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If your family loves to camp, you definitely need great kids sleeping bags to keep the little ones warm. Kids sleeping bags come in all shapes, sizes, and ratings, and you need to know this information to camp comfortably and safely. So I looked online at to find the best kids sleeping bags. There are plenty of them out there to choose from, but these are the ones that had the most reviews and the highest ratings. Check them out. This Eureka Grasshopper Kids Sleeping Bag is very popular and extremely well priced. It is great for camping - especially in cold weather. It has a polyester taffeta shell and a polyester quilt-like interior lining. The bottom part of this product is angled in to match the natural left position while sleeping. This helps hold in the warmth and make for a very comfortable night. This Eureka Grasshopper bag is rated down to 30 degrees Fahrenheit. This particular bag has an inner stash pocket for storing items, and it comes with a stuff sack for easy carrying. It is very light weighing less than 3 pounds. Now when you buy a sleeping bag that is rated for cold weather, you expect it to keep your kids very warm. The customer reviews on talk about how warm this bag kept their kids even if the outside temperature was in the lower 30s. Another option for great kids sleeping bags is the Coleman Kids Explorer. This sleeping bag is great for kids up to around 5 feet tall. It is rated for 25 degrees Fahrenheit. The double layer of insulation and the hollow-core fibers allow this bag to capture pockets of air to provide a barrier between the sleeper and the air outside. I especially like this product because it has a sculpted hood that kind of wraps around the head. Since humans lose much of their body heat through the head, it is absolutely imperative that your head stay covered. This sculpted hood does the trick! The zipper that runs down the side allows for ventilation, and it has the ZipPlow to keep the fabric from getting stuck. This is absolutely fantastic for kids. Now if you are looking for kids sleeping bags for warmer climates, this Coleman Fairmont Sleeping Bag is what you need. This product gets absolutely great reviews online because it I simple and cost effective. If you want a bag that you can use for summer camping or while your kids are sleeping over with friends, this is a great match. It is light. It is easy to wash. And it is very durable. This is also one that kids can use even into their teenage years because it accommodates large frames. It is rated down to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, so it works perfect during the summer months. The Quick Cord storage system keeps

you from rolling and tying the bag. I still remember doing that when I was kid. Not a whole lot of fun. This product also comes with a limited 5-year warranty.

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==== ==== For more great information on Coleman kids sleeping bags go to: ==== ====

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