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Norwich Paper Mill Yard Resident's Group Meeting with City Living Developments Thursday 19th February 2009, 2 - 3.30pm Marketing Suite, Paper Mill Yard Present Geoff Morris Victoria Welch Tom Gaskin Ravin Hurhangee

City Living Developments City Living Developments Resident Resident

Purpose of meeting • •

To discuss and review the initial issues raised on the Norwich Paper Mill Yard Resident's Facebook group during the period of the 13th and 15th of February 2009. To agree future actions

Minutes Kevin Brown (City Living Developments) is no longer working at the Paper Mill Yard development. Victoria Welch, previously from Savills, is now providing Customer Care. There will be a period of transition, which may take a few months. City Living Developments are working towards responding to the issues and concerns raised. Geoff and Victoria expressed their appreciation for the formation of the online residents group. Tom Gaskin will receive a formal response to his letter and summary provided. It was agreed that future residents will be informed of the parking arrangements and of the issues with the TV reception in their welcome packs. It was stated by Victoria that purchasers of flats and tenants of City Living owned flats (let on behalf of City Living by Pure Lettings) are informed of parking arrangements and TV reception issues. It was however apparent that this information is not, in general, being passed on to tenants of Wherry Housing Association owned properties. Following the popularity of the group Norwich City Council has requested a case study from Tom Gaskin to be used to encourage other communities to explore the use of social networking sites in this way. Car parking Geoff and Victoria acknowledged the issues identified with the current parking and clamping arrangements. City Living Developments will soon be sending out letters to all residents outlining their plans for reallocating vacant car parking spaces and introducing a registration system and permit scheme. Residents with allocated car parking will be required to provide a selection of car registration numbers to include friends and family. Visitor’s parking Wherry Housing Association only chose to purchase car parking spaces for their shared ownership properties. As a result the 17 unallocated car parking spaces were made available for visitors. These are currently 157 to 171 on the first level of the car park. However spaces 158 and 159 are rented out. The possibility of reallocating parking spaces to provide visitor car parking spaces on every level was discussed. It was agreed that City Living Developments would explore this option further. Currently key fobs have been provided to residents with allocated parking spaces. The fob only opens the gate to the level that residents have access to. Residents without a fob can gain access to the visitor’s spaces by accessing the car park from the communal areas. There is a button near the car park gates to open and close them. The possibility of the fobs being programmed to open all the gates was raised but it was decided that this would not be ideal, as it would increase noise level and energy consumption. Emergency services It was agreed that signage was required near the main gate to ensure emergency services were able to find the properties. City Living Developments to action. It was also agreed that a keypad was required on the main gate so that emergency services were able to gain access. City Living Developments to explore further. Spaces in the front parking area will be clearly marked for use by visiting doctors and

other appropriate services only to ensure that they have accessible parking for short stays. City Living Developments to action. TV Reception It was agreed that City Living Developments would arrange for the current analogue and satellite reception to be reviewed by an external company. Tom will develop a survey for members of the online residents group to complete to identify what specific problems residents are experiencing with their reception. Residents experiencing problems with their analogue reception in their bedroom need to contact City Living Developments directly to report this. Digital capacity Paper Mill Yard does not currently have the capacity for residents to access Freeview or Sky plus. Geoff highlighted that the apartments are not marketed as being able to receive a Freeview reception. The inability to access Freeview is due to the transmitters available and City Living Developments does not have responsibility for this. Unfortunately when the development was in the planning stages Sky plus was not as popular and therefore only one feed was included within the development to enable residents to use basic Sky. It was agreed that City Living Developments would investigate the implications of increasing the available feeds to enable residents to access Sky plus and subsequently improve their satellite reception. However it was identified that the cost would have to be shared between residents if residents required this service. Residents will be consulted on this prior to any action being taken. Victoria emphasized that she has a batch of boosters available to improve the analogue reception. The boosters will not improve the communal satellite reception. The boosters are available free of charge from the marketing suite. Other issues discussed Bins/Recycling Ravin requested that the labeling on the recycling bins was improved. Victoria felt that there was sufficient labeled but commented that residents need to ensure that they use the recycling and rip cardboard boxes up and put them inside the bins instead of leaving them in the bin areas. It was highlighted that often the recycling bins are full. The possibility of increasing the amount of recycling bins provided was discussed. Victoria highlighted that many residents had already raised concerns over the bins and the impact in terms of the smell and aesthetics. Geoff suggested that the collections might need to be increased. City Living Developments to investigate cost implications of this. Victoria highlighted that residents need to take responsibility for ensuring junk mail is put in the recycling bins and not left on top of mail boxes. It was discussed that residents need to arrange collection for bulky items. It is not appropriate for items to be left in the bin areas. This is currently creating extra work for collectors, which may impact on future service charges. If items are left outside for collection a note needs to be displayed to inform residents to avoid complaints being reported. Damages It was reported that unfortunately someone had urinated in one of the communal lifts. It was emphasized that this is completely unacceptable. Fortunately City Living Developments has some spare carpet available and will arrange for the carpet in the lift to be replaced. Any damages to the communal areas may impact on future service charges. All residents need to respect the communal areas. Security Residents need to report any potential anti-social or suspicious behavior to Victoria. Victoria will liaise with the local Police Community Support Officer to report this. Informing the community Notice boards will soon be placed in all the communal areas. It is hoped that future summaries from the Facebook group will be displayed in the noticed boards along with any future correspondence from City Living Developments. Future of online residents group It was agreed that the Facebook group would be maintained as a method of discussing issues as a community. Individual issues need to be reported to City Living Developments direct.

City Living Development Contact Details All individual issues should be formally addressed in writing to Geoff Morris with a copy to the site resident Customer Care Representative. Estate Manager: Geoff Morris, City Living Developments, 159, Uxbridge Road, Hatch End, Pinner, Middlesex, HA5 4EA. Tel: 020 8421 4884; 07825 374 077; Customer Care: Victoria Welch, Marketing Suite, Paper Mill Yard, Norwich, NR1. Tel: 01603 763 850; 07870999223; Date of next meeting To be confirmed.

Minutes from 19.02.09 meeting with City Living Developments  
Minutes from 19.02.09 meeting with City Living Developments  

Minutes from Paper Mill Yard resident's meeting held on 19.02.09 with City Living Developments