your options and go with what feels right. Choose for yourself foods that help you feel healthy, vitalised, and with both feet on the floor.

Now there is another way to help with this. There are some new, evolved devas who are special types of silence and stillness are highly conducive to good meditation. The silence feels like absolute soft, silky peace, like a softly glowing white colour. The stillness is as if absolutely everything is still and unmoving. It creates an energetic open space in which everything good can happen.

‘Rooting in’ means imagining growing roots out of your feet and the base of your spine deep into the Earth, through the granite layer, through the magma and iron core and all the way to the centre of the Earth. Have the roots branch out as they go down. Imagine the roots growing from every part of your body including the organs and bones, through your feet and spine.

8 A way of producing a beautiful meditation is to then imagine a pure white rose which is a very powerful symbol, coming down from the gold/white star or disc, in through the top of your head (your crown chakra) and down into your heart. Place your awareness on this rather special white rose. It will radiate light and energy. What happens next depends on the moment. You may find the white rose stays there, or it grows, or radiates out a variety of colours, or replicates with roses going around your body. In a similar way you can also work with an imaginary orchid that grows in the desert as the flower symbol that comes into your heart.

5 Now comes clearing your energy so the energy you receive in meditation can have a clear run in your system. Clearing is done with light flowing from a white/gold star or flat disc directly above you, like the midday sun, and slower frequency light or energy coming up from the Earth. If you have your roots down, imagine the Earth’s slowly vibrating energy that is nourishing, restful and healing, flow up through your feet to the top of your head. Then some of this slow frequency energy splashes out of the top of your head to wash over your skin and the space around you and falls back to the Earth. The rest recedes back through you into the Earth. Let a few more waves of Earth energy rise up and flow back down. The Earth’s energy will take with it any slow frequency energies that don’t need to be in your body.

At this point you can go onto the next stage which is: 9 Letting go. We often try to control what is going on with our heads. In meditation, once it is set up well and feels good, we let go and let the meditation happen. Every meditation is unique; it’s like an inner plane adventure every time. Meditating like this, life will give us messages in words, pictures and objects which we can notice if we are alert to them. Life will give us information which may spontaneously have relevance for us in our meditation. This sounds strange but will make sense after a while spent meditating.

Next, light from the star or disc pulses down through the top of your head and flows down through all parts of your body, through all your organs, your bones, and into the ground. The light pulses down several times. This combination clears your system.

10 When the meditation comes to an end it is important to go through a procedure to come back fully into your body. This can be done by breathing deeply, feeling and stretching all parts of your body, and becoming aware of your roots again. A lot of people don’t close their centres properly after they have opened up in meditation. It is good practice to close the centres in order to take good care of your energy. There are a number of ways to visualise closing your chakras. One is to see them as having double doors that need closing and locking. Another is to see the doorway to the centre like the front part of a camera spiraling in or out to control how much light gets in. This can be closed up completely. It is useful to know the chakras of the body, and starting at the crown chakra at the top of the head, close that tight and seal it with a protective symbol; the white rose would be a good choice. Then work down each chakra, finishing at the base centre. In this way, the energy and any healing that came about in the meditation gets to stay in your system.

6 Focus on your heart. In our society and in the busy world we can spend too much time and energy being in our heads. Being in your head tends to block the flow of energy in meditation. A good balance is 50% head and 50% heart, though more heart energy than this is acceptable. Focusing on the heart is straightforward and involves noticing how your body feels in the centre of your chest where your heart chakra is for a couple of minutes. If your attention drifts, just bring it back to your heart chakra. You could visualise a white or pink flame in it. Other colours may come with practice though these two are good to start with. You may find the flame seems to expand with repetition. 7 During meditation you might get the urge to move, you may start to itch, thoughts may flit into your mind, and emotions may come bubbling up. What you are after is silence and stillness. Some people beat themselves up because they are experiencing, and getting caught up in, internal interference rather than experiencing total calm. The trick is to give none of the thoughts, feelings or physical sensations any importance.

© 2010 Jonathan Barber. Jonathan lives in South Wales. He writes articles for spiritual magazines, and gives workshops based on guided meditations. Being clairvoyant, he particularly likes helping people change and live as fully as possible, in a way that integrates spiritual awareness with life. He works specifically with the new energies coming in. He loves being on a beach, walking in leafy woods, and being in the countryside in Wales. Further information, meditations and articles can be found on

Emotions and mind, with all its thoughts, are known as devas. Devas like to stimulate us so we have emotions and thoughts. The energy we produce in response to these stimuli is like food and experience to them. Part of learning to meditate is learning to control these pesky devas rather than have them control us. Calming ourselves can occur through using rhythmic breathing. © Paradigm Shift


Issue 49. Nov - Jan 2011

The Quantum Self Portrait of

Paradigm Shift by Jhadten Jewall In April this year I offered Jhadten another challenge when I asked him to draw Paradigm Shift’s Quantum Self . . . odd you may think, asking for the Quantum Self of a magazine! Well yes, but then to me ‘Paradigm Shift’ has always been a sort of group energy consciousness that expresses itself through the medium of paper and ink, it is not the magazine itself, neither is it my soul though there is a strong resonance. I perceive this energy to be like a ‘university of light’ high up on the inner planes, it is very loving, soft like silk, with a cool warmth, very still with great peace, yet at the same time overflowing with excitment and enthusiasm for the adventure we are all taking part in on planet Earth. I always had an impression of an energy space, like a huge chamber, or dome, where souls could pop in for chat, some helpful advice and healing, or lessons on any aspect of creation. A while ago I became aware that this ‘space’ has taken its own quantum leap and expanded exponentially in size and there is tremendous activity as an infinite number of souls pop in and out all the time. I wondered if Jhadten would bring through an image that would enable me and everyone else to connect consciously with the ‘Paradigm Shift’ energy - afterall, I had never spoken to Jhadten about my perceptions. Imagine my surprise and delight when the portrait arrived clearly showing the two stages of growth with two dome-like chambers! And, I can find not only the energies I was already aware of, but other frequencies that are new to me and allow me to connect with even more clarity to this wonderful essence. Based on the quantum self image, Jhadten also offers a suggestion for a logo that can be used for business cards, letterheads etc. In this case I was completely blown away by the image he presented - it transmits my favourite frequencies and is also a wonderful metaphor for expanding consciousness and nurturing grace. We can clearly see a glimpse of larger and larger chambers suggesting continuing expansion, plus it appears like a protective cocoon of white light, perhaps created by an angel that has just opened one wing slighty to allow a glimpse inside - an invitation to enter maybe? A truly heartful thank you to Jhadten for providing us with this tool for accessing the ‘Paradigm Shift University of Light’ - I hope you love it as much as I do! Claire Williams, Editor

Quantum Self As many of you already know from previous articles, Jhadten channels Soul Readings and also draws Soul Portrait Holograms. In early 2009 his ability to see and interpret Soul Energy took a ‘quantum leap’ when he became able to do the same with the Quantum Self of Logo any individual. The Quantum Self represents the part of the Soul that is active in multitudes of dimensions, plus that part of the Soul that contributes consciously to the evolution of consciousness in creation. Jhadten had already been challenged with an unusual request to draw the Quantum Self Portrait of Mother Earth to which, after checking in with her, he responded with some beautiful holograms which were published in Issue 43. Join us for Jhadten’s next workshop in Buxton, The Peak District, Derbyshire

The Spine of the Dragon

A new Rhythm of Grace in the Crystalline Wand of Beauty plus a

Jhadten Jewall lives in Canada and teaches worldwide, working for the Divine, anchoring new energies for personal and planetary growth. Visit his website for his itinerary of workshops and sacred journeys. He also offers CD’s, Soul Readings and Soul Holograms. Sacred Spaces, 3657 W 1st Avenue, Vancouver, B.C. V6R 1H1, Canada. Tel: Canada (604) 733 3473. email:

Sacred Sound Event 30th & 31st October 2010 See advert page 3 for details For more information, a copy of the brochure and bookings please contact Claire at or 01483 813641. See also © Paradigm Shift


Issue 49. Nov- Jan 2011

Integrating the Higher Self by Clare Cusack As we are all aware it’s a great time of change! Let’s welcome it and see how we learn and grow with the new vibrations that are coming in. Client work has shown how this change is manifesting in different ways for different people.

have played their part, no matter how difficult they seemed at the time.

One guide I work with, Big Chief, says “Please be open to this change, for you know not where it will take you. Forge forth with an open heart and open mind. Meditate regularly to find stillness in the chaos of day to day life and you will, on a subconscious level, be preparing yourself to assimilate all the new vibrations. It’s as simple as that, know yourself and know your own truth, and be a pioneer amongst your friends who may be only beginning to catch up with where you are with your spiritual growth. You may feel you have a different perspective on things, but this may simply reflect the fact that you are at this point in time more spiritually grown than your friends and neighbours. Have the courage to stand tall with what feels right for you. Blaze the trail in your own small way and in time you will see your friends coming round to the same ideals as you”.

Take a quiet moment, light a candle and call in protection. Then sit in the stillness with your breath. Now imagine the four lobes of your brain and focus on a central point between those four lobes, and see a column of light extending upwards out of that point. Acknowledge this point as the fountain of self.

The Higher Self & Spiritual Awakening

Know this is a safe space, it’s your space and you can come back here whenever you want to. Invite your higher self to integrate on a more conscious level with you, and know this will manifest in its own time.

A visualisation for Higher Self connection

Now in this mid point of the four lobes of the brain bathe in the light that resides there. After a while as you do this, see a white door, open that white door and sit on the white chair that waits for you. As you are sitting on the white chair feel the hands of your higher self on your shoulders as it stands behind you. Feel the peace and joy of this connection and sit with it for a while.

By taking time to step out of your learned self - the person who is a summation of your life experiences - and spending time in your higher self - that eternal part of you - you will find a peace and stillness, a recognition that we have chosen to be incarnate at this time. The more time we can spend with that aspect of ourselves the more it will infiltrate everyday life, giving us the birds eye perspective on our day to day existence, putting us in the context of ourselves as a microcosm of the greater macrocosm of creation.

When you feel it’s appropriate, stand up, give thanks and walk back through the white door. Bring your awareness to the four lobes of the brain and feel them fill white light. Bring your awareness back to your breath and in time send that light down through your body, out of the soles of your feet and into mother earth. Connect with mother earth and draw her energy into the soles of your feet and into your body.

This means having the courage to lay to one side our learned self and the game playing and dramas that ensue (‘this’ happens therefore I react like ‘that’). Freeing ourselves from these constraints enables us to be who we really are, no longer beholden to the life patterns that have played out since we were children. By acknowledging that we chose our path, our parents and our experiences empowers us to grow beyond these limitations. To a certain extent we can also outgrow certain karmic tendencies as we bring in a higher awareness, releasing not only this life patterns, but also past life patterns. By resonating with our higher self we can engage in a new way of being. Accepting all that happens to us as lessons we can start to steer our lives in a new direction. Giving thanks and forgiving those who we perceived to have wronged us in some way. Realising that we are at this point spiritually within ourselves only because certain dynamics and relationships © Paradigm Shift

The visualisation is complete, give thanks, close your charkas and go about your day.  Clare Cusack is an Etheric Psychic Surgeon clearing emotional, spiritual, and psychological blocks from this and past lives offering one to one treatments, animal healing and house clearing here in the UK and California. “Working with high White Eagle energy to raise vibration in alignment with the Christ consciousness” For more details contact Clare on 07768 706575 or visit


Issue 49. Nov - Jan 2011

Healing through

Awakening by Mical Akullian This was a pretty unsettling diagnosis and I spent eight years trying to understand what was happening in my body, and how to cure it. I tried every known remedy for curing Ulcerative Colitis, including; Chinese medicine, homeopathic remedies, herbal supplements, acupuncture, talk therapy, a variety of strict diets, even hypnosis, and yet I could never quite get to the root cause of my illness. I slowly learned to accept and live with my dis-ease, yet was always haunted by the feeling that something within me remained unresolved.

It was upon my return home from a two-month trip to Peru and Ecuador in 2001 that I first became sick. The impetus for the trip came shortly after my 21st birthday, during a conversation with a close friend. I realised that the direction of my life seemed to be slipping from my hands, and that growing up middle class in a suburb of California left me feeling rather sheltered and out of touch. I found myself struggling through college, depressed and restless for more life experience. I decided to drop out of school and head to South America in search of adventure and greater meaning in my life. Yet I never could have imagined the way in which that would manifest.

It was in 2009, (following my 30th birthday) that I finally hit a wall. After living for more than eight years with such an emotionally and psychologically draining illness it became hard for me to enjoy life. I felt incredibly limited and depressed by my physical state, and had developed a pattern of seeking to enhance my sense of self worth through pleasure gratification. I started going out drinking, seeking after women and sex, and doing whatever I could to ease the pain of a life that was becoming increasingly miserable and meaningless.

Over those two months I had a wonderful time traveling, full of self-discovery and exploration. In the last couple weeks of my trip, however, I became extremely sick, returning home emaciated, dehydrated, and miserable. I remember the look on my mother’s face when she picked me up from the airport, “You look skinny!” were her first words to me. Once home I became even sicker, inflicted with the worst stomach flu symptoms and abdominal pain I had ever experienced, to the point that I was expelling blood through my stool after consuming only a few bites of food. I lost 25 pounds, was bed ridden, and became increasingly depressed and scared.

One night in particular stands out as a low point for me. I had come home after a night of drinking with a woman that I was casually dating at the time. As we lay in bed I suddenly became aware of how little I cared for her, and how empty I felt inside. I stumbled into the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror, feeling detached from the reflection staring back at me. I felt numb, alone, and hopeless. I knew I needed to make a change in my life, but had no idea how.

It took a month before I was properly diagnosed, and even then, the diagnosis of Ulcerative Colitis hung over my head like a dark and mysterious cloud. U.C. — A chronic AutoImmune disease in which there is no known cause, cure, or even substantiated theory as to how the medicine prescribed for the condition actually works. It is a condition where the immune system constantly attacks the intestines, causing a host of unpleasant and debilitating symptoms. Taking medication three times a day was the only way to keep my symptoms at bay. The doctors told me there was no cure and that I would have to live with this for the rest of my life.

© Paradigm Shift

That change finally came when my mother lent me a CD of Eckhart Tolle’s, A New Earth. Adopting the practice of mindfulness presented in the CD, I began to radically unravel parts of myself that I had been hiding behind for so long. I


Issue 49. Nov- Jan 2011

began to see my ego more clearly then I had ever seen it before. And I saw that it was making me sick.

a new awareness of a love in my heart that I had long been disconnected from.

I became aware of how fear and compulsive thinking all throughout my life had led me to the doorway of dis-ease. Unaddressed pain and grief from the death of my father during adolescence re-emerged in a way I could not ignore. And I saw how much of my self identity had been created through filling roles I thought necessary for attaining love. I found myself in the midst of a spiritual and psychological breakthrough.

A month into this awakening I intuitively knew that I was healing. I began reinforcing this change with meditation, positive thinking, mantras, and by setting healing intentions for myself. I stopped taking my medication and was grateful and amazed to find that my symptoms were gone. This new awareness that I have been blessed to receive has helped restore balance and health to my body. I am now aware that the thoughts in my mind act as a kind of gatekeeper to the loving consciousness flowing throughout my body. Becoming aware of old belief systems (created from fear and the ego) and allowing them to dissolve, has uncovered this love, and my body’s natural ability to heal itself.

We all have moments in our life that stand out as particularly significant. The morning that I experienced a major shift in consciousness is something that I will never forget. It had been a few weeks since I began listening to A New Earth, and I was attending my first day of a counseling internship I was set to begin. I was sitting around a table of other interns and counseling faculty when something within began to change.

I am excited to pass on this understanding to others who feel trapped in dis-ease as I did. All healing begins with self love. Become aware of the thoughts in your mind telling you that you need to be more than you are. Become aware of the roles that you play in order to feel love from others. I found that as long as I identified with these mental images of myself, the false self, I was less able to experience genuine self love.

As we went around the circle and people introduced themselves, my mind went totally blank. When it came time for me to introduce myself I became terrified as I realised I had no idea who I was anymore. I sat there speechless as I tried to formulate some description of myself, while all the mental concepts I had identified with my entire life began to crumble in front of my eyes. I mumbled a few nonsensical words and felt tears well up. Something inside me had cracked. I excused myself from the meeting and began to weep as I exited the building, feeling a heavy pressure lift from my body.

This love exists as a vibration in our bodies. We are, in actuality, this love. It is natural, simple, and always present, but cannot be experienced until you recognise it. By dissolving the ego, your body releases the tension of trying to be something you are not, life energy will flow more fully through your being, and the connection to your heart deepens.

I managed to get into my car, tears still streaming from my eyes. As I drove home I noticed something strange. Buildings, trees, and houses, all radiated with colors that were much more vibrant then I remembered. I suddenly felt joyful, relaxed, and a peace emanate through my body that had long been absent from my life. These feelings persisted, and I spent the next couple of weeks walking through the streets, amazed at how beautiful everything and everyone felt to me. It was a new world. My mind was remarkably still during this time and I felt more alive than I had felt in a long time. Though the peace and joy slowly diminished over time, I was left with

Š Paradigm Shift

Through honesty, openness, and a sincere curiosity to know who you are beyond the limitations of your ego, you will uncover greater wholeness and healing within your body. There is an abundance of loving energy within you to heal. When you bring your mind and body in alignment with your heart, you will begin to feel the transformation. It will be miraculous, it will be inspirational, and it will be life changing. *** Mical Akullian was born in California and raised within a spiritual community in the Bay Area. The unexpected death of Mical’s father during his adolescence, as well as living with a chronic disease for eight years provided the fuel for deep inner transformation, healing, and reconnection to Spirit. In 2008 Mical received his masters degree in counseling from San Francisco State University. He currently resides in the East Bay, offering spiritual coaching and holistic counseling. Mical believes that the highest love, joy, passion, peace, and happiness are the birthright of each one of us, and possible through uncovering our natural selves. Contact Info: Uncover the Natural Self Holistic Counseling (415) 676 9591


Issue 49. Nov - Jan 2011

Dimensional Doorways

Artwork ©

The Group through Steve Rother this until recently and now you can understand why there are no more secrets, ever. Becoming comfortable so that you can live in that environment is the work which is before all of you right now. This is work because you have moved faster than even you anticipated, but it is work of joy. Even though it takes effort to make those levels harmonise, we tell you that you will love this and it will bring you Home faster than you thought. This will allow you to bring parts of heaven Home and anchor them on the Earth for yourselves to create your own vision of heaven on Earth, for you are the centre of your own universe in case you did not know that.

The energy in this room has just changed because a dimensional doorway has opened. Most of you felt it the moment the energy shifted. This feels like an expansiveness of space and it has gone on for some time. Every time you think of someone who has died, or something that you have felt on the other side of the veil, the moment you hold that in your vision a dimensional doorway opens and they are there. They have access to you in every moment. You have experienced this your entire existence on Earth, but now some of the attributes are changing. Your sensitivity to it is much greater, so you will perceive it on different levels and learn how to use that dimensional doorway. That dimensional doorway is being used by other beings in massive numbers throughout the universe right now. It has been used to watch what is happening on planet Earth at this moment. Dear ones, there was never a dream, never even an inkling of a thought that humanity would be this high at this point in your evolution. In fact, you have moved so much, even in the last few weeks, that some of your own systems do not seem to fit any more. Things that used to be very important to you will now have to be re-thought. Many times the patterns you have set to enjoy your day, or to be ‘on purpose’, will not fit quite the same way, for you have literally moved faster than even your greatest dreams for yourselves.

Harmony This message is being heard by each and every one. Yet, that harmony between you now determines how far this goes out into the universe after that. The harmony you make with your neighbors, friends and enemies will determine your next steps, because humanity shifts not only on an individual level but also on a collective level. It is very exciting to watch and we see that you are also exhilarated to take these steps and yet a bit afraid, a bit fearful of where this is going because it is unknown. We tell you that you could not be on a more direct path to Home. You could not be in a better place than you are right at this moment, so the first thing we ask you is to breathe that in, and own your magnificence that you have developed thus far. It is going to take holding everyone’s hand to make these next steps because even though it will be happening to each and every person on an individual level, it will also be happening to everyone at the same time.

For this reason every being in the universe has been alerted to what is happening on planet Earth, and many of them can shift dimensionally to watch and be here and help. There are now many beings who want to help you make this transition because you are so close; a transition such as this has never been made before. Never has a transition been made in any game throughout the universe the way this one is taking place now, which is why the excitement and vision is here for you. It may make you a bit uncomfortable to think you are being watched every second of every day. How am I performing? What does that mean to me? You have not been aware of © Paradigm Shift

Blocks to Beauty There are many different levels of vibration or advancement, not only on planet Earth but throughout the universe. T here are many, many games throughout the universe that are far 32

Issue 49. Nov- Jan 2011

ahead of Earth’s vibration. However, none of them have started at this vibrational range or been able to move and evolve into an entirely different vibrational range while still in physical bodies. Normally, Earth and its inhabitants would have been wiped out in order to start the game anew and bring it to the next level. Yet here you are making the transition without waiting for that to happen. You have once again pulled everything forward into your reality, so we would like to tell you about what some of the effects of this are and things to watch for as the beauty starts to unfold. Now the secrets are going away in all areas. This is an adjustment and it also brings a time of beauty that has never before been on Earth, so brace yourself for that. What would it be like if someone could see you every second of every day? Well, it is happening and we have to tell you that when you think nobody is looking, is when you are at your most beautiful. Those are the times when you allow yourself to love yourself. Many times the whole persona that you put on to present to other people blocks your own beauty. So, work with it and play with it. Look at ways of being more transparent.

spirit within the physical body. Your new physical bodies will carry more light in the way that crystal can carry more light than carbon. Now it is coming down to an instant reaction, where you are able to carry your light more effectively than you ever have before. The physical changes in the body are going to begin releasing your ability to connect to Home. Many of you have already felt it. Many of you have worked with it on different levels and use it in your daily work which is very beautiful. Now more than ever, what you focus on is going to grow. That has always been true for you are creators, but now what you focus on will grow very rapidly because many of the blinders and old filters that used to protect you from yourself are now no longer needed. You are starting to understand the true magnificence of what being a human is all about. The Cosmic Joke You are a reflection. God has been made in your image or you have been made in god’s image, and that is the cosmic joke. You are looking in the mirror and all we ask you to do is to take responsibility for it. Hold it, use it all you wish, but take responsibility for your own happiness first. Your concepts of a supreme being still hold true, for what you call god is actually the collective vibration of all things. Find those pieces of joy, those little bits that bring you pleasure and a smile to your face. Let every cell in your body rejuvenate, because these are the parts that all of us are going to be working with over the next several years, not only through 2012. As you take the first steps into the new world and move as human beings evolving into a new environment, it will happen every day a little bit at a time. Now what is taking place is that you will learn how to do many of these things internally without the outside influence that you have prejudged. Know that it is partly because you are god that you can go within and change yourself, for you brought a part from Home. You brought a part of the puzzle that we cannot put together until you are ready to bring your puzzle piece to the table. Now more than ever before it is happening, for the energy is already in motion. You have already decided and you have already taken the first steps forward and we are so very proud of you.

This brings us to an important point. We know it is very difficult to understand this, but you are god. That is the essence of what you perceive to be god and all the religions. All of the things that you thought were magical are simply a reflection of your energy, and now you are learning how to use that intentionally. The biggest problem we have on Earth is that you have egos, and the ego tells you that if you are god you must be the only god. You will find out very quickly that is not true; the next level of your work is going to be about how to get along and make space for the other gods. Energetic Ingestion Your physical body is also shifting towards a crystalline structure. This physical shift is not just moving from carbon base to silicon base, but in effect it is the shifting of the carbon element itself toward a crystalline structure. In addition to that the physical body will greatly be affected by rapid technological advancement in the area of medicine. For instance, let us point to how humans have always looked to enhance the physical body to produce a specific effect. Currently, there is a sweep of consciousness on earth about body builders and athletes who have illegally used steroids to build their bodies. Yet you are only a few steps away from an understanding of genetics that will unlock many of the aged secrets of humanity. Energetic ingestion will be understood and used by all to balance the physical body. With an efficient delivery method, there is no need for fillers and the effects of steroids can enter the body energetically without any trace elements. Watch the medical journals of Earth for major breakthroughs in several areas of medicine, as the physical and metaphysical sciences continue to blend.

We have been talking like this for eons of time, yet it has only been a short time that humans have been able to listen. We hope you understand it is not just listening through your ears. It is not simply listening to this broadcast or to our speaking through the ‘Keeper’. Instead, it is listening to yourself because you will hear your spirit speak directly to you if only you give it a chance and open that door. We leave you with three little reminders because you love them so much. It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect always. Nurture one another every chance you get. Re-member that it is a beautiful game and play well together.

We are speaking of only one area although there are many, but let us use this one area for an example. Athletes want to build their bodies so they can be stronger and faster and now they have learned to do it without the outside influences. It can even be done genetically… permanently. That will confuse many of your lawmakers and people who are looking over the athletes trying to decide if they are cheating, because all of humanity is now being re-defined. Your physical being is coming down to the essence of who you really are, and is now able to house and interface with much more of your core © Paradigm Shift

Espavo The Beacons of Light Re-minders from Home is a monthly message from the Group channelled by Steve Rother presented live on the internet and transcribed and sent out via e-mail. Find more information at 33

Issue 49. Nov - Jan 2011

Space Weather Report by Susan Joy Rennison November 2010

It’s Galactic Storm Time!

Metaphysical sources say we are entering a New Age and Mayan Elders say a major new cycle is starting that will be dominated by ether (modern spelling aether) or space, but it seems that most of the details and implications have been missing until now. Space Weather is nothing new, our world has experienced massive geomagnetic storms in the past. The most notable was the Carrington Event in August/September 1859, when we experienced 8 days of severe Space Weather. This event was named after British astronomer Richard Carrington who witnessed the solar flare with his unaided eye while projecting an image of the sun onto a white screen. History records that on 2nd September, 1859 in the telegraph office at 31 State Street, Boston, USA, the operators’ lines were overflowing with current. The decision was made to unplug the batteries connected to their machines and they kept working by using the electricity flowing through the air!

© Paradigm Shift


Issue 49. Nov- Jan 2011

Then there was a superstorm in May 1921, which best estimates say was probably 50% or less than the strength of the previous Carrington Event. In March 1989 we had a Great Magnetic Storm that lasted for 13 days, when a sunspot generated 195 solar flares, 11 of them classified as the most intense ‘X-class’, causing havoc for military and commercial satellite communications. On Earth, power surges burned out generators and caused blackouts, power plants shut down and oil platforms stopped drilling, and compasses became unreliable. Anything that could carry an electric current such as transmission lines, railway lines, pipelines and cables induced ground potentials and currents causing further problems - the cost of repair ran into billions of dollars. Volcanic and seismic activity is increasing to the point where UK authorities organised a three day international training event for fire and rescue crews that included teams from across Europe and the Middle East. This major exercise took place in early September 2010, simulating a massive earthquake hitting the fictional British town of Widley. Those who are aware of Space Weather and increasing geophysical activity realise we cannot judge the future based on the past because we are entering the start of a New Cosmic Age. What we do know is that Space Weather is not necessarily creating new geophysical or atmospheric phenomena, but more frequent and intense activity. Space Weather is providing highly charged plasma, called ‘dark matter’ and ‘dark energy’, known as ‘universal energy’ by the metaphysical community, some of which is completely undetectable by scientific instrumentation. In response, Earth is dropping her magnetic shields and sometimes, the magnetic field completely disappears on the daylight side, so we are totally exposed to the cosmic elements and being charged to a level where the electrical effects are more obvious. I have an old copy of the book, Rare Halos, Mirages, Anomalous Rainbows and Related Electromagnetic Phenomena by William R. Corliss and I’m referring to it regularly because we are seeing a variety of rare atmospheric phenomena. Here are some brief highlights: © Paradigm Shift

On 26th August 2010, spaceweather. com reported blue sky auroras. Normally, darkness is required to see the aurora borealis but Arctic sky watchers were delighted to see the Northern Lights dancing on a stage of vivid twilight blue. The energy pouring down at the poles had to be very highly charged to beat the glare of the sun. Recently the UK has been blessed with rare atmospheric upside down rainbows and in August 2010, 2 were spotted in 6 days in the Midlands and North Tyneside. Officially, this is termed a ‘circumzenithal arc’ and is created by refraction of light from ice crystals. The UK has even had moon rainbows and the Daily Mail supplied a beautiful image taken in Richmond, Yorkshire in December 2009. Atmospheric scientists say they are formed when moonlight is reflected off rain droplets, but if that is the only condition, we have to wonder why have they been so rare? There have even been reports of red rainbows in other countries, though they have been recorded in the UK in the past. Corliss writes: “When the sun is low in the sky, the shorter wavelengths in sunlight are scattered by the atmosphere, leaving the longer wavelengths - predominately red - to form a rainbow”. On 9th July 2010, dozens of luminous beams, also described as ‘musical notes’, were seen hanging in the air in Xiamen, China at about 11.30pm. Again, ice crystals are cited as the cause of these pillars of light which can be seen regularly under certain weather conditions. But our atmospheric scientists were stumped when pillars of light were reported by in Latvia, January 2009, they had unexplained curved tops and even curved arcs coming from the base. Almost like we could see the inner vortex of a torus of light. Even stranger are more frequent reports of ‘hole punch’ clouds that may be related to the rash of sinkholes appearing all over the planet. Sinkholes are appearing so fast that they are instantaneously swallowing up people, cars and even houses. Having considered the conventional explanations, I have been wondering if a certain energy is hitting the planet or leaving the planet. In April 2009, astronauts aboard the International Space Station spotted two mysterious dark circles in the ice of Russia’s Lake 35

Baikal., they looked like they had been ‘stamped’ on the ice. In August 2010, incredible rare ‘fire’ tornadoes were caught on video within 2 days of each other in Brazil and Hawaii. The Brazilian version clearly displayed a double helical twist of fire, indicating that it was in a highly magnetised plasma state. This year we have already had many reports of noctilucent clouds, highly electrified bright blue clouds that exist right on the edge of space, appearing at the latitudes of Europe. Incredibly, even experienced pilots have confessed they had never seen them before, despite the fact that they have been common over the Earth’s polar regions. The question is: why are they now appearing so frequently alongside all the other strange atmospheric phenomena? Photographers are also having some pleasant surprises as shuttle launches and supersonic jets are creating iridescent rainbow effects and even brightly coloured ‘feathers’ in the skies. We know from plasma experimentation that this is a standard feature of strong filamentation shown when plasma experiences intense electrical activity. This is a major sign that our atmosphere is now strongly charged. Then there are ‘sun dogs’, ‘mock suns’ and ‘three suns’ written about by the noted historian Pliny The Elder (23 AD – August 25, 79). These days, things are so strange with all the various plasma phenomena occuring, including bright orbs in the skies, that even an educated guess might not be a correct explanation for what can be seen. Yes, Space Weather is generating new and rare geophysical and atmospheric affects and we have no choice, mankind is being challenged to understand how we will respond to the new terms and conditions of living on planet Earth.

Susan Joy Rennison, author of the book ‘Tuning the Diamonds – Electromagnetism & Spiritual Evolution’, published by Joyfire Publishing.

Issue 49. Nov - Jan 2011

The Energy Crash

The Magicians are a collective of historical magickal characters – all men – who at some point throughout history embodied the wisdom and power of the Spirit of the Merlin. This great light guiding and inspiring them to make bold advances in the fields of alchemy, philosophy, Angelic communication, prophecy and conjuration! Now these seven great masters of the occult – a word which means hidden truth – return their attention to the Earth to aid humanity with their own expertise and knowledge through the grace and power of their guiding light and inspiration – The Spirit of the Merlin.

Michael Scott through Edwin Courtenay

and holding this great light in. Say to the universe and your Guides

Many people, drawn to the spiritual path, experience the wondrous feeling of being ‘high’ in the energy of the Divine Light. Whether this comes to them as a result of meditation, the healing work that they do, or as a result of sitting amongst a group of like-minded people talking about spiritual truths. Then there are those teachers, great and powerful women and men who have the ability to raise their audience up, opening their minds to new horizons and possibilities and opening their hearts to the love of the Divine. These wonderful moments of connection and community, or energy and power far outweigh all those difficult and tumultuous times spent struggling along the road, alone and assailed by the sleeping - those yet blind and deaf to the truth of the ancient ways. However many people too have experienced the horrendous feeling of sadness and despair, depression and loneliness that can often come when we return home from a weekend workshop or retreat. The crushing feeling of futility and obstruction that can come when we separate ourselves from the Divine Light, or don’t meditate for a while, or stop healing in order to focus upon the demands of the ‘real world’. This is known as the ‘energy crash’ and occurs as a result of us ‘coming down’ from the high and expanded state of energy and consciousness that we have experienced during our time of been plugged in and attuned. Just like the ‘blues’ experienced by performers or athletes after a show, or a race or game, when the adrenaline high of their experience wears off leaving them exhausted and low, the ‘energy crash’ is the result of a withdrawal from the high energy of our spiritual experience and the subsequent crash of energy as our frequency and vibration plummets to earth. As a result of this inability to sustain the high field of power we have experienced, generated or partaken in, the subtle forms collapse, crashing in upon each other and making us feel small, disconnected, depressed and incapable of carrying on! This can – for some – prove all too much and either cast them from the path in a moment of exasperation or cause them to fold in upon themselves in despair and darkness. Here then is our guidance on what best can be done to avoid such things in the future and rather sustain your elated feeling of connection and joy. After a powerful experience, a powerful spiritual healing or guidance session, a powerful workshop or retreat, a powerful visit to a spiritual place of sanctity, or a powerful meeting with your spiritual friends, you must work on sustaining the energy that you have absorbed and which has lifted you. Directly after, on your way home or before you go to bed, centre yourself back into that golden glow of feeling and visualise a brilliant golden seal of light surrounding the outer edge of your aura © Paradigm Shift

“Divine, Guides of Light, hold me in this power and this feeling, sealing around me this light that I might not fall but rather be held ever and always in your presence, power and care.” When you return home, or on the next day, do something to build upon that which you have accrued, meditate, send a little absent healing, read a little spiritual philosophy or pour over the notes that you have made. It matters not if this takes only 15 minutes out of your day, just do something, anything to add to the power in your system and being. Henceforth every day do something, a prayer of protection and connection, a small guided visualisation, a little absent healing, a little general prayer. If you have an altar always work in front of it, if you have special sacred pictures – of Angels and Masters – work before them or carry them with you. If you have crystals that you can carry or wear do so the very day after you return from your meeting or course. Do whatever you can to keep your energy up and high! Laughter will help, as will feelings of happiness and joy and so if you can do nothing else try as best you can to maintain a positive attitude. After a little while – say three days or so – if you have managed to continue to ‘feed’ yourself in this way you will have discovered that your energy has been maintained and your usual feelings of sadness and disconnection have passed because you will have established a new normal energy high for your being! Doing this regularly will increase your ‘light quotient’ – the amount of general prana or life force your body runs on – which will improve your general health as well as contributing to your spiritual evolution and well being! Be then ever mindful of the potential dangers of the ‘energy crash’ and do what you can to avoid it. It is common place and usual but can be avoided, and sometimes all we need and require is a simple reminder that these energies and powers – the presence of the Divine, the Masters and the Angels – are around us and with us always, and that all we need do in order to maintain our awareness and contact with them is a little daily practice at keeping our energy high. Take then these words and know that they are truth and in the Gods names use it wisely and well, bright blessed be. Edwin Courtenay is a seer, channel for the Spirit of the Merlin, the Ascended Masters and Archangelic Collective, the Crystal Skulls, the Old Gods and elemental realms. A healer, spiritual teacher, magician, author of three books and has produced several meditation CD’s with Rosemary Stephenson. See for all Edwin’s work. 36

Issue 49. Nov- Jan 2011

Question Time with

Diana Cooper To ask Diana a question please email or write to Question Time, Paradigm Shift Publishing Ltd, PO Box 1102, Guildford, Surrey. GU1 9JU. (Questions will only be answered through the medium of this column)

Dear Diana Thank you for your great column, I really enjoy reading it. I have recently changed the focus of my spiritual studies and have some new teachers. I wanted to ask you about the lights I have been seeing. I have been seeing sparkling lights and strong lights like someone took my picture with a photo flash. I have read these are angels. Is this correct? I wanted to especially know about the blue blob that seems to be everywhere. Could you please tell me who this is? I am seeing this stuff or do I just need to have my eyes checked? Sincerely, Julia Dear Julia, You certainly have new angel teachers. The blue blob that you often see is one of Archangel Michael’s angels bringing you protection and also strength on your new path. The sparkling lights sound like fairies while the flashes are angelic energies trying to capture your attention. It would be of great benefit to you to sit quietly in meditation, asking them for their message. If you are in any doubt about your physical eyes, you should get your eyes checked. With love and blessings, Diana Dear Diana This is a very important time, as we all know, when we are trying to raise the vibration of the planet. Part of doing this of course involves raising the awareness of as many individuals as possible, helping them to release themselves from old patterns and opening them to possibility and joy. Many training courses and experiences provide a way of doing this. However, many of these courses cost quite a lot of money, money that the majority of people perhaps can’t spare . . . needing it for essentials. This troubles me greatly as it seems © Paradigm Shift

that a huge number of people just won’t be able to access these opportunities. Can you cast any light on this question Thank you, Lyn Dear Lyn, I agree it is most important to raise the awareness of as many individuals as possible for we are at the end of a 260,000 year cosmic era and the preparation for the new Golden Age. Our souls are urging us all towards awareness and spiritual growth and, as you say, there are many courses and much information available. A great deal of it is low cost or free. For example libraries are a rich source of books providing spiritual information. There is a huge amount available on websites. Do look at for it is packed with spiritual tools, information, awareness exercises and meditations. I’m sure you know the adage, when the student is ready the teacher appears. This applies to every single soul on the planet. The very instant a person is ready for new teachings or awakening a book, article, person, radio or TV programme will be provided by spirit to lead that person onto the next step of their path. Relax and trust, for all is in divine perfect order. Love and blessings, Diana Hi Diana,
 Thank you for all your wonderful work. I love especially your Unicorn CD.
 I have a question on water leaks in a house. What might they represent? We seem to have one leak after another. As soon as one is fixed another appears somewhere else, in a different part of the house. We live in a relatively new house so it is not a pipe issue. Even staying in another house we experienced plumbing leaks and plumbing problems. I feel our house is trying to tell us something. Many thanks and blessings 37

Dear Friend Your house is most assuredly trying to tell you to something. Look at underlying feelings of grief and sadness. Instead of you crying, the house is crying for you.
 With Love and Light, Diana Dear Diana Please, please please could you advise me please. My daughter is 11 years old and she has been hearing a voice which whispers her name at home (same voice all the time). It first happened a few months ago once at night and then it stopped however in the last few days it has started again and she has heard the voice nearly every day. She hears the voice when she is alone and at night. She says that the voice frightens her. I don’t know what to do. Her date of birth is 21st July 1998. Please could you advise me on what to do, I have no idea what this voice could be.
Thank you so much for your guidance Kal xx Dear Kal The voice is that of her spirit guide, and he is trying to get in touch with her but he doesn’t intend to frighten her. It might help her if you explained this gently to her. He loves her and would never say anything to harm her or ask her to do anything other than loving. 
However because she is wide open psychically it is possible for lower beings to connect with her. So if any being asks her to do anything negative she should close down her aura. To do this she should sit up in bed, quickly touch her chakra points and picture them closing. Then call in Archangel Michael to put his deep blue cloak of protection round her. It would also help her to place white light round that and call in her unicorn to be with her.
 I hope this helps and reassures her.
 With Love and Blessings, Diana Issue 49. Nov - Jan 2011

Alternatives Activate Your DNA

with Carole Easton

by Ellen Scott As a Reiki Master, Rebirther, Counsellor and Co-Founder of The Lynden Hill Clinic, Carole has spent most of her life interested in the holistic field, searching for new healing treatments to help others. In 2006 she asked the Universe to give her a new direction and purpose in her healing. The angels were listening! Shortly after, at an exhibition, she was drawn to a DNA Activation Stand. After several in depth conversations with the healers there, she had etheric surgery, having her DNA activated with a crystal wand. Scary as this may sound it is completely painless! The 12 DNA receptor sites, (codons) are accessed through the etheric spine and illuminated with pure energy and light coming through the activated crystal on the wand. The activation allows your body to hold more light, amplifies healing, clears channels, and gives more clarity, enabling you to expand into your etheric potential. Best of all, you only ever need one activation in a lifetime. This treatment, although relatively unheard of until recently, has an unbroken lineage of over 3,000 years through King Solomon and beyond, but was always

held within the Mystery Schools. In order to raise the vibrational frequency of the planet in preparation for 2012, they allowed this treatment to be released. Carole was immediately impressed. Recognising that the universe had heard her request, she knew she could pass on this amazing treatment if she too became a DNA Activator. After approximately 12 months of training, initiations and activations she was ready to activate others and perform cord cutting ceremonies (cutting the energetic cords that form between people that are draining and unhealthy). As her secretary I was lucky enough to be one the first people who she treated. I instantly felt more expanded, lighter and at peace. My intuition felt as if it had been fine tuned – on so many occasions I could pick up what people were going to say or do before they spoke! I also had the cord cutting (which I have had several times now) and this was the most liberating part – I could literally feel the energy cords which had been holding me back for years, fall away. Four years on Carole has activated hundreds of people. I see instant physical and energetic changes in them as soon as they leave Carole’s treatment room.

People who arrive stressed, worried and physically drawn leave looking serene, contented and feel completely different energetically, physically sparkling as they leave. Feedback from many people says the treatment has also: * Cleared negative family traits * Enhanced psychic abilities & intuition * Healed aches/pains/depression * Reduced anxiety * Increased self empowerment Carole always tells people that she is truly blessed at seeing people’s lives change, aiding them on their spiritual plane and knowing that she has played a part in assisting them in becoming who they truly are meant to be. I know how much the activation and cord cutting has changed my life and I can’t urge people enough to try it out for themselves! For a copy of Carole’s articles from Paradigm Shift and Soul and Spirit, or to make an appointment, call 0118 9401234 and speak to Ellen, Lynden Hill Clinic, Linden Hill Lane, Kiln Green, Nr Twyford, Berkshire, RG10 9XP. See advert on page 27.

Crystal Awakening ~ Turquoise by Jayne Smith Around 75% of Earth’s surface is covered by water. If you have a bowl of water and tip it slightly, the water will find its level again. Our lives follow this pattern and eventually, after all the challenges, releases and upheavals we will once again find balance. The crystal chosen for now is Turquoise, which brings balance. It is the colour of our vast oceans, which reflect the wondrous blue of our heavenly Universe; as above, so below. © Paradigm Shift

Turquoise is a copper aluminium phosphate mineral and its striking blue colour is caused by copper. It is formed in a triclinic structure, has a hardness of 5-6 and its chemical formula is: CuAl6 [(Oh)2/ PO4]4+4H2O+Fe. Turquoise generally vibrates to the number 1, highlighting our belief in self, self-confidence and the strength of will to go one’s own way, independence and starting anew. It connects with the Astrological signs of Pisces, Scorpio, Virgo, Gemini and the 38

planet Mercury. The name Turquoise is derived from the word Turques and Turquois and means ‘Turkish stone’ because the trade from the Asian mines was mainly through Turkish bazaars. Turquoise is known to date back to 2100 BC in Iran, being its national gemstone, and is highly revered in many other countries. Native American’s have used Turquoise for many different reasons Issue 49. Nov- Jan 2011

throughout all the various tribes and their teachings are passed down through great wisdom and knowledge. In their ‘GiveAway Ceremonies’ they teach that the more you release, the more you receive, for that is nature’s way. As we receive the new energies and begin to integrate these into our lives, Turquoise can aid us in finding our ‘balance’ again. Turquoise resonates strongly with our 5th Chakra, the throat, and helps us to express our truth through the power of the spoken word. Through a balanced chakra we can have clarity in the communication of our emotional expression. All other chakras are also strengthened and aligned with the use of Turquoise, along with our meridians and subtle bodies. This can facilitate an elevation of all the chakras and allow our physical and higher planes of existence to ‘attune’. Turquoise helps to balance the male/ female aspects of ourselves as well as

us to be wide awake, lively and ready to act. It enhances our intuition and through creative communication within the feeling side of our being, we can experience our individuation unfolding. Serenity, calmness, clarity and balance can be experienced when you engage with Turquoise. Find the expression of your truth and move towards a new birth. acknowledge and accept our whole self as part of the Divine Source. Through embracing and integrating these aspects we can truly become whole. As everything finds its balance and we move towards completion, a corner is turned and a new perspective opens up. We find ourselves reflecting upon this new avenue and as we gather our thoughts and feelings together, we gradually move towards the next step. Turquoise bestows inner calm yet allows

Autumn 2010

Jayne Smith is a fully qualified Crystal and Primus Activation Practitioner who runs Crystal Workshops in Derbyshire, gateway to the Peak District. For further details please telephone 01335 360898 or email

I have been priviledged to have been entrusted with the setting up and running of the Paradigm Readers Club. It has been a joy seeing it grow and learn of all the connections made. Now it is time for someone else’s energy to carry it forward and I’m delighted that a wonderful person has volunteered. So for all new and existing members the one to contact from now on is: Joan Osborne [PS00026]: or 02087893934. I’ll meet you again on the inner planes. Many bright blessings, Carrie [PS00003]

Dear Members Yesterday (21st September) I celebrated International Day of Peace by lighting a candle. Then I mediatated for a while with the intent that sometime soon the idea of no act of violence worldwide for 24 hours will be accepted and chosen by mankind. (See ) Using the word Peace as my mantra I was aware how essential maintaining my own inner peace is to support this, and myself. Others in my meditation group did the same. Whenever I tune in to the Monday meditation I feel the peaceful loving support that the PS group is creating and truly appreciate it. The readers club now has over 80 members and is spread well across the UK and worldwide England: Bedfordshire, Birmingham, Cambridgeshire, Cheshire, Derbyshire, Devon, Dorset, Essex, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, Lancashire, Leeds, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, London, Manchester, North Yorkshire, Northamptonshire, Northumberland, Somerset, South Yorkshire, Suffolk, Surrey, Sussex and Warwickshire. Wales: Ceredigion, Dyfed. Scotland: Ross-shire. Ireland: Co Wicklow. Plus Sweden, The Netherlands and USA There are many benefits to the free membership of the club. So feel free to join if you see there are already members in your area; and if there are not. Each time we list the areas it encourages more readers to join and make those valuable connections. We are all on fascinating paths, and like minded companions can make the journey easier and more joyful. © Paradigm Shift

In the next issue we will be covering the crystal Obsidian.

To Carrie - thank you so much for being a shining beacon of love and inspiration and the torch bearer for our readers club, we wish you great peace, joy and many blessings in all areas of your life. and to Joan - thank you for taking over the reins and we hope you will enjoy your journey with the Reader’s Club as much as Carrie has. Love and blessings to you both, Claire

Join our Group Meditation Every Monday at 9pm all readers are invited to join in a five minute meditation: firstly connecting with all other Paradigm Shift readers, then sending love, light and peace to all in the world. Suggestion: visualise this as a ‘light blanket’ surrounding the Earth, a reservoir of comfort available to all who need it. If it isn’t possible to join in at 9pm then, using intent, anyone can join in at any other time and add their energy. 39

Issue 49. Nov - Jan 2011

Dream Time How to interpret your Dreams with Wendy Stokes Sigmund Freud, known as the ‘Father of Psychoanalysis’, said the examination of dreams is the ‘Royal Road’ to self discovery. Carl Jung, who studied dreams from a different perspective, coined the word ‘archetype’, a word which describes common dream images, such as the ‘divine child’, the ‘wise one’ and the ‘hero’. He considered that many dream images originate in the ‘collective unconscious’ - a repository of concepts, emotions and desires which are outside our general awareness, yet are brought into awareness through dreams. Ordinary experiences of new beginnings, losses, responsibilities and relationships affect us all, and we replay the events of our life during sleep with symbolic situations, people, places, events and objects. When we experience a problem, we are often advised to ‘sleep on it’. *** Dear Wendy I am walking along a pavement and suddenly, I trip. In terror, I wake up. I am shaking and in a cold sweat. How can I prevent these disturbing dreams? John Dear John It’s a horrible dream but very common, especially amongst people in responsible positions because their mind is over-stimulated even in sleep. Regular walking, meditating, tai chi, listening to

© Paradigm Shift

calm music, and other relaxing activities would help to reduce your stress levels. Before bedtime, take a warm drink and a comfortable candle-lit bath. When you get into bed, do some simple body stretches. Take a few deep breaths, exhaling for as long as possible, releasing tension from body and mind. This will prepare you for a good night’s sleep. Dear Wendy I had to change all the colours in my artist’s canvass to white. I did this in stages, starting from the top and working down. When I reached the bottom, there was a man on a horse and I saw a line which led from the horseman to the top of the painting and it crossed seven stars. Then, I saw that a dead person was breathing again. Kim Dear Kim To change a painting in this way is an attempt to transform the environment, perhaps the family situation or societal politics. The colours are related to values, such as integrity, peace and justice. Change needs to start from the top. Those in power would need to become aware of caring values. The horseman represents the workers who also have some power over others, and they need to change too. This would create a knock-on effect, moving back up the line. The seven stars are called the Pleiades which is a constellation in the night sky. According to one legend, these are seven pretty daughters of giants but they commit suicide over the death of their other sisters. Another, story describes the great hunter, Orion, who 40

fell in love with the seven Pleiades and stalked them. To save the sisters from Orion’s attentions, the Greek God, Zeus, turned them into stars. However, Orion would not be prevented from pursuing them and placed himself in the heavens, to chase the pretty Pleiades for eternity. Dear Wendy I dreamt lost my handbag with a great deal of money inside. I was panicking and someone said impatiently “Hurry up!” Then some friends said “Come to France with us”. I had no money but they didn’t realise this. Gillian Dear Gillian We dream we have lost our valuables when we have received a shock of some kind, such as loss of job, a divorce, bereavement, an illness, or other change of circumstances that have reduced the quality of our life. In your dream, another person is impatient with you adding to the stress. Though you have good friends who want to take you away from your distress, they do not understand how they can help at the moment. Try to explain how you feel so your friends and family can be more understanding. Use the affirmation: I can cope with this transition.

Wendy Stokes holds a diploma in counselling and has a special interest in dream interpretation. She is the author of The Lightworkers’ Circle Guide - A Workbook for Spiritual Groups published worldwide by O Books.

Issue 49. Nov- Jan 2011


See more reviews at ~ ~

love and gratitude in my heart (not head) how rewarding this process can be.

Countdown to Coherence

This is a brilliant, heart opening process - highly recommended if you want to heal the past and create a happy, healthy and abundant life. Review by Ann O’keife. ISBN: 978-1-84850-124-9. Published by Hay House.

This is an amazing book. The author, Hazel Courteney, has previously written two books about her paranormal experiences and this is a journey on which we join her from April 2008 to December 2009 to try to explain the past events. In down to Earth, everyday language, the author tries to share with the reader facts and theories that she finds fascinating and useful. She presents to us ideas from distinguished yet controversial thinkers - from scientists, to shamans, to psychologists and beyond, all in ways that each of us can access at our personal levels of understanding. The fundamental concept to be explored is that there is an underlying intelligence that exists at all levels of reality, throughout time, across every dimension and within everything. Hazel goes on to delve deeply into the idea that our universe had its beginnings in perfect coherence before spiralling into increasing disorder and that current times have started us all on the journey home to coherence. Once we have reached this countdown to coherence, the author leaves us and our paths part; but it is a whirlwind of ideas and concepts that will certainly leave you gasping and thinking about why we are here, where we need to go and why and how much more we are capable of than we’ve ever imagined.

Inspiration Reiki: The Reiki of Atlantis

A weekend workshop with Carolyn Williams, September 2010, Colliers Wood, London. Carolyn Williams is a gifted healer and channel, and an experienced teacher of Angelic Reiki and the Gaiadon Heart Keys of Ascension system. Trained by Edwin Courtenay, she is one of the first teachers of Module 1 of the Inspiration system and facilitates the awakenment of our Atlantean memories and energies. Unlike other systems, this 2 day course acts as a foundation for any of the other twelve voluntary modules – and you can choose which of the others interests you most. Module 1 also awakens Atlantean healing energy connections within you, linking you to the Temple of Peace. The group for the workshop was small (four in number) so that each participant gains the maximum benefit. Carolyn first introduced us to the Inspiration system, which was channelled by Edwin Courtenay, to help awaken Atlantean memories and dormant Atlantean DNA. We received our own extensive manual containing many details of the system (which is overseen by the Cosmic Ascended Master Solomon, the Ascended Masters St Germaine and Hilarion, and the Angels of Atlantis) and the Atlantean power symbols. Carolyn also presented each of us with a crystal contained in its own coloured pouch, and explained why this particular stone had been chosen. She also gave each person details (channelled by Edwin beforehand) of the energetic devices which had been affecting us and the assurance that these would be removed in the first day.


Count Your Blessings by Dr John F. Demartini

This book is transformational, and I don’t say this lightly as I’ve been a fan of John F Demartini for several years (seeing him in Conscious Cinema talks). John’s book is a beautifully crafted balance of ancient wisdom, real life stories and practical processes on how to align with Gratitude and Love.

Following the introduction, the first day was filled with profound and moving meditative journeys and awakenments, interspersed with precious nuggets of information. Each journey brought something new and amazing and the presence of powerful energies was palpable, particularly in the meditation where the ancient energy attachments were removed. Carolyn guides you through each day easily and safely, and there is a constant feeling of love and serenity. She also makes sure there are set breaks to allow re-grounding and centring – a truly gifted and caring teacher.

I run a Gratitude Group in Sussex so thought this would be an ideal book to learn from and I was not disappointed! John’s work is well researched - he has studied hundreds of modalities over a 30 year period. This is paired with a generous dose of unconditional love and empathy, John truly wants to guide the reader to feel gratitude for everything and everyone in your life. Is this achievable? With some effort, yes! I examined so many areas of my own life and realised with some big revelations, both painful and amazing - that by shifting perceptions, taking responsibility and choosing to feel © Paradigm Shift

The second day was devoted to Healing Awakenments 41

Issue 49. Nov - Jan 2011

and we were led through a meditation/journey to meet our own Healing Angel – a most powerful and empowering experience. Time was given to studying the various symbols and their meanings, and experiencing the healing both as a client and a healer – working directly with our Healing Angel. At the close of the day, Carolyn channelled a message for the group from the Cosmic Ascended Master Solomon – another wonderful experience. There is so much more I could say about this amazing workshop, but words alone cannot do it justice – it just has to be experienced. If you are interested in adding another dimension to your Reiki practice, or bringing new awareness and purpose into your life, this is the workshop for you.

and we talked for a brief time about my expectations, concerns and past troubles and Vijay was caring, empathic, accepting, supportive and non-judgemental. I felt very safe with him. I was asked to lie on the cradle, which was very comfortable, and I closed my eyes. I could detect Vijay in the vicinity of my head and could feel the proximity of his hands. I could also feel his level of expertise and concentration on transmitting healing energy. I was immediately aware that all the usual chatter in my mind had drifted away, leaving me feeling very calm. I then felt Vijay’s warm hands being gently placed on areas of my back. This created waves of shivers, similar to the type of sensations I get while listening to a wonderful piece of music. These waves continued and there was a warmth to them. A blanket was offered if I felt cold but was not needed. After 40 minutes, I felt I wanted to stretch and yawn and I felt energised and well rested so we discontinued the session at this point. Vijay said that some sensations might continue or emotional material might be brought to the surface following the session, I was prepared for this but only felt a desire to stretch and yawn more than usual. More than just one hour session is usually required for a therapeutic level to be achieved. I found the therapy comfortable, relaxing and enjoyable and I especially liked that it was non-confrontational and non invasive and nothing is required of me as a client. Review by Wendy Stokes. See advert page 27.

Review by Joan Osbourne. For further information contact Carolyn on 020 8540 830 or visit www.thereikiofatlantis and

The Archangel Transmissions Bea Martin & David Johnson An extraordinary vocal composition by twin flames Bea and David that brings the energy and essence of the Four Archangels of the Four Directions and their twin flames into the present moment with amazing power. This invocation of the four complements: Michael and Faith; Gabriel and Hope; Uriel and Aurora; Raphael and Maria can assist in entering profound meditative states, developing your connection with the Archangelic realms and exploring your spiritual magnificence. The first time I played this CD my crown chakra started spinning at some speed resulting in a soft tingling sensation on the top of my head! No music, just Bea and David’s voices toning, some lovely harmonies, at times with great power or by contrast gentle and soft. An excellent way to open a ceremony or some group work, and also to clear and create sacred space. A welcome addition to my collection of angelic CDs.

Know That You Are Loved Self Healing Techniques For Everyone by Philena Bruce This little book is such an easy read, which makes a refreshing change to some books of the same genre. Philena Bruce is a world renowned healer and palmist with thirty years experience, and writes with compassion and humour, her lovely down to earth attitude is both inspiring and uplifting. In the first part of the book, her methods for living a happier more fulfilled life are in the form of telling her own story which, in a matter of fact and light-hearted way, conveys her sincerity in wanting to share what has worked for her and her clients. The concluding chapters in part two cover more detailed methods of healing, with exercises to try, and here too it keeps the form of storytelling including more success stories. The message is in the title. Whilst reading the first chapter, it really did ‘hit home’ that however hard we may try to manifest a happier, more abundant life, if there are shadows of unworthiness lurking in our unconscious that have not been healed, then they will cancel any effort made. Reading on, we are shown how to heal those shadows. Philena Bruce introduces a truly holistic approach to manifesting our desires in that she focuses on all aspects of happiness, physical, mental and spiritual, the material benefits are then a bonus. Review by Sandra Marrison. Published by O Books. See advert page 34. ISBN 978-1-84694-308-9.

Review by Claire Williams. Available to purchase through Paradigm Shift - see mail order pages 36.

SHEN THERAPY with fully certified provider

Vijay Rana SHEN - Specific Human Emotional Nexus - takes place on an individual basis, as a retreat or in a group setting. It is a gentle and non-verbal treatment and takes place while the client lies fully clothed in a cradle (a soft canvas table style bed). The therapy works on the principle that memories of distressing events, emotional upsets, etc., remain embedded within the physical body, and the practitioner’s hands are used to move and release these memories. Symptoms, such as fear, sadness, guilt, embarrassment, disappointment, lack of confidence and exhaustion can be relieved. The therapy room was of a perfect temperature and pleasantly decorated. My therapist, Vijay Rana has been a SHEN practitioner for ten years. I sat in a comfortable chair © Paradigm Shift


Issue 49. Nov- Jan 2011

Ten Great Ways to Understand the World

The ShadowLight Cards by White Elk Woman and L Guescini.

This is a deck of 52 square cards, comprising 40 ShadowLight cards and 12 Unity cards. Each card has on one side a Crystal Skull set into an encircled Flower of Life against a background of one of five different colours (Red, Gold, Green, Violet and Magenta). The other side is numbered, and has, in the case of the ShadowLight cards, two words - one ‘Shadow’ word eg. Victim, and one ‘Light’ word, eg. Empower. The Unity cards show the same word, eg. Protection, twice, in both Shadow and Light. All the cards have a picture of a Crystal Skull set against a black background for the ShadowLight cards, and a white background for the Unity cards.

The Larger Perspective on the Leading Edge of Thought by Else Byskov The title of this book is pretty selfexplanatory, and also introduces the conversational writing style of the author. Reading it you feel she is actually speaking to you, asking you questions and at times directing a point at you with some force! The work is inspired by the Danish 20th Century visionary, Martinus, whose writings made a deep and lasting impression on Else. She is keen to share his understandings on the world as a whole. Those familiar with the concepts of Karma, Law of Attraction, Spirit, etc may find the book a little repetitive, but for those awakening to these ideas it provides a thorough grounding. Else puts forward some interesting ideas in the chapters on Reincarnation and Becoming Human, offering new suggestions on how a soul incarnates, and why we are attracted to each other. She is very thorough in her writing, frequently going into considerable detail as she explains an idea. There is a great deal of material here, and while I would recommend that it is read with discernment, it nevertheless offers plenty of food for thought. Review by Diana Savil. ISBN 978-1451552966. See advert page 19.

The cards are contained in an attractive little box with a snap-shut lid. Also included is a guide booklet explaining the concept and symbology of the cards, the Shadow self, Crystal Skulls, and uses of the cards - asking questions, creating mantras and affirmations. I have never previously felt drawn to working with Crystal Skulls; however, I was aware that White Elk Woman is an acknowledged expert on them and a wonderful teacher and healer. So it was with an open and positive mind that I opened the pack and used the cards. The suggested methods of use are simple - either shuffle the deck and let one or two cards fall out, or spread the cards out with the lovely Flower of Life and Crystal Skull image face up and choose the card/s which ‘call’ to you. Focus on a relevant issue or question.

On Line Aura Readings

The results were, for me, both enlightening and thoughtprovoking. Two cards, each showing a Shadow and a Light concept, answered, in a very simple yet profound way, my question (one of the suggested questions: What Shadow have I brought with me from my childhood?)

with Professional Crystal Therapist Jackie Winters Jackie tuned into my aura remotely. Her objective was to look into my energy field and see any issues or energy blockages that might be affecting me and suggest crystals which could help me. She could immediately see my purpose in life as a communicator as my entire person was surrounded by electric blue light. She could also clearly see that I was ready to move forward in life, but at the same time reluctant to change my current and comfortable environment - my husband and I are actually planning a move and start of a new business. She suggested that I use a Garnet to remove the energetic heaviness in my legs, adding energy and giving me passion for the next project. She saw in my aura, through the energy in my solar plexus, that I carry concern about what people think of me and a worry if I am doing the right thing. She explained that there is no wrong way of doing anything and suggested Golden Topaz to help me shift old thought conditions to create more balance and harmony in my life. I really enjoyed this session and was delighted at Jackie’s accuracy. It was fun and informative and I will definitely be taking her advice. . Review by Sarita Cameron. See advert page 34. Jackie can be contacted on 01253 508165. Or visit © Paradigm Shift

I kept the ShadowLight Cards on my bedside table overnight; the dream which I can remember was, I feel, an important one for my learning. It featured a past relationship, and also building new dwellings on an ancient site. The concept of the Shadow Self features in Jungian psychology, and as a psychotherapist I have often found it an important concept for clients to work with: ‘Who is that scary person who keeps appearing in my dreams? . . . Oh, it’s my (Shadow) self!’ The Shadow is not to be spurned, but accepted and loved. These cards can, I think, assist in this process of selfunderstanding, acceptance and love and also open up paths to spiritual dimensions. As the publishers say on their website use these cards to “Work with your shadows to help resolve deep issues which are holding you back”. Review by Annie Prosser. Published by Mystic Mouse Publishing. Available early November 2010. See advert page 19. We are happy to review most things! If you would like us to review books, CDs, workshops, products or treatments, please contact us at 43

Issue 49. Nov - Jan 2011

Market Place

Palmistry, Healing & Tarot Readings

Advertising Rates

with Philena Bruce

Call Sarita Cameron for all

“A breath of fresh air in the field of manifesting and healing”

your advertising needs

Office: 0800 021 3024 Direct: 00 33 5567 12096 Email:

020 7602 4724 (Kensington, London)

The Healing Place “With the infinite Grace and Guidance of Indian Teacher (Guru) and Healer, Shri Anil B. Acharya, Chhaya Shashtri”

This pure healing is powerful, works on every level and carries its own remarkable intelligence. Gail is a natural born healer. She has studied many healing disciplines leading her, eventually, to India. She is currently working with “A. B”, Indian guru and healer, - a lifelong process. She has now found her healing destiny by merging Eastern and Western cultural healing influences for the benefit of all. The essence of this healing is Purity & Unconditional Love

For appointments please contact Gail on 01483 276199 or 07753 577033

Shamanic Reiki & the Munay Ki Rites - The legacy of the Incas -

All, any age, any condition

Healing for all

Three Levels: Can be taken separately or in three consecutive days Investment: £40 per level Receive in this set of workshops the nine Munay Ki Rites, and learn to blend in the energy of the rites together with the energy of Reiki. Once you have received the nine rites you may pass them on to your clients, friends and family. Véronique Cliquet 01239 698314

Where West meets East

Cygnus Body Works The Rose of the Integrated Christ~Mary Magdalene~Ointment Angel of the Christ~Mary Magdalene~Oil The Innerquintessence of the Integrated Christ~for the 7 Major Chakras The Rose of the Integrated Christ~Mary Magdalene~Ointment, The Angel of the Christ~Mary Magdalene~Oil and The Inner Quintessence of the Christ for the Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown Chakras. Barbara-Cheryth is now making this new and very beautiful Ointment together with the

new Oil and the 7 Chakra Oils. The role of these is to realign and integrate the Christ Light of the divine masculine with the divine feminine within all - to awaken to oneself and return oneself consciously into a state of Divine Grace, at the same time rebalancing the merkabah lightbody in preparation for each individual’s ascension.

cure yourself I am a researcher on health, I give free information and I sell genuine health products that work quickly in the body

John Steeples 0115 984 1899 mobile 07505 691459

The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will instruct his patient in the care of the human frame, 
in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease. ~ Thomas Alva Edison

Introductory Offer – Now available

The Rose of the Integrated Christ~ Mary Magdalene Ointment~250gms Jar

£10.00 + p&p

Angel of the Christ~Mary Magdalene~Oil

£8.00 + p&p

The Inner Quintessence of the Integrated Christ~ For the 7 Major Chakras~ £7.00 +p&p Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart,Throat, Third Eye, Crown

Barbara Cheryth Stone E:mail: Tel: 01483 579975

Foundation Courses in Dowsing 12/13 June, North Yorks 17/18 July, nr Warwick

2010 Dowsing Conference ‘On The Right Line’ 10-12 September, Cirencester, Glos For more information or to book tel 01684 576969

Photo of stained glass window at Kilmore Church, Mull by Barry Dunford

© Paradigm Shift

The British Society of Dowsers


Issue 49. Nov- Jan 2011

ON LINE AURA READINGS Professional Crystal Therapist will remote view your aura, looking in depth into the spiritual, emotional and physical levels of well being. Crystals will be recommended to enhance the Natural Rhythm of life. An audio recording will be sent through the internet for you PRICES START AT JUST £7.50 treatments.html Contact 0783 4072273

St Michael’s Church The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary offers teachings of a universal nature to encourage individuals to journey within themselves in order to find their own spiritual path to Truth

St Michael’s Church, The Sanctuary,
Church Street, Ewell Village, Surrey, KT17 2AS

GENERAL Anyone interested in joining us setting up a Kins Domain (from Anastasia Books) style community in Southern Europe, possibly Spain or Italy please get in touch. Contact or 07875 549119. Buddha on a Bicycle, 27 Endell Street, Covent Garden. 020 7836 8000. Beautiful shop, large versitile therapy room. Channelled paintings of your own Guardian Angel with angel’s name and personal message. For you or a gift for loved ones. 01536 760409 Crystals, Cards & Music - Angels, 35 Main Street, Long Eaton, Nottingham. NG10 1GU 0115 972 1922. MUSIC AND GUIDED MEDITATION CDs by all of your favourite artists. Listen and buy on-line or visit us at the shop. Available for fairs. Tel: 01449 711761

MBS online shop offering crystals, essences, books, oracles & tarot… Visit COURSES & WORKSHOPS ANGELIC REIKI & ANGEL HEALING DIPLOMA COURSES with Jayn Lee-Miller Tel: 020 84229308 Angelic Reiki/Shamballa Workshops - Nationwide and abroad. Contact Ay-eesha on 07913 422768 ANGELIC REIKI - Experience the joy of healing with the Angels and Ascended Masters. 1st and 2nd Degree Workshops being held in Norfolk. Contact Alison on 07540 938107. Certified Theta DNA Healing Basic and Advanced Courses. Learn Theta Healing in a loving and joyful space. Taught by Julia Jeremiah and hosted by The Divine Perspective in London and Glastonbury. See for course content and dates. Course booking and enquiries ramanprit@hotmail. com or ring 07897 409987 JOANNA BRISTOW-WATKINS Egyptian Alchemy Healing intro weekend 6th/7th November, Sutton, £200. Awaken your Avatar 3:3:3 Celebration with meditations at Avebury and Stonehenge (Private Access), 3rd December, £88 all day. LEMURIAN ATTUNEMENT FACILITATOR COURSE 6 weeks £99 nr Godalming. Connect with the Lemurians through this high vibrational course for raising the consciousness and healing. Tel: 07930 882586 or email Reiki of Atlantis Module 1/Crystal Skull Workshops Contact Pauline on 01562 885255 SACRED GEOMETRY, Mayan Calendar, Reiki Workshops & Talks - Glastonbury. - Tel. 01458 835506 - READINGS Channelled readings - medium with 20 years experience:

RETREATS BERACHAH, GLASTONBURY. Over-looking Chalice Well Gardens. 01458 834214. Jan@ DAISY CENTRES Angelic Healing Retreat in the Heart of Glastonbury. Close to all Sacred Sites and High Street. We have 5 light, bright bedrooms, a healing Sanctuary and a large secluded garden. Open your heart to love with angel Vortex Healing™ Reiki and other therapies. Call Daisy on 01458 834587 / 0208 8287 9331 or 07970 108156. Stunning Tordown - Environmentally friendly bed and breakfast on the southern slopes of the Tor offering a peaceful setting, healing, organic, vegetarian food. A safe, sacred home from home. Call 01458 832287 SCHOOLS, COLLEGES & ORGANISATIONS Angels, Ascension, Golden Atlantis & Transformational Teacher Training Workshops with Diana Cooper School – courses run in Scotland with Elizabeth Ann. Also spiritual coaching and angel readings etc Telephone 01592 743417 www. Rowena Beaumont Into the Light Training Courses Glastonbury Somerset 01458 835054. rowena@ White Eagle Lodge, Liss, Hampshire, a charity promoting White Eagle’s teachings and healing. Details & books. 01730 893300. THERAPIES Experience Archangel Metatron healing to remove old patterns FF1 Louise 01296 696285 Metamorphic Technique. Simply transform yourself. From who you are to what you can be. Reveal your essence. New Energy Patternings - clearing of health/ emotional issues, beliefs, ties, past lives, negative patterns etc. Working with Ascended Masters and Angelic Beings. Distance work £40. J Gleny 01691 662471.

Channelled readings, healing and teaching with Rachel. Be truly blessed. Hindhead, Surrey. 07807 103548

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Issue 49. Nov - Jan 2011

Rosemary Stephenson & Edwin Courtenay UK

Celestial Sounds Rosemary Stephenson A sound bath meditation with Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls and Voice Toning. Celestial Sounds takes us on a journey to the Angelic Realms, restoring harmony to the heart, mind, body and soul. Singing Bowls are powerful healing tools made up of silicon quartz which emit crystal clear tones and the higher vibration of PURE WHITE LIGHT. Our bodies are also made up of silica, at a cellular level, enabling us to vibrate in resonance as the bowls are played. Immerse yourself into this totally relaxing sound meditation as Rosemary weaves the tones of her voice into the beautiful sounds of the Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls. Feel the wonderful Divine Healing Energy washing over and through your whole body. RS 002. CD £12.950

Journey to the Christ Light Edwin Courtenay & Rosemary Stephenson A meditation to activate the 33 Higher Chakra’s with colour, light and sound. This guided visualisation serves as a bridge, enabling the participant to activate the 33 Higher Chakras, outlined in the Gaiadon Heart teachings, and connect with the energy and presence of the Christ Light, the Maitreya. The voice of the guide is aided by the powerfully uplifting energies of the crystal singing bowls, transporting the participant into other dimensions of colour and power were they might connect with the great Cosmic Ascended Master, the Maitreya or Christ. Assisted and protected on this journey by the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light and the Archangels this meditation has been designed as an activation for Ascension and self empowerment, contributing to the individuals enlightenment and spiritual growth. RS 001. CD £12.95

2012 & Beyond Diana Cooper & Rosemary Stephenson

Journey to the Crystal Skulls of Atlantis. Edwin Courtenay & Rosemary Stephenson A guided meditation, channelled by Edwin Courtenay, featuring Crystal Singing Bowls played by Rosemary Stephenson, leads the listener on a journey to connect and align with the energy and consciousness of the Crystal Skull collective, the Conclave, transporting them through time and space to the Central Tower of Atlantis, the once great home of the Crystal Skulls. Here the listener merges their consciousness with the conclave in order to receive wisdom and empowerment, allowing the Crystal Skulls to provide them with the Ascension codes. Throughout the CD ancient Egyptian chants known as Hekau, said to be a language used in Atlantis, are intoned in order to open the listener to the power of the skulls and their own higher self. RS 003. CD £12.95

This exciting double CD offers a special programme to prepare you for the forthcoming cosmic moments. Listen to it or use it as a workshop guide to do alone or with a group. It includes fascinating up to date forecasts for 2012 and the 20 years beyond, invocations and affirmations including The Vision Prayer and Oneness song. Diana gives information and exercises to unblock and heal your heart centre, remember your divine essence, transmute fear, remove your armour and open to oneness, direct your spirit to travel to higher Ascension Chambers and honour all life forms. RS 005. 2012 CD £17.50

Bards of Avalon UK

New! The Archangel Transmissions Bea Martin & David Johnson This album conveys the essence of the Four Archangels of the Four Directions and their twin flames. Play this for entering profound meditative states, developing connection with the Archangelic realms and for exploring your spiritual magnificence. An extraordinary vocal composition by twin flames Bea and David that brings the energy of these mighty beings into the present moment with amazing power. BA 001 CD £12.95

Uriel’s Garden Edwin Courtenay & Rosemary Stephenson Uriel’s Garden is an Earth healing meditation for children of all ages led by Edwin Courtenay. Floating on the beautiful sounds of Rosemary’s crystal singing bowls you are invited to Uriel’s magic garden and asked to help him heal the earth. RS 004. Uriel’s Garden CD £12.95 © Paradigm Shift


Issue 49. Nov- Jan 2011

Jhadten Jewall Vancouver, B.C. Canada

The Seventeen Chakra Meditation. The coded energies of the Elohim guide you through Jhadten’s voice to connect with the Earth Chakras allowing you to embody the higher chakras of your energy system. These higher, transpersonal chakras are chakras of consciousness, awareness and love. Meditation 1 connects you with these chakras and brings their vibrational frequencies into the body. In this way the traditional 7 chakra system is expanded. In Meditation 2 you understand that once the Earth and transpersonal chakras have been integrated, new chakras of fifth dimensional frequencies are birthed within. The Elohim describe these energy fields and how they affect your awareness and your every day life. JJ 002. CD £ 14.25.

The Sound of Creation. In this sound landscape, Melchizedek has guided me to re-create the process that is leading to the power of sound creation as we move through these times of change. The Goddess Rises. [Part I] reflects the return of the Goddess consciousness to our awareness. The Father Reborn. Thus, as we heal the wounded male energies, the Father can be re-birthed in our consciousness; a new wholesome and nurturing Father energy that supports everyone and everything completely. Transition. As we learn to embody a whole new consciousness of the Mother and of the Father, a new Alchemy can begin to work through us. It is in E flat minor, which Melchizedek designated as the Key of Transitioning Awareness. The Goddess Rises. [Part II] has been included here to impress upon our consciousness, that at this time, it is only through Her that All can be birthed anew. This amazing piece is based on a sacred sounding in the Chapter House of Wells Cathedral in England (Nov 1999). The 77 voices are singing in counter-rotational fields of sound. JJ 001. CD £14.25.

Dreamtime of the Heart. The sequel to the Sound of Creation this CD was inspired by the Sacred Journey to Australia and the Sound codes that were received there as a new Dreamtime was opened for Mother Earth in 2002. The music and editing for this CD was again done by the talented and amazing artist Hans Timmermans in Holland who can always bring richness and depth Jhadten’s tonings. The tracks are: Horus Initiation, Eternal Grace, Interlocking Dimensions, The Eternal Now, The Ishim Angels and A New Dreamtime. JJ 007. CD £14.25

Initiations Jhadten transmits the most important aspects of our evolving consciousness at this time in poetic imagery and vibrational frequencies of a new wholistic awareness. The Meditations as well as the intonations are vibrational imprints of this new consciousness. Tracks: (1) Initiation of the Magdalene flame; (2) Initiation of the New Cosmic Father Energies; (3) Initiation into the Twin Flame Energy and Eightfold Seal of Infinity. JJ 003. CD £14.25.

The Whizzard Poems This double CD contains the 36 poems that accompany the Whizzard Cards, spoken by Jhadten to the meditative music of Hans Timmermans. Jhadten’s voice transmits the frequencies of the elementals and their messages to humanity at this time. The poems re-create the vibrational gateways to manifestation in harmony with the elemental kingdoms. The CD can be used alone, though used with the Whizzard Cards it will provide more depth to your experience of the Whizzard Project. JJ 006 Double CD £16.25.

The Whizzard Cards. A co-creation with Wilka Zelders. Finally published, this set of cards offers you an experience beyond the knowledge of the mind and can help you access higher dimensions of your own awareness. The images are not symbolic and do not answer questions, they show patterns of energy fields and are an invitation to you to feel how these fields resonate within. The card pack comes with an instruction leaflet in English. The accompanying book of prose and poems has now been translated into Engish as is available as a boxed set. For more information visit JJ 004 £14.99 Cards only JJ 005 £34.25 Card set with book and velvet cover © Paradigm Shift

New! Light Energy Portraits A visual journey into the realms of energy perception - the natural patterns of life force in events, being and things. The world of energy is fascinating when it can be seen. Jhadten has developed not only the ability to see, but to also draw these energies. JJ 008. Book £62.95 47

Issue 49. Nov - Jan 2011

Andrew Forrest New Zealand

Alpha & Omega Inspired by the Andromeda Star System. An epic, beautiful instrumental space journey, taking us home to our stellar source of origin. Trance-ambient movements, abstract textures and profound sonic experiments. 1. Light Years. 2. In Search of Seraphim. 3. Communion. 4. Parallel Worlds. 5. Dark Portal. 6. Alpha Omega. 7. Heavenly Host.Instruments include: Keyboards, Choirs, Flutes, Winchimes. AF 003. CD - £12.00

Alchemy A monumental heart meditation and soul journey. Layers of rich textures release you into the lake of your deep still core. A sacred marriage of the heart and soul . . . ultimate sonic alchemy! Instrumental, majestic, powerful, healing, breathtakingly beautiful. 1. ‘I AM’ Presence. 2. Liquid Light. 3. Alchemy of the Heart. 4. Sacred Marriage. Instruments include: Piano, Keyboards, Choirs, Voices, Glissando Guitar, Bamboo Flute, Irish Whistle, Tibetan Bowls and Bells, Indian Tampoura, Harp, Windchimes, English Horn, Violins. AF 001. CD - £12.00

Infinite Octaves Volume 1 (Pleiades) in the ‘Star System Trilogy’. After years of preparing new sounds and textures, and 12 months composing and recording, ‘Infinite Octaves’ finally concludes Andrew’s ‘Star System Trilogy’. Four monumental, deep space tracks guide the listener to timeless, distant realms. A sonic leap from all previous recordings, thanks to a new all-digital recording studio with unlimited track counts and enormous editing possibilities! RF 004. Infinite Octaves CD 14.25

Starseed Inspired through the Sirius Star System. A Classic, best selling album with a huge celestial soundscape symphony. Cosmic meditation and DNA activation. Powerful, haunting passages evolve, guiding the listener to deep inner-space communion. 1. Interstellar Harmonics. 2. Merkabah Resonance. Instruments include: Keyboards, Overtone Voice Harmonics, Tibetan Bowls and Bells, Windchimes, Humpback Whale. AF 002. CD - £12.00

Azoth Music

Gordon Barraclough & Gillian Scargill, UK

Celestial Temples. This beautiful album was specially composed for the purpose of relaxation and meditation. Allow the interweaving soundscapes to take you upon a journey from the deepest reaches of the soul to the expanding universal conscousness of creation. Atmospheric waves of synthesized tones together with the subtle use of Eastern themes produce a sound of great depth and clarity. AM 003A. CD - £11.95. Dimensional Dancer. We begin at the Gateway of Maya and see before us the Pyramids of Achernar. The luminous green glow of their power engulfs us. Our energy is restored and we travel on through the Stellar Matrix to the star system of Lyra, the home of our angelic guide . . . . Our light bodies resonate to a higher vibrational frequency as we ascend through the seven levels to the music of the spheres calling us to make the final leap of consciousness with the Dimensional Dancer among the stars. AM 005A. CD - £11.95

Angelic Alchemy. Harnessing the power of the Angels through the medium of electronic synthesis including choirs, strings and interchanging soundscapes this album captures the essence of these magnificent beings. Drift upon metamorphic waves of transformation as you journey through the veil to the alchemical fire of the eternal flame. Composed for use in meditation and relaxation it perfectly complements Celestial Temples. AM 006A. CD - £11.95 Zanta. Music to harmonise with the inspirational psychic art of Nick Clarke whose paintings portray channelled images received from the Arcturian Light Being Zanta, self appointed guardian of the earth who has abilities to transcend space and time. Using warm synthesized textures, choral effects and strings which merge with the inner being causing a profound feeling of tranquility. This ever popular album is favoured by many Reiki practitioners as an aid to the healing art. AM 002A. CD - £11.95. © Paradigm Shift


Issue 49. Nov- Jan 2011

Jean-Luc Bozzoli Hawaii

“. . . a vision of what our reality must be like in the higher dimensions . . . it continually brought tears to my eyes and triggered beautiful memories of times long gone by . . .” Ronna Herman Author/Lecturer”

Transmuteo Transmuteo is a 30 minute animated visual feast of the beautiful inner world of visionary artist, Jean-Luc Bozzoli. A French artist living in the Pacific Islands for the past 36 years, Jean-Luc has spent thousands of hours immersed in the holographic undersea world of wild dolphins and whales, sharing the visions and wisdoms awakened within him through his art. His passionate interpretations invite you to open your heart and mind to the unlimited potentials of humanity to fully awaken and bring harmony, light and love back into the dream . . . we are dreaming the world we then create. Special Feature: A selection of 5 original soundtracks by 8 musicians including Micahel Hammer JB 001. DVD £16.00

“. . . at the edge of our universe this jeweler is working alchemy with light . . . it is this garden you hope to see in your next life time . . .” Jim Channon Social Architect

Heather Golding UK

Kutara Heather Golding & Victoria Davies Kutara is a recording of the beautiful improvised singing of Heather Golding with an equally beautiful harp accompaniment by Victoria Davies. It carrys a message of peace and tranquility through colour and it can be used to relax and relieve stress, bringing a feeling of wellbeing and balance to the heart and mind. It is a wonderful accompaniment to Reiki and other healing treatments and is perfect for Meditation too. HG 001. Kutara CD £14.85

Silver Jewellery 1. OM Pendant Four Faceted Gems Size approx: L 35mm x W 35mm Amethyst OM (not shown) £41 Blue Topaz OM £38 2. Angel Pendant Cabochon Gems. Open Wings Size approx: L 35mm x W 35mm Rose Quartz Angel £20 Turquoise Angel (not shown) £22 Amethyst Angel (not shown) £26

Eva Sullivan

3. Ankh Pendant Cabochon Gem Size approx: L 33mm x W 22mm Amethyst Ankh (not shown) £19 Moonstone Ankh £19


Archangel Raphael Poster Eva M Sakmar-Sullivan A visionary painter and environmentalist, Eva’s love of animals, the Earth and the Divine Creator is a constant theme. Her paintings can be used as a meditative journeying tool for accessing one’s own portal to higher dimensions and so this beautiful high quality photographic reproduction comes with a general meditation to use as a guideline to journey with the artwork. All prints are 11” x 14” high quality photographic reproductions on acid-free paper. ES 001. Raphael Poster £24.50 © Paradigm Shift


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These items are hand made using natural gemstones from around the world, and so may vary slightly in colour, lustre and size from that shown.




Issue 49. Nov - Jan 2011

Sacred Spaces Jhadten Jewall creates 'sacred spaces' - places in consciousness where you are one with your soul and its purpose and enjoy every moment of your incarnation! Workshops Sacred Sound Sacred Journeys Soul Readings & Soul Portraits Swimming with Whales Holographic Light Mandalas

Next UK Workshop 30/31st October 2010 The Peak District Organised by: Paradigm Shift html 01483 813641

Sound of Creation

Dreamtime of the Heart

Whizzard Poems

Whizzard Poems

17 Chakra Meditation

Jhadten Jewall lives in Canada and teaches worldwide, working for the Divine, anchoring new energies for personal and planetary growth. Visit his website for his itinerary of workshops and sacred journeys. He also offers CD’s, Soul Readings and Soul Holograms. Sacred Spaces, 3657 W 1st Avenue, Vancouver, B.C. V6R 1H1, Canada. Tel: Canada (604) 733 3473. email: Š Paradigm Shift


Issue 49. Nov- Jan 2011

Paradigm Shift Issue 49  

Britain's best loved spiritual magazine.

Paradigm Shift Issue 49  

Britain's best loved spiritual magazine.