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I’m Jenna Puente, the owner and designer of Paper Wilderness. I run

this hand painted watercolor paper goods company out of my studio in

Long Beach, California with help from my assistant Lou Lou the bunny. Everything I make begins as a watercolor painting and a hand lettered

page in my sketchbook before they become an actual product. I’ve been making art my entire life and can’t get rid of my drawing and painting

roots, which is why I love emphasizing every personalized, handmade touch evident in all our work. A “wilderness” of animals, nature, puns, and a little bit of sass inspires every design that leaves my desk. Our goal here at Paper Wilderness is to create unique, personal

little works of art that are perfect for you and your special people, to

encourage communication and keep the handwritten note alive! Enjoy!

www.paperwilderness.com jenna@paperwilderness.com 619-587-0698 @thepaperwilderness

$2.25 each


www.paperwilderness.com / jenna@paperwilderness.com / 619-587-0698

BC-100 Apeshit Birthday

BC-101 Cray Cray Birthday

BC-102 Buck Wild Birthday

BC-103 Capybara Birthday

BC-104 Gnarwhal Birthday

BC-105 Otter Birthday

BC-106 Old Fart Birthday

BC-107 Party Sloth

BC-108 Party Bunny

$2.25 each

BC-109 Party Piranha

BC-110 Hammered Birthday

BC-111 Party Meerkats

BC-113 Fancy Birthday

BC-114 Happy Barfday

BC-115 Birthday Pandamonium

BC-116 Monarch Birthday

BC-117 Bunanas Birthday

BC-118 Badass Birthday

www.paperwilderness.com / jenna@paperwilderness.com / 619-587-0698

BC-119 Shellebrate Birthday

BC-120 Chill Birthday

BC-121 Iguana Birthday

BC-122 Carried Away Birthday

BC-123 Pupper Birthday

BC-124 Birthday Queen

BC-125 Possum Birthday

BC-126 Platypus Belated Birthday

$2.25 each

BC-127 Puffin Birthday

BC-128 Feline Birthday

LF-200 Axolotl Love

LF-205 Batshit Crazy

BC-129 Elephant Birthday

LF-201 Opposites Attract

LF-206 Partners In Crime

BC-130 Happy Tapirthday

LF-203 Llama Llove

LF-204 Caribou Love

LF-207 Poke You

LF-208 Drive Me Nuts

www.paperwilderness.com / jenna@paperwilderness.com / 619-587-0698

LF-209 Okapi Butt

LF-211 Friends Furever

LF-212 Float My Boat

LF-213 Hedgehog Me

LF-214 Love You Tons

LF-216 Snacking Squirrels

LF-217 Succulent Love

LF-218 Unbelievable Loch Ness

LF-219 Mother Puffer

LF-220 Valentine Camel

LF-223 Sending A Dik-Pik

$2.25 each

LF-224 Sending Nudes Nudibranch

LF-225 Burning Lions

LF-226 Gimme Sugar Glider

LF-227 Better Together

LF-228 Good Lookin Bass

LF-229 Weirdo Zebra

LF-230 Treasure You

LF-231 Partners For Life

LF-232 All My Lives Cat

LF-233 Stars Aligned Seals

LF-234 Koality of Life

www.paperwilderness.com / jenna@paperwilderness.com / 619-587-0698

LF-235 Bunny Love Poop

LF-221 Anniversary Penguins

WC-401 Cute Couple

$2.25 each

LF-236 Whale Being

LF-222 Anniversary Camel

WC-402 You Got Hitched

LF-237 Fearless Woman

WC-400 Oh Dam Engagement

WC-403 Bridal Birds

WC-404 Happily Ever After

BB-500 Kitten Baby Shower

BB-501 Having A Kid

BB-502 New Pup

BB-503 Totally Storked

BB-504 Bundle Of Joy

BB-505 Squish Your Baby

TC-600 Thanks A Bunch

TC-601 Hippo Thanks

www.paperwilderness.com / jenna@paperwilderness.com / 619-587-0698

TC-602 Tanks So Much

TC-603 You Rule Bunny

TC-604 Squirrel Congrats

TC-605 Grad Owl

TC-606 Killin’ It Killer Whale

TC-607 Proud Puppy

TC-608 Moosechas Gracias

TC-609 Grad Noodle

TC-610 Turtley Thanks

$2.25 each

MC-700 Bon Voyage

MC-701 Sorry I Suck

MC-702 Eel Better Soon

MC-703 Retirement Sloth

MC-704 Sympathy Rodent

MC-705 New Home

MC-706 You Can Do It

MC-707 Miss Your Face

MC-708 Pet Sympathy

MC-709 Deep Sympathy

www.paperwilderness.com / jenna@paperwilderness.com / 619-587-0698

MD-800 Mudder’s Day

MD-801 Mother’s Day Elephants

MD-802 Mother’s Day Hamsters

MD-803 Mother’s Day Koalas

MD-804 Pop’s Day

MD-805 King Of The Jungle

MD-806 Dad You Rock

MD-807 Love You Manatee

MD-808 Dad Feelings

$2.25 each

MD-809 Corgi Mama

MD-810 Ewe Mom

MD-811 Hippo Dad

MD-812 Science Tiger Dad

MD-813 Fierce Female

MD-814 Mom Calculations

MD-815 Seahorse Dad

MD-816 Penguin Fatherhood

MD-817 Thanks Mom

www.paperwilderness.com / jenna@paperwilderness.com / 619-587-0698

MD-818 Thanks Dad

MD-819 Polar Bear Mom

MD-820 Dad You Ruuule

MD-821 Kangaroo Mom

HC-100 Holiday Hoot

$2.25 each

HC-101 Happy Holidays Snowman

HC-102 Season’s Greetings

Boxed sets of 8 cards and envelopes are available for all holiday designs! Sets come in a clear plastic box. Just add a ‘B’ to the sku to indicate box. $10 each box, minimum of 3 per design

HC-103 Hanukkah Deer

HC-104 Merry Bright Anglerfish

HC-105 Warm Wishes

HC-106 Santa Paws Pug

HC-107 Santa Claws Cat

HC-108 Christmas Moose

HC-109 Peacock Hanukkah

HC-110 Holiday Blobfish

HC-111 Holiday Spirits

www.paperwilderness.com / jenna@paperwilderness.com / 619-587-0698

HC-112 Flippin’ Christmas

HC-113 Bear Bunny Christmas

HC-115 Christmas Cardinal

HC-116 Jungle Bells

HC-118 Capy Holidays

HC-119 Hannukah Rabbi(t)

HC-120 Furry Christmas

HC-121 SEAson’s Greetings

$2.25 each

HC-114 Howlidays Wolves

Boxed sets of 8 cards and envelopes are available for all holiday designs! Sets come in a clear plastic box. Just add a ‘B’ to the sku to indicate box. $10 each box, minimum of 3 per design

HC-122 Holiday Hogs & Kisses

HC-123 Swanderful Time

HC-125 Holiday Snow Leopards

HC-126 Christmas Narwhal

HC-128 Holiday Rhino

HC-129 Beary Christmas

$2.25 each

HC-124 Christmas Chipmunk

HC-127 Hanukkah Fish

HC-130 Self Care Holiday

A2 cards printed on 110# paper in the USA with a coordinating Euro flap paper envelope in a cellophane sleeve, plus super shiny foil accents. $2.50 each, minimum of 6 per design

FC-001 Beautiful Beast

FC-002 Ray Of Sunshine

FC-003 Precious Jewel

FC-005 Hoppy Holidays

FC-006 Christmas Campfire

FC-004 Lovebird Wedding

Notepads are 5 x 7�, contain 50 sheets, are full color printed in Long Beach, California on opaque 70# paper with chipboard backing, and come packaged in a cellophane sleeve. $4.25 each, minimum of 3 per design

NP-103 Alpaca Adventures

NP-104 Snacks Friends

1.25-1.5� tall, hard enamel, high polish gold and nickel plating, gold glitter unicorn horn detail on bunicorn, rubber pin backs Comes on a backing card in a cellophane sleeve $6 each, minimum of 6 per design

EP-001 Bunicorn Pin

EP-002 Happy Capybara Pin

EP-003 Sloth Mail Pin

Stickers are die cut, durable vinyl, and weatherproof. They are each roughly 2 x 3� or slightly larger. Shipped loose for your own display options. $1.25 each, minimum of 6 per design

ST-001 Corgi

ST-002 Elephant

ST-003 Bunny

ST-004 Cat

ST-005 Penguin

ST-006 Kangaroo

ST-007 Shark

ST-008 Bunny Butt

ST-009 Bear

ST-010 Squirrel

ST-011 Koala

ST-012 Flamingo

ST-013 Hippo

ST-014 Llama

ST-015 Pig

ST-016 Red Panda

www.paperwilderness.com / jenna@paperwilderness.com / 619-587-0698

Calendars are 6.5 x 10�, contain 14 sheets, are printed in Los Angeles, California on 100# paper, and Wire-O bound with a hole for wall hanging! Each comes packaged in a cellophane sleeve. $10 each, minimum of 3

CL-004 2021 Swimsuit Calendar

$10 each / www.paperwilderness.com / jenna@paperwilderness.com / 619-587-0698 $2.25 each

All cards are A2 size (4.25 x 5.5�), printed in the USA on 110# paper, come with a coordinating colored Euro flap paper envelope, and are packaged in a cellophane sleeve (unless you prefer plastic free, just let us know) Boxed sets of 8 cards and envelopes come in a clear plastic box and are available for all holiday designs and thank you cards

Minimums and pricing: Single cards: $2.25 each, minimum of 6 per design Single foil cards: $2.50 each, minimum of 6 per design Boxed card sets: $10 each, minimum of 3 per design Notepads: $4.25 each, minimum of 3 per design Stickers: $1.25 each, minimum of 6 per design Enamel pins: $6 each, minimum of 6 per design Calendars: $10 each, minimum of 3 per design Opening order minimum of $120 Restocking minimum of $80 To place an order email or call: jenna@paperwilderness.com 619-587-0698

We accept all major credit cards to keep on file or can send a PayPal/Square invoice to your desired email address, unless another method is preferred Payment due upon ship date, card on file will be charged upon shipping Net 30 terms are available after the first order

Orders are shipped from Long Beach, CA via USPS unless another method is preferred. Cost calculated based on quantity and will be added to final invoice. Please allow 1-2 weeks from order date for shipping.

Cancellations must be made within 24 hours of placing your order. Any time after is subject to a 10% restocking fee. We do not accept returns. If you receive damaged items, please contact us within 3 days of receiving your order for a replacement.

www.paperwilderness.com / jenna@paperwilderness.com 619-587-0698 Questions? Ordering? Email or call: jenna@paperwilderness.com // 619-587-0698

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Paper Wilderness 2020-2021 Wholesale Catalog  

Hand painted and hand lettered watercolor paper goods for animal and nature lovers, including our brand new releases!

Paper Wilderness 2020-2021 Wholesale Catalog  

Hand painted and hand lettered watercolor paper goods for animal and nature lovers, including our brand new releases!