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Does P90X work? Over the years there have been a lot of home workout systems available. You will have probably seen quite a few advertised on TV shopping channels, along with a whole host of various exercise devices. In fact, I've lost sight of just how many contraptions I've seen over the years. However, one of most talked about workout systems has to be P90X by BeachBody. The program's creator Tony Horton suggests that P90X can make you super fit in just three months. So, like me, I expect many of you who've heard about this product, have asked the question, does P90X work? What is P90X? P90X is a home workout system that comes in the form of 12 DVDs packed with step-by-step exercise instructions and 2 books, one of them being a nutrition and dietary supplement plan. It also comes with an introductory DVD called "How to bring it". The reason it is called P90X (commonly misspelled as PX90) is because this is an acronym for "Power 90 Extreme", the extreme version of BeachBody's earlier and more manageable workout system "Power 90". The system is divided into twelve workouts, each one is viewable on a single instructional DVD. They are as follows: 01 Chest and Back 02 Plyometrics 03 Shoulders and Arms 04 Yoga X 05 Legs and Back 06 Kenpo X 07 X Stretch 08 Core Synergistics 09 Chest, Shoulders and Triceps 10 Back and Biceps

11 Cardio X 12 Ab Ripper X Does P90X work for skinny users? I expect that if you're thin, you might be wondering "Does P90X work for people like me?", because you might be concerned that a workout system that isn't entirely focused on weight gain, will not enable you to build solid muscle mass.. P90X is not a workout program specifically designed for those wishing to just build bulk. If this is what you want then it is better to focus on a beginner's bodybuilding program, and make use of a gym with heavy weights. However, although not a bodybuilding program, P90X does enable very slim users to build some good muscle mass. P90X is a workout program that comes under the category known as Cross Training. These workout programs combine aerobic exercise, that is associated with the improvement of one's physical fitness and burning body fat, with anaerobic exercise, associated with muscle building. The advantage of a cross training system like P90X is that you will be able to build toned, visible muscle, and have a very low body fat percentage as well. P90X has been proven to be an excellent system for middle-aged users, So, does P90X work for gaining weight? Yes, but only in the form of lean muscle. Does P90X work for overweight users? P90X is ideally suited for overweight users who suffer from high levels of body fat and who are generally out of shape. The most impressive before and after photos of P90X testimonials, are of overweight users. Also, P90X has proven to be very effective at transforming the bodies of women who have experienced pregnancy, who have found it difficult to lose weight and tone their stomach muscles. However, whatever your age, body type or fitness level, there is a fitness test that is designed to determine whether or not you will be able to perform the P90X exercises. If you fail the basic fitness test, then all is not lost because you should focus your attention on a more basic program called "Power 90". Nutrition Guide and Guarantee P90X isn't just a workout guide. It also has a very comprehensive nutrition plan that you are expected to follow as you follow the program. In fact, providing you buy from the correct source, there is a 30 day guarantee with P90X. This means that if you're not happy with the product, you can return it within 30 days of purchase and receive a full refund, no questions asked. Also, even if you choose to return it, you are actually allowed to keep both the Nutrition Guide and the Ab Ripper X DVD, just for trying the program.

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==== ==== Find Out More About P90X Workout here: ==== ====

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