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Drawings for Mystifarian Circle Installation [Catalogue] Papo Colo

Drawings Ink on Photographs 1991-2014

Drawings for Mystifarian Circle Installation [Catalogue] Papo Colo “Any repetition is an offense�

“Drawing may be the most intimate and honest of all art mediums. Its lightweight materials enable artists to work almost anywhere and often give their efforts a truth-telling transparency that exposes the very nerve endings of their talent. Sometimes drawings function almost as a kind of signature, distilling an artist’s sensibility to its essence. Sometimes they express gifts visible in no other medium.� - Roberta smith

I find this description excellent, from one of our NYC distinguished critics, I can put the same substance in my own words but I do not practice appropriation (elegant word for stealing). Yes drawing is the naked way to show ability No one used the craft word these days There is no ornament, no color to enhance But these are mystifarian drawings Meaning that they are transformations. They are small but can grow in any size And be worked on, changed volume, perspective As they are exhibited in different context They have titles that also change depending In its alteration, they multiply. They are dark and performative as in Goyas, We both wear the first name Francisco Part of my language and linage years ago spend weeks in El Prado museum Assimilating its dark paintings, drawings and prints. Know I can bring that inspiration into the digital era. Humans reconstruct its existence Inventing technology to improve permanence. We are devoured by History. Drawings are the literature in our image, our testament signature.

Drawings for Mystifarian Installation  
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