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When Tony Horton's P90X fitness program first came out in the market, the general question in everyone's mind was "Does P90X work?" Since its release, many users have posted their own reviews and comments on the P90X, and how well it's worked for them. The P90X, What It Is and What It's Not Before answering the question "does P90X work," people seeking to use the product should first understand what the P90X really is. The P90X is an upgrade to the Power 90 workout also developed by Horton. The name of the P90X actually means Power 90 [e]Xtreme. The 90 comes from the number of days that users have to do the program before achieving that sculpted body that everyone is dying to have. The P90X does not use weights (although it is recommended for those who are trying to build up their muscles). The workout is designed so that users only need a couple of bands, and their own body weight to successfully achieve their desired body. Now, here's what users really want to hear: "does P90X really work?" Yes, the P90X does work. But, (and this is a huge but) the workout is not for everyone. Why Does the P90X Work? To answer to the does P90X work question; it's bets to start with how it works. The P90X works because the workouts are designed to maintain what experts call "muscle confusion". Muscle confusion is a term used to refer to the introduction of new moves and exercises to a person's body so that it does not get too used to any exercise. This is extremely important because when muscles of the body are constantly exposed to the same form of exercise, their body reaches their plateau. To reach the plateau means that the body stops responding to exercise and that it stops improving. In this workout, muscle confusion is ensured because it provides more than 130 exercises, which means that for the duration of the 90 days, users can choose which exercises to perform without having to repeat a single one. All of these exercises are incorporated in the 12 DVD workouts that come packaged in the P90X. Another factor that makes the program work is the 90 day Nutrition Plan. This nutrition plan is specifically designed to work hand-in-hand with the 90 day workout program, even going as far as suggesting the best meals that users should have for each day. The nutrition plan is subdivided into 3 phases. The first phase is the Fat Shredder phase which is

a high-protein-based diet. This diet is designed to strengthen the user's muscles while stripping off excess fat. The second phase is the Energy Booster phase which is a specialized mix of both carbohydrates and proteins. This diet is designed to enhance performance by providing maximum energy. The third and last phase is the Endurance Maximizer phase. This diet has lean protein and low fat, but focuses more on carbohydrates. This also provides energy to fuel the body as it undergoes the last stages of the workout. If the P90X Does Work, Why Is It Not For Everyone? So it the answer to the does P90x work question is now established. It's being 'extreme' is not an overstatement. The P90X assumes that the person using it is already fit and that he just wants to take it to the next level. The workout was designed to be intense and hard. That's why it's called Power 90 Extreme. Now, there are many things to consider about workouts as difficult as these. First, they should look at their body types. Those with normal body types may take a crack at it, but those with larger body types should start with a milder workout program such as the Power 90. Otherwise, the workout will shock the user's system and that will cause more problems altogether. Another thing to consider here is that the P90X workout is time consuming. Each workout takes about 1 hour to 1 hour and a half just to complete one session. It should also be done 6-7 days a week. For people with busy schedules, this just might not work. This workout really takes commitment for it to work and not being able to put in the hours will just be a waste of energy, time, and money. Making the Decision In making a decision and thinking along the lines of "does P90X work", it just boils down to one thing: commitment. If a person is willing to commit to the program, then it will surely make wonders for him. The program is really intense and that alone can make a person quit. But if a person puts his mind into it, then the P90X can work wonders for the body.

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==== ==== Find Out More About P90X Workout here: ==== ====

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