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Worry can become like an addiction. I bet you worry about something every single day, perhaps every single hour. Perhaps you worry about money, your work, your relationships or your health. Perhaps you have become so accustomed to worrying every day that you cannot imagine NOT worrying. You know you should stop worrying but don't know how. Worrying is nothing other than a complete waste of time - there is no doubt about it. Worrying is never ever useful. It creates a jumble of negative thoughts in your mind, which go on to become negative feelings. Before too long, you feel anxious, miserable and possibly depressed. Surely you want to stop worrying right now and focus on something else instead, free up your mind and energy to start improving your life instead of worrying all the time about it? Worry prevents you from living in the here and now because you are obsessing about the future - usually about something over which you have no control. Our world is populated by people who are wasting time worrying over this or that, making themselves thoroughly miserable and living in negativity. Worry is certainly a common occurrence in our society today and the stress caused by worry has been shown to cause many health problems and had also been proven to shorten a person's life span. Imagine that - you can literally worry yourself to an earlier death! Once you realise that worry is a huge waste of time, that's a step in the right direction. You need to also appreciate that worrying is completely different to planning for the future. No amount of worrying will change anything, whereas making plans, taking action, can bring about change. Worry only serves to keep you immobilized. Without worry you will have a lot more time to make plans and carry them out, set and fulfill goals. Consider your past for a moment. I am sure you worried about a lot of things. Did any of your worry moments make any difference at all? How much time did you spend agonizing over problems that never happened? When you stop worrying you are free to enjoy the precious moments you have now, not squander them on negativity. Remember, a lot of what you worry about you have no control over whatsoever. You can worry as much as you want about climate change, the recession, possible disease or terrorism but you won't bring about any change. As an individual you have very limited control over these issues. And you have to realise that much of what you worry about either never happens or is not as bad as you anticipated. Here are some strategies you can follow to stop worrying right now: * Start living in the present. Stop focusing on the future and trying to predict events - especially if you only ever see the worst case scenarios. When you catch yourself worrying, immediately start

doing something productive - go for a swim, meet a friend, do something as action is the best antidote to worry. * Realise how silly it is to worry! Understand that if you stop worrying, you become a far more sensible and productive person. * If at first you find it really tough to limit your worrying, give yourself "worry moments". Set aside a maximum of five minutes a day to blast out all the worries you have, then stop and do something else. * Ask yourself "What is the worst thing that can happen to me if.......happens? * Behave in a way that deliberately contradicts your worry. For instance, if you are concerned about saving money, worried that you will be penniless in the future, begin spending your money today. Spend it on something you want rather than need. Obviously we aren't talking about excessive spending and getting into debt! * Make a list of the past and present worries you can remember. Did any of them materialize? Probably not many, if any. When you see this for yourself you will realise how vital it is to stop wasting time worrying and truly start living in the present moment.

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==== ==== Click here to discover how to Stop Worrying Now: ==== ====

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