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D Reference Sires C MHPH 10Y Chizel ET 1021C

Haroldson’s Totem 200Z 5D

Big, stout, complete, fault free type of herd sire with loads of muscle expression, while keeping a smooth flowing look to him. He is one of the deepest, biggest ribbed bulls we have ever seen. What sets Chizel apart from most is his dam Dainty 205Y. She was the 2013 World Champion Hereford Female, 2013 Canadian National Champion Female and 2013 Agribition Grand Champion Female. Chizel was the 2017 National Reserve Senior Champion Bull at the Royal Winter Fair.

The $70,000 bull and Royal Agricultural Winter Fair Reserve Grand Champion Bull. Totem is big bodied with that extra spring of rib and capacity. His sire Red Bull is out of one of the top donors at Churchill in Montana.

Haroldson’s Totem 200Z 5D

MHPH 3134 Evolution 117E MHPH 10Y Chizel ET 1021C

Massively constructed with the herd bull look. Lots of muscle while being graceful in motion. His grandmother is none other than Nita 1112R.

BAR-J-M Grand Slam 1Y A bull that you will see in a lot of our pedigrees. His females are heavy milking, well uddered, functional cows that get the job done. Grand Slam is sired by the Agribition Grand Champion and legend BNMHPH 13P Heat 101S. He himself is a former Royal Agricultural Fair Reserve Grand Champion Bull. MHPH 3134 Evolution 117E

BAR-J-M Empire 6E

BAR-J-M Grand Slam 1Y

Bar JM Empire is a bull we think very highly of. He is sired by the Denver Supreme Champion NJW 73S M326 Trust 100W ET and goes back to our iconic Tulip 7T cow family. His dam is a cow that I have in production at my farm and she is a bull maker. Empire was camera shy but I can assure you he is an exceptional breeding piece. He his big hipped, tons of guts and smooth through his front end. His first group of calves are something impressive and the highlight of them being their low BW.

BAR-J-M Retirement Sale • June 15, 2019 • Listowel, ON


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BAR-J-M Retirement Sale  

Saturday, June 15, 2019 • 12:00 Noon 5531 Perth County Line 86, Listowel, ON

BAR-J-M Retirement Sale  

Saturday, June 15, 2019 • 12:00 Noon 5531 Perth County Line 86, Listowel, ON