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I have heard this many times. What is P90x? Knowing the benefits of the P90x program may open your eyes a little. There's commercials, buzz, and stories about it, but few things actually tell you, flat out, what P90x is and what it can do for you. I find that when someone talks to me about it, I have a hard time putting it into a brief summary. Collaborating directly with the network marketing opportunity Team BeachBody, P90x is, in my own definition, an intense, results-driven, and complete home workout system that is fully customizable to anyone's fitness desires and goals. It is a 90-day boot camp that you will love to hate. It is also a golden-egg marketing product associated with Team BeachBody that will require little sales effort on your part. You can't help but love the program when you begin watching your body change from week to week. - For Men or Women: Whether you're looking to tone or build muscle, this program isn't biased. - Fully Customizable: Follow the Classic program for an entire body transformation. Or follow a more cardio-focused schedule, for extreme weight loss or athletic performance. - Nutrition: Eating right is 50% of fitness. P90x comes with a complete nutrition guide with groups, suggestions, recipes, and over 100 pages of expertise that caters to your physical schedule. - Personal: Do it with a friend, a group of people, or by yourself in your room. It's up to you. - Reusable: Buy the program once, and you have it forever. It doesn't have to stop at 90 days. The workouts will not go out of style and can be altered when you are more physically developed. You don't ever have to go to a gym again, yet you'll have better results than the people that do. - Professional: Guided by fitness guru Tony Horton, you won't notice that you're tired until you're done. Coaching you through things that you would normally never do, Tony adds humor, support, and tough love. What makes P90x possible for millions of people is its practicality. You can do every workout in a small room if that's all you have. No equipment is mandatory, and the equipment that is recommended can be substituted with common household items if desirable. P90x is the only program of its kind that generates huge results with very little investment. The Workouts People ask what P90x involves. It's typically more than you'd think a workout program would be structured with, and is extremely unique. Knowing the benefits of the P90x program begins with knowing what the workouts are. The 12 intense workouts are listed below.

- Chest and Back - Plyometrics (Muscle strength and performance, jumping, landing, explosiveness, etc) - Cardio - Shoulders and Arms - Yoga - Legs and Back - American Kenpo (Martial Arts) - Stretching - Core Synergistics (Builds multiple muscles groups to support your core) - Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps - Ab Ripper - Back and Biceps You typically do one of these intense workouts a day, but it can depend on what structure you choose. It's all up to you and what your goals are. During the P90x workouts, you are able to set the pace. You can do less reps, add more weight, use different techniques (different difficulties), and take breaks when you choose. That's the functionality of the P90x personal workout program. What do you get with P90x? People often don't know what is involved with P90x. Knowing the benefits of the P90x program involves everything that they include in the package. The workouts that you will follow religiously are on DVD format, with each workout having its own DVD. The entire list of items is below. - 1 Instructional DVD: This gets you focused and prepared to take on your 90 day challenge. - 12 Workout DVDs: These are your coach for the next three months. - Quickstart Guide: Tells you anything and everything you need to know about the program before you begin. - Fitness Guide: Answering every question you may have about P90x, this guide fills you in on the entire process. Measure your body for the "before" statistics, and prep yourself for the extreme results. Every workout on every DVD is also listed in the book, for quick reference or a custom program is desired. - Nutritional Guide: Contains food groups, core essentials, suggestions, recipes, and over 100

pages of expertise that caters to your physical schedule. Keep records, personalize, and learn from this full colored and well structured book. - Fitness Calendar: Keep track of your workouts, diet, and fitness plans with the customizable calendar. - Bonus DVDs: Only through Team Beachbody are you sent, completely free of charge, two extra workout DVDs to add a fresh and more challenging routine to your schedule. What does it cost? No review would be complete if the cost wasn't mentioned. You get the entire P90x kit for $119.85, or $89.89 if you become a member of Team Beachbody, the fitness company that sponsors P90x. Extra summer cash would not be wasted on this program, and you will have it for life. That's the lasting impression P90x can have. P90x Get in your desired shape for school with P90x. Stay inside during the winter and exercise with P90x. Cancel your gym membership with P90x. Do P90x for yourself, and make it a personal journey to develop yourself and release all of your potential, not just a fraction. Knowing the benefits of the P90x program, you can now decide for yourself what it's worth to you. Create what you've wanted, but never attained. You are provided with everything that you need to succeed with P90x.

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==== ==== Find Out More About P90X Workout here: ==== ====

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