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Iguanas are one of the most wonderful pets any individual can have. The only thing that may hinder an individual from purchasing or adopting an iguana is the amount of care that must be put into the iguana. Since iguanas are widely available and extremely affordable, people tend to think that they are more than qualified to become an iguana's parent. It is not that simple. There is a lot of research and learning that must go into the subject of iguana care, before an individual can decide to own a pet iguana. Light and Heat Iguanas love to bask in the sun. It's inevitable. If you don't provide regular direct sunlight for your iguana, you should at least use UV lights for them. This way, iguanas can get the vitamin D they need for processing calcium and they'll be able to enjoy basking. Iguanas also need extra heat from an outside source. They are natural cold-blooded creatures so if they do not have access to the right amount of heat, their digestion can be negatively affected. Make sure the temperature around them during the day is 85 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit and during the evening time, around 75 degrees. Food, Water and Nutrition Like any other animal, iguanas must eat. In order for them to live a long and healthy live, you can't just feed them anything. Since they are vegetarians, it is advisable that you feed them dark green leafy vegetables. Some examples of greens include spinach, dandelion greens and turnip greens. Go ahead and put those greens in a food processor so that the iguana can eat everything all at once. For drinking purposes, water is perfect. Housing and Bedding Iguanas should have a small home for itself, like a large cage or tent. Since iguanas can grow to be fairly large, five to six feet, you should make sure your housing unit is large enough to accommodate for the space needed. Make sure you keep it clean and neat. Place items in the cage like tree branches for climbing and basking. In order to line the cage, you can use paper towels or newspaper. You've got the change the bedding daily. Clean Pet and Treatment You've got to give your iguana a 'bath' and allow him to play in the water from time to time. The water can help your pet's skin become moist and clean all of the bacterial from his scales and nails. You could either just feel up your bathtub with room temperature water or place a little

bathing pan in the cage. Take care of your iguana by getting it regularly checked for any sicknesses in a vet's office. Once a year is enough for checkups. There are plenty of signs that could also allow you to know that your iguana might be sick. For example, if your iguana seems limp and lethargic, it might have a metabolic bone disease. Sometimes iguanas can be anorexic, have toe disease or catch stomatitis. Whatever the sickness may be, it is very important that you are aware of the symptoms and that your iguana receives immediate care. Knowing the details of iguana care will help your pet live to its full life potential.

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==== ==== Get more information on Iguana Care here: ==== ====

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