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...your answers are here.

Parabis Claims Solutions is one of the largest and most trusted organisations in the UK claims sector because we deliver competitive advantage, cost savings and continuous service improvements to all of our clients, every year. Across the country, over 800 dedicated staff help to resolve around 200,000 incidents each year. These involve individuals and organisations from across the spectrum of insurers and intermediaries. So, no matter what the question, your answers are closer than you might think.

Over 800 dedicated staff handling around 200,000 incidents each year.

Our commitment to innovation is a driving passion which runs through every Parabis team and service. From the bewildering power of data mining software that counters the threat of fraud, to new, proactive claims management techniques that reduce personal injury costs. We never cease our search for improvements. We constantly evolve our services through innovation, always with the aim of reducing overall costs and improving results for our clients.

Saving you money and improving your services. Every year.

Whether your need relates to just a few claims per month, or a few thousand, we can provide the skills, intellectual capability, and resources to meet those needs. From the specific requirements of highly specialised services, such as Field Investigations or Rehabilitation, to the complete outsourcing of all aspects of ‘third party’ claims management, we consistently deliver extraordinary standards of service and results All of this is delivered in a lower cost environment with opportunities for innovative pricing models based on joint risk and reward that maximise the value you receive.

Our range of services addresses almost every single aspect of the claims process.

To find the answers you need, contact our Commercial Team Email: Web: Office: 0844 245 4700

Your answers are here.

t: 0844 245 4700 e: Parabis Investigations 7th Floor, The Plaza, 100 Old Hall Street, Liverpool, L3 9QJ

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PCS - Answers Brochure  

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