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Housing News News and information for all Papworth Trust tenants

Getting Involved New Opportunities for Tenants We would like more of our tenants to be involved in how the Papworth Trust’s Housing Service is run.

Summer 2008

Welcome Your Housing News is packed with articles to keep you entertained, interested and safe this summer:

Striking Gold at the Housing Oscars


Bar Hill Shared Ownership


New Letting System Home Link


Tenants Meeting – May


Heating Systems


Development Project Arbury


Household Charge


Service Charge


New Staff


Supported Housing Officers 6

To make this happen we need to find out which aspects of our work tenants are most interested in, and how you would like to become involved. During the autumn we plan to contact every Papworth Trust tenant to find out your views and ideas on how we can improve our services and the opportunities to get involved. Your opinion really does matters to us and we hope to hear back from you when we get in touch. What you tell us, will help us decide what the next steps should

be in planning how we are going to improve involvement opportunities. We will let tenants know the results of this consultation in the next issue of Housing News.

Dates for Planned Maintenance


3 Pin Energy Efficient Light Fittings


In the meantime if you have any questions or thoughts about tenant involvement we would be very pleased to hear from you by telephone on: 01480 357200, by email: or by contacting your Housing Officer direct, their details can be found inside this Newsletter.



Striking Gold at the Housing Oscars Many of you will be familiar with our Foundations for Living project in the centre of Huntingdon. Well, we are delighted that this important project, supporting disabled people to live independently, has now received national recognition by winning the prestigious Housing Corporation’s Gold Award for Building Cohesive Communities. Work began on the £7.5 million project in 2001 as a response to local need and national policy. By consulting the local community and existing clients we found that many disabled people were keen for an opportunity to live in an urban location with better access to shops, community facilities, volunteering and employment opportunities. As a result the Foundations for Living project took shape. The innovative solution includes


accessible properties to rent, private to-buy flats and the inspiring Saxongate Community Learning Centre. Adrian Bagg, Chief Executive of the Papworth Trust said: “We’re delighted to win a Gold Award and we’ll continue to champion the need for greater provision of wheelchair accessible housing, to develop good design practice and to develop innovative schemes – like Foundations for Living. The Foundations for Living project demonstrates what can be achieved and illustrates how developing inclusive communities goes beyond accessibility and includes the way services are delivered and attitudes changed.”

Bar Hill Shared Ownership Shared Ownership is a scheme which has been introduced to help people to be able to buy their own home. The scheme allows you to buy a share of the property and to pay a rent on the remaining share. The Papworth Trust was contacted in regard to this scheme being available for a group of young adults with Downs Syndrome to allow them to live independently. A suitable property was located in the village of Bar Hill in Cambridgeshire, the property has since been converted and refurbished to meet their needs. Annie and Tim moved into their new home at the end of May and are very happy.

New Letting System -

Home-Link Home-Link is the choice based lettings scheme for Cambridgeshire, which gives you more choice about where you want to live. Home-Link allows you to see all the houses that are available so that you can make a choice over which ones you would like to be considered for. Details of the Home-Link system and how to use it are at: or a User Guide is available from your Local Authority Housing Department. The properties available are advertised fortnightly on the internet or in a free magazine, copies are also available from Housing Services at the Papworth Trust. The Papworth Trust will be using the scheme to advertise some of our properties, but existing tenants and applicants with a connection to Papworth will have priority. The majority of supported housing will not be advertised through this system as it would not be appropriate to do so. Any Papworth property let through the choice based lettings system remains part of the Papworth Trust and the tenancy is with the Trust. If you would like any further information or have questions about Home-Link, please contact Housing Services on: 01480 357200.

Tenants Meeting Papworth Everard tenants were invited to a tenants meeting held on Wednesday 14 May 2008 at Upper Pendrill Court. Adrian Bagg, Chief Executive along with other Directors and staff from the Papworth Trust, as well as John Willis from Varrier Jones and Tim Bingham a Tenant Representative attended the meeting. Adrian set out the objectives for the Papworth Trust over the next few years and changes that may take place. There was a lively discussion about the transport service, Coffee Unlimited, Progression services, maintenance and the Trusts’ finances. There was also some discussion about future plans for buildings no longer used including Robert Ellis House and the Cafeteria, which John Willis explained is still under discussion with the Parish Council. Julia Clough, in her new role as Head of Empowerment, also gave a talk about helping to make sure Papworth Trust has disabled people at the heart of everything we do in the decision making process. The meeting was well attended and was a great success.


Heating Systems Last year there were reports in the press about faulty thermostats on an old type of electric immersion heater in hot water tanks. The fault caused very hot water to get into the plastic cold water tank in the roof space which then collapsed and scalded somebody. Not all water heating systems use immersion heaters, and combination boilers, sealed systems and mains fed hot water systems are not affected. Also, if you are using your gas or oil boiler for heating the hot water there should not be any cause for concern.

The following advice is to reassure tenants about the likely risks and to advise about checks to hot water systems.

Signs of a problem with your immersion heater There are a number of warning signs if the immersion is overheating: ■ Excessively hot water coming out of the hot water taps ■ Excessive noise or a ‘bubbling’ sound like a kettle boiling coming from the hot water tank ■ Hot or warm water coming out of the cold taps or toilet (some cold water storage tanks feed bathroom taps and toilet cisterns) ■ Steam or excessive moisture in the roof space

Even though serious incidents of this type are rare, Papworth has arranged for the thermostats on all hot water immersion heaters to be checked when we carry out the annual safety check or when we have advised the temporary use of the electric immersion heater e.g. when the boiler is not working.


If you see or hear any of these warning signs switch off the immersion heater immediately and contact the Maintenance Team on: 0800 169 4505 as a matter of urgency. If you have any worries about your immersion heater please feel free to call the Maintenance Team who can arrange a check if necessary.

Development Project Arbury Park, Cambridge Papworth Trust, as part of the Key Communities Partnership, will shortly take possession of 12 houses and 8 flats on Arbury Park which forms part of the Cambridge Northern Fringe development. The houses which are all fully wheelchair accessible are a mixture of sizes and also conform to accessibility standards. Our own design brief has been used to ensure that these standards have been adhered to by the house builders. We have received nominations for all of the 20 properties and we have met with the majority of our soon to be tenants, to discuss their new homes and explain the features that encourage independent living and are there to assist with their individual needs. We look forward to welcoming our new tenants in the coming months, we are sure that they will enjoy living in their new homes and community.

Household Charge This charge only applies to shared buildings where Papworth have taken responsibility for paying the overall household bills but have to then charge the tenant for the costs specific to their share relating to rooms that are for their own exclusive use i.e. household charge covers the running costs of a tenant’s bedroom. The types of item that are included in the household charge are: ■ Use of electricity in noncommunal/private rooms ■ Use of heating in noncommunal/private rooms ■ All water rates None of the items above are eligible for Housing Benefit and so tenants will be expected to meet this cost through their own income. Information on the items that are included in a service charge are sent out on a schedule each year with the rent increase letter. If you are unsure of any aspect or would like further information please contact a member of the Housing Team on: 01480 357200.

Service Charge This is an annual charge that covers the cost of maintaining communal rooms and areas. Anything that is included in the Service Charge is eligible for Housing Benefit if this benefit is being received. The overall annual cost of each item is divided amongst the number of tenants that share the rooms or areas and the weekly charge is apportioned to each tenant. The types of service that are included in the service charge are: ■ Communal electricity ■ Communal gas and heating ■ Council tax ■ Communal TV hire and Concessionary TV licence ■ Grounds/garden maintenance ■ Depreciation - of equipment or furniture provided by Papworth ■ Maintenance/service contracts in relation to central heating, fire alarm systems, gas safety checks ■ Repairs – day to day – calculated cost of making general repairs to communal areas ■ Repairs – plant and equipment – on any specialist equipment that Papworth has provided ■ Repairs – cyclical – recurring maintenance that is on a regular cycle i.e. external decorating ■ Alarm systems – call systems that are linked to a call centre for emergency cover ■ Insurance – insurance costs of the building and to cover contents in communal areas In addition to this an amount is added to cover the Trust Central Overheads in respect of

administration of the above items and a void allowance that protects against any loss of service charge due to a property being empty for a period of time impacting on the other tenants that share that service charge. Both of these items are set at a percentage of the overall cost. The list is not exhaustive and there may be some variation depending on the property or area concerned. Papworth Trust has two types of situation where a Service Charge applies, properties where a number of people share a building but have their own bedrooms and individual properties where there are shared facilities in the community. For both situations the Service Charge does not include any equipment or services that are provided in a tenant’s bedroom in the case of a shared building or within the actual property in the case of individual properties i.e. a bungalow in Papworth village.


New Staff

From Left to right: Charlotte Lonsdale Paul McCay Ruth Johnson Sheila Sneezum

This year there are been many significant changes to Papworth Trust’s Housing Service staff. In February we appointed a New Head of Housing and Built Environment Charlotte Lonsdale. Charlotte has held a number of senior housing roles in Kent and brings a wealth of experience to the Trust. In July we also appointed a New Director of Operations (Housing and the Built Environment and Personal Support) Paul McCay. Paul was previously the Director of Operations for St. Martin of Tours Housing Association. Prior to that, he was the Supported Housing Manager at Cambridge City Council. He has also worked for the London Borough of Sutton and English Churches Housing Group. Paul is a qualified social worker and has an MBA from Cranfield University.

Supported Housing Officers replace Independent Living Advisor’s Due to a re-organisation of how support is delivered to our tenants the role of the Independent Living Adviser no longer exists.

There are now 3 areas being covered by them, they are the Eastern, Western and Central parts of East Anglia. Ruth Johnson now covers the Western side which includes places like Norfolk, Suffolk, and Ipswich. Sheila Sneezum covers the Central area – Papworth Supported homes, Huntingdon and Caldecote. We are still in the process of recruiting a supported housing officer who will cover the East – Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Peterborough, during the interim period please contact housing and the team will be happy to help you. As for all the general housing, Hazel Abram covers this and it is only in the Papworth village. All the housing officers share the responsibility for properties in Cambridgeshire but covering their side.

It has been replaced with the role of Supported Housing Officer who will help you with any queries relating to your tenancy. The Independent Living Advisor’s have changed their job title’s to Supported Housing Officer.

Hazel Abram


2008/2009 Dates for Planned Maintenance New Gas Service & Gas Central Heating: ■ Linlithgow Close Gas Service due start (September 08) Gas Central Heating due start (October 08)

Loft/Cavity Wall Insulation - Decent Homes: ■ Daintry Close (No Cavity Insulation) ■ Elm Way (No Cavity Insulation) ■ Bradbury Court (No Cavity Insulation) ■ Linlithgow Close (No Cavity Insulation) ■ Madryll Court (No Cavity Insulation) ■ Southbrook Field (No Cavity Insulation) ■ The Close, Westfields (Only 2 & 4 Cavity) Some outreach properties (outside Papworth Everard to be surveyed)

Replacement Doors & Windows: ■ 1-11 (odds) Ridgeway ■ 2 - 23 Barons Way (Doors Only) ■ 1-15 Brookfield Road (Doors Only) ■ Elm Way (Doors Only) ■ Linlithgow Close (Doors Only) Start due October 08

Replacement Fascias, Soffits & Rainwater Goods: ■ Brookfield Road ■ Ermine Street South Dates TBA Note for Tenants: Due to overhead electric mains supply the above work may not be carried out this financial year, however EDF have been informed of our requirements to remove the supplies and re-route them where necessary.

Replacement Kitchens & Bathrooms: ■ 14 Blackhall Road (July 08) ■ 5 Athlone Close (July 08) ■ 43 Ridgeway (September 08) Others to be surveyed

New Drives & Footpaths: ■ 43 Ridgeway (September 08) ■ 10 Aylesford Way (September 08) ■ 1 Ermine Street South (July 08) Others to be surveyed

Electrical Wiring Tests & Remedial Work: ■ Ermine Street South ■ Madryll Court ■ Elm Way Remedial Work identified from last years Tests – October 08 (Some testing pending) ■ Church Lane, ■ Linlithgow Close, ■ Ridgeway (October 08)

External Decorations: ■ Ermine Street North (June 08 – September 08) ■ Church Lane (July 08 – August 08) ■ 15 Burgess Road, Waterbeach (August 08) ■ The Retreat, Waterbeach (September 08) ■ 23 & 25 Dolphins Way, Gamlingay (October 08) ■ 4 Flambards Close, Meldreth (October 08) ■ 87a & 89a Granville Street Peterborough (November 08) ■ 21 Snoots Road, Whittlesey (March 09) ■ 1 & 2 Childwick Way, Letchworth (March 09)

Brick & Chimney Re-pointing: ■ Brookfield Road (On hold due to further survey required) ■ Barons Way (July 08 – September 08) ■ The Close (October 08)

Asbestos Surveys: ■ All outreach properties ■ If not all then a percentage of all Papworth properties ■ Date due start September 08

New Roofs: ■ Sites to be surveyed

General Note: For any external work the dates are only indicative as inclement weather or maintenance emergency works will naturally delay the works.


Reporting a Repair If you need to report a repair please contact us in writing, or in person at the Bernard Sunley Centre or telephone on the

freephone telephone number: 0800 169 4505 during office hours. Details of the repair will be logged and you will be contacted to advise what priority has been allocated and when the repair will be carried out. If no-one is available to take the call then please leave a telephone message on the answering machine giving full details of the repair, your name and contact telephone number.

Returning Electric Convector Heaters If you were delivered an Anglia Maintenance Services heater could you please contact the team on the above freephone number as soon as possible as they are required for emergency heating breakdowns only. These would have been delivered by the AMS operatives and should have AMS written on them.

Contact us Housing Team T: 01480 357200 E:

3 Pin Energy Efficient Light Fittings We are aware that many of our tenants have had problems with the 3 pin light fittings, which were introduced as part of the Governments drive to reduce energy consumption and should last much longer than a normal light bulb. Regulations were amended that required all new builds to meet a certain energy efficiency rating by 2010. As an Registered Social Landlord it is mandatory for us to comply with these regulations and part of this requirement is to have a certain percentage of light fittings that are energy efficient standard. Papworth Trust does have a small supply of these light bulbs and we are currently compiling a list of where these can be purchased and we will keep you updated.

Monday to Thursday: 9:00am to 5:00pm Fridays: 9:00am to 4:00pm

Rent Office T: 01480 357294 Bernard Sunley Centre, Papworth Everard The office is open Monday to Friday: 9:00 to 1:00pm plus 4:00pm to 6:00pm on Tuesdays

Maintenance FREE help line T: 0800 169 4505

Your representative Bruce Wall T: 01480 437554 E:

Papworth Trust Bernard Sunley Centre, Papworth Everard, Cambridge CB23 3RG T: 01480 357200 F: 01480 357201 E: Helpdesk: 0800 952 5000 Charity 211234 Registered Social Landlord LH1648

The information in this document is available in other formats on request. Printed on recycled paper

Housing Newsletter Summer 2007  

Housing newsletter for tenants of Papworth trust Housing

Housing Newsletter Summer 2007  

Housing newsletter for tenants of Papworth trust Housing