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As the parent of my first child, I felt there was nothing more mortifying than being in public and dealing with terrible twos tantrums. You feel as if you are on a stage performing for smirking bystanders. Look a little closer and you will actually see some sympathetic smiles heading your way. If you go on to having a second child, you are a little more equipped to handle terrible twos tantrums and the gawking audience it seems to draw. Just try to keep in mind that it is the child having the tantrum so keep yourself in check! Many of the people who are glaring at you either don't have children or flat out don't like children. Think back to a time when you did not have kids. I'm sure you passed children having terrible twos tantrums several times during the course of the week. You might have looked on in interest at the carrying on, but it was probably in your mind and out in a matter of moments. Remember that when everybody is staring at you. If you are in public, your best bet might be returning to the car until your child is composed. Honestly, I took my child on errands as little as possible when they were going through that terrible twos tantrum stage, we don't always have the luxury of leaving them at home with a sitter though. Try not to take your child anywhere without a bag of supplies readily available. It's always good to have healthy snacks, drinks, a couple of beloved toys, a change of clothing, and sleepy time Cd at your disposal. Try to avoid taking your child anywhere during nap time. Make sure you don't let them miss any meals. Keep in mind when your child is having those terrible twos tantrums that they are not intentionally out to get you. At that age, they hardly know what they are doing. Why do supermarkets always keep put the candy section at toddler's eye level anyways? Yep, they know us mortified parents will give in rather than face a temper tantrum! Take a deep breath or two, count to 10 or 100, practice visual imagery. You know, you on a yacht out on the South Seas. Say a little prayer for strength. Don't beg or plead, don't bargain, don't bribe, and don't give in. It's better to see your child having their terrible twos tantrums in the middle of the supermarket than to raise a child who learns to get their own way by manipulation. Try to laugh, not cry at the situation. Dig deep for your sense of humor. Your audience won't be able to resist endearing themselves to you when they see you calm, composed, and smiling at your screaming child. Your child's tantrums may just earn you the equivalent of an academy award!

If you have a child who often has terrible spats out in public, I know how you feel. I have felt the same emotions of struggling to deal with it all and the embarrassment it can cause. However, I found fantastic advice that completely changed the way I was terrible twos tantrums and I have never looked back. Go to to find out what I am on about.

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==== ==== Click here to learn the Terrible Twos prevention tips: ==== ====

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