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Earth Link [Hexagon Mystifarian Installation Model] Papo Colo Paintings 1994-1999 “Any repetition is an offense� Every painting must be a unique physical and psychic state, a ceremony of specific circumstances In art, there is a language that is recognizable, not in a repetition of a style but of a creation of a world. The stanzas or narrative at the back of the painting Are its physical and metaphorical data transforming the object into a subject.

This is the new alternative. You see the exhibition before it happens. Hexagon space, mystifarian installation of paintings. Pangea Art Republic: Creating spaces where reality and fiction converge.

A painter’s poetic narrative of its creation removes the sense of decoration into the realm of intention and content, changing the ornamental value. Materials used become literature, diverse physical and metaphorical narration recreates its purpose into a fertile inter-relation. The viewer has more of a motivation to reinvent the story initiated by the artist, making an emotional duet of creation and interpretation, sharing and communication. Legends motivate imagination, reasons and admiration of the image. Enhance the connection of the owner, viewer, and creator. Painting is an interpretative story.

Earth Link Installation Proposal  

This is a proposal for a show that can be realized. All of the pieces in this proposal have been made already. Contact papocolo@pangeaartrep...