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digital Artwork

for an Not always two hands are enough

entire planet... four hands feel better than two, eive more than two. rc pe & ze ali an o, tw an th re mo joy en

Anastasia Carpio (in Venezuela) & Alejandra Panza

r creative minds ei th in jo to d de ci de le - a guara in Chi and develop a new form of expressi on

ers inspire mutually gn si de th bo of es yl st e where th

and become ONE and A unique digital artwork.

Caracterized by a fresh humor and explosive

color treatment, P AQUITAS preten ds to be a new g esture in the day to day venezuelan style and in the world, where

the geographical coordinates don't matter...

unless there is a great conexion.

A result of a g raphic inspiration a mutual madness A result of a g raphic inspiration a mutual madness A result of a g raphic inspiration a mutual madness

I bet you already have an idea... you want us to develop it



Everything inpires us! we can also design anything you like!

+56 9 82667819 santiago - chile

+58 412 329 8398 Caracas - Venezuela

and we also laugh!

we decorate

We are not afraid of spiders or aracnophobia and we are not afraid of crickets

...we are not afraid of big projects

We support causes

We plant flowers...and sometines... we eat them

We have nephews

(We do not repair TV'S)

we have flavor and style!

we also have stories to tell

the truth is... we want everyone to play together with Paquitas!

We are not finish yet with Paquitas...

we still have m ore to show!

Contest Decembre 2009

II Internacional biennial sh ow of the small format (postcard)


First Edici贸n of the N ational Salon "the one & the Diverse"

per Confrontation of art and pa

University Galery Braulio Salazar Va lencia, Venezuela 21 Febrero 2010

This Sr's name is CRAZY FACE!

because he has a crazy face...


in 2009 we did not win, but he was a runner up.

Well we where...

but with his crazy face... he represented us.

Paquitas Digital Art Work  

Not always two hands are enough for an entire planet... four feel better. We freelance, we design anything you want, desire or need. Contact...

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