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I have a little girl that turned two this past August and all I have to say is God Bless the Internet! Learning how to control my terrible two year old became a small obsession for my wife and me. I came to understand that once a toddler learns what the words "NO" and "WANT," the tantrums will soon follow. Before I had a child of my own I was one of those onlookers that just wanted the parent to shut the brat up when a public tantrum occurred. I figured with the ultimate vastness of the web there had to be some answers to my questions regarding controlling the terrible twos'. Fortunately there's a vast amount of good info on the web and I'll share a couple of things that we learned and tell you who had some of the best information available on this subject. Remember their are a million different things that can spark a tantrum with a toddler and no two are alike. Here are a couple of things that we did that seemed to make a significant difference in controlling my terrible two year old's tantrums.

 Give your toddler the opportunity to make simple decisions for everyday activities. This is especially useful when your faced with making your child do an activity that they may not like. Instead of making my daughter go straight to bed we would grab two different pairs of pajamas and ask her which pair she would like to put on for bedtime. Some toddlers don't like bath time and you can offer them different bath toys to choose from. Giving my daughter this small bit of independence with ordinary choices really seemed to make a difference for us. Allow a transition time before you change activities with your toddler. If your at the park and your toddler is having a good time inform them that it will be time to leave in ten minutes. This will allow your child deal with the upcoming change without being caught off guard. I found a post online that took this idea even further and it was an excellent idea. Purchase a kitchen timer or some kind of cheap alarm clock and after informing your toddler of the cut off time set the timer to go off. When it rings that means it's time to go. That was a big help for us!

Understanding how to control my terrible two year old was important to my wife and I and if you apply the principles above they should make a difference with your toddler as well. If I could offer one last tip it would be to always be consistent with toddler. Don't let the TV or other distractions prevent you from being the best parent you can be. I searched the web long and hard in researching how to handle terrible twos' and the following website had some of the best information on this subject. The following website has a free audio lesson dealing with terrible twos' and some great blog post on this subject. After clicking this link scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the parenting blog tab to get your free audio lesson.

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==== ==== Click here to learn the Terrible Twos prevention tips: ==== ====

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