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Paying too much? There is a choice!! Residential GAS CUSTOMER CHOICE FIXED PRICE CONTRACT ¾ Gas Price:

My gas price will be fixed at $0.619 per Ccf for the initial term.

¾ Quantity:

I understand I will be charged for the amount of gas I use, according to my metered consumption as reported by MichCon.

¾ Term:

My initial term begins with the first day of service in the Gas Customer Choice Program as a Santanna customer through my March 2012 billing cycle.

¾ Renewal:

After the initial term, my Contract with Santanna will automatically continue on a month to month basis on Santanna’s Competitive Market Price Program. I may contact Santanna at any time to sign up for a fixed price program.

¾ Cancellation:

I may cancel at any time with NO CANCELLATION FEE.

¾ Force Majeure:

Santanna will not be responsible for delivering gas to customers in the event of circumstances beyond its control, which include acts of God, acts of terrorism, orders, rules, and regulations, or the action of any court or governmental authority.

Account Holder or Legally Authorized Person:________________________________________________ Business/Company Name: ________________________________________________________________ Bill/Mailing Address:____________________________________________________________________ City _________________________________________________ State _________ Zip _______________ Phone: (___)___-_____

Fax: (___)___-_____

Account Number:____________________________

Email: _________________________________ __ Small Commercial _X_ Residential

Service Address: ________________________________________________________________________

I acknowledge that I am the account holder or legally authorized person to execute a contract on behalf of the account holder. I understand that by signing this agreement, I am switching the gas Supplier for this account to Santanna Energy Services. I understand that gas purchased for this account by Santanna Energy Services will be delivered through MichCon Gas Company’s delivery system. The account holder, or the person who signed this contract on behalf of the account holder, has 30 days after today to cancel this contract for any reason through written or verbal notification to Santanna Energy Services. Account Holder or Legally Authorized Signature:_________________________________ Date: ____ If legally authorized, what is your relationship to the Account Holder?___________________________

For more information Contact us Toll Free: 1-800-764-4427 2000 Town Center, Suite 1900, Southfield, MI 48075