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Spotlight on Education

Greetings from PaperSeed! 2016 was another great year for the PaperSeed Foundation! Some of our many exciting projects this year include our first annual Recycled Material Arts Competition, challenging students to delve into sustainability and think more consciously about waste in Northern California, the construction of a new community center for girls repurposed out of discarded shipping containers just outside of Nairobi, Kenya, and a healing program improving the lives of impoverished children through art in Angono, Philippines. Our impact is truly made possible through the generous support we receive from CellMark, who underwrites the operating and administrative expenses of PaperSeed to allow 100% of all of our donations to directly benefit children and young people. This year we are thrilled to celebrate five years of partnership! We continue to increase our offering of corporate social responsibility services and are thankful for our ongoing partners: East Africa Packaging Industries, Fr. Meyer’s Sohn, Hawkins Wright, Megasoft, in addition to those who have more recently joined us. PaperSeed strengthened the education of more children and young people this year than ever before. We thank you for your partnership and passion in helping us change lives through education! On behalf of all of us at PaperSeed, I wish you a prosperous new year!

Aliyya Shelley Mattos, Executive Director

Recycled Materials Art Competition, USA Using Creativity to Raise Awareness Children have fewer and fewer opportunities for critical thinking and creativity in school with endless cuts to art programs and non-core subjects. It is with this in mind that the PaperSeed Foundation launched our first annual Recycled Materials Art Competition to engage local youth in critical thinking, innovation and creative problem solving through art. By asking children to create works of art out of items that can be recycled—but often get thrown away and taken out of the recycling stream—it helps them look at trash differently and think more about their use habits. When a tin can is transformed into a robot, or bottles are cut up and turned into whimsical sun catchers, it is easy to see how something can be repurposed instead of simply discarded. The first year of the competition was a great success and the foundation hopes to scale and replicate the competition in areas of need.

Generation Guiders, Kenya Providing a Safe Space for Girls Free primary education opened the door to education for many children across Kenya, but that door often slams shut at the secondary level, especially for girls. Sub-Saharan African women suffer higher rates of HIV/AIDS, and Kenya has an especially high rate of teen pregnancy, which leads to even more girls dropping out. Generation Guiders is working to break this cycle and keep girls in school by offering a safe space where girls can access a wealth of much-needed resources and support. PaperSeed is proud to support an innovative new center constructed from discarded shipping containers that will benefit girls in Generation Guiders’ programs and provide a crucial meeting space to the community at large, providing ongoing benefits for thousands.

Corazon Roxas Foundation, Philippines Hope and Healing Through Art Education More than 25% of Filipinos live in extreme poverty, subsisting on less than two dollars per day. Children living in these conditions often experience chronic stress and hunger leading to malnutrition, which can, unfortunately, limit their success in school. Angono, a fishing town located just a short distance from Manila and known as the Art Capital of the Philippines, is no exception. Corazon Roxas Foundation has done various projects in the Philippines to aid children affected by poverty, including an annual Children’s Day celebration. Realizing that resources devoted to Children’s Day Celebrations could do more for the community with something with longer-lasting effects, they piloted an art workshop in 2015 to provide children living in poverty with a space to grow creatively, expand their imaginations, and improve upon their education.

Corporate Social Responsibility Services Join Us and Make an Impact Corporate Social Responsibility is a vital part of any modern business, but creating and maintaining a private foundation can be both difficult and time consuming. PaperSeed is pleased to offer our expertise in the form of Corporate Social Responsibility Services to help you achieve success in your social and charitable goals without taking on any unnecessary burden. We work with you to choose deserving projects within the communities where your business has a presence to make an impact that reflect your company’s unique worldview and values. As PaperSeed’s operating expenses are underwritten by CellMark, you can be confident that 100% of your contributions will go directly to the projects of your choice. As part of our service packages, we offer: • • • •

Branded Marketing Materials, Impact Reports and Employee Engagement International Due Diligence and NGO Vetting Monitoring and Evaluation Site Visits and Employee Travel Benefits

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A Note From Our Board Chair Joseph Hoffman, Chairman “It’s an honor to serve as Chairman of the PaperSeed Foundation, not only does it allow me to bring the Guiding Principles of CellMark to life in my work more deeply, but also to live my personal values. Among the many reasons to support the work of PaperSeed is the fact that all donations go directly to helping kids and that our projects create direct and tangible impact. Everyone who is involved with the foundation invests themselves in a community of global change-makers that is bigger than the sum of its parts. Now, more than ever, giving back to those less fortunate is our obligation and duty. I invite you to join me in helping kids, locally and globally.“ Joe Hoffman Senior Vice President, CellMark Paper PaperSeed Board Chair

Help us educate children around the world.

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To make a donation to PaperSeed, visit and click on the Donate tab. The PaperSeed Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations to the foundation are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by the law. CellMark provides financial support for all of PaperSeed’s administrative and operating expenses. This means that 100% of your donation will directly benefit educational projects. Thank you for your support!

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2016: The Year in Numbers PaperSeed supported 12 organizations whose programs have benefitted over 184,000 children across 5 countries: China, Kenya, India, the Philippines, and the United States. CellMark employees supported the foundation and/or volunteered their time in 15 offices spanning 10 countries: Belgium, Canada, China (both mainland and Hong Kong), Greece, India, Japan, Singapore, Sweden, Turkey, and the United States. 16 businesses partnered with PaperSeed: Brain McClay & Associates; CellMark; East Africa Packaging Industries; Flambeau River Paper; Grassi & Co.; Fr. Meyer’s Sohn; Hawkins Wright; Marin Sanitary Service; Megasoft; Mill Valley Refuse Service; Norcell; Penn Warehouse & Distribution, Inc; SEB Bank; Stamford Ford; TFA Graphics; Zero Waste Marin. PaperSeed has supported the work of 12 NGO and social enterprise in-country partners: ArtCorps, Corazon Roxas Foundation, Fairfax-San Anselmo Children’s Center, the Family Resource Center, Generation Guiders, Girl Rising India, Going to School, Keep California Beautiful, The Kilgoris Project, Project Music, the Shanghai Youth Development Foundation, and ZanaAfrica.

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2016 Spotlight on Education  

PaperSeed's 2016 Spotlight on Education looks at some of our global initiatives from the year.

2016 Spotlight on Education  

PaperSeed's 2016 Spotlight on Education looks at some of our global initiatives from the year.