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Vertical Studio: Rubanisation

From paperspace’s Rubanisation Studio Desk

would showcase the existing qualities of the sites but put forth a new spatial arrangement that enriches these qualities.

paperspace is (bringing sexy) back! After a slightly longer than expected hiatus, paperspace is back with a new team! In this issue, we’ve searched high and low for content that will help everyone to re-assimilate back into the architecture school life. Trust me when I say there is something for everyone! For the everything-must-be-done-lastminute-ers, we’ve reviewed a few great food spots around the campus vicinity, so that you can save time and save that McDonald’s meal for the emergencies. For the vain appearance-conscious, we have a few tips for you to counter the effects of the sleepless nights.


As with any student-run, understaffed, non-profit, joy-filled, black & white architecture publication, we are constantly on the lookout for contributions and volunteers. If you would like to help out in any way, do drop the team a friendly message at We appreciate food too. Here’s to a wonderful new semester and may the New Year bring you a healthier lifestyle. Stop reading this boring bit and start reading the interesting bits on the other pages! with lots of löv XOXO OXOX OXOO TICKTACKTOE, the paperspace team

Live Learn Work Play Farm Heal

Rubanisation of Lim Chu Kang Lim Chu Kang. Farmlands? Army Camps? Cemeteries? These are few common words that denote our site. On the current URA master plan, the area of Lim Chu Kang has largely been unscathed, unlike other regions in Singapore. An area characterized with a dearth of proper urban layout and a series of fragmented programs that bear no synergistic relationships to one another, many Singaporeans perceive this area as an obscure, industrial, military, agricultural zone that is devoid of possible residential or recreational possibilities. After all, its current tenants are essentially the military, some cemeteries and large acreages of farmland. A number of these farms have fallen into dilapidation and neglect due to funding issues, while the functioning farms are quaint and quiet, only harbouring a wisp of activity during the weekends. The lack of high rise built forms and abundant unkempt natural setting endows the area with a pastoral charm that differentiates itself from the common urban-suburban town centres we witness in Singapore. Hence, our site of intervention is essentially located at a plot of

editorial team louis|sorna|mae|weixuan|mars|peiqi|kahyee|eleanor

© P A P E R S P A C E 2012 No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form without prior permission from the publication team. The opnions expressed in P A P E R S P A C E do not necessarily reflect those of the editorial team.

unused land that meanders through the back of various agro-tech farms. It also embodies a natural river that continues from the man-made drainage canal that runs through the area. Our master plan suggests a pioneering proposition of relocating 10,000 people from the Singaporean urban-suburban town centres to our site. The theory of ‘Rubanisation’ would be a keystone in our proposal. Rubanisation is an alternative approach to the standard model of urbanisation. It suggests the dissolution of boundaries between a city and the countryside and proposes a new spatial model of integrated development. Rubanisation seeks to address the ills of the conventional city-country model that has failed in terms of social justice, cultural justice and environmental justice. The rubanised settlement engenders a new mode of living, a new mode of society via the medium of spatial planning and architecture. The studio started with site visits to the various farms traversed into the drainage canals of the site to get a witness the abundant natural surroundings. We interviewed the farmers and got to understand the current situation of Lim Chu Kang. The subsequent studio sessions comprised heated discussions with varying views of different studio members, during which conventions were challenged and unorthodox ideas arose. The cosmopolitan nature of our studio, with exchange students from across the globe, added a zest of foreign insights to this seemingly local studio project. Rethinking the possibilities of Lim Chu Kang was also the primary aim for the studio. The settlement

These words served as the mantra to our master plan of Lim Chu Kang’s. This new (hypothetical) settlement would consist of various zones that pledge a new alternative lifestyle for Singaporean. Schools, libraries, medical clinics, swimming pools, markets, shopping malls and other seemingly urban dichotomies of a town were planned. However, the settlement’s take on each of these dichotomies had a twist that served to challenge the urban conventions and infuse the ideals of Rubanisation into it. The presented designs pursued a quantum leap of learning, living, working, playing, farming and healing with new and otherwise seemingly unconventional methods. Designs were also at home with nature with sustainable living options (eg. Algae power generation and organic farming) and a transport network based on buggies and bicycles. Eventually, each design, seemingly different, were actually united in their pursuit of ideals that emanates from Rubanisation. On the day of the final review, the Singapore government released a press statement on the redevelopment of Lim Chu Kang. The proposal was similar to what our studio had envisioned. =) Yen Shan is a Year 2 student who was a member of the Rubanisation Vertical Studio.


Student Exchange Dearest Paperspace Readers, ! Greetings from Korea! I am Larry, a year 3 architecture student currently spending a semester in Hanyang University ERICA Campus in South Korea. I am glad Paperspace gave me the opportunity to share about my wonderful semester in South Korea. Many have asked me why I chose South Korea when there are so many other places to go to for exchange. I chose South Korea not only because of KPop groups such as Super Junior and Girls Generation and delicious Korean food, but also because of my interest in Asian culture. I had heard a lot about Korean Culture, so I am glad NUS gave me the opportunity to experience it personally. The exchange programme involves a threeweek internship at a Korean architecture firm, followed by a semester studying at the university. The semester ends with a ski workshop for all architecture students. Sounds like fun doesn’t it? I was attached to SAMOO Architecture & Engineering for the internship. SAMOO is one of the biggest architecture firms in Korea, and is involved in many building projects in the country. Working for 3 weeks in a foreign country was a remarkable experience. Although we always complain about the rush hour crowd on the trains in Singapore, I realized the situation in Seoul is worse. Sometimes people even push you out forcefully (an aspect of Korean culture unlike what we see in dramas). I was also caught in the worst flood in Korea in 100 years (I am not sure if I should consider myself lucky). I had to actually report to work with soaked feet that day. These are things not many have experienced back home. Working and living in Korea was certainly a challenge. Often, we had to resort to hand signals to get things done as English is not widely spoken here. We managed to eventually adapt to the culture and language (at least we learnt the basics) thanks to our Korean friends and colleagues. More importantly, we learnt a lot from them and I am blessed to have worked with such fun people. When I first came to Hanyang University, I certainly experienced culture shock. There were many parties to welcome students back

and the students are very spontaneous. The juniors and seniors share a very close relationship. The juniors greet seniors whenever they see them, making the whole architecture community feel like a family, something that I feel NUS lacks. The level of initiative shown by the students impressed me. Our Korean mentors and friends are very friendly and helpful. Some of them, despite not being English speakers, went all out to teach me Korean. I realized how blessed we are to have our own computer labs and a well-equipped workshop. In Hanyang, the facilities are not as new. I do miss my studio space back in NUS at times. During summer, it gets quite stuffy and hot, as the studio is not air-conditioned. Nonetheless, the library and its collection of architecture books makes up for these little “losses”. Unlike in NUS, there are multiple copies of many good books, ensuring that they do not get hogged for weeks and are always available. This was one of the things I loved the most about my semester in Korea. I had never read so many books during the semester. Of course, the campus in autumn was definitely a highlight of our stay as well. What is an overseas exchange without some fun? Korea is a fantastic place to tour around. During my stay so far, we visited Jeju Island, attended the Busan International Film Festival, attended KPop concerts, made kimchi, watched baseball games and went for Korean barbecues among other things. Today I saw snow for the first and I must say it looks really beautiful; like white fluffy crystals dropping from the sky. I guess you need to experience it to feel it.

This short article can hardly express my experience in South Korea. If you have a chance to go on exchange, do consider going to Korea, you won’t regret it! In the meanwhile, enjoy the sun in Singapore and to all my friends in Singapore, Larry misses you! With lots of smiles, Larry Larry is a current year 3 Architecture Student

Stop wasting your precious time on 9gag! (If you have not heard of the infamous website, I apologise in advance for introducing it to you.) The internet is, however, jam packed with other equally entertaining yet productive websites for us designers. Here are two suggestions that will hopefully inspire greater work. features great designs from all over the world. Users upload items/ideas that they “fancy”, on it, hence the website name. You can start “fancying” every great design with a free account. Unique designer items for sale are often listed together with its store page for purchase. However, they often come with hefty price tags. (Clockwise from top left) Stuttgart City Library, Germany, graphic poster, Instagram Photo Minibook Have a great idea but lack the funding? is the site you are looking for! This ingenious website offers a platform for ideas to be shared, which others can use to support their preferred projects through monetary means. People looking for funding create a short video to introduce and promote their project, and viewers pledge their support. In return, pledgers of successful projects could receive various incentives. (Clockwise from top left) Pen Type-A : A minimal pen, Glif - iPhone 4 Tripod Mount & Stand, TiGr: Titanium Lock as Cool as your Bike

Tutor’s Interview


Been waiting to meet THE man? Good news! The stars are in favour of this magical encounter! All you need to do is to put on your best slippers and hang around the workshop.


Some point during this week, you will feel unsure about the newlyissued design brief. Take a break from design. Do something new. For example, instead of deleting the emails promoting guest lectures, open it, read it and attend the guest lecture on 12th January 2012, after studio.


Generally a peaceful week, Libras have to be aware of a few disappointments ahead. Your favourite place, the Libra-ry, will be closed on certain days.


A healthy diet is of utmost importance for the all-rounded architecture student. Do yourself and your tummy a favour by swapping that large fries with a cup of Corn. You are, after all, a Capricorn.


Disappointment is bound this weekend. You will not find what you seek at the Level 3 Vending Machine. Try the Central Library instead.


A new person will enter your life. He or she is definitely older than you and possess the wisdom and knowledge you desire. Fate will bring you two together on a regular basis, usually on Mondays & Thursdays. If you put in effort to develop this relationship, you will be duly rewarded. Good Luck!


Unfortunately, you will be feeling a bit confused this week. However, this confusion only happens along the Level 4 corridor outside the Lecture Rooms. Thankfully, you friends will be there to save you. If not, just check IVLE.


You’re gonna marry the night You won’t give up on your exploded axo You’re a kiasu queen draw passionately tonight You’re gonna marry the dark Gonna make models in school You’re a soldier to the, studio führer You’re a winner You’re gonna marry the night


You’d better hit Ctrl+S (or command+S) often this week. The alignment of the moon and Saturn will send negative energy crashing around your life, particularly in your AutoCAD. If drawing by hand, have your eraser or correction liquid at hand.


Your P.S.L.E.* will become a very significant part of your life in the coming weeks. *plans, sections, line weights, elevations


After a week of extravagant spending^, your appetite for capitalist consumption has since waned. You will, however, engage in a form of luck-dependent bidding. Remember the old adage - the early bird catches the worm; the late bidder gets the 8am tutorial. ^ for CORS bidding


The stars are telling me that these characters will help you a lot in your life: / login.aspx

None of these predictions are predicted by a qualified practioner and paperspace does not guarantee the accuracy of any of these predictions. Obviously, duh. If we could see the future, why would we still be in architecture school?




Ntiw Ytitirtiti tititi

3 4 5

Schooti commtitictiti/ 7 Scititiorti Sitittirti Lititi!



Btitihtitir bookti titititi Art Sttigti Sitigtiporti





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Ntiw Ytitir 16


Fitim ticrtititiitigti tit NSM

Motiiti Scrtititiitigti tit NSM


Across 1) Murphy’s 4) cyanide 5) pritzker 6) MBS 8) Ted Mosby 9) caffeine 10) awning 12) Bananas 13) Fenestration 15) Crit 16) Muji 17) Lego Down 2) Procrastination 3) adobe 5) Paperspace 7) T-square 11) Gehry 14) Rhino

Crossword Calendar Puzzle

Btitifrotit & Mtirititi Btiti Circtiti Lititi Optitiitig

16. Retail brand that attracts due to its minimalAcross Down Across _______ law. AutoCAD crashes 2 istHaving connection, design; ainternet certain workshop technician. before you saved 2 days taking an interest in inanimate 17. Childhood (and maybe adulthood) toy of 1. _______ law. AutoCAD crashes before you before final crit. objects and not owning a clock Chitigtiti every budding architect. Chitigtiti savedand 2 days before final crit. _______ happiness. are important to perfectingPtirtidti this Ptirtidti Down 4. _______ and happiness. The Nobel equivalent for art form. 5. The Nobel equivalent of architecture. architecture. 3 Both a building material and a It6.promises software company. internet connection, taking an interest It promisessalvation salvation ififSingapore gets sub- 2. Having Singapore gets submerged 5 inThe answer liesand in your hands. inanimate objects not owning a clock merged due to global warming. due to global warming. 7 Multipurpose object used an are important to perfecting this artas form. 8. Fictional architect (television). Hopeless roFictional architect. Hopeless imaginary guitar, to play 3. Both a building material and a software commantic, but mostly hopeless. romantic, but mostly hopeless. floorball/hockey in the studio pany. 9. Our drug. Vtitititititititititi (2 Words) and occasionally for work. Rtictititi Wtitik 5. The answer in your hands 10. drug. Rhymes with an action done tititi when you’re Our Made a lies guest appearance on Tottiti 11 titiftiticti 7. Multipurpose object used as an imaginary sleepy.with Rhymes an action done The Simpsons. Ltititiwtiti tititi 14 guitar, when you’re sleepy. A popular a design to play ungulate; floorball/hockey in the studio 12. Reflections at keppel bay, Libeskind. What ftitititititi Reflections at keppel bay, software. and occasionally for work. does it resemble? Libeskind. tititihbotird 11. Made a guest appearance on The Simpsons. 13. Windows. Words like these are the Cotiftititiiotititi 14. A popular ungulate; a design software. 15. The four-letter word that sends aki students Lititi! reason normal people can’t into a deranged, understand us. sleep-deprived frenzy. Etid of word The four-letter that Start with New 2 1 3 4 Flip over for more Year’s Resolution! rtictititi paperspace! sends aki students into a Enjoy! wtitik Follow the deranged, sleep-deprived instructions and the order of icons frenzy. at the top for the sequence! Flipattracts over and folddue Retail brand that to its minimalist design;


‘S 2012 NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS I promise to sleep ______ hours a day. I promise to see my family ___ times a week. I will only drink ___ cans/cups/mugs/shots/barrels* of coffee/energy drinks/cola/espresso/tea/milk tea* a day. I will not hog the laser machine. I must not spend more than $____ on my models. I promise to attend at least __ out of __ of my 8am/9am* lectures. I will attend 1-3/4-6/7-all* guest lectures. I will contribute 1/2/3 or more* articles to paperspace. 2 cut 3 stash it into your A4 paper pile

12 months later... | @paperspacepress

* delete where appropriate

Food Review: Peri-SDE!

Music: White Noise

Sunset Way (affordable eateries to high end bistros) Recommended: Swisslink Bakery, Buttercake & Cream Swisslink Bakery: 9.15am – 9pm daily. The chicken pie is moist and filled with generous chunks of chicken, potatoes and carrots. They offer a wide variety of pastries and some cakes. Portions are hearty (quarter pie for $4.70 includes a hard boiled egg. An entire pie costs $17.80). The shepherd’s Pie is generous with vegetables and has a hint of pepper. No pork is served, but it is not Halal certified. The aunties in the store may seem a little hostile initially but will warm up eventually. 380 Clementi Avenue 5 Coffeeshop Recommended: Fish head bee hoon Tiang Seng Eating House Hong Kong Street seafood : 10am – 2 pm and 4pm to 11pm. The XO Fish head bee hoon ($5.00) broth is aromatic and fragrant with hints of ginger, but not too milky. The fried fish pieces are fresh and palatable. Prices are reasonable here and they have a wide variety of noodle and rice dishes. The bean sauce beef hor fun has tender beef slices. Lim Seng Lee Duck Rice Eating House 10 am – 8.30 pm not open on Sundays. They are generous with the amount of duck meat, which is smooth and succulent. The gravy is not too sweet, which goes well with the white rice ($4.00). The accompanying soup can be a tad salty, as with the duck porridge ($4.00). On the plus side, the porridge was smooth and had bite-size pieces of meat. Overall, the place boasts of old school charm. However, given the price of the items, we felt that the servings were a bit small. Pasir Panjang Food Centre Muslim Food (Satay), Char Kway Teow, Rojak Food prices are rather reasonable here (~$3) and vendors are friendly. The renowned Heng Huat Fried char kway teow stall is generous with their vegetables but we found their noodles a little too dry. In comparison, Li An Char Kway Teow is more moist and

Buttercake & Cream Bistro: 12pm – 11pm We recommend the “Warm Chocolate Pudding” ($11.00). It has a Molten chocolate centre, and is served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and homemade vanilla sauce. The Apple & Rhubbarb Crumble ($11.00) is not bad too: freshly baked apples and rhubarb topped with crumble. It contains strawberries, green apples, blue berries. The dessert was sweet and sour at the same time. Although it may be a little pricey, portions are hearty. Sunset Way

151 7,282 Clementi

Clementi Avenue 5 Pei Tong Pri.

Buona Vista

95, 96, 151

Kent Ridge

I’m the kind of person who needs background music to everything I do, and this includes the times when I’m hitting the books or writing an essay. I cannot do with music with lyrics lest I start typing the words to Hips Don’t Lie on a discourse on Corbusier, so here are several recommendations for more ambient music for your aural degustation. Several movie soundtracks that I’ve been playing in the past semester include the soundtrack from Moon by Clint Mansell which provides an hour of ethereal music. (And if you haven’t watched Moon, I heartily recommend it.) Do check out his other work on the soundtracks for The Fountain and Black Swan as well. For those who like a slightly faster, more industrial or electronic sound, Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross’ work for The Social Network should find a place in your reading/writing playlist; this expert mix of gritty pianos and layers of electronics is up-tempo enough without being overly abrasive.

96, 188

Haw Par Villa

Lim Seng Lee Duck Rice

188 188

Pasir Panjang Food Centre

slightly sweeter, which we preferred. The Rojak had crispy fried fritter (you tiow) pieces and soft tau pok nicely soaked in the shrimp sauce, which is neither too sour nor too sweet. The satay at the stall “Yusoff Haji Jalal” is also recommended.

If you fancy something more orchestral, Hans Zimmer’s soundtrack for Inception will surely please with its soaring instruments. Zimmer has a knack for starting quiet and building up to a maelstrom, which might provide a heroic urgency for that essay you’re rushing to finish. You might’ve heard his other work on other scores like The Dark Knight, but the Frost/Nixon score, while less acclaimed, is top class and highly recommended as well. Zhuo Yi Is a current Year 2 Architecture student and co-author of

Kopicat Talk

Art Friend Guide

What’s in my Coffee

Bring me along the next time you go shopping!

As the school term begins, the caffeine-dependent architecture students will be on the hunt for the most suitable caffeine fix once again. In this instalment, Kopicat Talk looks at the different types of coffee that are commonly available, and what they are made of.

Imagine our joy when we discovered that the gods have answered our prayers for a convenient location for our supplies. We have decided to make life easier for everyone by providing the location of various items at the new Art Friend store at Buona Vista MRT Station. Happy shopping!


AKI Student Shopping List


































D. Canvas | Easels 4 5

C 6






8. Portfolio Bags 9. More Wood: Clothing Pegs, satay sticks etc.

G. Office Stationery. Think stamps, business card holders etc.





H. Party Supplies! Candle making supplies and waxes


10. Plaster | Clay 11. Pencils, Pens, Copic Markers etc. Weisheng, Year 2

E. This area has crepe paper, feathers, masks, pompoms, glass bottles, felt, glitter and more handicraft materials that are suitable for the young and old F. Paper Files

6. Acrylic Boards | Wood Carving Tools 7. Wood pieces (Balsa etc.) | Drawing Tubes

B. Fabric Paints | Spray Paints C. Beads | other hardware

3. Paints: Watercolours, Poster, Oils, Chinese Inks

5. Measuring | Cutting tools: Rulers, Setquares, T-squares, Scissors, Penknives etc.



2. Sketchbooks and Drawing Pads

4. Foam

The Adventures of Scaledude

A. Coloured Paper. Excites me

1. Large Paper Section: A1 Papers, grey boards, bristol boards, cards etc.



Other Misc stuff






Buona Vista MRT (8,000 sq.ft) 100 North Buona Vista Rd, #02-01, Buona Vista MRT, Singapore 139345 Tel: +65 6777 0353 Fax: +65 6777 0378 Opens Daily from 10.30am to 9pm

How to look fresh

Ask AutoCAT

...Also a guide to look like you’ve slept

to gradually extend your working hours. Refrain from depending on caffeine to do this, especially this early in the semester. Being a sloth during the holidays has the side effect of making you less energetic and more prone to getting tired. Reverse these effects by getting off your tush and exercising once in a while.

Dear AutoCAT, After a semester of slaving away in studio left me looking like something from The Walking Dead, I spent most of the holidays in hibernation. After a month of sleeping at least 12 hours a day, I am worried about reverting to my 3 hour average of last semester. Any advice on how to switch back to my old body clock? Sincerely, Sloth

Dear Sloth, I’m not sure if I am qualified to answer this question. If you haven’t noticed, I probably get more sleep than all the other studio residents put together. But since you asked, I’ll give my advice based on observations. Firstly, for future reference, abstain form slothing it out all the way till the end of the holidays. For best results, you should start readapting to the studio lifestyle towards the end of the holidays. Readjusting your body clock is simply a matter of getting used to sleeping less. However, it should not be attempted cold turkey. This could cause dangerous levels of stress and fatigue. The first assignment of the semester is usually comparatively relaxed. So use the opportunity

Refrain from meals high in carbs to avoid slipping into a food coma twice a day (now you know why I’m asleep all the time). Eating more proteins keeps your mind awake for longer. That being said, it’s still early in the semester and you don’t want to burn yourself out. Manage your time well and try your best to get enough sleep (hopefully not at the expense of your attendance of 9am lectures!). Hope that helps! Sincerely, AutoCAT


Ntiw Ytitirtiti tititi

1 fill in the required information Schooti commtitictiti/ Scititiorti Sitittirti Lititi!

Chititititi Ntiw Ytitir

Fitim ticrtititiitigti tit NSM

Btitihtitir bookti titititi Art Sttigti Sitigtiporti

Chititititi Ntiw Ytitir

‘S 2012 NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS (c) paperspace 2012 I promise to sleep ______ hours a day. paperspace is published by I promise to see my family ___ times a week. The Architecture Society, Singapore

Btitifrotit & Mtirititi Btiti Circtiti Lititi Optitiitig

Motiiti Scrtititiitigti tit NSM

I will only drink ___ cans/cups/mugs/shots/barrels* of coffee/energy drinks/cola/espresso/tea/milk tea* a day.

Contact us! I will not hog the laser machine. I must not spend more than $____ on my models. @paperspacepress I promise to attend at least __ out of __ of my 8am/9am* lectures. Chitigtiti Ptirtidti

Chitigtiti Ptirtidti

I will attend 1-3/4-6/7-all* guest lectures. cut stash it into your A4 paper pile @ofthesociety 12 months later...

I will contribute 1/2/3 or more* articles to paperspace. 2 3 Ltititiwtiti ftitititititi

Vtitititititititititi tititi Tottiti titiftiticti tititi tititihbotird Cotiftititiiotititi Lititi!

Etid of rtictititi wtitik

Rtictititi Wtitik

* delete where appropriate

paperspace issue #004  

Back to school! Jan 2012 (c) paperspace 2012