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If we say that you can learn violin easily, then we will be misleading you to a certain extent. Learning violin, for many, if they like to over think and not act will not be an easy task. It is definitely not one of the easiest, lightest or most entertaining hobbies that you could practice; but it is definitely one of the most fulfilling leisure activities that you could take up so long as you have the violin in your hands and play it. Of course, some people are just more gifted than others, so they learn violin faster and more easily than others. And then there are those who, while they are learning violin also learn patience and perseverance. To say that you could learn violin within a short time lapse with our practicing would be an even bigger lie. Playing and practicing the violin teaches you patience and concentration. Lessons are broken down into several steps and levels, and the learner is expected to have successfully completed one level and mastered all the lessons within, before she or he could move to the next level. This is the very first thing you should know if you are wondering how to learn violin fast. In fact, once you start leaning violin, you will never stop doing so. Indeed, there is no such thing as the final level of learning or a final step towards obtaining a certificate in playing the violin. The process of learning violin is never complete. You will always find room for improvement and update. But obviously, like all formal learning structures and processes, if you opt for learning violin in a formal context - that is enrolling for an accredited course at a recognized school - you will be required to go through different levels of learning and sit for examinations upon completion of every level, until completion of the course. However, informal learning begins from there. This in fact leads to another important aspect that you should be aware of if you are wondering how to learn violin. Whereas playing some musical instruments can be self-taught, trying to learn violin on your own may lead to frustration and disappointment. As mentioned earlier, you can never stop learning violin; but the initiation needs to be done by a professional tutor. You could opt for private tuition or tuition in an informal environment if you do not wish to enroll for a course in violin playing in a formal, educational environment, especially if you require a certain degree of flexibility in learning due to a tight schedule. But initially you will hardly be able to do without a teacher either online or off. A multitude of resources such as printed material and software (books, audio lessons, interactive CDs, videos, online learning courses) are also available to help a person learn violin, but these can only serve as supporting material for your playing on your own. Finding an answer to the question of 'how to learn violin' cannot be complete unless and until you also find out where to learn violin. Options are many: music schools, general educational institutions offering courses in violin, conservatories, private tuition... which one of these suits you best basically depends on your lifestyle, your budget, as well as your ambitions and expectations with regard to learning violin.

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