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Sleeping bags have really changed from when I was a boy. When we went into the mountains to herd sheep, at first, we had a teepee with quilts in it. Then we were able to get a sleeping bag with an air mattress. That was great, however, compared to what we have now, it was terrible. I got out my sleeping bag after many years to look at it. The filling didn't stay even, there were places where there was no filling at all. Now you can have innovative sleeping bags with a light weight option for all types of weather warm or cold. Sleeping bags have great insulation and can be as light as 2 or 3 pounds. They have very durable fabric, wool, polyester taffeta and nylon diamond ripstop an more. They are formative and practical and are ideal for faster packers, canoeists, kayakers and back packers or just camping out. Weekend warriors will be pleased with innovative designs, high-tech insulation, and many creature comfort features. Many rectangular sleeping bags can be zipped together to make a double size sleeping bag. There are many applications including having one in the car just in case you are stuck and no one is around. It can save your life on places like Bonner Pass and other high, snowy places. It is a great value when you consider it may save your life. Please take a look at the different brands, styles like mummy bags, rectangular bags, family bags and Kids Sleeping Bags (these are not typical "slumber party sleeping bags) Take the kids sleeping bags scouting, backpacking and on warm or cold weather adventures. There are also oversized sleeping bags for woodsmen. They have durability and performance built into the cotton duct outer shells and heavy-duty zippers.

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==== ==== Get more information on Kelty Sleeping Bags here: ==== ====

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