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Beware! Grace IS NOT CHEAP. G

race is indeed free. But be careful about any teachings on grace that do not not lead you to true repentance and true discipleship. It will destroy you. It is very important to conduct a product research on any item you intend buying from the store or internet. This will save you disappointment and money when things go wrong. In South Africa today, a lot of people have been victims of spiritual messages and lifestyle of leaders that are shallow and non biblical. This is the time to be careful of what we allow into our hearts. The message of cheap grace is back in our churches and communities, without mentioning its sad history and hidden cost. Cheap grace is a message that lowers God’s standards. Some preachers say the Old Testament is law and the New Testament is grace and we have to choose between the two. That is false and misleading. It suggests that the law is judgmental, condemning and legalistic and on the other hand grace is about mercy and love. It reveals Jesus as one who paid the price for everything. Is there anything wrong with that? Not at all.

Remember Jesus is the only human who kept the law fully and opened the door for us by faith to be declared righteous. This is given to us as a free gift of grace. This amazing grace has enabled us to pick up our crosses and follow His example daily. In this leadership issue of Parable Magazine, we discover the grace bestowed on two of South Africa’s leaders in media and entertainment, TV presenters Michael Mol and Penny Lebyane. We also bring to you for the first time, an exclusive interview with a remarkable woman, Venete Klein, Executive Director of ABSA and South Africa’s Business Woman of the year winner. Her story will challenge you to see God’s grace in all life experiences and struggles. Enjoy our new additional beauty and fashion content and other relevant articles. Also tell us what you think about the rebranded Parable Magazine. Stay blessed and remember to join us on the 27th October for our National Face book Fast Day. Also next year 2011 will separable Magazine host the 1st Christian Of The Year Awards.

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our writer Astell Collins is passionate to see young people taking their rightful stand in the society. Young people are the centre of the society and also play an important role in economy development. Astell’s ministry is all about mind transformation or a kingdom minded generation. Astell helps young people realize their dreams and accomplish their visions as we know that vision attracts wealth. His leadership role changed my perception about life. Most times we have wrong perceptions about life. For example: One person might see their employment as life, as a result when they are retrenched life takes a complete different course. I am influenced by the truth in Astell’s leadership role. - Thapelo

GETTING TO KNOW THE TRUE YOU: For me this article was an eye opener. The reality that we live our daily lives just roaming around; without questioning what our true purpose is. The purpose that God created us for and this we can only discover from having a healthy relationship and constant communication with God. It has shown me that we have drifted very far from God. God who is the very architect of our lives, and that the only way for us to clearly understand our destiny is by returning to God, who will “never leave us nor forsake us”. MERCY AND ITS RESTORATIVE POWERS FOR OUR YOUTHS: This article showed me that as we walk in our daily lives on earth, each one of us has a responsibility of making the world a better place. This can be achieved by the greatest commandment of all as was said by the Lord Jesus Christ “love your neighbor as you love yourself”. This would groom a generation of people that would care for the next person. The youth will then have hope in this world, instead of trying to model themselves to people who do not have God within their hearts. What the article tells me really is that the future is in our hands, and the youth is the future. The Article is Ayoba, Maintaining integrity

is a very important aspect we need not to forget as Christians, because that is what separates us amongst the non believers. We serve the living God and we are his estate agents promi9ting the good news of his kingdom, glory be to Jevohah. Dear Editor, Pastor Benjamin Dube has always been a catalyst for my worshipping, his worship ministry has greatly impacted me and my friends. People are starting to call me “Benjamin Du be” because I have a lot of his songs on my phone. The article you wrote on him open to mind to the hope we have in God. I believe that grow will grow The Benjamin Dube Foundation. It is a blessing for him to help children. Sammy - Sharpeville, Gauteng Dear Editor, Greetings in the name of the lord Jesus Christ. Parable magazine is very wonderful it edifies the body of Christ I am so addicted to it, I can’t throw away the older copies of. This is Spirit inspired but brothers and sister’s rural churches also need more cover ups. Keep the work of the ministry for it is grace unto salvation. It glorifies the kingdom of living God (I love it very much). Your brother in love. - Evangelist Nick (Faith international Ministries Luanda Christian Worship Centre, Angola)

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SHADI MASHADI-VIOLET MOKONE It’s sad but true… How we have compromised the truth to suit our own lifestyle as Christians *sad* we have conformed to the world. LERATO MOLELE With the high rate of marriage and pregnancies in the church today, it seems like it has now become the norm. Before God it is still unacceptable… His word is constant. GERT MOGASHOA Sad to say yes, demonic activities have creeped into God’s house! Thus many are fighting loosing battles in their marriages as a result of contaminating by not abstaining while they were single NEO ESTER MONGALO It’s not acceptable at all but we Christians do it. Do you know what’s painful? We tend to fear pastors and other people more than God. Some people moved in together but only getting married next year. They are hiding it from their pastors because

they say if he finds out then he won’t bless their wedding. Nowadays we fear human beings instead of God; we are being overcome by sin. It’s a sin but we Christians have decided to give in to the pressures of this world, we have decided to redefine Christianity to suit us because we are not living according to the word. We have sex with fellow Christians and then we go to church and say we fear God. TSHOLOFELO PHAJANE It hurts, it’s sad and true. Christians these days are the one’s doing the opposite of what they preach. Last year August I met a Christian brother and we became friends because I didn’t want a relationship but we ended up having it because I fell in love. We were getting along so well and even spoke about the word, prayed together we even went to church together. I told him that I will not have sex before marriage and he said he understands… two weeks ago he broke up with me because I can’t have sex with him and he can’t wait for me anymore. He is a Christian but says sex has got nothing to do with it. I was really hurt but I must say the break up was a blessing. NOLUTHANDO KHOZA Yes, it has become a “norm” especially those who are in courtship or engaged. Some try to rationalize this by saying “I’m going to marry her/him anyway” This is the sad truth. COMMANDER PRINCES KGOPOTSO BELLA Lack of knowledge, sex shouldn’t replace fun or playing. Sex is a very high spiritual thing. It is a lifetime covenant, because when two have sex they are exchanging their spirits and souls. So if one is going to go around sleeping with all Paul’s and Peter’s and Jonah’s of this world then they are endangering their own lives…. again I say it is possible for a young person to live a Holy life, we have the power to RESIST! ROWILIA MWAMBA Christianity is not about getting religious, joining a church, believing and reciting correct creedal doctrines. For some folks going to church is just a display

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WHO IS PENNY LEBYANE? I am women after God, his heart and mind. A born again Christian, a daughter, a mother, a business women in Broadcasting and an African.


WHEN DID YOU GET BORN AGAIN? I was a born again Christian in 1989 but I lacked understanding, I just loved going to church and singing there. I got re-dedicated in 1999 but I still lacked the capacity to hear what God was saying about my life until August of 2003, when I attended a Women’s Conference the

theme was being Single and Whole for the first time in my life; I could really experience God and got a sense of what it means to be born Again.


WHO IS JESUS TO YOU? Jesus Christ is my Savior and Redeemer!


WHAT IS THE GREATEST THING YOU HAVE SEEN GOD DO IN YOUR LIFE? I have seen Him Love me unconditionally with my weaknesses and all, strengthening me to keep going even when I knew I

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did not have what it takes to carry on.


HOW ARE YOU COPING WITH THE SEPARATION? What Separation? I tried to be a married person when I was not so I’m dealing with the consequences of lack of knowledge and understanding that lead to disobedience. I believe my life is the way

“I believe my life is the way God wants’ it to be for now. It is well with my soul” God wants’ it to be for now. It is well with my soul.


YOUR FAMILY LIFE HAS BEEN IN THE MEDIA A LOT, DID YOU GET ENOUGH SUPPORT FROM THE CHURCH? I got a lot of support from the Church because I went out of my way to seek support. My Home Sell Group, Bible Study Class and my church leaders at Grace Bible Church I requested time with them to share my pain and fears. I believe if you ask believing you will get support you will receive it.


IF YOU WOULD HAVE A DO OVER WHAT WOULD YOU CHANGE ABOUT YOUR LIFE? I would hold on to my beliefs no matter who said what, I would trust God from the word go! that He alone knows the plans he has for me and that I am wonderfully and fearfully made. I will not allow fear to rule my life like it has in the past 13 years.God being faithful.


WHAT LESSONS HAVE YOU COME OUT WITH FROM THESE ORDEALS? It’s a process; Christianity is a walk, a journey and a relationship with God trusting him always.



I’m re-born daily, letting go and letting God. This year I’m looking forward to building my Business Phly One Entertainment and launching a forum for Women, with big Awards event next year.



It’s actually a Boy Takunda and a Girl Tamuka, I am blessed! My children were sent to awaken me; they re-energized me to seek God’s purpose for my life. In my brokenness in my wilderness God made a way out of nowhere through them.

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. IS THERE A PRINCIPLE YOU HAVE IN LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE? Not making my own life the best one, but trying to make the lives of those around me their best! Significance over success.


. BEING IN THE TYPE OF INDUSTRY YOU ARE IN HOW DO YOU DEAL WITH STRESS? I use it as a catalyst for performance and growth (both at the office and on the field) … but then make a conscious effort to “turn off the taps” – and build in time to recover, before re-engaging again. Stress is not the enemy … it’s the lack of regular intermittent recovery from stress that does all the damage.


. HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT MONEY BEING A CHRISTIAN AND WHAT PRINCIPLES DO YOU INSTILL IN YOUR CHILDREN REGARDING? It takes a strong character to master money without letting money master you… and if you’re afraid that it’s getting the better of you – then give it away! Money is a poor measure of success - it’s easy to make a buck, but a whole lot harder to make a difference. It’s not about success, but about significance – and the difference between the two is simply people – if what you do in your life makes a difference to someone else – then you’re being significant… if it only benefits you, then that’s success. Nothing wrong with success, except that it falls short of significance … I’m encouraging my kids to shoot higher than mere success.


. WHAT DO YOU THINK POSES THE GREATEST CHALLENGE FOR MARRIED CHRISTIAN COUPLES? The myth that because we’re both believers our marriage is safe . . . when in fact just the opposite is true. As a Christian married couple, you walk around with a target on your back – and need to be even more aware of subtle attacks on your relationship.



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a book on parenting before you’re kids have grown up and left home! What if we turned out badly (the jury’s still out on that of course) – but what a risk writing on the subject of parenting! My Dad was strong on building self-image in his kids – and I’m doing exactly the same with my own. He was also great on responsibility … he practiced something called “permission without approval” – a parenting technique that took away the usual “Do’s and Don’ts because I said so” – and replaced it with a sense of ownership and pride.


. WHAT DO YOU THINK POSES THE GREATEST CHALLENGE FOR MARRIED CHRISTIAN COUPLES? The myth that because we’re both believers our marriage is safe . . . when in fact just the opposite is true. As a Christian married couple, you walk around with a target on your back – and need to be even more aware of subtle attacks on your relationship


“to make the lives of those around me their best! Significance over success.” I’ve learned to never break a promise … cause they never forget – even the simplest of promises broken violates that trust between parent and child, and if there’s no trust, there’s no sharing and no communicating and the great divide begins to get even greater! I’ve learned to say “I’m sorry” – my chil-

dren don’t want perfect parents, they want real parents – who are big enough to admit it when they’ve blown it, and are not too proud to ask for forgiveness. My kids love it when I say I’m sorry – it gives them a sense of justice and it’s a great way to model honesty and integrity to them… and it gives them the right to blow it and come to us for forgiveness – it’s a powerful little word called Grace!


. DO YOU THINK THERE ARE SIMILARITIES BETWEEN YOU AND YOUR DAD IN TERMS OF RAISING KIDS, YOUR DAD WROTE A BOOK ON PARENTING? I still think that’s one of the most courageous or craziest things to do … write

. WHAT IS THE ONE THING YOU WANT TO LEAVE BEHIND FOR YOUR CHILDREN AND WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE FUTURE GENERATIONS TO REMEMBER YOU FOR? A sense of self-worth and the most amazing memories! I’ve learned that my love for my kids is a reflection of God’s love toward us – and that continues to blow my mind!

I’m encouraging my kids to shoot higher than mere success. There are no words that describe the thrill of pouring into the lives of your offspring and watching them learn to fly.




. DO YOU TALK TO YOUR KIDS ABOUT SEX? With humor and relevance . . . and a little help from Gretha Wiid.

Parable culture and faith



lthough most Christian women in South Africa understand that sex outside of marriage is wrong and can quote bible verses about “fleeing fornication,” they are getting winded awfully fast. How do we support hot single women in their singleness? Since the sexual revolution, sex outside of marriage is a normal which is something against the Zulu, Sotho and Khosa culture. The top-selling book, Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man, by comedian-turned-

relationship-expert and confessing Christian, Steve Harvey, advises women to postpone sex (which he calls “the cookie”) for a 90-day, so-called “probation period,” but certainly not to wait until marriage, because who can do that? Unfortunately, Christian women are challenged to be faithful to their Christian convictions while struggling alone with their physical and emotional needs for intimacy. What is most wrenching is that women who have done everything right,

pursued their education, established thriving careers, and achieved financial stability seem to have the most difficult time of all finding partners. With fewer and fewer available partners, there is a great deal of pressure on Christian women to compromise their Christian beliefs concerning premarital sex or lose the attentions of another “really nice guy.” So what’s a Christian woman to do? I spoke to three young women in their tweens about the challenges, demands and conviction regarding sexual purity.

WELI OKORO AGE: 29 YEARS PROFESSION: ATTORNEY LOCATION: JOHANNESBURG When did you become a believer in Jesus and why? Describe the Emotional or spiritual reasons please. I accepted Jesus into my life years back when I was in standard six, I went to a student Christian Camp and a call was made and I went up; Nothing really happened emotionally I didn’t feel any bubbles or butterflies in my tummy nor did I have an extraordinary spiritual experience but I know that Christ Jesus entered my heart that day. It was about 4 years back where I recommitted my life to God and started to develop an intimate and personal relationship with Him. How was your sex life before you became a believer in Jesus? Throughout high school I was “a very religious good girl”. Therefore I did not have a sexual life at all in high school. All I did with my boyfriends at that time was just to hold hands and a little peck on the cheek. I lost my virginity at the age of 21 when I was in varsity. Yet even then I still

Parable culture and faith

had a religious mind set so I was very conservative in my sexual relations. When was the last time you had sex, describe how you felt and why you did it? I did not enjoy it at all. I had already committed to not have sex until marriage, so it came with more guilt and condemnation than anything else. I was at a vulnerable place and I allowed myself to cross the line. When and why did you decide to abstain from sex? I decided to abstain from sex in 1996 when I broke up with my then boyfriend. I decided to abstain because I was very conscious of how I carried Christ. Although I was still religious I didn’t want to be known as a girl who was sleeping with everyone and I knew in the world out there it was impossible to be single and not become a woman who sleeps around. So at first my decision to abstain was not out of reverence to God but to try protecting myself.

“I lost my virginity at the age of 21 when I was in varsity” How do you channel your sexual energy then? There is really no way to channel it, when the urge comes it comes, also I feel that the more I fill myself with the love and grace of God with his Spirit the less the urge comes. The longer you abstain the easier it becomes ok maybe not easier, the more you able to withstand by his grace. So I try not to watch sexually related movies, I try not get myself involved in sexually related conversations with people of the opposite sex, I try not to put myself in situations where I can find myself intimate or vulnerable with a guy, I choose to feed my spirit with things that are life giving and build me up spiritually. I will admit that it can be a challenge but somehow by his grace I have survived thus far. Do you think men appreciate you more when you tell them you are not into sex?

Share experiences I love sex and believe God created it to be enjoyed however within the confines of marriage. If I am in the situation where I need to disclose it I will. The men in the world think you’re crazy, a snob and arrogant and trying to act holier than thou, so they resent you, they see me not giving off myself as prideful and I don’t think they respect me or think highly or me, The other men, who are Christian guys and those trying to grow in this walk, I feel they do respect me even if they don’t abstain themselves. I think they find it admirable that I am able to do what they are trying to achieve. Men want to sleep with women out there and may make you feel bad for abstaining, when they do decide to settle down and get married they want a woman who has abstained. Do you masturbate? Why not? How about oral sex? I honestly try and stay away from all those sexually related activities because they open up so many other things. For a while after I broke up with my ex boyfriend, I did get involved in masturbation and oral sex but I realized that all it did was make me crave sex itself. So I had to pray about it and seek more of the Holy Spirit in my life and the more of the Spirit in you the more the things of the flesh fall away. I believe many Christians get stuck at this phase. They feel as long as I am not doing the actual deed its fine, I am hurting no one. Caressing, fondling, touching and tongue kissing. How far is too far? For me all of that is too far; I am single right now because I am waiting for a man who will want to date me with the intention of getting married. So I can never find myself in a position where I am with a guy and I decide to just have fun with him and we fondle or whatever. I guess for me the challenge will come when I do in fact meet a man I am willing to settle down with; as we will without a doubt be attracted to each other and want each other. But I believe if we are both on the same page and set clear boundaries up front we will be able to keep ourselves.

You want to wait until marriage but he doesn’t. How do you handle it? I walk away from him simple as that; I want to marry a man who has reverence for God and for himself. A man who wants to keep himself for the glory of God and not for me. If he is not at that place, I don’t judge him, I just move on. I know my standards and what I want and I won’t compromise on it. If you don’t believe the same as I do then it just means I am not the one for you, no hard feelings, but let’s go our separate ways. I actually met a guy in church who appeared to be all focused on God but lived a different type of life. It made me realize that even in the church many are involved in pre marital sex, I had to cut my ties with this guy as I realized we were not on the same page. Do you agree about “try before you buy”? Share experiences if you Have any. No, I certainly don’t. I speak from a woman’s point of view because I have no idea how men operate but with women, you lose something on the inside when you sleep with a guy. Try before you buy means if I don’t like what I get I won’t buy, men will always like, they will enjoy you in bed until they find something new, so the trying is not to see if I like or not , it is actually to have until I don’t want anymore. Many women sell themselves short and give off themselves to men hoping the man will marry them, but trust me if he doesn’t love you enough to wait for you, you will never be enough for him. He may marry you but he will get tired and want to go try something elsewhere after a while. Do you think young women in South African churches are under pressure To get involve in sex? Yes, I do feel they are under a lot of pressure and mainly because they don’t know who they are in Christ, The pressure is very high and you will get rejected by a lot of people that you once perceived as cool. Many women want to remain cool in the world’s eyes and end up compromising and I guess I did for a while as well. But now I know the love of God. I have experienced a different kind of love in Him

Parable culture and faith

that no human can give me. I am rooted and grounded in that love. When you are grounded and know who you are in God, you won’t feel pressure. Ok, you may feel a bit of pressure now and then because you are human but God’s wisdom will always kick in; I will remember my worth and say this is not worth it. The bible says Christ has been made wisdom unto me. Meaning now I have the mind of Christ. I see sex for what it is. Just like sin, it’s an illusion, promising greatness and happiness but you never reach or find it that’s why people keep jumping from partner to partner. They think with this none it will be the one, the love and security I need will come from here but it doesn’t, so you move on to the next one. It’s all found in Christ. Once you have your security on the inside, you can wait on God to bless you with the right partner who will love you and together enjoy and satisfy each other sexually. So far what have you identified as the benefits of going without sex? Emotional freedom, Sex comes with so much emotional baggage especially, for women. Women always get burnt they give sex hoping for more but never get it. It ends up making them bitter, angry and insecure as people. You end up becoming a psychotic woman and men say you have issues. You do have issues because you give so much of yourself to guys and get left with nothing on the inside. I am not clouded by pain, anger and insecurities. I praise God for peace and security of knowing who I am and I don’t need men, or sex to validate me. I know who I am and nothing anyone says can change that. If Christ has said it about me that settles it for me.

SISANDA MCIMELI AGE: 24 YEARS PROFESSION: RADIO TALK SHOW HOST AND NEWSREADER LOCATION – CAPE TOWN When did you become a believer in Jesus and why? Describe the emotional

“ I believe that sexual energy is stirred up when we choose to think about lustful things and when we choose to expose ourselves to tempting situations. “ or spiritual reasons please. I became a believer in Jesus at the age of about 7. I watched my mother’s Christianity towards me and was drawn by her devotion and love for God. Fortunately for me, I watched genuine Christianity modeled out for me from a young age, and so this was more than just a religious choice, but a true relationship with Christ. How was your sex life before you became a believer in Jesus? Well, seeing I was only years old Nonexistent! When was the last time you had sex? Describe how you felt, why you did it etc I have never had sex.

When and why did you decide to abstain from sex? (Please don’t “preach”, say it in a simple language a non Christian will understand) Choosing to abstain from sex is a daily choice for me, as the world around us becomes more promiscuous and even scorns those who choose this life of purity. How do you channel your sexual energy then? I believe that sexual energy is stirred up when we choose to think about lustful things and when we choose to expose ourselves to tempting situations. Generally I dismiss those thought before they ‘turn into energy’ that I need to channel. Do you think men appreciate you more

Parable culture and faith

when you tell them you are not into sex? Share experiences To be honest with you, I don’t really go around telling men of my choice to abstain. The people I confide in, share my values and beliefs, and as such, this choice is taking as a given, rather than ‘news’ to be announced. It goes along with my decision not to get into relationships just for the sake of it, but rather for me to wait on God for his timing, so that when I am in a relationship it is solely for the purpose of persuing marriage with the guy.

sow you will reap.

Do you masturbate? Why not? How about oral sex? No

I don’t at all profess that my ability to abstain from sex and to remain a virgin until marriage is something I have done out of my own strength, nor to I even presume that I will remain this way because of my own self will. Rather I choose to trust in him, and to keep myself accountable to other God-loving Bible-believing believers who have submitted everything about their lives to God and his commands. Should I ‘fall’ in this area, I also know that his grace is enough to restore me, and his love and faithfulness to me is not based on what I do or don’t do, but rather on who He is. Nevertheless I must daily choose to say no to what my body may want, and yes to him.

Caressing, fondling, touching and tongue kissing. How far is too far? I believe that sex is more than just the act of penetration. The entire process leading up to that moment of ‘release’ is sex. You want to wait until marriage but he doesn’t. How do you handle it? Share experiences if you have any. I have not had this experience before, but were it is to happen, then without a doubt I would end the relationship with the man because clearly Christ is not at the centre of his life, but rather his own fulfillment. Do you agree about “try before you buy”? Share experiences if you have any No. Sex is for marriage, and it is to be enjoyed in that context. Do you think young women in South African churches are under pressure to get involve in sex? I think women and men everywhere are under pressure to disobey God in all aspects of life, including in engaging in sex outside of marriage. Further, I don’t think this is something that is necessarily unique to this generation, but rather it comes with a different slant in the 21st century. I also believe that a lot of men and women are engaging in sex outside of marriage even though they profess to be followers of Christ, believing that just because no other people know, they are ‘safe’. God will not be mocked – what you

So far what have you identified as the benefits for going without sex? The benefit is living a life that is submitted to Christ which means that I am able to walk in close fellowship with him. He is the love of my life, and His wish is my command, through his grace and empowerment of course. Other benefits include not having to worry about the baggage that comes from having sex outside of marriage such as a broken heart and STD’s.

CARLA STEENKAMP AGE – 26 YEARS PROFESSION – PR OFFICER LOCATION- WESTERN CAPE How old are you? When did you accept Jesus into your life? Which church do you attend? Where do you work? Your mission in life? I gave my heart to Jesus numerous times but it was only about 2 years ago that I have come to know Christ as my Saviour, lover and best friend. I attend an amazing church in Cape Town named Hillsong and I can honestly say that it is a place that fuels my love for God and people. My mission in life is to live life! Although life’s road gets bumpy I enjoy being in the passenger’s seat, appreciating the scenery and watching the bypassing cars. I adore life and I am so blessed for having a new

life in Christ. I know I am not nearly as godly and holy as God wants us to be but it is something worth striving for. When did you become a believer in Jesus and why? Describe the emotional or spiritual reasons please. I always believed in Christ but I never knew him. When I was at my worst God was the only consistent figure in my life. He was the only one that never gave up on me, and it was at that moment that I realized, I wanted to get to know this person that loves me unconditionally in spite of anything. How was your sex life before you became a believer in Jesus? I definitely had a distorted view on what sex was. Society, media and even friends tell you there is nothing wrong with oral sex, foreplay, hot and steamy make out sessions. Before I was a believer I would justify everything by excuses like “but I love him”, “we are going to get married”, “I’m a 20 something with hormones it’s normal wanting to kiss your boyfriend” When was the last time you had sex? Describe how you felt, why you did it etc I can honestly say that God wipes the slate clean, and when you think back you can’t even imagine that there was a dirty spot in your life. When and why did you decide to abstain from sex? The day I met the real Jesus was the day I realized how much I am loved and the more I get to know Christ the more I want to live a life pleasing to Him. I think it’s a choice of lifestyle, you choose if you are going to smoke or not, or eat junk or not and have sex out of marriage or not. Living pure is a lifestyle choice. How do you channel your sexual energy then? Laughing out loud! I don’t think I have sexual energy to channel anywhere; if you know the truth the truth shall set you free; and truth be told if you not having sex and fooling around you have so much time to do other worthwhile stuff that

Parable culture and faith

sire to do so and secondly I want to make love to my husband one day, no need for me to do it on my own. Caressing, fondling, touching and tongue kissing. How far is too far? I have heard that “a woman is like a hundred candles, every time you kiss her, caress her or touch her you light up a candle, and when candle 99 is lit, it would be much easier to light up candle 100 then to blow out all 99 candles”! I think anything that you can’t do in front of someone else is too far! You want to wait until marriage but he doesn’t. How do you handle it? Share experiences if you have any. If he doesn’t want to wait he is not worth getting me! True love waits. Love is patient. Do you agree about “try before you buy”? No not at all. I don’t have any experience to share. But if I like Mercedes then I love Mercedes I would never ever go and try BMW because I do not like a BMW, why try something else if you are happy with what you’ve got?

“Before I was a believer I would justify everything by excuses like “but I love him”, “we are going to get married”, “I’m a 20 something with hormones it’s normal wanting to kiss your boyfriend” your mind and energy is not consumed in sexual desires. I also think the more time you spend with God the more he helps you see things in perspective. Do you think men appreciate you more when you tell them you are not into

sex? Share experiences? It depends some men might think you are an old fashioned nun or like I have been told a “judgemental fundamentalist”. Excuse me if you decide to abstain from something why does that make you judgemental? But I think a guy that knows God too would appreciate a girl that waits for her husband and sees sex as sacred and holy. Do you masturbate? Why not? How about oral sex? No I don’t think it’s normal for a person to satisfy him or herself. I don’t know; is it normal to have sex with a donkey? No! If sex was only about satisfaction there would be no need for Eve? I don’t masturbate because firstly I don’t have the de-

Do you think young women in South African churches are under pressure to get involve in sex? Yes definitely! I think people have made grace so cheap that you end up introducing people to “anything-goes-with-thisguy-“Jesus. I have seen numerous of people play “church” but then they validate their actions by the “we are not under law” line. If you know Jesus you would live a life pleasing to Him and according to His will. Girls are so afraid that they are going to end up single that they would go out of their way just to have a boyfriend and I think that’s why most of them end up getting involved in stuff their not suppose to. So far what have you identified as the benefits of going without sex? I hear God’s voice, I have found purpose and I have discovered what true love means!

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By Brenda Burgess


very parent dreams of having the “perfect child” – beautiful, clever, socially competent, and with the capacity for total independence. But what happens when your baby is born and you find that this isn’t necessarily the case? How do you deal with the hurt, disappointment, guilt, anger, grief, practical demands and financial challenges of parenting a mentally handicapped child? As a parent how do you respond to God, your child, your spouse, and our sometimes judgmental society?

as the result of being deprived of oxygen during pregnancy and birth. I’d almost miscarried and the birth itself was very traumatic.”

Brenda Burgess tells the story of a courageous woman, Miriam* who has been single-handedly caring for her brain damaged son, John* – for thirty years.

I was really going to do it. I had sharpened the kitchen knives in readiness. I didn’t tell anyone, because if you tell someone you’re going to commit murder, you’re actually looking for help

Although Miriam’s son John is thirty years old, he has the mind of a small child. He loves to sing at the top of his voice and has a hug for everyone. His mother smiles a lot. This gives me the impression that caring for John was easy – but the reality is far from that. “When he was born, I knew that something wasn’t quite right, and over the next few years we saw many health professionals. When a child psychologist diagnosed hyperactivity, I desperately wanted to believe it”, says Miriam. At the age of five, John had a CAT scan and the results were devastating. “They told me he was brain damaged – probably

Like a toddler, he wants his mother’s attention continuously and finds it hard to understand why he can’t have his own way. So when a giant teddy bear caught his eye in the shop and his mother didn’t have enough money to pay for it, John showed his frustration by pushing all the groceries onto the floor.

“What could I do? I just grabbed his arms and marched him out of the door, leaving the staff to pick up the tins.” She has to do what works best for John, even if others don’t understand. “I’ve lost a lot of friends because I don’t listen to their advice. But I now understand that they speak only from their own experience, not mine. I really appreciate friends who

come alongside me and support me in my parenting role, because it’s a lonely task.” Miriam is a single parent and cares for John full-time while running a business from home. Her husband Phillip* refused to accept John’s diagnosis and started drinking heavily. Before John’s diagnosis, they had a happy marriage, but his alcohol addiction killed Miriam’s love and by 1984, she hated him. She made up her mind that she was going to kill the entire family. “I was really going to do it. I had sharpened the kitchen knives in readiness. I didn’t tell anyone, because if you tell someone you’re going to commit murder, you’re actually looking for help; you aren’t serious about it.” No one knew how desperate Miriam was. She seemed happy and said she was fine. Her husband, blind drunk on Saturdays, served as a deacon in church on Sundays. On the night of the arranged murder, she became so upset that she couldn’t pray and contacted a Christian friend. “She told me she loved me – that really made me cry! And then she prayed for my protection, even though she had no idea what I had planned to do.” That night Phillip came home totally drunk. Miriam waited in the kitchen until he’d fallen asleep on the lounge floor,

Parable culture and faith

then picked up the carving knife. “I couldn’t do it. Something stopped me, it was impossible to kill him”, recalls Miriam. She was about to buy poison when her friend rang and invited her to the Lighthouse Church in Parow, Cape Town. “I thought she was taking me to the lighthouse at Sea Point – I was so surprised when we drove in the opposite direction”, says Miriam. Although Reinhard Bonnke preached that evening to a packed congregation, his words seemed aimed at her and, when the evangelist had finished speaking, Miriam gave her life to Jesus. In an instant, the all-consuming hate was replaced with joy and laughter. Back home, she could look upon her drunken husband with pity, not disgust. “If it hadn’t been for Jesus, we’d be dead. I’m so grateful! At that point, I still didn’t have the support of my husband, but I had the power of the Holy Spirit. Phillip continued drinking and the atmosphere was very tense, often violent.” Finally, Miriam got divorced and rented a small flat. “I started with nothing. It’s been tough, as I’ve to work from home to support my son and myself. But our neighbours are very kind, and they look after John when I have to go out. Otherwise he’s with me all the time as the schools can’t provide one-to-one attention. When something small triggers an outburst – a mega tantrum – he becomes very angry and very strong.” The schools expelled him for bad behaviour, and in fact these outbursts are Miriam’s biggest challenge. “The anger is destructive, so I try to remove him from the situation as quickly as possible, sometimes calling on a nearby security guard for help.” Parenting a mentally handicapped adult may sound like it’s all hard work, but Miriam says that having John is actually a blessing. “Most of the time John is the most affectionate and loving child you could ever hope for. He loves everyone. He forgives easily. He has great innocence and an extremely generous nature. There is something of heaven in his character. ” says Miriam. When I ask her how she manages to keep smiling, Miriam laughs. “You certainly can’t bring up a child like John in your own strength. It’s not possible. You can only do it through the power of the Holy Spirit”, she says. *not their real names

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By Dr Tayo Adeyemi

“If you do something twice, it becomes easy to do it a third time. Habits are formed by repetition”


o far in this series, we have received two keys for a prosperous year. We have looked at putting our lives in order and setting priorities. I want to talk to you about habits. Today, you are the result of the habits you have formed in the past; your habits today will determine who you become in the future. We are all creatures of habit we tend to do what we have always done. One study shows that 90% of our daily behavior is based on habit. So, if you want to change your life, you must change your habits. Take a look at this: IYAD, WYAD, YWAG and WYAG. If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got; do not forget that. The dictionary defines ‘habit’ as a tendency or disposition to act in a particular way, an established custom or usual practice. My definition is much simpler: If you do something twice, it becomes easy to do it a third time. Habits are formed by repetition. Now, when most people hear the word ‘habit’, they immediately think of something negative like a bad attitude, bad hygiene or an addiction. But you must remember that there are good habits as well as bad habits; we all have both. So the question is not: “Do I have habits?” The question is: “What kind of habits do I

have; and where are they taking me?” If you want to improve the quality of your life, you must feed your good habits and starve your bad habits. An Alaskan farmer used to stage dog fights with his two dogs every week; and people used to bet on the dogs. Each week, a different dog won, there was no particular pattern. But the farmer invariably placed his bet on the winning dog – every single week. When his son asked him how he always knew which dog to bet on, he answered: “Very simple son I knew the dog I have been feeding all week would win”. The same is true of your habits. The habit you have been feeding is the one that will win. The danger with bad habits is that they are subtle and insidious they creep up on you. And it may take years or even decades for their impact to show up in your life. It takes years before smoking causes emphysema or lung cancer. It takes years before drinking causes liver cirrhosis or cancer of the liver. If you’re always rude and nasty to the people around you, they may put up with it for a long time; but one day, you are going to wake up a very lonely person. Habits are like a magnet; they always pull you closer. Good habits pull you up; bad habits drag you down. You form your habits, and then your habits form you. You do not really determine your future. You simply determine your habits; and then your habits determine your future. Bad habits are easy to form, but difficult to live with. Good habits, on the other hand, are difficult to form, but easy to live with.

So, how do you overcome your bad habits? Just stop feeding them. Remember, the key to forming a habit is repetitive action. So, find out what repetitive actions are feeding your bad habits, and then break the pattern. Will it always be easy? Of course not there will be pain involved. After all, it took you years to nurture that habit. But if you are willing to pay the price; and to press past the point of pain, you will experience a breakthrough. You will be a better person for it. Just remember you are not stuck with that bad habit. Like a plant, pet or person, a habit cannot grow if it is not fed.

Now, let me give you five keys for breaking bad habits and developing good habits: • Take inventory: Do an audit. Make a list of all your habits, then write “good” or “bad” next to each one. Asterisk the ones you think are holding you back. • Make a decision: Decide that you will break the bad habits also decide when and how. For every bad habit you decide to overcome, look for a new good habit to replace it with. Every bad habit will try to return unless you replace it. • Be consistent: Adopt a zero tolerance, no exceptions policy. Find an accountability partner to help you. • Press past the pain: Like a little child, your body will revolt and throw tantrums. But you must be firm with it and discipline it. This is where your accountability partner comes in; they will be strong for you on the days that you are weak. • Reward yourself: For every negative habit you overcome, reward yourself with something that will remind you of your victory. • Remember, your habits can be your best friends or your worst enemies. The decision is yours.

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s HEARTLINES reflects over the last five years and the desire to see Godly values impact our nation, we are humbled at the way God has honoured our intentions and endeavours. His faithfulness has been evident as Christians from all over the country have responded to the call to put values into action. The eight award-winning Heartlines films depicting Godly values that were shown on the public broadcaster struck a resoundingly positive chord among South Africans and undoubtedly paved the way for subsequent initiatives. The materials that accompanied the films have been widely used by the Church and have also been adapted for other faiths in South Africa’s secularized society. Hopeville - from TV to the Cinema Circuit The 6-part ‘Hopeville’ series was so well received that the SABC recently saw fit to televise a repeat. “The making of ‘Hopeville’ – the feature movie – went beyond what we visualized and from September 2010 will be on shown on the circuit in all theatres in the country,” says Board Chairperson, Dr Zolile Mlsana.

WHERE TO FROM HERE? The Forgood “Virtual” Platform and Website That Digital Media and Social Networking such as Facebook, Twitter etc. are with us to stay and are set to become ever

more advanced, (and for some evermore complicated!), is indisputable. For this reason our sights are set on assisting the Church and individual Christians who require it – not only to be informed about - but to be on the cutting edge of such technology. “Our main emphasis now is to enable the Church to connect to one another and the broader community by using social networking. This is the concept of the forgood “virtual” platform – from which the Church will be able to promote Kingdom values and values in action,” says Tracey Peppler who heads up the Forgood team. For the over ‘fifties or anyone who got lost on the internet highway we will be publishing a downloadable, practical guide to social networking in which we hope to provide answers to all the questions one would like to ask, but felt silly about having to ask them! Understanding the forgood Movement The mission of the Church is not just to prepare people for Heaven, but to establish God’s Kingdom on earth. This means that Christians are to be salt and light in their communities and to work towards God’s righteousness and justice being established in society. In South Africa individual Christians, and the church as a whole, have been very involved in incredible acts of goodness in order to achieve this. This is a Kingdom movement of goodness that changes society and

draws people to a personal faith in God. But, added to this, and for the first time in history, we now have technology available to the church that can enable this Kingdom movement to make a significant impact and, if used correctly, can result in it gaining a new dimension and energy. The movement, using the state-of-the-art forgood website and mobile technology, seeks to harness this potential and to create a whole new wave of Kingdom goodness. “While much is being done by the Church, the tendency is that churches and organisations work in silos with each doing its own thing and are often unaware of what others are doing. Our aim is to reduce silos thereby increasing the effectiveness of the great work,” says Tracey. The forgood web platform will allow people to share information and activities and form groups based on a member’s geographic location and interests. Interests can be chosen by the individual and could include among others, environment, HIV/ Aids, mentoring, personal finance, religious affiliation and community safety. “Because it is location-based, when a member accesses the site, a map of the area where that member lives will be available displaying local, useful information (such as churches, outreach points, community clinics, etc.) and existing activities in the member’s

Parable culture and faith

selected area(s) of interest,” says Tracey A fringe benefit is that the system has the potential to draw in those people – not necessarily Christians – who would like to become involved in doing good but may not know where to start. They will be invited to activities happening in their area that match their interests, as well as being able to search for activities to get involved with. Church-based activities could therefore also be part of an outreach in that it could be the first time that they meet Christians, to find that they are quite normal, thereby breaking any stereotype. Connect – Inform – Inspire The mandate of the forgood Movement and its website is to connect the Body of

Christ to live out Godly values in practical ways and to connect Christians, churches and organization that are mobilizing for good. It aims to inform the Church on topical values-based news, sermons and resources and, provide tools and action ideas. It will also inspire Christians to take action, share uplifting stories including uploading photographs and videos, and encourage others to use the site. “As far as we know there isn’t anything like this – it is unique in that it enables everyday people to do everyday things for good in the country,” says Tracey. Igniters Going onto an unpopulated website is invariably the death knell for a return

visit. For this reason the forgood website will be ceded by “Igniters” –who will upload activities and provide a base of information to get a swell of things going, e.g., a crèche in Alex may be in need of clothing. This will enable the visitor to the site to log in and respond. The term “Igniter” refers to super enthusiastic Christians who are active and well connected in their community, and who will commit to finding news and activities in their area. “Igniters” will be invited to attend workshops around the country where they will be trained in all aspects of the forgood Movement and website.

Parable the law


By Linda Mabaso


very year thousands of visitor people from around Africa and the world visit South Africa for different reasons. Some come to work, study, economical reasons and others as refugees. It is very important to understand the status of your permit as issued by the South Africa consulate and the department of home affairs. These are some of the options available to you, to ensure your stay is enjoyable and legal - that is you enjoy most rights and privileges of citizens except of course for voting rights. Visitors Permits, Work Permits, Corporate Permits, Business Permits, Exchange Permits, Study Permits, Treaty Permits, Relative Permits, Crew Permits, Retired Persons , Medical Treatment Permits VISITORS PERMITS: The Act allows for the issuance of visitors visa for various categories and reasons which include and is not limited to: Tourism, Business, Education shorter than three months; Medical treatment shorter than three months; Visit of a relative for a period shorter than three months; Working activities shorter than three months conducted in pursuance of an employment contract concluded abroad, remunerated abroad and partially calling for performance abroad.

It is important to note that the holder of a Visitors Visa may not conduct work. The Department may issue a visa for a period not exceeding 3 years for the engagement of the following activities; provided the applicant can satisfy the Department that he/she has sufficient financial resources as may be prescribed from time to time; Academic, Voluntary, Charitable Organisations, Research and any other prescribed activities. Work Permits (All categories): GENERAL WORK PERMIT Applicants must meet certain requirements such as advertising of the position, Interviews must be conducted and qualifications must be evaluated by the South African Qualifications Authority. QUOTA WORK PERMIT May be issued if the applicant falls within a specific professional category or within a specific occupational class determined by notice in the gazette. EXCEPTIONAL SKILLS WORK PERMITS May be issued to an individual possessing exceptional skills or qualifications. INTRA COMPANY TRANSFER Work Permits are general issued to an applicant who is employed abroad and the Company has a subsidiary and or branch in which the applicant is being transferred to.

CORPORATE PERMITS: Corporate permits generally apply to Corporate, who employ a considerable large number of foreign employees and/or on a regular basis and in a given Industry. A corporate permit may be issued to a corporate applicant after consultation between the Departments of Home Affairs, Labour and that of Trade and Industry. This consultation is designed to determine the maximum number of foreigners which may be employed in that industry. This type of permit caters predominantly for the mining, agricultural and forestry industries which employ the bulk of the migrant Labour employed in South Africa.

“It is important to note that the holder of a Visitor’s Visa may not conduct work BUSINESS PERMITS: Business permits are issued to an applicant who intends to establish or invest in a business in South Africa, subject to meeting certain perspired requirements in terms of the Capital requirements. I do hope this will help you understand the legal requirements. As a non South African or a visitor, I encourage selecting the best permit option in order to operate within the law.

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You can have 2,000 Facebook friends but not one close friend you can sit down with face-to-face and really share your heart and challenges.

Join thousands of other facebook users from Tuesday 16th November 2010, 6am ending Wednesday 17th November at 6am.

In South Africa we’re more technologically connected than ever before, but it seems like our deep and rich relationships are more disconnected.�


On this day, instead of spending time on Facebook, Parable Magazine encourage you to spend quality time with those around you. Plan a family dinner without distractions such as the television or communication devices, or someone in the hospital. Facebook: Parable Mag Email: Call: 082 212 9438

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housands participated in a National Facebook Fast, an event planned by Texas pastors Kerry and Chris Shook to encourage people to refocus on face-to-face relationships.

“You can have 1,000 Facebook friends but not one close friend you can sit down with face-to-face and really share your heart,” said Kerry Shook, who with his wife leads 20,000-member Woodlands Church in The Woodlands. “In our society we’re more technologically connected than ever before, but it seems like our deep and rich relationships are more disconnected.” Through their New York Times bestseller One Month to Live, the Shooks have challenged people to live each day intentionally, as if it could be their last. That call even led to a 30-day, citywide One Month to Live campaign in The Woodlands earlier this year that was followed by ABC News. The Facebook fast draws from a similar idea. On Wednesday, instead of spending time texting, tweeting, e-mailing or chatting on Facebook, the couple is encouraging people to spend quality time with those around them. Chris Shook says it’s OK to be creative. She suggests meeting up with a friend for coffee, planning a family dinner without distractions such as the television or communication devices, and maybe even visiting someone in the hospital. “Whenever we can, we try to make an effort to connect in a personal way,” said Chris Shook, who experienced first-hand what it’s like to be distracted by technology. Kerry Shook said he doesn’t want people to dismiss the pros of using technology. “We don’t want to go back to a time where we were without these things,” he said. “Our church uses them all the time to get the message of Jesus Christ out. Our main goal is to help people understand these tools are for networking

and connecting, but they’re not tools for building deep and rich relationships.”   Shane Hipps, a teaching pastor at Mars Hill Bible Church in Grand Rapids, Mich., said social networking is a lot like food. “It’s not something that will go away, and it’s not something that you can go without in this modern age, but you have to use it with wisdom,” said Hipps, author of Flickering Pixels: How Technology Shapes Your Faith. While the online community has allowed some people to feel more open about sharing personal things, Hipps said nothing compares to the physical presence. He said no one would advocate for online parenting or marriage, so why would it be any different for relationships in general? “I’m a big advocate of technology fasts,” said Hipps, who compared media fasts to fasting from certain foods. “Your body goes through a season of withdrawals where it’s very sad and miserable, but ultimately it recalibrates and finds a new kind of stabilized state, a new homeostasis.” With the release of their latest book, Love at Last Sight, the Shooks hope to continue the idea of fostering meaningful relationships. Starting on Sept. 11 the pastors are asking churches and individuals to participate in their 30-day Love at Last Sight Challenge.  The four-week program helps participants work on the most important relationships in their lives, whether it’s with a spouse, parents, children, friends or co-workers. Each week focuses on a different art: “The Art of Being All There,” “The Art of Acting Intentionally,” “The Art of Risking Awkwardness,” and “The Art of Letting Go.” Kerry Shook said it’s very important, however, to realize that it’s impossible to have close relationships with hundreds of people. “Delete some friends so you can really focus in on the people who will cry at your funeral,” he said.

Read more: php/news/29135-pastors-call-tech-driven-cultureto-facebook-fast#ixzz0yQz5OIQX

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Bishop Eddie Long



ew Birth Missionary Baptist Church USA Senior Pastor, Bishop Eddie L. Long, has partnered with the South African Caritas Care Home, a hospice facility for victims of HIV and AIDS in the East Rand of Johannesburg. Bishop Long’s donation of 73,500 rand, which is the equivalent of 10-thousand dollars, provides immediate assistance to the struggling hospice that does not receive any assistance from government of South Africa. The facility is open, free of charge to victims of this potentially deadly disease. It currently houses 60 children, most of which are orphans, and 18 adults. Bishop Long was recently n South Africa as guest of Siloam Ministries, Brakpan, Johannesburg, headed by Bishop DA Lazarus. Bishop Long has been a long time supporter of HIV/AIDS awareness but he told members of his church and friends in a Face book posting about his visit to the facility that he knew that he had to do more. “I have a God ordained mandate to radically change the world so there was no way that I could leave this place without finding a way to help these victims who are suffering now and give them more resources to get the word out about prevention.” Long wrote in his posting. In South Africa, nearly six million people are living with HIV and AIDS, more than

any other country. Bishop Long added, “I prayed for God’s hand of healing on the victims living in the Caritas Care Home and help for Sister Agnes, the woman who runs the facility.” Long also encouraged his church and Face book friends to join him in lifting up prayers for those at the hospice and for people infected with the virus and disease all over the world. Bishop Long plans to coordinate efforts to obtain additional financial assistance and support for the Caritas Care Home. He said his heart was touched deeply by the faces of the children who surrounded him to sing songs of hope. Long added, “The many heartfelt stories of the tiny children

who are infected, illustrates the dramatic and emotional impact the disease is having on South Africa.” The Caritas Care Home greatly needs your prayers, donations, supplies and volunteers. Please open your heart now and send your love to the victims of HIV and AIDS everywhere. For more information visit: Media Contact: Franklin Media Group

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churchman in Cape Town has angered Christians in his community by preaching that Jesus Christ was HIV-positive, South Africa’s Mail & Guardian newspaper reported recently. Reverend Xola Skosana of the charismatic Way of Life church said he had decided to tackle the issue of HIV/Aids head-on to end the stigma surrounding the disease. In a sermon entitled “Jesus was HIV positive” he told his congregation in Khayelitsha township that God was present in everyone, sick and healthy. “In many parts of the Bible God put himself in the position of the sick, the marginalised,” the 43-year-old pastor said. “When we attend to those who are sick,

we are attending to him. When we ignore people who are sick, we are ignoring him,” he argued. His remarks have sparked an outcry among many Christians in the township, who accuse him of portraying Jesus as sexually promiscuous by drawing a link between the son of God and HIV/Aids. The virus is mainly transmitted through sex, but can also be spread through needle-sharing, contaminated blood, pregnancy and breastfeeding. Mystified Sosana told the paper he was mystified by the controversy. “It baffles me why in the church this is the most untalked-about subject,” he said.


with his band. His songs have graced our Radio Stations and got us singing along.


e has performed for more than 250 000 at some point, a prominent feature at the MMC (Mighty Men Conference) and has toured the world

He is our very own Joe Niemand and Parable Magazine had an opportunity to listen to him performing live at a very exclusive show on the 21st of August 2010. It was a great moonlit night; the setting was a getaway place in Honeydew, a tranquil place far from Johannesburg. The show was well attended and the artist went on to serenade us with his enchanting voice ushering the Holy Spirit in. Everyone sat as Joe went about singing

The Catholic Church has been particularly reticent on the pandemic, which kills nearly 1 000 people daily in South Africa, the country with the biggest caseload. Skosana, who lost two sisters to Aids, has encouraged his congregation to know their HIV status by taking a test in front of them. Hundred other young men followed suit, the report said. South Africa’s National Aids Council has welcomed his stance. “There are many churches that have done a lot to combat HIV,” SANAC’s Mark Heywood said. “The problem is that the church as a whole has not been vocal enough.”- SAPA

our favorite old tunes and some new recordings from his latest album called “Love”. It was absorbing to say the least. He poured his heart and shared the inspiration behind his songs and compositions; it was indeed very personal and surreal. They strum their guitars and had the crowd spellbound, together with his band of merry men (Raymond Green and Leza Liversage) The man is an anointed and gifted song writer, I believe we are all worshipers of Christ but Joe is one of those who give us the tools to express our love. You know, when you just want to say something beautiful to the Lord and you can’t think of anything or it doesn’t sound just right, well! I believe he is one instrument God has touched to help with that problem and what an entertaining time we had.



K, guys, huddle up: Let’s talk pants. When buying quality dress pants, there are multiple options at various prices. Regardless of the price, however, the most important aspect is the fit. Undoubtedly, new pants need to be tailored right off the bat, and a tailor will custom-fit the waistline to your body; this factor is really non-negotiable. There is, however, one aspect of your pants over which you have complete control: the break. The perfect break will speak volumes about your professional image. First, to cover the basics, the break is where your pants fall on your shoes, creating a horizontal crease in the fabric across the front of your pant leg. It is simply a result of the length of your pants. A good break is not only visually appealing, but it also lets you know if you’re wearing your pants too short. For example, if the break comes too high or is not defined enough, your pants will look too short when you stand or walk.


SHORT BREAK The short break is the top rung of men’s fashion. Although this look could be referred to as “high waters,” the short break is now considered high fashion. To be sure, this look is not for the faint of heart. Throwing caution to the wind, the short break gives little to no crease in the pant leg, making for a very precise, tailored look. Interestingly, when shopping for a suit, you’ll find that the more expensive designers -especially those from Italy -- employ the short break as their design standard in pants. Though anyone can tackle this look, the guys who truly pull it off the best are those with a slender torso and a 32” waist. But don’t let the ideal scare you away: The short break is the look for anyone who likes to kick ass and take names.

Create it: Ask your tailor to adjust the length of your pants to hit just below the top of your dress shoe

Ill-fitting pants are a look that will never be fashionable, let alone excusable. So, to help you catch the right break, here are the three types available to you.

MEDIUM BREAK The medium break is industry standard; it is the classic look for all men’s dress pants. Preferred by more conservative dressers, the medium break is the look of the buttoned-up, put-together, professional executive. It puts a nice, clean, semi-deep break across the pant leg. Again, it’s timeless and classic. But all men were not created equal, so the medium break is better suited to men of average height. Since the pant length will be average, those with average-length legs can pull off this look without the pants appearing too short. Although it does work best on a regular Joe, the medium break is exactly the look for the quintessential businessman.

Create it: Ask your tailor to adjust the length of your pants to hit

midway between the top of your dress loafer and the top of your shoe sole.

Medium break

Considered the most common length, the medium break has the bottom of the pant leg hitting between the top of the shoe and the sole. This classic look is perfect for buttoned-down, professional men who are more on the conservative side.

Full break

In the full break, the back of the pant leg hits right at the top of the shoe sole, creating a deep crease in front. This is a modern look for the fashionforward man.

The break all high-fashion men are swooning for this season FULL BREAK While the medium break errs on the side of caution, the full break ramps it up on the fashion scale. Since it gives the pant leg a deep crease along the front, the full break is a trendier style for the more daring dresser. It is actually considered a more modern look for today’s working man. Full-break wearers could be described as gamblers -- those who like to push the envelope ever so slightly. Even if you’re not a gambler, though, the full break is almost necessary for taller men; it provides the additional length that men with longer legs need so they can keep their pants from appearing too short. But regardless of height, the full break is precisely the look for the adventurous professional who likes making a bold statement.

Create it: Ask your tailor to adjust the length of your pants to hit right at the top of your shoe sole.

Medium break Considered the most common length, the medium break has the bottom of the pant leg hitting between the top of the shoe and the sole. This classic look is perfect for buttoned-down, professional men who are more on the conservative side.

Parable the law









With cap in hand and trousers tucked firmly into pearly white socks, we arrived at the gates of classic men’s tailor W.W. Chan seeking the err in our fashion ways. Here is their advice. T LEVEL


A strong relationship with the local watering hole may have rendered your waistline somewhat unsustainable but be wary of wearing your trousers too high. The moment your belt wanders into the stratospheric heights of Simon Cowell’s waistline, help is required. Find the smallest part of your waist where the trousers cannot drop any further, this is the natural waist. Wear your trousers here unless you have a strong affiliation to rap music. If such is the case, have the waste cut wider and the crotch of the trousers correctly fittted, creating low waist trousers.


Leaving any pocket rulers aside, try to show at least 10cm of shirt cuff. Some may want to be slightly ranchier and show off more of their shirt cuff. If this is you, purchase a longer sleeved shirt with a wider cuff. But be wary of going too far, the full cuff of the shirt should not stick out of the sleeve when the wearer raises his arm. Such risks swing both ways, those who wear their jacket sleeves too long risk the sleeves rubbing against their skin.



Two paths lie before you when choosing the length of the trousers. By wearing slightly longer trousers, the bottom of the trousers will brush the shoe’s heel and it will crease a cv t the front, creating a full break. A style preferred by continental wearers, but also one which can look messy if the trousers are too long. On the other hand, shorter trousers have no break and present a youthful look, making the wearer’s legs appear longer.

OBSERVE THE FORMULA OF THE STRIPES Avoid this fashion faux-pas like the seven plagues of Egypt, for it will strike down your trousers leaving them with a dull colour clash. Match the colour of the belt and shoes to preserve style. Also, keep the belt’s designer logo subtle. No one wants to draw too much attention to that particular area, at least not in board meetings.

Yes, they can be shined and carry some novelty appeal but wear brass buttons only on a blazer. Blazers worn nowadays are derived from club jackets and British navy jackets, the brass buttons reflect the jacket’s historical background. With this in mind, unless you want to look like the captain of a cruise liner, keep the tradition. Take into account the wideness of the stripes when picking striped garments. If you wear a narrow striped jacket, a narrow striped shirt and a narrow striped tie together, then your outfit risks looking too busy. To become a friend of the stripe, you must follow the sacred formula; a wide striped jacket, a narrow striped shirt and a wide striped tie.

Parable culture and faith

Parable author’s profile

About the book If you have gone through heartbreaking situations, any kind of abuse and disappointments that have caused emotional hurts and wounds in your life, God’s Unfailing Love is the right book for you to read. Reading this book will help you to understand that you are not the only one who has experienced painful situations. Additionally, the author explains how God’s unfailing love can pick you up from your place of despondency and set your feet on the King’s highway. By the time you finish reading this book, the scripture that says, “All things work together for good to them that love God...” will be a reality in your life.

About the Author: Mirriam Mashego Mirriam Mashego is a preacher, teacher of the Word and a gifted orator. She is a motivational speaker and a business woman. Mirriam is also a community builder and mentor to young people and peers within the church community. She is a member of a consortium in East Rand and holds the position of strategic planner. Mirriam is a mother of two lovely daughters, Karabo and Naledi. She holds several diplomas and two degrees, one in Marketing from The University of South Africa and the other in Theology from Therapon University in the US.

God Unfailing Love_cover_FINAL.indd 1

5/13/10 3:53 PM

Humble Identity MIRRIAM MASHEGO By Ayanda Dladla


ost young ladies would relate to the true life story of Mirriam Mashego, who has seen the hand of God upon her life. Having gone through a lot of tests and trials, Mirriam is now living everyday of her life to fulfill the call of God upon her life, though it did not all happen overnight. In her book God’s unfailing love Mirriam takes us through her traumatizing teenage years to her adulthood. Mirriam shares her life story with such great insight and details of every experience she had.

and had to learn things through experience and peer pressure from friends. Most of her experiences were bad because she did things to please friends, getting involved with a popular guy from school that every girl wanted was one of them. He ended up taking her virginity by force, after all that pain, close friends convinced her that that is how it should be she’ll get used to it. So it became her new lifestyle that to prove her love for her boyfriend she had to have sex with him as he pleased. The rest gets even more interesting

Like many, Mirriam grew up without an understanding of who God is and what her purpose in life is, she attended part of her school life in a boarding school far away

Today Mirriam is a successful business woman, a preacher, teacher of the word of God and a motivational speaker, having obtained several diplomas and two degrees.

from home, without her parent’s guidance

This book is very inspirational and simple

to understand, and the most profound thing about it is that it deeply teaches and imparts the word of God in us. To order a copy or invite Mirriam Mashego to your speak at your meeting, please email or call 082 391 1318. You can also visit

“He ended up taking her virginity by force, after all that pain, close friends convinced her that that is how it should be she’ll get used to it”



Sunday 09: 00am - 11:00am at NuMetro Cinema, Hyde Park cnr Jan Smut and 6th Road, Sandton Thursday 18:00pm - 19:30pm at Eagle Nest Conference Centre, 373 Leslie Avenue and William Nicole Drive

Tel: 072 262 4370

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Steadfast in the call of ministry

PASTOR PAUL ADEFARASIN TALKS TO PARABLE ON DAUGHTER CHURCHES What is the vision of house on the rock’s international body of churches? When we are chosen, we are not chosen just to be delivered from where we are coming from but to become facilitators of what God wants to do on earth. The purpose for this international board of churches is to facilitate what we discern to be God’s agenda for the planet. The earth is coming into very shaking times. Essentially our daughter churches would be a beacon of light, hope and encouragement, where one can come in and experience God through very intense praise and worship, strong prayer based delivery of the word of God, which speaks to the heart of what God wants to do in the nation. Initially it’s not always easy to do that because the first set of people you attract are normally new converts finding their feet and roots in the faith and in the word. But over the processes of time we begin to develop those people into facilitators of the Kingdom of God. We raise people in the public sector and in the market sector who are priests unto God’s people who operate gateways to evoke the supernatural wisdom of God in order to effect positive changes in the community. We’re always speaking to the fact that the Cross is a place of equality, a place of shared equity so that we begin to reflect the church in Revelations 5:9 where people from every tribe, every tongue and every class are able to work together and share in the brotherhood of Christ. You mentioned the daughter churches, just thinking of the parish in South

“We want to bridge the electronic divide so that educational possibilities are available to everybody in modern technologies”

Africa. Is there a mandate for them? I am only a consultant to the visionary in South Africa. We believe in self-sufficient, self-governing daughter churches that, as a function of the relationship with the


parent church are able to draw inspiration, counsel, and in some measure consultative direction but not dictatorship. So because Pastor Jimmy Bent is the planter in Johannesburg, it’s largely going to be his responsibility to interpret the demographics, the sociology, the spirituality, and the possibilities of the region he is in. But from our consultations, we want to be socially responsible. We want to take responsibility in the capacity that we are able to for the ills in our society and for people who are hurting. This is why we

are reaching out in some of the refuge camps. In little ways we are trying to provide solace and comfort for the people who are affected in that regard. But more importantly we want to speak a very strong word that you can come out of trouble, you don’t have to be the tail forever, you can be above, you don’t have to live beneath your privilege and your possibilities. We want to see people healed and not just healing from physical ailments but from mindsets that are so antiquated in a contemporary global community. We want to bridge the electronic divide so that educational possibilities are available to everybody in modern technologies. Earlier on you mentioned how there’s been a global shift. What do you think is the role of the african church in being part of that shift? Africa seems to be a potential pivot. If the world is a see-saw between East and West presently, Africa is right in the middle of that. Africa is also untapped economically. Africa is slowly evolving from nation spaces to nation states, where there is government, the respectful rule of law, where the values of Christianity become a significant part of legislation so that we begin to order earth like the way God has ordered heaven. As long as we do that and we become stewards of our own destiny as a continent, we will enjoy a lot more respect from both East and West, and won’t become a pawn in their hands against each other. Africa must not be too quick to sell out to the highest bidder but must be able to hold

Parable my parable

out and become a player herself. Perhaps it can emerge to become world power as it was between 6000BC and 3000BC. The potential is there, the brains are there, the natural resources are there. But what we must pay attention to is good governance in the public sector; the Church across Africa needs to be a really good example of that. The church in Johannesburg must begin to speak truth to power. And of course we are seeing that with the larger churches, the mega churches. Ultimately we expect to see House on the Rock play its part in the entire dynamic. Knowing South Africa’s history, prophetically what would you say is South Africa’s place in the whole scheme of things? South Africa enjoys first world status in many respects because of the development that preceded this present republic. You have infrastructure, western hemisphere business, and you are an industrial nation. You are a productive nation. That means you will be able to teach the rest of Africa how to develop because you are our first sub-Saharan nation to demonstrate this level of development. It also means that South Africa will be able to come behind the message of the gospel and the Kingdom of God and give it wings so it can become a pervasive philosophy for developing African nation states into what they are called to be. How do you see the concept of The Experience being a part of that movement and prophesy? On a surface level, it’s a concept where people can come to a gig. On deeper level, it’s a concept where people with a deeper sense of God can come to worship. On another level, it is where we show off the strength of the Church; that we are not something that can be passed by, that people from around the world can come into it and say: “teach us the ways of your God”. On another level, it’s an opportunity for very strategic and dangerous intercession that shakes answers.

It’s also the opportunity to close down the altars of the enemy and establish the fact that Jesus is Lord of perhaps one of the strongest economies in Africa, the Lagos city economy. I am told by CNBC researchers that although the Experience was a free concert it impacted on the Lagos economy to the tune of $30 or $40 million. Perhaps ask a question about the plans or expectations of The Experience in the coming years? We hope to host the experience simultaneously live across the continent by satellite, possibly to 2 or 3 billion people; where thousands of churches buy into this idea of corporate worship as the Church. Music has the effect of unifying us to a common cause, and in this case the common cause is God, and helps to repair the divide between parties. Without the Church functioning in her proper role, the earth will fall apart. Escapism has taught the Church to be a weakly Church where we’re not interested in politics, in the market sector or in providing direction in the public sector wrongly so. But times are changing with our generation of church leaders and as we begin to come together, God begins to give success to those movements with His mindset, His philosophy at heart. You’re a keen golfer. What’s your handicap? That’s debatable, my handicap changes from country to country. I have sometimes shot in the 70s, but that is the rarity not the standard. I generally shoot in the mid80s. I’ve played in the US, the UK, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, and Portugal. It’s a great escape for me in the sense that I find relief from the pressures and stresses of my schedule and responsibilities. What do you make of the controversy surrounding Tiger Woods at the moment? Tiger Woods is really an expert golfer, a pleasure to watch and at a tender age, he’s come into phenomenal success and

outrageous ubiquity that exposes him to trials and temptations that perhaps you and I are not used to. The man has made about $1billion in 10 years and anything in a skirt will be interested in him that has any proximity to him. He’s also charming and intelligent. He has a small fleet of private jets and he can have anything he wants, and that’s often the exact desire of a single woman. Even a married woman will go after that sort of man. And the burden of success is a much bigger burden than failure. He’s obviously looking for relief from the weight of his burden, and people erroneously say “a stolen cookie tastes better than your own”. Evidently the press and pressure of being this huge public figure must have significantly strained him. He doesn’t have the benefit that you and I have of having faith in the one and true God and Creator where he can find relief. And I think even though he isn’t Christian, God does still have His hand on him in a unique way. It’s a great time for people to wisely witness Christ to him. I think the pain of failure will teach him righteousness, perhaps monogamy in the process. A man becomes very teachable when the pain of failure grieves his heart very seriously. I think disconnect this part from the Tiger Woods Q&A otherwise it becomes too long; rather have this as an answer to a separate question about marriage? The Bible says: “be ravished with the wife of your youth”. That means when you choose a wife, don’t only choose a wife for her spiritual virtue. But consider also her competence to ravish you, even into old age. Otherwise you will find a girlfriend other than your wife. And your wife needs to be your girlfriend. So to men out there, I’d say date your wife at least twice a week and ensure that you find ways for her to ravish you sexually, apart from the other ways that she is s stimulant to your intellect and spirituality and to your person. Find ways to keep the

Parable my parable

intimacy. What have been some of your highlights in ministry? We’ve seen hordes of people come into significant increment, in terms of their economic power base, which is a huge blessing to the church. We’re also seeing the church become a power base to influence governments and politics in the right direction. We’re seeing people who were nobodies 15 years ago going through a process of growth and development to where they become significant. And we expect the same to happen in our daughter churches around the world. Tell us about the Rock Foundation? It’s a socially responsible endeavor to cater to the needy. We’ve seen literally hundreds of prisoners who were wrongfully incarcerated and left in anguish often without appearing before

a court because law enforcement, the rule of law, prosecution is hardly upheld in many African countries. And we’ve brought together a body of lawyers in our local church who work assiduously in our criminal systems to ensure people who have been wrongly incarcerated get a fair hearing and can be emancipated. And the folk who are rightfully incarcerated, they also need the Lord so we have a strong presence in the prison ministry. We operate what we call the Urban Alternative Church, which many of our daughter churches have emulated with great success, where we cater to drug addicts, gang members, ex-convicts, prostitutes, and people challenged very severely without any economic support. Terminally ill people, we provide with medical care, clothing, food, trade skills, and ultimately we want to develop that

even further where we provide housing for them. And this year we have introduced an interesting statement, not a slogan, to our mother church, “House on the Rock” a home for everyone regardless of your class, the color of your skin or where you come from. Share your thoughts about women in the society and African culture. Women play a prominent role in the South African sociology and I think that is powerful. They are sharing in the equity, which is something not quite pronounced in Africa where women are seen as subservient. But I see something different in South Africa, that the women are very powerful and have platform to contribute significantly to the countries overall production.

Parable leaders



“Leaders are persons whose characters has been tested, proven and established”

By Astel Collins


n all of us resides the potential for leadership. However, great leaders never desire to lead, they are rather passionate about serving e.g. the likes of Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu and President Barak Obama. Furthermore, a true leader is one who stands up not one who stands out. Some say that leadership is the ability to lead others by influence; I believe that it is also the ability to respond to responsibility. Thus it is fundamentally a matter of becoming who you are rather than the completion of specific tasks. Leaders are those who defy the odds to become themselves. Moreover, they possess the courage to fully express themselves without fear of contradiction. The definition of leadership differs from generation to generation, nonetheless; it remains complex in its simplicity for it is first “being” then “doing”. Moreover, it is the capacity to motivate and mobilize the necessary resources and relationships to accomplish a specified goal while maintaining momentum and commitment. Thus effective leadership makes itself increasingly unnecessary, hence a leader is one who leads others to leadership. Self discovery is the beginning of leadership and great leadership begins at self mastery. Furthermore, true leadership occurs when inspiration opposes intimidation and motivation exists without manipulation. A leader never lies to himself about himself. Therefore, leaders express themselves rather than proving themselves. Leaders are persons whose characters has been tested, proven and established. Leaders are those that are willing to challenge traditions and defy stereotypes;

they learn from others but never become them. Qualities of a leader are: passion, integrity, credibility, sincerity and courage. Successful leadership is the fulfillment of an original purpose. Daily there are opportunities for leadership, even the most disinclined find themselves in positions of leadership. However, leadership is not who you stand in front of or above but rather what you stand for. I am currently in partnership with CIDA City Campus, who has asked me to develop a Transformational Leadership Program, which I designed with the expressed purpose to take a hundred (100) young people on a journey of self discovery to identify and develop their TAG’s (talents, abilities and gifts) empowering them to maximize their potential. Moreover, CIDA City Campus is South Africa’s first virtually

free higher education institution. The university offers holistic education to historically disadvantaged young people who would not otherwise be able to access higher education due to the increasingly high costs and inaccessible curricula of other tertiary institutions. CIDA has emerged as the abiding hope for underprivileged students who have a desire to pursue a university level education and the university is driven to develop the infinite potential of every student regardless of his or her background. Transformational leadership program was successfully launched on the 31st July at CIDA Park, with the objective to engineer a brand of a conscious youth with the emotional capacity to become mentors that will adequately address the needs of orphaned and vulnerable youth.

By Lulu Njapa



Nonny’s Reviews

Artist : Michael W. Smith Title : Wonder Style : Praise and Worship

Artist : Musa Queen Njoko Title : Xpressions Style : Praise and Worship

Artist : Israel Houghton Title : Love God Love People Style : Praise and Worship

Grammy Award winning American singer/songwriter Michael W Smith has set the tone for great pop music throughout his career. Now he delivers ‘Wonder’, a pop-driven, emotionally charged project to be released on 28 September. He has been back in the studio and working since January of this year on the project. After his most recent and highly successful release, A ‘New Hallelujah’, Michael W Smith spent time on the road touring in the US and internationally, allowing him time to once again let his heart view the world we live in, and using his gift of music, begin to express the feelings and thoughts that arose out of these trips. These moments, and other life milestones, were the genesis for his latest CD, ‘Wonder’. Ten new songs pack this new Michael W Smith project with subject matter that is sure to pierce your heart, backed by a relevant musical journey. Smitty says, “These songs on this project are hopeful, anthemic and healing - musically and lyrically. I had a lot I wanted to say and the songs on this album allowed me to open up and do just that. “Great songs are hard to find. I fell in love with ‘Save Me From Myself’ the first time I heard it a year and a half ago. And now, a year and a half later, I still love the hook, the chorus and just the bigness of it. “The message is true to my heart: ‘You save me, save me from myself. There is no-one else I’d lean on. Save me, you save me from myself. There is no-one else to set me free.”

The beautiful Musa Njoko is a world renowned HIV/ Aids Activist for humanitarian group Tearfund. She’s also a highly sought-after Inspirational speaker, musician and entrepreneur. Musa’s message is abundant life regardless of the circumstances - and her songs are those of hope, courage and faith.

Multi-Grammy Award winner Israel Houghton lifts up a new banner with Love God Love People, the greatest gospel commandment. Recorded in London at the legendary Abbey Road Studio with award winning producers Tommy Simms and Aaron Lindsey. It features the musically masterful energy that has become synonymous with Israel Houghton. The album also reveals special guest appearances by Kirk Franklin, Fred Hammond and Take 6’s Claude V. McKnight, III, Mark Kibble and Joey Kibble, as well as song co-writes with Meleasa Houghton, Aaron Lindsey, Tommy Sims and Michael Gungor


THE LOST & FOUND FAMILY When her husband dies, Mrs. Ester Hobbes (Ellen Bry, TV’s St. Elsewhere) learns that his wealth was just an illusion. Her only real inheritance is a rundown Southern home occupied by a foster family. Slowly, Mrs. Hobbes finds herself making unexpected connections with rebellious teen Justin (Lucas Till, Hannah Montana: The Movie) and the rest of the unwanted kids. Share the journey of discovery in this touching drama of lives transformed.

Financial Steward Author: Keaobaka Mahuma

Blood, Sweat & Treason [Hardcover] Author: Henry Olonga

With the “prosperity boom” preaching we have been hearing lately, it is very important to understand some imperative guidelines that bring prosperity because nothing happens by chance, you reap what you sow! “The Financial Steward” by Keaobaka Mahuma has the most solid word based teachings for being financially well informed and balanced from all aspects of life. With all the demands and needs we face daily, this book can bring a paradigm shift of wisdom and understanding of the root and purpose of money. The Financial Steward has answers to all the myth doctrines we grew up believing on how God does not want the church to have money. This book is an eye opener!

Sports book meets real-life thriller in this sensational autobiography of Henry Olonga, the former Zimbabwean cricketer whose black armband protest against Robert Mugabe at the 2003 World Cup saw him branded a traitor, sentenced to death in his absence and forced to dramatically flee his homeland and his family. Blood, Sweat and Treason tells the story of Olonga’s childhood, of his gradual realisation that he was living in a dictatorship, of his battle to reach the top as a black cricketer and how he sacrificed his position to do something he hoped would make a difference. (Amazon)

Parable fashion

FROM RUNWAY TO RED-CARPET Trendy, sexy and this look, This is from Carolina Herrera Resort 2011 Collection

I love this digital print dress from Matthew Williamson’s Fall 2010 collection, Cat Deeley paired it with a black and gold Mulberry oversized Ava suede clutch. Her clutch was complemented with black and gold Jimmy Choo strappy sandals. This look is perfect and effortless.

FASHION TIPS Always make a statement, Dress to impress never know who you might meet around the corner. Heidi Klum - looks sizzling in this fabulous Givenchy Spring 2010 ensemble. She’s wearing a white jumpsuit paired with the runway black cropped jacket. The eyepopping red colour of her shoes…..stunning!!

Parable fashion


This is the perfect dress for spring, Its colourful, trendy and fun. Whitney looks fabulous in this Matthew Williamson dress. She paired it with a stunning blue sandal.

Zoe Saldana looked dazzling – as we’ve come to expect – at the 2010 Women In Film Crystal Lucy Awards which was held in LA last night.I adore her MaxMara white dress with ruffled neckline. It looks even sassier from the back. This for me is the perfect summer red carpet looK...

FEATURED DESIGNER Floral dresses are hot this season, Detailed and highly accessorized shoes, Nautical stripes, Boyfriend blazers.... FOSCHINI seems has grasped the trends quit well: Maxi dresses - in floral and denim, Printed maxi skirts, Cardigans, Floral tops, nautical stripes, textured denims and cropped jackets. All of the above can be accessorized with: Waist belt, Large hand bags, Junky solid jewellery. ALDO has amazing gladiators and strappy sandal which are in as well as sling bags and detailed jewellery. Shoes for the season are: Pumps, Gladiators, Ankle boots and Peep toes shoes

Don’t be afraid to show your legs this spring, We’ll show you just how to do that without revealing too much....Kerry Washington looks great in this Ralph Lauren blue top, she accessorized it with a blue clutch bag and white pair of shorts.......stunning look for spring. Simple, trendy and comfortable.

Parable fashion



By Jessica Matjeke (Fashion Editor)

Boyfriend blazer HOT

The Brenton Top is a must have this spring

Boyfriend blazers are in this season...Keri Hilton looks fabulous , you can accessorize it with a trendy belt.

Boyfriend jeans Hot trend this season

Bronx Cut-off heel

FASHION TRENDS FOR THE SEASON ARE: Floral dresses are hot this season, Detailed and highly accessorized shoes, Nautical stripes, Boyfriend blazers.... FOSCHINI seems has grasped the trends quit well: Maxi dresses - in floral and denim, Printed maxi skirts, Cardigans, Floral tops, nautical stripes, textured denims and cropped jackets. All of the above can be accessorized with: Waist belt, Large hand bags, Junky solid jewellery. ALDO has amazing gladiators and strappy sandal which are in as well as sling bags and detailed jewellery. Shoes for the season are: Pumps, Gladiators, Ankle boots and Peep toes shoes

Parable fashion


FLORALS - Tiered skirts and tops are in season... GET THE LOOK

A black tank goes well with this look, or you can try a white

High- waist floral print skirt

Floral’s are a must have this spring...... Blaire looks great on set shooting a scene on Gossip girl

Pair this look with pink suede shoes

Love this green clutch bag from Jo-borkett

White Floral dress, Foschini R240

Floral maxi dresses are a hit....Sarah JessicaParker looks fabulous in this dress.

Floral dress, Jo-borkett

Red & black ditsy dress, Foschini R300

Parable fashion




Pearl stud earrings R45,Foshini

Jessica Alba looks stunning in this black strapless Valentino Couture dress ......9/10 This look is very trendy. She accessorized with black strappy Ferragamo shoes

Black bow sling back, Foschini R320



While neutral flesh tones have been popular in footwear and makeup over the past several seasons, they are now making their way to apparel. Anything from soft flesh-tone hues to earthy neutrals is going to be on the hot list for spring

Zoe, looks breathtaking in this dress. love the green peep- toe heels

Parable fashion




FASHION TRENDS FOR THE SEASON ARE: LOOK 1: Her glittering gold Vivienne Westwood strapless dress is gorgeous, this is very much Dame Westwood’s signature style of dress. She paired it with matching gold Casadei pumps LOOK 2: This is my favourite...... wearing a Christian Dior pinky/peachy chiffon dress with bow detail Her look was perfectly colour co-ordinated ith a matching pink clutch and blush Brian Atwood ‘Contessa’ suede pumps LOOK 3: Eva looks stunning in this Oscar de la Renta canary yellow strapless dress paired with black Sergio Rossi heels..

Kim Kardeshian looks stunning in is 3 looks where she worked the black outfits.

Parable fashion




Every women needs a black dress in their closet.........Here’s our picks, 1. Night out with your girlfriends 2. You can pick this for work, you can accessorize this number with clutch a bag and a pair of Nude Pumps.(Pls put picture of the nude heels next the dress 2: Its on the USB NUDE pumps 3.We love this Vera Wang black number, for your more cocktail outings....



Jessica Alba looks spectacular in this flirty outfit, she attended the Uomo Vogue Dinner for Quentin Taratino during the 67th Venice Film Festival.

Love this skinny-red belt.... totally transforms the look. Don’t be scared to add a little bit of colour to a plain dress.

Parable launch



new face definitely deserves a red carpet reception, which is what Parable Magazine projected at the re-launch and Parable Leadership Award presentation. Celebrities, leaders, business people and Pastors all gathered together at a glamorous event in Johannesburg to celebrate a turning point for Parable Magazine.

A new brand identity and updated strategy was unveiled as part of Parable Magazine’s vision to re-invent itself. Put together by SIDL Media and supported by Owitz Communications, the magazine succeeded in presenting itself as a valuable source of information by a wider audience. The Parable Leadership Award was later presented to Actor and TV Presenter Tumisho Masha, Pastor Laurel Cassell from Rhema South Bible Church, South of Johannesburg and Nash and Nthabi, business couple and Pastors. It was indeed a Godly launch with a new face!

Parable launch

Parable launch

Parable launch

Parable author’s profile

Parable Introspection

frankly looked quite ugly. While looking at it I found myself getting rather depressed, but then something caught my attention. I suddenly noticed the one and only flower between all this ‘deadness’. It almost looked out of place as its beauty was so contrasting to the rest of its surroundings. It inspired me and reminded me that there is life and that I can choose what I see. This story is about the flower and the things we do have control over. As with this flower in my story, it is easy to argue that because its seed had fallen between the rubble and dirt the prospect of growing is rather pointless. Additionally, if it grew, it would be standing next to a broken wall, probably alone, no picturesque view and with nothing else to motivate its growth. Besides, the chance is so slim that someone is going to see it and enjoy its fragrance, never mind picking it to form part of a beautifully arranged bunch of flowers. So why is it that some flowers decide to still go through the trouble of pushing its roots deeper into the soil to grab every drop of life-giving water and nutrients possible; aims for the tiny little hole where the sunlight is shining through and find its way through the rocks and dirt to the top where the fresh air is freely available?


By Rianette Leibowitz,

Owner and Managing Director at Owitz Communications (


n my way to a meeting some time ago, waiting somewhat impatiently in the traffic, I stared

into the distance (thoughts wondering) and noticed a broken wall, dead grass and someone’s leftover rubble, which

In my view, it is because these flowers remember that they do have what it takes. Their colours are refreshing, they have a fragrance to share and they know that they only have one chance to take hold of life. Once this happens the rest of the rubble around it is suddenly overlooked as all attention is on the beauty instead of what surrounds it. They create the perfect condition to sow more seeds and influence others again. BEING HUMAN As with this flower, we sometimes are so caught up in our circumstances and blinded by the difficulties we are faced with, that we miss the light peeping through the darkness. It seems as if everyone just

Parable Introspection

carries on existing while constantly complaining. They seem to focus on the negative and the doom-and-gloom preaching we are so bombarded with on an ongoing basis; usually has ‘added details’ to share. We actually become conditioned to first think of ‘what is in it for me?’ instead of ‘WHAT IS IN IT FOR US?’ I do sometimes wonder why the ‘doomand-gloom’ preachers get so much ‘air time’ and why some people prefer to take and believe what they say instead of realizing we all have hope and a choice. You can, with emphasis on can, have confidence about today and the future. Of course our circumstances are different and even if other people tried, they wouldn’t truly fathom what we go through. Being in an abusive relationship, the loss of a loved-one, the diagnosis of a life-threatening disease, divorce and many other unfortunate situations form part of the reality in which we all exist in. We are all influenced by crime, people who label other people, unfair treatment at work, financial stress and so much more. In the flower’s world we could say we all have some rubble and dirt covering our ‘growth paths’ at some stage. However, within each of us there is a seed. There is the potential to grow and if fed with the right amount of water for the soul, stimulation for the brain and good positive and uplifting company, we can each grow and bloom. Yes, it is hard work – it means you need to get up, take action, change your shape, delve deeper, get better at what you are doing and constantly seek to grow taller. This could be painful and constant growth means constant input. CONSTANT INPUT I have found that it is crucial to look at the people who have influence in our lives and our decision-making processes. There comes a time when we need to review

what we read, what we watch and who or what we listen to. Our bodies remind us through many ways to give more careful consideration to what we put into it and how we look after it. Where or to who do we go for help and who gives us hope? Why do we service our cars, but neglect our bodies, relationships and the amount of fun we have? Yes, we wish it will rain and that with each drop we will improve a bit more to do what we know is right or it might be time to embrace the winds of change to allow it to blow the dust off and expose clean healthy looking leaves. READY TO BE PICKED When the so-called silver lining is hard to see it is easy to ask why should I stand out? Why should I try to be better? Why

a stunning ‘bloom’ garden it would be. I saw that this is not just a far-fetched dream, as was seen with the Super 14 when Blue Bull supporters found their way to Soweto to support the rugby (and there are many amusing stories to be told). Then we also saw how, before and during the soccer world cup, in honour of our national team, yellow shirts complimented by colourful scarves bloomed all over sidewalks and in all walks of life - everyone as one. Besides the fact that we all knew what to wear on Friday’s I realised that once everyone is dressed the same way with the same goal in mind that behaviours change. It is as if the ‘flower’ is focusing so much on the sun, its growth and other flowers who took the chance, that the rubble becomes invisible. Think about all the negative reports about South Africa’s ability to host the World

“we sometimes are so caught up in our circumstances and blinded by the difficulties we are faced with, that we miss the light peeping through the darkness.” should I, strive to become more? Well, there is in actual fact no reason why you shouldn’t, because if you do grow and you do stand out and if you do develop flowers and share your distinctive fragrance, you will be the one who is going to be recognized and ready to be picked. Being picked means you have a journey ahead – where will you end up? At the flower market, or perhaps accompany a Mother’s Day card. How about being part a ‘New Baby’ arrangement or form part of a bride’s bouquet? BLUE AND YELLOW EVERYWHERE Just imagine for a moment how awesomely beautiful it would be to see a dull dead looking South Africa and seeing all the flower buds opening, sharing splashes of colour and bringing the place to life! What

Cup and how some of our fellow citizens focused on these reports. Then the kickoff united this nation and all of a sudden cultural differences, the rules of soccer and where the stadiums are based didn’t matter. One combined effort to send out a positive message to the world. THE WAY FORWARD The question is – are you going to be part of the glooming stagnant rubble or the blooming garden enjoying the sunlight, growing closer together, reaching for the heavens and making the world a more beautiful, pleasant and lovely smelling place? Perhaps you even have the opportunity to grow in someone else’s life and make their walls seem less overwhelming.

my parable



By Astell Collins

Knowledge is like a lion; it cannot be gently embraced and he, who learns, teaches. Therefore, there is a responsibility to aggressively disperse the information that you have acquired. But we learn that certain things can only be revealed by the spirit of God, specifically in 1 Corinthians 2:9-10 “But as it is written, eye has not seen nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for them that love him.” But God has revealed them unto us by his Spirit: for the Spirit searches all things, yes the deep things of God. Since knowledge

exists where thirst evolves, and the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, what are you thirsty for and do you fear the Lord? We seem to be operating in the realm of ignorance that has condemned us to an impecunious existence. Could it be that we have began to believe in the fallacy of knowing God. We can agree that the cattle are as good as the pasture in which it grazes, thus where are you feeding and who have you submitted to for the knowledge that informs your decisions. We confess our belief that God is omnipotent and that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us, but do we really believe that? Could it be possible that there is more to life than mere survival? I was delivered from an impoverished mentality when the Lord expressed, “I have come that you may have life and have it more abundantly”. Allow that to resonate with you for a while. It is the size of your belief that determines the size of your success, hence, as a man thinks, so is he. Therefore, why are we not living the abundant life, the life God desires

for us to have. Might it be that they are many who still believe that we can only express righteousness in a state of poverty. Christians think that because the Lord requested the rich young ruler to sell all his possession and give it to the poor, that the only way to please the Lord is through poverty. Yet through the prophet Jeremiah, we hear the heart of God when he said, “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Does that sound like a God who desires for you to punish? Moreover, the scriptures exclaimed that the Lord became poor so that we may become rich. The Lord doesn’t just want you to look rich but be rich, in your thoughts, body and spirit. Even in (3 John 2) we are told, “I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers. You may not be able to judge a book by its cover but you can tell a ripe corn by the way it looks.” Astelley’s Pen Empire Address: 25A 7th Avenue, opposite Florida Primary School, Florida, 1709, South Africa

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Parable leaders


rom the notorious streets of the Cape flats, living through bullets, harsh circumstances and challenging conditions, to the staircases of the Union Buildings next to the President of South Africa - Venete Klein is a living example of God’s providential guidance and faithfulness.

life. She upholds serious and rooted values in God; her perception towards life is shaped within a model of charity, compassion, love and care for those who are less fortunate. Growing up in the Cape flats modeled her coordinates towards reaching her goal

to anything in life” - ironically, those very words are what she used to steer ahead in constant fortitude in building a significant career she upholds to this very day. That persistent faith based determination led her to where she is today. In reference to her favorite scripture [Isaiah 60:1] Venete Klein talks of the glory of God. It is from this scripture that Venete finds her daily strength and perspective. She believes that the glory that is upon her should serve all those she comes into contact with, daily in one way or another.

Talk of a remarkable principled sense of leadership; these are just one of the elements that basically define Venete Klein’s temperament. Currently serving as vice President of Business Unity South Africa [BUSA] and also current member of ABSA Group Executive Committee, she was appointed as Executive Director, Corporate Affairs and sustainability on the 22 January 2010. Mrs Klein is a Christian visionary, implementer and thought leader. Venetia is a resolute leader with great business insight, a compassionate mother, a loving wife and inspirational mentor to many. Klein is also the first South African to serve on the World Trade Organisation’s International Policy Commission, and she won the 2009/2010 Business Woman of the Year award from the Business Woman’s Association of South Africa.

This scripture is also the foundation of her achievements –She believes this very verse needs to be an inspiration to individuals who find themselves in contrary and intimidating circumstances-similar to the very environment in which she grew up in. Venete understands that she has changed the expectations of her background and believes this is possible for anyone who stays faithful in the Lord.

There is nothing conventional about her and that is her most defining characteristic. Venete Klein understands exactly what it means to keep to the pace of what having a goal requires. Having achieved the business stature she now upholds through the time spent at ABSA, Venetia Klein has proven that one’s background should never negate the quality of future one desires. She has always wanted to be part of the solution, Venetia does not believe in mental nor spiritual stagnancy.

of personal development and community awareness, through determination and focus, her background became the necessary fuel needed to push her possibilities further.

During her Interview Venete touched on critical and imperative aspects of her life, beginning with family and her Christian

27 years ago, Venete worked as a teller in a bank where she would constantly hear the chilling words “you will never amount

Venete Klein is a staunch believer in the ministry of tithing, she enthusiastically states, “I was able to drive the Mercedes Benz I dreamt of driving and live a life I have always dreamt of, because I began to understand the importance of giving 10% of my income to the lord”. She mentions that it is possible to reach our material goals, provided how-

“27 years ago, Venete worked as a teller in a bank where she would constantly hear the chilling words “you will never amount to anything in life” ever; we are faithful stewards who take God at His word and faithful in matters of stewardship.

Parable leaders

Embracing the face of



:By Solomon Izang Ashoms

Parable leaders

As a member of the vibrant and Spirit filled Hatfield Christian Church in Pretoria, South Africa, her Sundays are sold to spending time with her entire family worshiping together -She makes time spent with family meaningful. One of the most special elements about Venete is that she prays with her driver, “Ephraim” everyday on a journey to her engagements whilst she catches up with the John Maxwell Leadership bible. It is moments like these that Venete appreciates because she believes the higher you go, the more grace you require and a Christian’s relation to the world should be a practical ministry on its own. She believes we pick up special lessons and fundamentals of life from family, friends and the community at large. Having studied at no less than three of the world’s most successful business schools, Venete believes that true education is holistic in nature and therefore goes beyond the mere possession of a particular degree. Venete’s take on the influence of women in 2012 and the role of the church within business environs, is one subject she feels strongly about and asserts that women should not step out of their intended primary roles of family building - instead they need to allow their husbands to continue to remain the head priest of the home, irrespective of how successful women may be within their corporate sphere. She believes that women need to be assisted in distinguishing their roles between the church and the home. Her indication of the current statistics of South African women in leadership within the corporate sector is 40% - meaning we are standing on a 4.5% and 9.5% top management scale between women and men respectively. She hopes to see the country’s growth with regards to managerial roles assumed by women closer to 30% by 2012 - a very noble and possible dream.

Women need to understand that the more you take on the more responsibility you gain and less time one has for family –She believes that no matter how busy we may be in our pursuit for success, we should never neglect family, it is from family that we gain our strength.

“Venetia Klein has proven that one’s background should never negate the quality of future one desires” According to Venete the plans we normally have for ourselves are not in line with God’s divine purpose, trusting in him and allowing him to fulfill his promise to us is our only way to success. Staying on the track with what we think, might derail us

from the divine purpose God has for our lives. With her family as her greatest inspiration and support system, her loving husband gives her the space to be herself and this was evident when she left to study abroad for a full year, while her 2 sons and husband remained behind. Interesting to discover that her favourite character in the bible has personality elements that she can relate to on a personal level, in this regards she mentions the resilience of Joseph and the tenacity of Queen Esther. Venete does not live a life of regret, she has learnt a great deal from life and her background played a pivotal role in her focus to do what is different from the norm. Her resilience is that of a woman in proverbs 31 and her courage will continue to host many skills. Her influence will help develop determined South African women.

my parable

Weatherman In Compassionate Service DEREK VAN DAM

By Solomon Izang Ashoms


believe God has blessed me with what I feel is a fruitful life. With this great blessing comes great responsibility to give and to serve.

Sometimes in life it’s so easy to look past the less fortunate than us in this world. It’s easy to pretend that our “bubble” is the only circumstance that truly matters. I have chosen to transform this idea in my life, by changing other people’s circumstances. I’ve returned to Swaziland three times since my arrival in Africa. This time, I was to meet a group of 30 American’s from a church I attended previously in the United States. The Compassionate Life Foundation (CLF), of which I sit on as a member of the board of directors. God is omnipresent in every moment and situation that arises and this time was no different. It was my second visit to the Pediatric Ward at the government hospital in Mbabane, Swaziland. I walked past an ominous sign that read, “Pick up your dead on Thursday and Friday Only. I couldn’t help but ask myself, “How can God be in this place?” I quickly remembered the bible verse, Revelations 21:4 “He will wipe away every tear from their eyes”. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.” Feeling refreshed, I knew I had a weighty task ahead of me. It was a truly special opportunity to spend time with these children, to remind them that someone does care, that God cares.

my parable

“It is of the pure love of Jesus Christ that drives me and others to perform this work.” Among many things, we brought these children simple but cheerful gifts. We were even allowed to bring a camera and take photos of the children as they played. This instantaneous act of kindness allowed the children to see their faces, some for the first times in months. Money which was donated by the Compassionate Life Foundation provided goods for the hospital such as diapers, gloves, simple medicines e.g. aspirin, eye drops etc.

bored with the funds I raised from cycling the Cape Argus bicycle race in March 2009.

gloating within the individuals who travel here. It is of the pure love of Jesus Christ

This allows the orphanage and school to have a self-sustainable source of clean water completely separate from the surrounding community. Also currently being built was the medical clinic at El Shaddai.

that drives me and others to perform this work.

We carried on with our Mission to the church and community safe centre that CLF helped establish. We re-painted the church and it looks fantastic! We carried onto a local Primary school and spent half a day planting vegetables with the school children. All the food and supplies where donated by CLF and the Free Methodist Church of Michigan. Our next mission was to go into the community and hand out food and clothing. This experience was incredibly emotional and intimate as we where invited into these individual’s households. That day, we successfully distributed food to over 30 families, God is good! El Shaddai Orphanage made progress since my last trip. Clean water well had been

In closing, I hope people would notice that our work in Swaziland is not to make us feel better about ourselves. There is no

We feel that our mission is to change the circumstances of the less-fortunate of this world, even if it’s for a very short period of their lives. We will continue to return to Swaziland until the mission is done. Please visit for donation opportunities.

Parable living on single street

Hidden under God’s timing HE THAT FINDETH (PROVERBS 18:22) VS. CHRISTIAN DATING.COM By Thando “Blackroze” Kubheka


llow me to share something really special with young single adults’, especially single ladies because I see a lot of the hurt, frustration and pain encountered by single Christian ladies. I am sure sometime in your life you will start asking yourself questions or you will hear some of your friends around you asking themselves this burning questions

titled: “But when is my time?” Or “I have done all the right things, I have done this and that, I even posted my profile on a Christian dating website.” and the list goes on and on and on “So when is it going to be my time?” Christians hear me clearly; right there is a problem, we need to deal with this matter

and address it biblically after all our bibles are our manuals on how we as people of God ought to live by. Proverbs 18:22 says: “He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord.” page with me if you have your bible right there with you so you will be a witness to this passage. It clearly says “He who finds” and Not “She who finds “Amen! So there are two things that need to happen here, number 1 - the man needs to FIND! And the other’s responsibility which is always overlooked is that the woman has to be “Hidden”. You don’t find something that is out there, (Note that gentleman)! A guy is not going to find you (ladies) if you are out there on market or your profile is on Christian or some couples match making programme on radio. See if you are putting yourself out there, you are not being “Hidden”, so the reason why a lot of times most sisters feel frustrated is because when they meet these

Parable living on single street

guys they talk to on the net and actually go onto an extent of meeting up with them and only to find that they are meeting these losers, who play them and want their bodies in return, for all the favors they have with these guys and need I say more these guys are dating more than two women at once. So where does this place you on his list? Something to think about ladies! So if a guy has to find something, it can’t be out there in the open, like some people would say: “hey man I found R50 in the street!” Well in essence you did not find this R50, it was practically out in the open and you happened to have spotted it and picked it up, you get what I mean, but if you really want to find something it must be hidden and if you found something you would have said: Hey man I found my watch and I found it underneath the couch or something like that, it has to be concealed. To hide actually means to be concealed. Now what you are concealed it determines what can find you! Amen.

God, that is not being found at all, that’s putting yourself out there and some guy doesn’t have to look hard, he just goes on the profile, puts his likes there and the computer finds you for him. My advice to ladies is, be hidden sister and be hidden in something that will require or force a great man to find you, hide in GOD’S WILL, hide in CHASTITY, HIDE IN PROVERBS 31, that way any man that finds you has to be spiritually in tune with the word of God. If you are a proverbs 31 woman (please read it) verse 10 says: “10Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies.” So ladies if you hide in that, then a man has to be really willing to step up his game to give you everything in order to find you. So man please understand that Prov.31 says “who can find a virtuous woman” if

truth you don’t want to hear? It is not everyone that is going to be married and I am not saying that in a bad spirit but it is a fact, if it happens that you get married Praise God! And if it does not happen still, praise God and that does not mean that you are a failure in life? I become shocked when a Christian stresses and even goes into great lengths of cursing God that he or she is not finding uMshado (marriage) who said it is a must to get married? I’m not saying that you should not get married but if u are going to stress that you are not finding a man, then that is a big problem. Look at Jesus was he married? Did he ever stress about finding a girlfriend? Or even begging God for marriage? Fornicating Or advertising himself as single, did Jesus do that? Never! Let us learn to live according to his will and not ours repent if you have to, God will forgive you I know he will and start afresh but do not play with his forgiveness. Remember the bible reminds us in the book of 1John 3:6 “6No one who lives in him keeps on sinning. No one who continues to sin has either seen him or known him.”

“be hidden sister and be hidden in something that will require or force a great man to find you”

Now if you go for example: from a physical standpoint as a lady and you go on a plane to Holland and you say I’m going to hide in Holland, where does a man have to be in order to find you? The answer is: Holland! He has to be physically there in Holland in that location you are situated in order to find you or am I wrong? Spiritually it is the same way if you want a man to find you, you have to hide in something that a man is qualified to look in to find you. Let me make this easier to understand, if you hide in a club, the man doesn’t have to find you there because his dancing there and partying there with you too! If you hide in a bar a man doesn’t have to find you there because his there getting drunk too like you, if you hide in some dating website a man doesn’t have to find you because they have a profile matching system that makes him find you anyway; they take your likes and his likes and put them together and tell you that this person matches you perfectly. Now Saints, that has nothing to do with

you can pay (and I’m not talking about Lobola) for that woman, then she’s not worth your time! E.g. if that woman is blown away by the money you have and the car you drive and all those things that men do to try and attract women, if you can get a woman by the money you make and if she can be bought then that is NOT THE WOMAN GOD has for you. The biggest lesson to be learnt here ladies is “Be hidden”, do not let people close to you unless they have your interest at heart, have they gone through your personal test and have they really been able to achieve the standards God has given for yourself? And if they cannot meet the standards that God gave for you then they are not worth being around you and saints that’s not being cocky or conceited it is just being real and men need to be the same way, it will sound a bit like you are being arrogant to a lady but it is like that! Ladies stop marketing yourself, remember you are the lady God chose! Can I dish the

Those are powerful words from the word of God so let us keep reminding ourselves daily about that, I mean who does not want a crown when we get to meet the Father in heaven? Whatever we do let’s constantly check our motives and who we are doing it for and last but not least let us aim to please our father in heaven in everything that pertains to our lives. Thando “Blackroze” Kubheka is a young inspirational woman with a heart to see teens, college students and singles experience God’s best, fulfilling their destinies, while keeping their own unique ‘flavor’. Passionate about chastity and living according to God’s standards and not of the world’s. She is a sought after motivational speaker in academic circles and youth circles.

For more info e-mail her on:

Parable behind the sound

peace about it and we all want what God wants, so it was easy.

What other talents and gifts do you have that we don’t know about besides your musical one? I can move my ears and I’m a pretty good shot.

When did you become born again? About 7 years ago Who is your biggest role model in the bible and why? Apart from Jesus, I would say David, because he always had a repentant heart, he was a musician and a great leader. And when he repented before God about things he had done, he did not repeat them.

By Ronald Mkhulisi

What is the biggest thing to date you have seen God do in your life? Wow, there are so many massive things! I’ve seen Him break down walls of lies around my heart and draw me closer and closer to living life to the full. He has never let me down or forsaken me and He has always been there to lift me above the waves when my faith faltered.

How many are you in your family?


My parents are deceased so it’s me and my two brothers, but our wider family is too many to count.

I have a great church and I believe it’s the very of fabric of society. It is very important for me to be under authority in my church, to be supported and be accountable.

Which sport are you into?

What are the challenges you faced being born again in the music industry?

Two dogs and an invisible cat called Smirre.

I don’t see any challenges, I see opportunities. We have to start operating like we are the children of the Most High God who reigns over everything and loves all of us equally. Not like a minority group who’s whole purpose is to not offend people.

What was your favourite cartoon when you were growing up?

Why did the band Niemand dissolve?


“God has chosen us to be a light unto the nations, the best is yet to come!” When did you get into the music industry? I always had a great love for music, went to study it in Pretoria after school and started writing for different artists. From there a friend and I won a National competition and I got to record my first album. Are you actively involved in your local

It was the end of a season. I went away to spend sometime alone with God and He told me the time had come to breakup the band. I went back home, called a meeting and discussed it with the guys and God had told them the same thing. We all had

I enjoy rugby, cricket, and golf and after the World Cup soccer is looking good! Do you have any pets?

I can’t remember the name of it but it was a big white dog. I think it was Wowser. What is your favourite food?

What do you love most about RSA? Our people and the fact that God has chosen us to be a light unto the nations, the best is yet to come!

my parable


old daughter, added to the pressure. Like herself, the child was frequently sick. With her little girl needing to be shuffled back and forth from hospital, and with the father having abandoned both mother and child, her life was spinning out of control. Sitting within the crowd, Neliya listened avidly to the Gospel message. An invitation was posed to those present. It was an invitation of surrender, a call to freely receive the wondrous gift of eternal life. Salvation was said to invade the heart, healing to pervade the body, deliverance to permeate the soul. The wonders of Jesus sounded marvelous beyond description. Deep inside, her spirit yearned to connect to this God of absolute love. Desperate to accept Christ, Neliya wept with emotion and rushed to the front.


s I travel across Africa preaching the Gospel, I am constantly reminded that regardless of the country, tribe or tongue, a common human condition remains, we all need Jesus! The ability of Christ to transform a life in one glorious instance is truly phenomenal.

next edition. You are welcome to contact me with any questions or feedback via Facebook (Tamryn Klintworth) or to visit for more information. I look forward to hearing from you! Yours for Africa to be saved, Tamryn Klintworth Evangelist

Many Christians are reluctant to witness to unbelievers or pray for the sick. We are afraid we will say the wrong thing or pray powerlessly. John 15 v 26 – 27 is a great encouragement: “But when the Helper come He will testify of me and you also will bear witness” In this statement, Jesus clarifies the partnership between us and the Holy Spirit. When we testify of Christ, the Holy Spirit is right there with us testifying Himself, molding our words into arrows of deliverance and flooding our hands with his healing power. We bear witness together with Him, man and God working hand in hand to set the captives free! As this page on evangelism will now be a regular in Parable Magazine, I am eager to share more stories and devotions in the

SALVATION IN DIEPSLOOT In August 2010, In His Name Ministries held a crusade in Diepsloot, Johannesburg. The testimony below tells the story of a young Pedi woman who experienced the greatest miracle of all – SALVATION. Her body laced with pain, Neliya Masha sat motionless within a crowded community hall in the sprawling township of Diepsloot. A single soul amongst many, this 22-year old could no longer survive the bleakness of a life ravaged with pain and despair. Since she was young, Neliya had suffered from numerous illnesses. With a variety of symptoms plaguing her daily life, she struggled constantly with pains in her chest and general ill health. The responsibility of caring for her 4-year

As she was led in a simple prayer of salvation, glorious waves of joy and peace flooded her heart. With the salvation, came the healing. The persistent pain in her chest disappeared. The anxiety dissipated as shadows before a rising sun. Bubbling with excitement, she expressed her impatience to bring her daughter the following evening for prayer. “Jesus will heal her too!” she exclaimed. Eager to learn more about her newfound Saviour, her smiles are filled with the knowledge that her life rests in the hands of God. “I needed my life to change. It has now changed!” Such is the joy of surrender. Such is the joy of salvation! The following evening, Neliya did not only bring her daughter to the crusade, but her entire family. They all likewise experienced salvation, healing and deliverance. To God be the Glory! Tamryn is the founder of In His Name Ministries, an evangelistic organisation dedicated to proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout Africa and the world. Find her on Facebook under Tamryn Klintworth or visit the ministry website at:

Parable book profile


A true african story have becomes “dead hope”. It’s amazing how God has used Eric to break down the practicality of the word of God on regaining the understanding of believing in hope. He uses the word of God, his own personal views and experiences, so that we may also relate our own situations and find solutions that will break grounds of lost hope. Eric introduces his book by laying a foundation of the nature of God and God’s blueprint for You can buy a mankind. He answers copy online and questions that human also connect with beings have asked, are still asking and will Eric Supen on forever ask regarding facebook. the will of God for mankind, giving us the biblical explanation of how and why people struggle, suffer or live in disbelief.

“we pray in amiss and blame God for not giving us what we have prayed for and then the hope that we have becomes, dead hope!”


gainst all hope in hope believe, this is Eric Supen’s first book to be published and the hand of God upon him is so visible through this book. Eric unfolds the most profound meaning of this abused word called “hope” as we live in a busy world where people are driven

by what they see rather than what they believe in. To most Christians, the bible has become something to hide behind rather than the word of truth and life, we pray in amiss and blame God for not giving us what we have prayed for and then the hope that we

In closing Eric expresses the power of God and the manifestation of His glory. This book gives us all the aspects of life concerning the Kingdom of God that will open the eyes of our understanding. Always living with an open mind that God is our ultimate help and hope and that in him, hope is never in vain. Eric is an ordained Minister of God’s word, he holds a B.Sc and M.Sc degree in Architecture from University of Jos, Nigeria, he is married to Jana and they live in Altensteig, Germany fulfilling their calling to ministry.

Parable book profile

Knowing the purpose of life By Bethuel Ngwenya

A life of confused priorities


e live in a world that is fast and furious. Very often the ‘busy-ness’ revolves around three people ‘I’, ‘me’ and ‘myself” and it involves worrying about ‘what shall I wear?’ what shall I eat?’ ‘What shall I drink?’ We live in a materialistic world that is driven by individualistic wants. We are focusing on things that do not matter. Jesus Christ had to address confused priorities during his time and in so doing he stated the following truth, seeking God’s Kingdom first on Matthew 5:33 In other words, do not run after the creation but rather run after the Creator! This is true even when the world is experiencing financial and economic turmoil. God and God alone matters. A life without God is a life without a purpose

wisdom, great insight. His wisdom was greater than the combined wisdom of all the wisest man from the East (1 Kings 4:29–31). Solomon not only spoke from wisdom and experience that was obtained from a life

The Great Teacher of Life speaks without equivocation. He is direct and to the point. He says it simply and plainly. His mission is to alert us to, and warn us about, the futility of adopting a spiritually mediocre approach to life. His primary objective is to warn us beforehand about the dangers of living life outside of God. The truth of the matter is that life and its worth come from God (Psalm 127:1). We owe our existence to God. He created you and me. We are the workmanship of his hands (Psalm 119:73; Psalm 139:13– 16). Fullness and satisfaction in life comes when you find God

Stand a chance to


The fullness of life is found in God and fulfilment and satisfaction for us is only achieved when we fulfil and satisfy the purpose of God. The purpose of our existence is found in the purpose of God. When we find God, we find our purpose in life.

SMS the Word LIFE to 082 212 9438 to WIN one of five copies of 7 Pillars of Glorious Living by Pastor Betheul from Struik Christian Media

Let me be frank with you right from the start. If I am not, then writing this article would have been a futile exercise and reading it would not help you. Allow me to share three important facts; a life without God is a life without purpose, meaning, and it is empty and useless. The Wisdom of Solomon teaches us that life without God is devoid of meaning (the Book of Ecclesiastes). Without Labour, education and the rest of the things in this world are, meaningless.

makes this profound and considered observation, is that everything is meaningless on Ecclesiastes 1:2

How do you find God? Jesus Christ affirms his access to us in “John 14:6”

Solomon’s scientific-like experiment with life

that was akin to a scientific experiment, Solomon searched for fulfilment and satisfaction in life. He went about life without restraint and with unprecedented liberality. He threw caution to the winds and denied himself nothing his eyes desired and he refused his heart no pleasure

King Solomon was the wisest man that ever lived on earth. God gave him great

Looking back at his life, a large portion of which was lived apart from God, Solomon

God is our heavenly father. By linking ourselves with Jesus Christ we effectively link up with God, Jesus Christ being the radiance of God the visible image of the invisible God. When our lives are attached to Jesus Christ we can ‘bear much fruit’. The word ‘fruit’ represents life that comes out of Jesus Christ. Bearing much fruit refers to abundant life, characterized by fulfilment and satisfaction.

Parable hope


e are women from every part of South Africa. We are women of every race; we come from the cities and the towns, from the reserves and the villages. We come as women united in our purpose to save the African women from the degradation of prisons. Like women of 1956 While a few had any hope that the protest would happen, let alone make a meaningful impact, the determination of the women who were protesting not only for themselves, but their children, their husbands and their homes, proved indeed that “wathinta abafazi, wathinta imbokodo”, meaning “you strike a woman you strike a rock”. Passes sought to restrict the freedom of women to move around, and while the battle was won on that front, today many women, through misinformed choices of their own and those of others, once again find themselves bound – this time in prison. According to a study conducted in 2005, just over 2 000 of South Africa’s 186 739 prisoners were women. Four in five of these women come from abusive situations, and a considerable number from broken homes. The odds are clearly against these sisters, who, without genuine rehabilitation and transformation, and a true reason to hope, end up back behind bars as repeat offenders. For three ladies, though, the story is different, as each recount how through God-incidences in prison, each one of them met the one who came to ‘set the captives free’. Joybell September is an after care coordinator of Hope Prison Ministry, and is based in Pollsmoore prison, one of Cape Town’s most infamous correctional facilities. Her encounter with Christ happened as she watched two other women who had been set free. “As a child I grew up in a Baptist church, and those years conversion was very strict. You weren’t allowed to cut your hair, wear make-up, wear holes in your ears, and all that. So at the age of 15 I rebelled from anything that spoke of God and church. I just turned my back and I went into this



wild lifestyle. You know what, if I look back at my life, I used to do alcohol, drugs and all that. There are many times when I used to wake up, and I didn’t know how I got home, but there were no scratches or scars. I haven’t got one eye. I’m still like how my mother brought me into the world. My mother and father were married, but divorced when I was three. My mother had to go and work to put food on the table. I didn’t know what it was for my mother to tuck me in. I didn’t know what it was for my mother to comb my hair for the first day of school. I lacked something – a sense of belonging – so I went to look for it in all the wrong places. So, young ladies must abstain from sex until marriage, so that when they do get married their marriages will last because a child needs a mother and a father. Hug your children. Show them you love them. I was in and out of prison for 15 years of my life. I was a professional shoplifter

and operated with a syndicate and we used to steal in shops from Cape Town to Johannesburg. So my last sentence was due to shoplifting as well, I was sentenced for 6 years, I served my sentence and like all the other times doing drugs, doing this and that, while in prison. It became like my second home, so I wasn’t just a first offender or once off – I re-offended every time. While serving time inside prison, I wasn’t saved. I was invited by one of my cellmates to a Bible study I didn’t actually want to go but she kept insisting I come, then one day just to get her off my back I decided I’m going to go with her. Getting to the Bible study I saw two women; one was a preacher lady, and the other was just an ordinary woman – these two women were praising God, but there was something in them. There was such love coming out of them, which actually drew me to them, so the next week I went back. There was something about these

Parable hope

two women that just drew me to the Bible study every week, and then they started an Alpha course, and I started doing the Alpha course there. I committed my life to God inside the prison. I was released a year after serving God in prison. I also did restorative justice while in prison, and realised the impact that my crime had on my family. Before that I never knew that my crime affected my family because I didn’t hurt them, I was stealing out of shops. Some of the challenges that we face include going back to our families, because our families aren’t saved, so they expect us to fall any minute, but praise be to God. I have been going on for 8 years now, and I have shown my family that I have changed. I have come this far with God.”

Joybell September I was quite startled when Janine Juries was introduced to me as an ex-offender – she radiates with beauty and a sense of calm that I rarely see in women who have never even seen the inside of a prison, let alone been held in a cell. She works as the assistant of the directors of Hope Prison Ministry, but beyond that, her passion is to tell other women who are bound about the one who set her free. Awake, awake, put on your strength, O Zion; put on your beautiful garments, O Jerusalem, the holy city... hake yourself from the dust and arise; be seated, O Jerusalem; loose the bonds from your neck, O captive daughter of Zion (Isaiah 52:1 -2). “That is where I am today. I am drawing from that strength. It’s like I’ve just discovered God all over again. He’s an amazing God. Everybody loves you with conditions. The minute you do something they don’t like, they withdraw their love. That is how I grew up. When I didn’t meet the par, love would be withdrawn and you could feel it. With God it was different. I could fail, I could fall, and he would still love me. I’ve been a drug addict for 24 years of my life, from the age of 14, and I couldn’t

stop. I was here for 2 and half years, I’ve gone to rehabs. I realise that only God can give you the strength to stop. I also realised that when you think you’ve been delivered because you’re in prison, you’re not exposed to the outside world and Yes, I’ve had to go through the drugs valley again. When you leave prison you go back into the world. I recently got caught up in old habits. My family and everybody got so disappointed and they withdrew from me. You come out so strong in the Lord, but the world, and people have such big expectations of you, and when you fail, you’re not good enough. I actually went to a point where I knew God was there; even through the wrong I did God has just been so faithful. When I’ve been unfaithful, He’s been faithful. I was asking myself will I ever get rid of this thing that is standing between me and God – this drug. My family and friends don’t understand what is going on, but God has been assuring me all the time that it’s something I have to go through, but for the first time I know that he is there. I will pass this test. That is the message if I do meet ex-offenders or even present inmates. I go and I tell them this is what God can do for you. I’ve been out for a year now. Yes, the challenges have been great, but the blessings have been even greater. You can be in prison, but that’s not where it ends when you’ve got God in your life.”

just be loved by someone who is genuine. Every man who came to show affection to me in a sexual way, I thought he loved me, and I used to give myself to him freely. I had my first child at 20, my second child at 25. Eventually at 25, I started dabbling in drugs. I had well paying jobs, but at the time of my tick addiction I became very irresponsible. The crime that I went into prison for was credit card fraud, but that wasn’t the only crime that I committed because we used to break into houses, steal and hijack cars. My brother didn’t want anything to do with me within my first year that I was released because I was an embarrassment to my family. But God is amazing because a year later he can actually say that I’m proud of you, and he said I can also see the change that God has made in your life. I didn’t see my children while I was in prison, either. Chris is 14 now, and Theo is 9 and they are still living with their dad. My heartbeat is in evangelism within

“There are many times when I used to wake up, and I didn’t know how I got home, but there were no scratches or scars”

Janine Juries Tania Carlse is the office administrator at Hope Prison ministry. As we speak now, she is jet setting the world, proof that even if bondage is all you’ve known your entire life, Christ can set you free. “My mother and father divorced, and my brother and I were sent to live with my aunt and uncle. I was sexually abused as a child by two family members; probably over a period of 6 years this happened. I didn’t speak about it; I didn’t know what it was like to be loved by a father. To really

communities. I want to tell young girls who are dabbling in drugs what the dangers are and where it could get them. What God has done in my life is amazing Romans 8:28 stands out for me because whatever it is that is going on in my life, whatever has happened in my life, it worked together for good , because I was called according to God’s purpose and I am fulfilling his purpose for my life. For people who are not saved yet, and who are only seeing the darkness, and the stuff that is happening in their life, once they get salvation, you can actually see how God works. When you accept the gift of salvation you are then called according to God’s purpose, and then you begin walking according to his purposes, and that is when you see how things work together for good.”

Tania Carlse

Parable leaders


future leaders By Oscar Bashing

Our mentees must sense our commitment to them as people, not as projects. We must love them and have their best interests in mind. Leaders cannot be developed in massive crowds. They are developed individually through life on life mentoring. 2. We must be committed to a process. There will be ups and downs through the season you meet with your mentee. We must step back and see the process they are in and steps required for growth, understanding the big picture of their life. We must be discerning. 3. We must be committed to a purpose. Our final commitment must be to the end result. We must determine that we will help them get from where they are to the goal that has been mutually set. Just as God will complete the work he has begun in us (Philippians 1:6), we must see the finished product inside our mentees and fulfill our commitment to them. We must be diligent.



esus welcomed people to come to him for mentoring; He was and is the ultimate mentor. He developed imperfect humans to become effective leader; Jesus did everything a mentor can do to enable the disciples to flourish in their personal lives and ministry. In Matthew 11:28-30, He says, ‘Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke fits perfect, and the burden I give you is light.” In those days a yoke was used for oxen as they labored in the field. The yoke He spoke of was designed to harness two oxen, a strong one and a weak one. The weaker of the two was present to learn what it meant to work in the field through

An act of giving away power to another person, in order for them to serve effectively.

• Pray for God to help you own the vision for mentoring other leaders. • Select a potential mentee or group of mentees from your circle of influence. • Spend two initial meetings to discuss both of your expectations and goals. • Cast vision to them for spiritual reproduction and leadership multiplication. • Determine what tool or resource you will study together. • Ask for commitment. Determine how long and how often you will meet. • Be prepared and set goals. • Discuss and apply the truths together. • Evaluate their progress regularly. • Help them find a potential leader to mentor. • Pray for the Holy Spirit’s anointing, and launch them to multiply!



1. We must be committed to a person.

Step 1: Model

“on-the-job” training from the stronger ox. Most of the weight was carried by the strong one until the development process was complete. What a vivid picture of the mentoring process.

A DEFINITION OF MENTORING: A relational experience where one ndividual empowers another by sharing their God given resources.


Parable leaders

The process begins with the mentor doing the tasks while the mentee watches. Be sure to give the mentee the opportunity to see the whole process. Too often the mentor begins in the middle of the task and confuses the mentee. When the mentee sees the task performed correctly and completely, it demonstrates the process to imitate. Step 2: Mentor During this next step, the mentor will continue to perform the task, but this time the mentee comes alongside and assists in the process. Take the time to explain not only the how but also the why of each step. There should be lots of communication happening at this stage.

Step 3: Monitor

At this point, the mentor and the mentee exchange places. The mentee performs the task and the mentor will assist and correct. It is especially important during this phase to be positive and encouraging to the mentee. It will help the mentee to keep on trying and wanting to improve rather than give up. Work together to consistency. Once the mentee understands the process, have him/her explain it back to the mentor. The explanations will re-inforce the process in the mentee’s memory.

Step 4: Motivate

At this point the mentor will step out of the task and relinquish the responsibility to the mentee. The assignment of the mentor is to make sure the mentee has the knowledge to do the task and the encouragement to continue to improve. It is important for the mentor to stay with the mentee until success is realized. This will motivate the mentee to make improvements to the process.

Step 5: Multiply

Once the mentee does the job well, the next step is for the mentee to become a mentor. As teachers know, the best way to learn something- is to teach it. The beauty of the mentoring process is that it allows

the mentor to move on to other important developmental tasks while the new leader is now capable of fulfilling various tasks and leading others.


The human mind thinks in pictures. We are visual people living in a visual age. Stories, analogies and metaphors helps us to retain important information. When mentors paint pictures with their words, it helps those being mentored to grasp the concepts they are being taught. Mentors paint picture through stories, analogies, word pictures and parables.

“Then he appointed twelve, that they might be with him and that he might send them out to preach” (Mark 3:14) 2.They provide handles.

Everyone possesses some knowledge of truth. Most people, however, are determined to understand it so strongly that they can use it in everyday life. Simply put “handles” are things we can grab on to. We give people handles when we summarize truths into a “user friendly” fashion. Truth then becomes a principle they can live by. When someone has a “handle” on something, it means they “own it” and can practice it, as well as communicate it to others. A good mentor can distill or crystallize truth so that the complex becomes simple.

3.They offer road maps.

Road maps are items that help give us both direction and a “big picture” view. When we give someone a “road map” we are passing on a “life compass” to them. That map helps us travel on roads we’re never known. These spiritual “road maps” help people not only see the right road, but also see its relation to all other roads.

They provide perspective on the whole picture. This generally happens only when we communicate intentionally, not accidentally.

4.They supply laboratories.

When we provide “laboratories” for our mentees, we are giving them a place to practice the truth we’ve discussed with them. By definition, laboratories are safe places in which to experiment. We all need a “lab” to accompany all the knowledge and teaching we receive. In these labs, we learn the right questions to ask, the appropriate exercises to practice, an understanding of the issues, and experiential knowledge of what our agenda should be in life. Good laboratories are measureable and can be evaluated together.

5.They furnish roots.

One of the most crucial goals a mentor ought to have for their mentee is to give them “roots and wings.”This popular phrase describes everyone’s need for foundations to be laid, as well as the freedom to soar and to broaden their horizons. The foundation we must help to lay in our mentee involves the construction of a “character-based life” versus an “emotion-based life.” At the end of their time together, the mentee should possess strong convictions they can live by, as well as the self-esteem to stand behind those convictions. The deeper the roots, the taller the tree can grow, and more durable that tree is during the storm.

6.They give wings.

The final word picture that describes what a mentor provides for a mentee is “wings”. We give others wings when we enable them to think big, and expect big things from God and themselves. When people possess wings, they are free to explore and to plumb the depths of their own potential. When mentors give wings, they help mentees to soar new heights in their lives. Consequently, it’s as important to teach those mentees how to ask the questions as mush as how to obtain the answers.

Parable speak out

The importance of the evolution of man By Astell Collins


or centuries the importance of a man was predicated upon his roles; which included providing, protecting, teaching and leading. However, men have lost their sense of significance as well as their sense of purpose. Note that the role of a man is not the same as his purpose; but his identity was distinctly based upon those roles.

“Sadly we exist in a time where throughout the world men are facing an identity crisis”

their roles. Although an opinion does not change composition or alter functionality, men have allowed themselves and their responsibilities to be dictated by the opinions of the world. Besides, most of the dysfunctions across the globe are directly as well as indirectly related to the function, accountability and duty of a man. Furthermore, they are secular materials written by sociologists and behavioral scientists that have identified the father as the determining factor for the future, while some have even stated that, “Dad is destiny”.

Nonetheless, his once clearly defined roles and duties have become obscured, have shifted and in most cases have completed changed. So as a result men have become bewildered, disorientated and too often emasculated. A man was so secured in his role for it had offered him an estimation of his worth and the entire society readily recognized and rewarded him. Sadly we exist in a time where throughout the world men are facing an identity crisis.

Whenever assessing the function of anything, we observe its nature, design and also its features. God calls himself father and has bestowed to men the title of father. Furthermore, a father is usually the source and the sustainer of his offspring. The man is therefore God’s representative on the earth; for the man was given the dominion mandate right from the very beginning. Thus the most important role of a man is that of a father; even husbands are to be fathers to their wives.

This is not only in regards to their sexuality but more importantly a crisis of

This knowledge was not adequately communicated hence; our society is a

woven reality of crime, moral degradation and spiritual disillusion. Men have become incapable of long term commitments, hence a rise in divorce and all forms of sexual perversions. Because of the irresponsibility of our young men, there is a rise in the incidence of abortion among miners as an option of contraception. Consequent to the menacing plague of the displaced man and the absentee father, there continues to be an erosion of society’s moral threshold. We have lost our compass to where right is, thus we are doing what is right in our own eyes. Unfortunately we are left with an uncontrollable spread in diseases and an uncontainable bouquet of criminal activities. However, there is the promise of restoration which states, “If my people who are called by my name shall humble themselves and turn from their wicked ways, I shall hear from heaven and heal their land”. Thus the possibility of an HIV free society will only be realized if the man returns to his original and natural state of purity.

Parable culture



n between heritage sites such as the Parliament buildings in Cape Town, the Union buildings in Pretoria and God’s Window in Mpumalanga lies a nation rich in culture and heritage. South Africa annually celebrates this heritage. The government sets aside a month to honour its people’s diverse cultures and encourages South African citizens to preserve the South African heritage.

“Tradition in many ways contradicts Christianity. In many ways, tradition puts limitations on Christian living.” By Malcolm Maifala

Christians believe once they commit their lives to God, nothing of their past must be evident. Some Christians believe that tradition puts limitations to the life God

As Christians, we should rather take on the nature and beliefs of Christ than live a life based on our worldly standards. The word of God states in Romans 12: 2 – Do

has planned for us. Heritage in black communities includes poverty, lack and dispossession. Part of African culture is polygamy, although most Christians do not practise polygamy, they accept it as a part of life.

not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is – his good, pleasing and perfect will.

Although the majority of South Africans profess to be born-again Christians, most still carry their cultures close to them. Christians in this country seem to have different views when it comes to identifying with a certain heritage. Most Christians believe it is acceptable that both Christian and traditional beliefs be upheld, whilst some Christians believe that Christianity should identify with the culture, heritage and lifestyle from biblical times. According to the Webster’s New Riverside Dictionary, heritage can be defined as either ‘a property passed down by inheritance or something handed on from past generations, a legacy.’ We can therefore say that our heritage is what we become heir to from past generations. In rural communities, it is acceptable for one to serve God, whilst carrying out the customs of their communal culture. Many believe that African culture already has good, strong values such as the spirit of ubuntu and respect towards neighbours. It is also a sign of respect for the legacy carried on from past generations. In urban communities, most Christians believe that there is no room for tradition if one is truly sold-out for God. These

Sometimes in white communities the principles of Apartheid dominate their perception on life and how they relate to other racial groups. Although not blatantly evident in a church environment, most Christians are prejudiced towards one or other race group or social background.

Tradition in many ways contradicts Christianity. In many ways, tradition puts limitations on Christian living. Tradition has a lot of positives. South African heritage, as rich as it is, does not compare or even come close enough to the life God desires for every Christian.

Parable beauty pampering


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Parable beauty trends

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Parable on location



Parable on location



Parable on location



Parable food



4 - 6 Servings - Active Time: 35 - 40 Minutes


1 Packet Penne Pasta 2 Tablespoon Canola Oil 1 Finely chopped Garlic clove 1 Finely chopped Chilli 2 Cups finely chopped Red Cabbage 1 Large finely chopped Tomato ¼ Cup Chopped Spring Onions ½ Salt & Pepper for seasoning 4 Skinned Chicken Breast (Cut in strips) 1 Tub of Cream

Preparation: • Bring a medium pot of salted water to the boil. Add pasta and cook for 15 - 20 min or until tender. Drain in a sieve and set aside. • In a heated pan, brown chicken strips and set aside. In the same pan add chopped garlic & red chilli and red cabbage and sauté for 15 min. • Add the finely chopped tomato to the cabbage mixture and cook for 10 min. Add the tub of cream and season with salt & pepper to taste. • Serve on top of pasta with a sprinkle of Spring Onions.


• Pasta of your choice can be used • Spring Onions can be replaced by Fresh Herbs.

4 Servings


8 Pieces of Kingklip Fish or Snoek Fish (Skinned & cleaned) 1 Cup cooled strong Rooibos Tea ¼ Cup freshly squeezed Lemon ½ Cup Orange Juice ½ Cup Apricot Jam ¼ Cup chopped Apricots A few sprigs of Mint (according to individual taste) 1 Chopped Green Chillies 1 Teaspoon finely chopped Garlic & Ginger ¼ Cup Orange Zest 2 tablespoon Olive Oil ½ teaspoon Salt & Pepper

Preparation: • Blend all ingredients in a blender until smooth or a bit chunky as per your own preference. • Pre- heat your oven for 30 minutes at 180 degrees • Marinade your fish pieces in the marinade and set aside for an hour • Grill the fish for 15-20 Min & Serve with a Side Salad & lemon wedges.


• Steamed Vegetables or Savory Brown Rice can be served on the side • Pork Chops or Chicken Breasts can be used instead of Fish.

Parable focus on the family

Insight on Parenting

with Dr. James Dobson



DR. DOBSON: No. In fact, the dinner table is one potential battlefield where a parent can easily get ambushed. You can’t win there! A strong willed child is like a good military general who constantly seeks an advantageous place to take on the enemy. He need look no farther. Of all the common points of conflict between generations, Bedtime, hair, clothes, schoolwork, etc, the advantages at the table are all in the child’s favor! Three times a day, a very tiny child can simply refuse to open his mouth. No amount of coercing can make him eat what he doesn’t want to eat. I remember one particular three year old child who was determined not to eat his green peas, and despite the insistence of his father that the squishy little vegetables were going down. It was a classic confrontation between the irresistible force and an immovable object. Neither would yield. After an hour of haranguing, threatening, cajoling and sweating, the father had not achieved his goal. The tearful toddler sat with a fork load of peas pointed ominously at his sealed lips. Finally, through sheer intimidation, the dad managed to get one bite of peas in place. But the lad would not swallow them. I don’t know everything that went on afterwards, but the mother told me they had no choice but to put the child to bed with the peas still in his mouth. They

were amazed at the strength of his will. The next morning, the mother found a little pile of mushy peas where they had been expelled at the foot of the bed! Score one for Junior, none for Dad. Tell me in what other arena a thirty pound child could whip a two hundred pound man?

“Children will eat as much as they need if you keep them from indulging in the wrong stuff” Not every toddler is this tough, of course. But many of them will gladly do battle over food. It is their ideal power game. Talk to any experienced parent or grandparent and they will tell you this is true. The sad thing is that these conflicts are unnecessary. Children will eat as much as they need if you keep them from indulging in the wrong stuff. They will not starve. I promise! The way to deal with a poor eater is to set good food before him. If he claims to not be hungry, wrap the plate, put it in the refrigerator and send him cheerfully on his

way. He’ll be back in a few hours. There is a little mechanism in his tummy that says “gimme food!” several times a day. When this occurs, do not put sweets, snacks or confectionery food in front of him. Simply retrieve the earlier meal, warm it up and serve it again. If he protests, send him out to play again. Even if twelve hours or more goes by, continue this procedure until food all food begins to look and smell wonderful. From that time forward, the battle over the dinner table should be history.

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Parable in the begening



He is one of the best-selling and most influential artists in contemporary Christian music, and he has achieved considerable success in the mainstream music industry as well. Smith is a three-time Grammy Award winner, and he has earned 40 Dove Awards. Over the course of his career, he has sold more than 13 million albums and recorded 29 number-one hit songs, fourteen gold albums, and five platinum albums. Smith is an American Music Award recipient; he was also named one of People magazine’s “Most Beautiful People”. His new album will be released on 28 September 2010.

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Parable Magazine Vol 4 Issue 17  
Parable Magazine Vol 4 Issue 17  

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