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Legal Watch What’s on the horizon January 2014

Introduction Welcome to the first joint Plexus/Greenwoods’ review of what the next quarter holds for those involved in personal injury claims.

In This Issue: • Cost budgeting and case management by the courts • Reforming the way claims for mesothelioma are processed • Discount rate • The low value claims ‘portals’ • Whiplash • Reform of the private motor insurance market • Costs

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• ASHE data • Third Parties (Rights against Insurers) Act 2010 • Recovery of Medical Cost for Asbestos Disease (Wales) Bill • The legal market place

Cost budgeting and case management by the courts

Discount rate

Comment: There is real concern that the tail (the courts) is

place, there is no indication that a decision on lowering (or

now wagging the dog (the legal profession). The emphasis

raising) the discount rate is imminent.

Comment: Despite the extensive consultation that has taken

has suddenly switched to the courts controlling evidence and costs without necessarily having regard to the issue of justice between the parties. This is leading to a climate of fear, with costs being front loaded to minimise the risk that orders cannot be complied with. Mistakes will occur, even in the best regulated firms, but unless the error is classed as ‘trivial’ the consequences may be draconian.

The low value claims ‘portals’ Comment: As the number of claims being handled through the two existing portals increases, patterns of behaviour also become clearer. There are currently three primary areas of concern: • Defendants’ representatives must not contact claimants

Reforming the way claims for mesothelioma are processed

direct, once they become aware that a solicitor has been appointed, usually because a CNF is received. • There is still a problem with more than one claimant

Comment: After an extensive and lengthy consultation

representative sending in a CNF. While the onus is on the

process the government has decided not to introduce a new

retained solicitor to deal with any problems created by the

Mesothelioma Pre Action Protocol to promote out-of-court

actions of other firms, insurers should seek confirmation

settlements but will now work with all parties to improve

of which firm has been appointed. Both the insurer and

the existing process. Proposals to fix the fees for lawyers

the claimant’s solicitor are entitled to complain to the

making claims will also not be taken forward at this stage.

Information Commissioner’s Office and/the Solicitors’

However, for claims commenced from July 2014 claimants

Regulatory Authority and so it is worth looking out for

will not be able to recover CFA success fees or ATE premiums. Consideration is still being given to establishing an electronic case management ‘portal’ for mesothelioma claims.

repeat offenders. • So called ‘pre-med offers’ are popular with some insurers but are frowned upon by the Portal Behaviour Committee. It should be noted that if an independent medical panel is created to deal with whiplash type claims (see below)

Running alongside these measures is the Mesothelioma

such offers may be outlawed. The requirement that all

Bill which is to establish a diffuse mesothelioma payments

claims should be ‘proved’ by medical evidence is directed

scheme to compensate those who cannot trace the liable

at discouraging fraudulent and exaggerated claims, an

employer. In its current form the Bill provides for tariff

issue which does appear to be reasonably high on the

payments of up to 75% of the level of damages recoverable

government’s agenda.

under a civil claim. Legal costs will be fixed, probably at £7,000. The scheme will be funded by a levy on insurers.


A ban on pre-med offers would probably coincide with a ban on law firms offering inducements to potential claimants.



Comment: The government’s preferred option for dealing

Comment: An extensive consultation is underway to

with the ‘scourge of whiplash’ appears to be the creation

review the guideline rates for solicitors’ costs. It is to be

of a panel of single joint experts to provide truly objective

hoped that once rates are set for each grade of fee earner,

reports. If there is to be confidence in this solution, it is

in each geographical region, the grounds for applying for

imperative that insurers and their representatives should

any enhancement will be removed or limited to the most

lobby for any panel to comprise only experts who have

exceptional circumstances.

been accredited; who are subject to vigorous monitoring; and who may be subject to disciplinary action if found to be preparing reports not to the requisite standard. In its latest report the Transport Select Committee expressed concern that the government had not adequately addressed some of the evidential issues surrounding whiplash claims. However, it also that suggested that there should be a clearer strategy for ensuring that any resulting savings should be reflected in a reduction in motor premiums.

Reform of the private motor insurance market Comment: The Competition Commission has delivered its preliminary findings on the provision of private motor insurance and related goods or services. It has expressed concern about the way in which non-fault drivers’ insurers are able to seize control of the repair and claims processes with neither the at fault insurer or the claimant having any means of exercising any control.

There is concern that this major exercise is being undertaken on the basis of inadequate research and at the wrong time, given the continuing fall-out from the Jackson reforms. Alongside all this 2014 will see costs’ budgeting bedding down and the first batch of cases testing the boundaries of One-Way Costs Shifting.

ASHE data Comment: The revised data was delayed until 12 December. Table 25.6a combines ASHE 6145 and 6146 to produce an equivalent to SOC2000 code 6115.

Third Patries (Rights against Insurers) Act 2010 Comment: Although this legislation received royal assent in March 2010 and it was announced that it would come into effect as soon as possible in 2013, the government has confirmed that no date has yet been set.

The principal solutions suggested are: • Replacement vehicles should be the responsibility of the non-fault driver’s insurer with no right of recovery of the cost from the at fault insurer; or • The at fault insurer should have the option to handle the claim to such extent as it feels appropriate. • There is to be further consultation but it is clear that the existing arrangements for providing credit hire vehicles

Recovery of Medical Cost for Asbestos Disease (Wales) Bill Comment: This Bill, which seeks to extend the recoverability of medical treatment costs from defendants, was seen as the possible thin end of a much wider wedge. However, there were also question marks over it legality and it has now been referred to the UK Supreme Court.

and for vehicle repairs by non-fault insurers are unlikely to survive.


The legal market place Comment: The coming year is likely to see a seismic shift in how legal services are provided. There will be a mix of ABSs absorbing firms and teams of lawyers; mergers and acquisitions in response to the need to ‘grow to survive’; and firms failing as they realise that the market has moved on without them.

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Legal Watch - What's On The Horizon - Jan '14  

Legal Newsletter, Legal Watch, Personal Injury, Plexus Law, Greenwoods Solicitors

Legal Watch - What's On The Horizon - Jan '14  

Legal Newsletter, Legal Watch, Personal Injury, Plexus Law, Greenwoods Solicitors