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Here we are having a look at a diet pill called Capsiplex. Capsiplex is made from 100% natural ingrediants and uses extract from Capsicums or peppers to burn more calories and thus greatly assisting in weight loss. It also has many other health promoting benefits as you can see below. Product Information Product Name - Capspliex Pro-Slimming Supplement and Capsiplex Appetite Suppresor Price - 29.99 for 1 months supply of slimming supplement, 19.99 for 1 months supply of Appetite Suppressor - there is a 60 day money back guarantee for every purchase. Main Benefits of Capsiplex 1. It is so effective in burning extra calories, you don't need to do anything and it will burn 278 more calories per day. This is equivalent to a 6oz Sirloin steak! 2. It has a good supply of antioxidants that we are all hearing so much about recently. Antioxidants keep us healthy by matching up in our bodies with any potentially damaging free radicals, or unpaired molecules that will become oxidized and damage our cells and tissue. 3. Another major benefit of this product is that it will increase your energy levels to enable you to exercise more leading to even more weight loss. 4. It will help keep your heart healthy and boost your immune system. 5. Will help to lower cholesterol and therefore ward off heart attacks and strokes. 6. It boosts your metabolism aiding the breakdown of food and increasing the speed our body uses calories. 7. It aids digestion and keeps your digestive system working efficiently. 8. If you suffer from rhinitis or a constant stuffy nose then this will clear it for you. Health and Nutritional Benefits • Helps to ward off infections so you'll be suffer from less colds and flu's • Promotes Cardiovascular health, by helping to lower blood pressure • Has anti-inflammatory properties. • Helps to reduce triglycerides - these are compounds made between glycerol and fatty acids,

the main component of vegetable oil and animal fat, high levels of triglycerides can lead to hardening of the arteries and increased risk of heart disease. • Has a laxative effect to keep the bowels clear. • The capsaicinoids which are responsible for the heat in chilli's release endorphins in to the body to make us feel good. This diet pill has been designed and tested for a long time with proven results through scientific study. For the past 30 years studies have been done on animal and human subjects and all results show a safe and effective nutritional ingredient to assist and support weight loss. Capsicum Extract reduces appetite, increases metabolism, burns calories, reduces body mass and reduces body fat. Therefore guaranteeing you an energy boost and quick weight loss. The problem has always been that in order to get the effect dose of capsaicinoids you would need to eat 10 grams of hot chillies every day for weeks on end. Capsiplex has come up with a small pill that has the correct dose of capsaicinoids to avoid you having to do this. Capsiplex has made this pill to be the most effective capsicum extract available on the market, they have used the most potent form of capsicum to enhance the weight loss properties. Capsiplex is not just made from capsicum extract, it also has caffine, niacin (Vitamin B3) and piperine (black pepper extract). • Caffine has been included this for its ability to increase resting energy expenditure, while also increasing lipolysis and fat oxidation. It is also able to increase your energy, alertness and concentration. • Niacin helps in releasing energy from carbohydrates,proteins and fats, making your body utilise them more efficiently. Niacin also works to decrease the level of cholesterol and fat in the bloodstream. If you are deficient in niacin your metabolism may slow down, thereby increasing the potential for weight gain. When you have a healthy metabolism it can increase the percentage of fat your body burns as energy. • Piperine raises the level at which nutrients are absorbed. It does this by inhibiting certain enzymes responsible for metabolizing and using nutritional substances. For instance it stimulates the amino acid transporters in the lining of the intestine, it inhibits p-glycoprotein, which is the protein that removes substances from cells and it lowers the production of something called glucuronic acid, (which hinders absorption), so allowing more of the substances to enter and stay in the body in their active form. So you can see there has been a lot of thought and testing put into this product, everything has been designed to work together in harmony to give you the best results possible. Furthermore Capsiplex is the only certified organic, pure, maximum strength and highest grade extract available on the market. So in conclusion this diet pill has everything needed to assist anyone who is already dieting and

want's to burn more fat and calories. It also has the ability to aid those who are not currently dieting but want to lose weight, it will give more energy at the same time as already working off more calories. The health benefits speak for themselves, I believe and it would be a very good idea to take this pill regardless of whether you are looking to lose weight or not, when you consider the help it will give to your heart, your arteries, your blood pressure, your concentration levels, alertness and energy levels, Capsiplex seems to be just as they are claiming it to be - A Miracle Pill! Please visit for more reviews

Written By Alan Sampsons of Sampsons Media

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==== ==== For more great information on Capsiplex natural diet pills go to: ==== ====

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