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Photography: Katie Preece Styling: Portobello Rose

Cover Image Credits Photography: Katie Preece Flowers & Styling: Portobello Rose Paper Products: Poppies for Grace Back Cover & Below Illustration: Grace Lee



Paper Runway is a quarterly magazine that offers you a mix of paper goodness, hot paper products, beautiful paper, features about the hottest paper sculptors, artists, illustrators, creators and quick DIY projects.


Each issue is packed with pages of inspiring images, easy DIY projects, the hottest products in the stores, ideas and projects that are affordable, stylish, practical and pretty, and caters for anyone looking to add a personal touch. We also bring to you feature articles on talented Australian and International paper artists, whether they be illustrators, artists, graphic designers, paper sculptors or the like. They all share a love of paper. Paper Runway is ageless, ambitious and creative. Paper Runway is where passion meets paper.


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romance in full bloom Child abuse and neglect is Australia’s most significant social problem. In 2010 over 30,000 Australian children were proven to have been abused or neglected. NAPCAN seeks to motivate and empower all adults to bring about the changes that will prevent child abuse.  We hope to make a difference to the lives of Australian children by taking an active role in supporting NAPCAN’s work.

42 sailors bay road northbridge nsw t: (02) 9967 0046

4 / Paper Runway

You too can support this worthy cause by donating to NAPCAN at:

Features 08. How to Host the Perfect Celebration Penny Adams, PS I Love You

Photography: Katie Preece Styling: Bianca Spiegel

16. Chocolate Brownies – Cherry Blossom Bakes 17.Paula Mills 23.Masala Chai Tea-Mae 24. Food for thought 26. Vegan Banana Bread – Mae 28. Interactive Papermats 29. Homemade Lemonade 30.Pass the Parcel-TMOD 32. Chalkboard Bunting 35. How to Prawn Cocktail 36.Let us Entertain You 41. Cristina Re 42.DIY Paint Swatch Chandelier Hello Gorgeous Events 44.Drinkies 45. Chickpea & Lentil Curry – Mae 46. Greek Lamb Salad – Thyme on Cavill 48. Double Chocolate Cupcakes – Mae 49. Espresso Martini


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Illustration: Grace Lee

the team

Letterpress Greeting Card “You’re just peaches and cream”

Paper Runway / 7

!"#$%"$!"&%$$ %!'$(')*'+%$+','-).%/"0 P.S. I Love You :: Penny Adams

8 / Paper Runway

1()/02$!.&$&()302$.04$.$&#''%$%)'.%$.#./%&$5"3$.% ,wÊw¼Ðßw÷ÿjÿwûĊß@ûĊğä/Ðß¼w@ÿw®Ð§ÊÅwĊЧÊjĕ¼w§ÊĊ w ÿĝwwĊĊ §ÊÿІ¼§†wä#ÊĊ wēŒĊ І/wßĊwÅPwû†ûÐÅ|ßÅ ûÿĜßÐʼğÊw_ÿ@ûğ§†ğÐĕ@ûwĕÊ@P¼wĊÐ@ĒwÊj Celebrate. Is there a word that evokes more promise and more joy than celebrate? To truly celebrate something feels so complete, and you usually do it with people you love. I spend a large part of my year helping people celebrate special moments in their lives from wedding day celebrations, birthday parties to hosting dinner parties for friends and loved ones. I am going to share with you some simple ways to host the ‘perfect’ party, and give you some tools to pull it off effortlessly and enjoy the process along the way. I am a sweet tooth, and chocolate is on my daily ‘always’ healthy eating food pyramid in our household. Nothing says the sweet life like an indulgent, all dessert and all adult party. So for some visual references to help you I designed and styled a Dessert Party. On the menu will be cake, biscuits, candies and treats to enjoy.

Planning Every good party takes some planning, so begin with the housekeeping end of your celebration. Set aside a good hour to begin planning. Get out your calendar and diary and choose a date for the party, and then begin writing your guest list.

Budget Sit down and give yourself a budget for your party, and stick to it. It is something people do not consider seriously sometimes. This will give you a clear idea of what you want to spend and something to look back on for next time you wish to host another party. Paper Runway / 9

Invitations Decide on an invite for your party. Never feel guilty if you do not have time to make your invitations, there are plenty of places to buy pretty invitations these days. If you are going to make your own, allow plenty of time. A tip is to push back the date a week to make the invitations, and not put pressure on yourself to cram it all in. If you are going with a theme express it in the invitations, and once you’re happy send them out.

Shopping list Make a list of all the items you will need including what you will make yourself and what you will buy, and think about the kind of decorations you’ll need to get. I am always adding and changing the list as the ideas develop but having the bones there helps me stay on track. This also gives me a clear idea of how much I am going to spend. As my list is never a short one I break it into sections to make it easy, then about a week before the party I start gathering what I have, and look at what else I need to buy. I break my list into: What I am comfortable making? What I am buying or getting a professional to make? What food basics are required? and list every item you will need. My family love food so there needs to be a little more, and next day leftovers are great. How much alcohol will I need? Most people will have a celebratory glass of champagne on arrival and if you allow 2 full glasses per guests, that leaves people to move on to whatever they choose to drink for the evening. You’ll get 4 generous glasses of champagne per bottle with a little left over and a really easy way to budget the rest is to allow half a bottle of red wine and half of white whine for each guest.

Flowers Flowers at events always awaken your senses when you enter a room. They are an instant visual impact and make the space look alive. You don’t have to spend a lot on flowers for events. Set a budget, and if you have a beautiful garden, pick your own flowers and add them to the arrangements on the table. It’s simple but it makes the arrangements personal and saves you money, and thinking outside the square to include the gardens of friends and family can make it magical. 10 / Paper Runway

You are invited‌. I bought this lovely card from my local card & paper shop. I really wanted it to be square so I cut it down with a paper slicer. I then mixed it with a spotty envelope, which picked up the red in card. It was my starting point for the colours for the Dessert party.

Paper Runway / 11

12 / Paper Runway

DĂŠcor for the party For me it is about inspiration, so draw from things you love. Things you love at home, in life, a beautiful image, or a fabulous shop window display can always be used as a springboard for the dĂŠcor of the party.

Music To set the tone of your event, think carefully on music and what it will bring to your celebration. Let the fun now begin & the big day has arrived. You are prepared and set-aside time to set up the space your celebration will be held in. Check all your food & wine is accounted for and ready to go. When all the hard work is finished and now you can enjoy what you have created. Remember to enjoy yourself and try to relax during your celebration. Try not to sweat over little things and most of the time only you will know if anything went a little astray. I love to celebrate; it is part of my culture, my life and what makes me happy. Some of my fondest memories growing up are the times spent watching my parents cook and entertain. I have a large collection of memories to enjoy that have lasted me a lifetime. Any party, event or milestone celebration you attempt with love is worth all the effort and then some.

Paper Runway / 13

Table settings are so fun to play with. I really wanted to play up colour, as I find people are frightened to use it at times. The rose plates are not only fun but also a perfect size to fill with cake and treats. I even used glasses that were tinted pink to follow through my look. The idea for this party would be the flowers, and desserts form the centerpieces for the table. Everything would be in arms reach to create a more intimate fun gathering at the table to enjoy.

I love cake; I can eat cake anytime of the day. These days you can have almost any cake made. I wanted the cake to be textured so I had this beautiful pink ruffle cake made. It was filled with vanilla bean and raspberry.

CREDITS: Concept & Styling: P.S. I Love You | Penny Adams :: 0488 060 165 | | p.s.iloveyou@| || Cake, cookies cupcakes, Eaton mess, brownies & meringues: One Sweet Girl | Juli Stertern-Gill :: 0411 162 132 :: | | 14 / Paper Runway

I adore bite size cupcakes and to make them extra sweet sparkles were added to compliment the shoes and handbags. There are some things a lady cannot ever have enough of: shoes, handbags and a great tasting cupcake. For the gentlemen, chocolate dipped cupcakes so everyone can enjoy.

The flowers were a collection of David Austin roses, which are fragrant, Sweet Pea which is wild and unstructured looking, and Ranunculus and red Roses in different shades of pinks and reds, which were purposely chosen to tie back to invitations.

It would not be a complete indulgence unless you send your guests home with a treat box to enjoy. I made this little box up with some of the desserts on offer from the table. After the consumption of all those sumptuous treats, I even popped in a toothbrush for the sweet tooth’s.

Flowers: The Bouquets of Ascha Jolie | Virginia Chorley :: 0416 062 019 :: | www.facebook. com/pages/The-Bouquets-Of-Ascha-Jolie/115727225118846?sk=info || Invitation: PIP Studio | | Available in Australia at: Card & Caboodle | || Envelope: Kikki K | Paper Runway / 15

Cherry Blossom Bakes Chocolate Brownies u Makes 15 squares


Ingredients 200g dark chocolate, broken into pieces 350g plain chocolate, broken into pieces 325g unsalted butter, cut into pieces 1 tbsp instant coffee granules, dissolved in 1 tbsp of water 5 large free-range eggs 325g (1 2/3 cups) caster sugar 175g (1 ½ cups) plain flour 200g hazelnuts, chopped


METHOD Pre heat the oven to 180C (160C if fan-forced). Line a 30cm square baking tin with parchment paper. Melt the chocolate and butter together in a heatproof bowl placed over a saucepan of gently simmering water. Stir well until the chocolate and butter are mixed together. Stir the dissolved coffee into the chocolate mixture. Using an electric hand whisk, whisk the eggs and sugar together in a heatproof bowl placed over a pan of gently simmering water until doubled in volume Remove from the heat and gently fold in the chocolate mixture. Sift in the flour a little at a time, folding it in as you go. Finally fold in the hazelnuts. Spoon the chocolate mixture into the prepared baking tin, level the top and bake for 25-30 mins until risen. Leave to cool slightly then cut into squares.


TIPS 1. I like to dust the nuts in some flour so they don’t sink to the bottom. 2. For a more cheeky adult indulgence, dissolve the coffee granules in brandy rather than the water. In a separate pan, gently heat 2 shots of brandy and add the coffee, stir until it has dissolved. Stir this into the chocolate mixture. 3. To make it nut free , omit the hazelnuts and you can replace with glace cherries.

s Thank you to Gilnar from Cherry Blossom Bakes, London, UK.t

Gorgeous, handmade cakes, cupcakes & cookies for all occasions and always baked fresh to order using only the finest ingredients. Email Gilnar:

paula mills

la Mills ator Pau tr s lu il Sweet d artist an behind the label and d e s a -b e n e minds en Paula Melbour e creativ on betwe ti th a f r o o b e a n ll is o e co a creativ ealand. William ~ ho lives in New Z rw her siste

Paper Runway / 17

My very first memory is of painting a bright yellow sun besides a pool; I have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember. I grew up in a creative enviroment in many beautiful parts of the world. I studied commercial art in Cape Town and started my career as a junior art director in advertising. I went to work as an art director in London for 8 years. I then traveled the globe, had babies and found myself dabbling in freelance graphic design. I was soon led back to my paints and pens and have at last, found my home in illustrating. Now based in Melbourne, Australia I have had some wonderful opportunities to work for a variety of clients as well as the chance to start my own creative business called Sweet William. I love what I do and hope to keep on doing it for as long as I can.

Describe your studio/work space. Is it a laboratory/shed/tidy/chaos/treasure trove/secretive cave or something else... My studio is a room in our home. As a family we understand the importance of a dedicated creative space and were prepared to loose a bedroom to gain a studio (there are plans to extend one day though!). My studio is organised chaos. I sort of know where everything is but it looks pretty crazy. I like to surround myself with imagery that inspires so the walls are an ongoing pin board to which I add continuously. I have collected magazines and books for years and have been through 3 cross continent moves with my collection - some mags date back to 1991...

18 / Paper Runway

What do you love most about paper? Everything! I have been collecting paper since I was 5 years old. I will fall in love with a pretty pattern, beautiful texture or inspiring image and tuck it into one of my over stuffed paper bags that are filled to the brim with paper I have collected over the years. When I rifle through my paper collection it is like looking through old photographs, I can recall where and when I got each piece of paper: travelling in China, at college in Cape Town, from a flea market in London, art shop in Paris, torn out of magazine in Doctors waiting room, gift wrap from a friend, stationary shop etc. With unlimited budget or geographic reach what is your ultimate art material/ materials? I would stock my shelves with Windsor and Newton Ink in every single colour they produce - wow imagine that! Piles of beautiful thick water colour paper and soft natural hair paintbrushes....yum!

Paper Runway / 19

20 / Paper Runway

Paula calls herself a “magpie who collects everything� ~ inspired by fine line black pens, tea, laughter, motherhood, markets, magazines, blogs, film, music, art, design, nature, colour, pattern and more.

How did you work with paper as a child? My grandfather was an illustrator and he had the most wonderful home studio in Cape Town, as I child I remember tearing, pasting and painting and making lots of collage, something I still love to do today. What artists do you admire and why? I admire the impressionists for the ground breaking movement of allowing freedom and energy in their work, I never tire of looking at Van Gough's paintings or the post impressionist work of Matisse. In Melbourne I love the street art and follow the work of Miso and Ghost Patrol, I am a lucky owner of an original Miso drawing. As an illustrator I love the work of Penelope Dullaghan and Olaf Hajek - I have quite a few of their prints and Hajeks beautiful book 'Flowerhead'. When is a work of art finished? Hmmmm when it gives me some sense of satisfaction What art do you hang in your home other than your own... what do you collect/ surround yourself with? Besides the work mentioned above I have a few prints from other Etsy artists - Cathrine Campbell, Anke Weckmann to name a few. I also surround my self with vintage finds, from old prints to garlands made of vintage paper and of course my childrens art - which I find very inspiring. What are you reading/listening to? Listening to a bit of everything: Gotye, Laura Marling, Kimbra, Angus&Julia Stone, Annie Lennox, Vampire Weekend. Reading The Catcher in the Rye, which I haven't read before and I am thoroughly enjoying. Describe what you are making right now? I am busy making tiny little doll houses out of matchboxes for a miniature doll we call Camille. What makes you feel most creative and most free? Inspirational work by other artists encourages me to be creative. I am not sure what makes me feel most free it changes all the time but I think love and support help.

Paper Runway / 21

22 / Paper Runway

Paper Runway / 23

food for

(L–R) Rifle Paper Recipe Cards | Newspaper Taxi; Recipe Greeting Cards | Constellation & Co; Paper Doily | Paper Mash; Birthday Cake Card Box | Present & Correct; Vowel Wall Chart | The Lowercase; Rate that Beer Pad | Knock Knock; Seasonal Calendar | Maria Schoettler; TMOD | Scratchie Cards; Novel Teas | Spoonsisters 24 / Paper Runway


(L–R) Strawberry Paper Balloon |; Page Flags | Knock Knock; Take Out Menu Organiser and Napkin Origami | Spoonsisters, Recipe Cards | Egg Press; Retro Chef Letter Set | Present & Correct; Sandwich Tag |; Wine Tags | Paper Mash; Milk Bottle Cap Gift Tag Set |

Paper Runway / 25

26 / Paper Runway

Illustration: Grace Lee

Mini Moka silkscreen print - Ltd edition white on tangerine

Paper Runway / 27


Alphabetti Spaghetti Inspired by everyone’s favourite Alphabet Spaghetti dish that let us practice our spelling as we ate. Simply customise the digital LCD template with a personal party message, a special date or as menu-board. - All designs are available in a “Ready to Serve” pack of 12 Sustainable Card Placemats. - Easy to use instructions on the reverse of each Placemat - Each Placemat measures 40cm x 30cm

28 / Paper Runway


; a55> b รท s; a5=>bรฒ s6 a7=>b รทA รฑ B # ฤ รท  รญ; a5=>bรทรญ ฤฤ  ฤ“Bฤ’รฑ รณB$ฤรฒ B"ฤA รฑ  รทB BรทB BL L68<;L fรฒ 





L รฏ



Paper Runway / 29

pass the parcel 30 / Paper Runway

stralian design. Led by TM OD output experiential Au en, orgie Swift and Milenka Os Ge ts tis ar y ar lin cip dis lti mu ve ry and jewellery stories ha na tio sta ve cti era int ’s OD TM . transfixed a cult following Based on the traditional party game where pass the parcel is passed around a group and when the music stops the peron holding it unravels a layer to reveal their prize. And so on... Only this time each layer has an illustrated party hat, so at the end 6 people will be wearing different hats including a pirate, a daisy chain, a feathered headdress and of course the final proze being the crown. w w


y with each guest We love the idea of using as an invite for a dinner part will you come up wearing the party hat at the dinner party. What ideas us how you would with? Send us a note (info@paperrunway .com) and tell ce to win a set, use a set of “pass the Parcel” from TMOD for your chan cour tesy of TMOD and Paper Runway / 31

# čD+#ï $ēD!í $ 

÷ BBB*! îA  *A,2ôBBB %  ! A î÷ Aí    òA _'   ò;<ˆ í ;    B-ñ ÷<Ečñí ď č Aò B*í  ĒB Bò B B

32 / Paper Runway

Paper Runway / 33

Photography: Katie Preece Styling: Bianca Spiegel

34 / Paper Runway

B   Ăą B L ĂŻ Ăł  

classic prawn cocktail

<>>  Ăł  s  ,) AÄ? Ă­  s=Ä? ÎòÄ&#x201C; s=ás5  á s5 ĂŹ Ä? Ä&#x201C;aòbs "  sĂŻò s A   s<   #ĂŻĂąÄ?B! Ä?   AÄ? Ă­   Ä?ĂŻ <Ăą Ä?B$ Ä?Ä? Ă­ Ä?ò B Ä?ÎòÄ&#x201C;AáA  á AÄ? Ä&#x201C;Ă­ "  Ä?B$ò áò Ă­ Ă­ AÄ?Ăł Ä?B&Ä?  Ă­   B Paper Runway / 35

Let us entertain Photography: Katie Preece | Styling, Flowers & Props:Portobello Rose Paper Products: Poppies for Grace

36 / Paper Runway


Colourful tissue balls & fans are perfect for decorating your event or favourite room. The balls can be used stuck on the wall in half or strung in a rainbow of colour.

Sping Plum gift tag to bring happiness and joy. Floral tag printed on textured card and strung with brown string... all you need now is the gift!


From now until the 14th October 2011 the Poppies for Grace store is on SALE. All you need to do is enter the discount code: HELLOSUNSHINE at checkout to receive 10% off. Christmas shopping perhaps?

Isobel Invite presented in a button envelope package containing fifteen invitations printed on 100% recycled paper and fifteen printed brown paper recycled envelopes. Ten colourful confetti bags. Each has a flat base, so they easily stand alone filled with goodies or blooms for your guests. 38 / Paper Runway

Tealight candles suspended in vintage glass jars ignite the mood... Paper Runway / 39

Photography: Styling, Flowers & Props: Paper Products:

Bring your table setting to life with bursting blooms of peonies, gilder roses & sim carnations. 40 / Paper Runway

Cristina Re is the epitome of style and grace. She is famously known for her ability to capture beauty and articulate her vision into visual designs which reflect the high end fashion trends of Europe and New York. Cristinaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s designs are a canvas for artistic expression and are a fusion of East meets West; a blend of European vintage, Hollywood glamour and Asian chic. Her love of flora and fauna and an appreciation of highly decorative ornamental design translates into her artwork.â&#x20AC;&#x153;Every day is an occasion to celebrate your creativity. Creativity does not just mean making a piece of art or handmade card, creativity to me means designing your life just the way you want to be, and living your blissâ&#x20AC;? says Cristina. Her philosophy is to bring magic into the everyday and strongly believes that â&#x20AC;&#x153;it is a necessity to indulge in beautiful things that make you feel good, that look beautiful, that stimulate the senses - mentally, physically and spirituallyâ&#x20AC;?. Cristina Re joins Paper Runway as our â&#x20AC;&#x153;where a girl goesâ&#x20AC;? for all your style solutions.We give you the opportunity to ask â&#x20AC;&#x153;Cristina Reâ&#x20AC;? advice, whether it be on colour, pattern or how to create the dream wedding or social invitation, Cristina will give you all the expert advice. Simply send your questions to and the Paper Runway team will choose three readers questions to be published in each issue of Paper Runway, starting on 1 August. If your question is answered by the stylish designer, you will also win an assorted Cristina Re craft pack at the retail value of $100.00! We will also be choosing a few questions that will be published on our blog bimonthly.


Paper Runway / 41

DIY Paint swatch Chandelier by Rhiannon Nicole of Hey Gorgeous Events Photography by Jenna McKenzie

42 / Paper Runway

{Step 1}

You’ll need a whole bunch of paint swatches in your desired colours (seriously, emphasis on the whole bunch part). I picked a variety of blush, pink and red hues so I could get a fancy ombre look to my chandelier but I can only imagine how many different looks you could go for with your own chandelier. Using a scalloped paper punch you’ll need to punch about 40 -60 swatches into little medallions. Keep the medallions divided by colours in little saucers or cups like below.

{Step 2}

I bought my lamp shade (my chandelier base) from Lowes for about 5 bucks. Using an Exacto knife and super sharp metal scissors I carefully cut apart the fabric lamp shade, peeling away the pieces until the metal parts were as exposed as possible. When picking out a lamp shade I tried to pick out one where the bottom diameter is much smaller than the top. This will make your layers of paint swatch medallions hang better and thus look much better when the final product is done.

{Step 3}

Lay out your paint medallions, coloured side down, in the desired order. Tape down a long piece of coloured thread along the middle of the backs of each medallion. Then using a piece of tape, cut down the center width wise, tape together the edges where one medallion meets the next. Without this final piece of tape, the medallions with rotate on their piece of thread, thus showing the bar codes, text and colour names usually located on the backs of the paint swatches. If that doesn’t bother you then this step isn’t necessary! Repeat this step until all of your chandelier strands are strung and taped together.

{Step 4}

Flip your lamp shade upside down and fasten it somewhere where it can hang freely (I tied mine to the latch that opens and closes our air vent in our ceiling). Start stringing on your strands along the perimeter of the bottom of the chandelier until the entire metal base is covered. Then start stringing strands along the widest ‘top’ of your chandelier so that the lowest part of your strand hits the mid point of the bottom layer. Continue this all the way around until the entire chandelier is covered. Add a ribbon to the metal pieces (where the light bulb would pop in) and voila! You’re ready to hang this beauty!

Paper Runway / 43

A divine cocktail book and card deck by Jane Rocca, illustrated by the drawing genius Kat Mcleod.

44 / Paper Runway


Paper Runway / 45

Little Branch

"ò%ĂąÄ&#x201C;H H  A    òáAò    ?Ä? Ăł B "Ä? á  

òB  Ä?  ò C1Ă­ ?! A

6>  "A Ä?  AÄ&#x201C;Ä?Ä? Ä? Ăł ĂłÄ&#x17D; òB Bò ĂąB B

Greek Lamb Salad

char grilled marinated Lamb fillets on Greek salad with tzatziki dressing

GOLD COAST Thyme on Cavill Shop 1b 38 Cavill Avenue Surfers Paradise, Australia 4217 P: +61 (7) 5538 5555 E:

850gm of trimmed Lamb fillets 1tb Cumin ground 1 tblspn Coriander ground 2 tbs olive oil 600gm mixed salad leaves 150gm Greek Feta 150gm pitted kalamata olives 100gm continental cucumbers 100gm Roma tomatoes 1 red onion Balsamic dressing Sea salt Freshly ground cracked pepper

Tzatziki dressing

1 telegraph cucumber, peeled, halved, seeded 400gm natural yogurt 1 large garlic clove, crushed 1 tbs finely chopped fresh chives 2 tbs olive oil 1 1/2 tbs fresh lemon juice Salt, to taste Marinate Lamb fillets for at least two hours in olive oil ground cumin and ground coriander donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t forget to season with salt and pepper. For the Greek salad dice up tomato, cucumber and red onion into chunky cubes add olives and feta mix up with balsamic dressing in a bowl. Seal off Lamb fillet on BBQ with high heat then when cooked to your liking (rare for us) let the meat rest for a few minutes then slice fillets up. Present salad on a plate with slices of lamb on top and freshly made tzatziki dressing. Paper Runway / 47

48 / Paper Runway


night cap Cherry Blossom Bakes Suggests...

Espresso Martini Serves 4

Illustration: Grace Lee

A great cocktail for a climatic end to a dinner party Ingredients: 4 fl oz espresso coffee, chilled 4 fl oz chocolate liqueur 4 fl oz kahlua 6 fl oz Vodka Crushed ice Method: Pour all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker, add the crushed ice and shake well. Strain into martini glasses. Paper Runway / 49


On Sale November 1st

Image: Bespoke Letterpress 50 / Paper Runway


Subscribe to Paper Runway and you will receive Paper Runway magazine hot off the press PLUS you will be showered with lavish paper products. You will receive Paper Runway to your front door (via your friendly postie) PLUS you will go into the draw for a box of paper goodness including cards, wrapping, notlets, twine and tags, courtesy of Paper Runway valued at $150. Purhase a single issue for AUD$24.95 + postage, or a yearly subscription (4 issues) AUD$88 + postage OR see below for our introductory offer.


Image: Bespoke Letterpress

Paper Runway / 51

TALENT Would you like to join us at paper runway submit an idea, a product, a story, a photo, a tutorial? we would love to hear from you.

Paper Runway is based on the love of paper. We love showcasing ideas, products and stories that we believe will inspire our readers. So whether it is a DIY project, a fabulous find, a wedding or party idea, or a hot selling paper product that you want to tell us about – share. Whether you’re a paper lover, designer, illustrator, paper sculptor, party planner, creator who would like to share your art or a terrific tutorial, or a person with an amazing paper discovery, we would love to consider your submission. We don’t pay for submissions or products. If we feature your submission in Paper Runway you will of course be credited. We cannot take responsibility for ideas that may have been previously submitted and are credited to another talent. For contributions of products, submissions of articles, photographs and tutorials please email; with either your photos of products (lo res to start), your pitch and other illustrations. We will then contact you further should your submission be accepted. Please do not submit material that has been featured elsewhere, we like to exhibit original ideas.

Illustration: Grace Lee

If you have an idea that is not listed then don’t be shy, tell us about it.


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