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Niche internet marketing is about solving a problem, or filling a need. It sounds very simple, and the actual promotion methods of the niche will be the same as any others. The big hurdle is finding a truly profitable idea. So how do you find one? Well, the first thing you have to do is get into the mindset of other people, and think about what problems people would go to the web to find a solution for, or what information do they go to the web for, but really find a lack of quality information or solutions. Make sure you don't get caught up in thinking that everyone thinks the way you do, and everyone knows what you know. Intelligent people do that all the time, they just assume that everyone is as smart as they are, common sense wise anyway, and it is just not the case. To prove it to you, ever stay up late and see those infomercials about buying real estate with no money down, no credit, no assets, and making a million dollars a second overnight? Of course, intelligent people have enough common sense to know that if this method really worked, this guy would be out doing it himself instead of selling it to everyone else for twenty bucks, right? Right. What's the point? The point is, these infomercials rake in the cash, if they didn't then it wouldn't be on TV every night. There are a lot of people in the world that act on pure emotion, without thinking. They buy on impulse. They have a problem, or a need, and this guy is providing the solution, providing the fill. Niche marketing solves problems and fills needs as well. The first thing you can do to start looking for a niche to promote, is to bring up Google and search for terms in quotes and add the "+forum" on the end, so Google spiders mainly forum websites for your term. For example, one search you can do is "I can't find any info on" +forum and you will get results of people talking in forums who have that exact phrase in their posts. This is a good way to explore solutions for new problems. Another good one would be "Anyone know where I can find a" +forum, which would get you results of people making posts such as "Anyone know where I can find a book about well digging?" Then, you could do some research and see how much info is out there on the web about well digging, and see if creating a website about it would be a good idea. Another good way to get some niche ideas is to watch the search trends for the major search engines, like Google and Ask, as well as the Yahoo Buzz Index, to see what people are searching for the most lately. Most of these sites have a history section where you can query the search history for at least the last couple months. From the search terms you can elaborate on variations of them for ideas. For example, if people have been searching a lot for "baseball hats", then maybe you could use the Google Keyword Tool to get more variations on the term "baseball hats," maybe terms like "Yankee Baseball Hats," or "Wool Baseball Hats" and so on. It might take you a while but if you keep at it, you are bound to come up with a good idea for your next niche internet marketing site.

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==== ==== For more great information on making money online using niche marketing strategies go to: ==== ====

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