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Countering Fraud By understanding your needs… In the current economic climate, we understand that you require a law firm, experienced in dealing with the threat of fraud. To both businesses and insurers, that threat has never been greater, as the pressure on individuals and companies has increased the chances of encountering fraud. We also know that when you are deciding upon your provider, legal expertise is a given. You require more; a specialist team that will work alongside you; A team that can deliver the highest success rates, whilst offering you bespoke services tailored to your organisation. You need experts that are at hand to advise and guide each claim through to the very best outcome. Working with your objectives… Our Counter Fraud team is experienced at identifying and managing fraudulent claims. We work closely with you to understand your objectives, protect your business and minimise your costs. This proven approach means that we can provide you with the right balance between the assessment and investigation of fraud and the delivery of achievable outcomes. With specialists in every major discipline, we offer solutions for any type of suspicious general insurance claim, including: • Fraudulent motor claims • Fraud rings • Liability fraud • First party fraud • Complex fraud • Exaggeration • Enforcements

Meeting your requirements… Our Counter Fraud team consists of experienced lawyers and intelligence analysts, who can provide bespoke products to suit your requirements. These include:

• Fraud Intelligence Report We have access to large numbers of intelligence databases which we analyse to produce reports on Claimant, Company or Vehicle profiling. These in-depth reports provide an objective view, along with recommendations to allow you to make the most informed decisions.

• Pre-Litigation Advice Crucial in potential fraud claims; the earlier evidence is gathered, the better the defence is likely to be. For instance, the Court may not consider a defence if certain steps were not taken at pre-litigation stage. Therefore, we investigate each claim to find out if fraud is present or not and then advise you of the outcome. This approach enables you to make the decision to settle claims earlier, resulting in substantial savings in litigation costs.

Plexus Law The Law Firm of The Future

• Litigation We have vast experience in handling litigated matters and the intricacies of legal procedure across a broad range of practice areas. This allows us to handle the widest variety of scenarios, which significantly differ with each fraud allegation.

Adding value… Deterring fraud and fraudulent behaviour is essential for protecting the future of your business. To enable you to combat fraud, we advise on appropriate sanctions, such as contempt of court, deceit actions, criminal prosecutions, professional misconduct and costs recovery. In addition, our Intelligence Unit can provide you with ‘Claimant Asset Reports’, which form part of our Claimant profiling process. These reports allow for an objective decision to be made on whether recovery is a viable and commercially sound option.

A service supported by our pedigree… Our Counter Fraud team has an excellent success rate at trial, combined with an outstanding record of reducing overall costs for our clients. As a national firm with a history of working for the insurance industry, we seamlessly work with a wide variety of organisations and offer competitive prices without a compromise on quality. Our rates are reasonable because as an established and efficiently-run firm, our overheads are safely under control. This allows us to fully focus on our serving our clients. With over 1400 staff in numerous locations across the country, we have 25 years’ experience in handling the requirements of all the major insurers. We therefore have the necessary resources and capacity to fulfil any conceivable legal requirement and meet all your litigation expectations.

Contact us... For further information or to discuss your requirements please just get in touch:

Tim Short Partner T: 0844 334 1008 E:

Plexus Law The Law Firm of The Future


Our Counter Fraud team consists of experienced lawyers and intelligence analysts, who can provide bespoke products to suit your requirements...

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