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Achieving a better outcome for you, your customer and your business

Why CaseVu?

Why CaseVu? CaseVu recognises the revolution that is social media. It is a secure, online platform that allows contributors, both internal and external, to collaborate on claims to achieve a better outcome for all the stakeholders and secure a competitive advantage for the business.

You should consider CaseVu if: • You consider that collaboration and an open dialogue between internal team members and external experts will deliver value • You want to incur expert costs only when needed and reduce expenses • You need to involve external experts earlier without losing control of the claim • You want greater predictability and fewer reserve movements • Reduction in litigation is a business target • You want to reduce administrative time • You have teams working out of different locations and you want to share expertise and learn and develop others • You want to reach key milestones and targets earlier in the life-cycle of a claim • You want to securely share and view documentation and meet with your team from different locations

Key Features

Key Features Professional Collaboration • Create a virtual environment in which you can obtain real time access to your panel of experts • Obtain opinions at the pre-litigation stage without the need to formally instruct and pay for an expert as and

when you need one-not when you don’t • A single interface to view claims across all the team members, both internal and external • Share documents and set sharing permissions • Screen share

Transparency And Control • Create a customised case plan or select a template from your Best Practice Detailed case plans templates

for controlling specific claim types • Create transparency on tasks and activities on the claim • Visual progress alerts you when you deviate from the Case plan • Assign only the key tasks to your panel of experts thereby retaining control of the claim

Key Features

Key Features Security • Compliance with SRA and DPA Regulations • Secure hosting • SSL protection for all uploads/downloads with the application • Only users with a recognised e-mail domain will be able to access your CaseVu domain • Users will only be able to access cases they created or are invited to work on. Users can grant colleagues permissions to view the cases when they are absent • Documents have to be explicitly shared with others – share at document or folder level • Runs on all major desktop web browsers; Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari – desktop, tablet or mobile

Productivity • Social media style sharing of updates • Multi-participant access to key documents/data/updates that can be tagged and easy to locate • Sharing a file through drag and drop • Automated claims activity/feed alerts • Screen sharing/Integrated web meetings for up to 12 participants (both CaseVu users and non-users) – audio/video screen sharing for discussion, document drafting, negotiation, strategy and case planning between users • Experts/Users database • Advanced Filtering facilities • See who’s available across your network- instant chat with other online users, contribute to public/private group chat forums • E-mail alerts to your “inbox”- notification that you have been invited to contribute on a case, when someone wants to share a document with you, or has assigned a task in your name


Frequently Asked Questions Is it an extranet? • No – an extranet is all about a one-window view onto a particular system. CaseVu is a web based App - one virtual environment allowing you to invite users from outside your organisation despite there being different IT platforms and systems. Anyone with Internet access and appropriate permissions can access the App. It is easy to drag and drop documents for sharing and discussion and, where appropriate, drafting or amending documents without the usual IT compatibility or access issues.

Why not just e-mail a document or telephone to discuss a claim/share expertise? • Unlike email CaseVu is a secure cloud-based application for sharing, viewing, discussing and where appropriate editing of documentation. Screens can be shared – expert real-time discussions and input from a virtual team of contributors spanning all of the required disciplines, whether lawyer, counsel, consultant or insurer . Exchanging documents via e-mail unless encrypted could breach DPA Regulations.

Does it measure performance, claims cost, monitor reserves? • A project/case plan on each claim allows the user to view the progress of the case, the activities against target dates for completion and is supportive and complementary to existing case management and MI suites. • Critical key milestones in the life-cycle and reserve movements can be reviewed and reported on. A framework enables case handlers to undertake key tasks around evidence-gathering and proactive decision making at the earliest opportunity, and to a more rigorous level of detail.

Is there a duplication of effort in inputting data/documents or details to yet another system? • Documents are easily dragged and dropped from a users own case management system. • Setting up a case requires minimal information and effort – so intuitive it requires little or no formal training. CaseVu is intended to complement an existing case management system and is used quickly and easily to collaborate with others.


Frequently Asked Questions What’s the purpose behind the case plan? • The claims process is to an extent predictable, and that predictability can be harnessed through having a detailed plan. The plan is flexible and can be amended and added to throughout the life-cycle; routine actions can be effectively delegated to others freeing up the expert’s time to make the key decisions and conduct the important negotiations. It enables access to that expert when you need them.

Can it be accessed via a mobile device? • Yes –the site can be accessed via a mobiles native web browser.

Is it easy to invite a new user, for example a new expert? • It is very quick and easy to invite a new participant on a case. There is a seamless authorisation process. Once registered, outside organisations receive their own CaseVu sub-domain • Alternatively, you can invite and screen share with a non-CaseVu user.

Can I share documents or chat with some individuals on the claim and not others? • Yes. CaseVu allows you to share, either at document or folder level, with some or all of the invited participants on a case. Automated e-mail alerts are triggered to users when someone has shared a document with them,/joined the team or had a task delegated to them

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Case.Vu Brochure  
Case.Vu Brochure  

Achieving a better outcome for you, your customer and your business