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I'm not an arctic mountain climber or anything like that, but I do like to go on extended canoe and camping trips with my wife. We both use the Kelty Chinook sleeping bag (20 degree model) because it's easy to pack, keeps the water out (even when we hit a little whitewater now and again) and keeps us both warm in our tent from spring to fall. The decision was left up to me, and considering myself a frugal man I was after the most bang for my buck. The Chinook has proven to be the perfect sleeping bag because it isn't too hot for mid-summer canoe trips but also keeps us nice and toasty into the early fall season. That would be enough for me, but my wife is after comfort on top of warmth. The Qualofill stuffing and taffeta lining do the trick for her, so we both get a restful slumber (thankfully!). On our first trip with our new sleeping bags, I was happy to find that our Chinooks packed up quick and easy, and took very little room in our storage boxes. Our old sleeping bags were cheap department store models, took up a lot of room and forced us to pack extra blankets just to stay warm - even in summer. Not the Chinooks! Temperature-wise, the warmest night we've slept in these bags has been around 70 degrees, and we both slept soundly (though I did unzip the bag to let a little air in - she was happy though!). On one memorable trip to southern Ohio last fall it got down to around 25, and we both stayed cozy through the night. I don't think I'd recommend this bag to serious cold-weather aficionados, but for average campers like us the Kelty Chinook has served us very well - and it's affordable. Highly recommended!

Justin Biggs loves to camp. For more information on the Kelty Chinook, visit Sleeping Bag Reviews

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==== ==== Get more information on Kelty Sleeping Bags here: ==== ====

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