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TABLE OF CONTENTS The Experience Custom v.s. The Collection Packages

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The Anatomy of an Invitation

THE EXPERIENCE At Paper Love Club we believe your wedding expereince should be a breath of fresh air. Ashley Frye, owner at PLC, remembers back to her own wedding in 2014, when a she-who-shall-not-be-named hair stylist brought her to tears on her wedding day. No thank you ma’am, wedding vendors should be your dream team magic dust fairies who pull the strings behind the curtain for your day to unfold. That goes from the ring all the way to the band, and yes even the paper. We will work intimately with you to create a cohesive branded invitation suite that compliments you & your one and only. All the while making sure you stay on time with your paper needs, and have all the essentials taken care of.


The first step in your journey with Paper Love Club is deciding if you’d like to have a custom designed suite or choose from The Collection. Most of our clients choose bespoke designs, we’ll come up with several sketch proofs and make up a dream invitation for you. For those short on time The Collection is the best fit.


Paper Love Club has three packages for clients to choose from. We believe in a wholistic approach to your invitations, most of our clients book an entire package a 9-12 months out from their wedding so that we may create a cohesive invitation set from Save the Date to Escort Card.

STEP THREE Let’s chat! This magazine will give you an idea of what you’ll need and if we’re a good fit for your budget, but you will discover that there are a million layers to what happens in the paper world - and we’re happy to guide you through that with a free phone consulation.

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YOUR DESIGNER Hello! I am Ashley, owner & lead designer at Paper Love Club. I am primarily a watercolor artist & calligrapher. My brush touches every peice of the collection & personal designs we make here at PLC. From custom illustrations of your loveable pug to a watercolor recreation of the bouquet you’ve always dreamed up. I deeply love the fine art I get to put into my couples wedding days. Our typical clients are romantics and kindness enthusiants. They are people who already own art in their home, or aspire to get that collection started. The art I create for your custom collection are frameable heirlooms that can be in your home forever.

CUSTOM DESIGN - You have had a vision of what you’d like your invitation to look like. - You’d like something completely original. - You want to work with Paper Love Club but none of the invitations in the collection fit your wedding perfection. - Custom Design includes a $250 custom commission fee. - We send over 3-4 sketches of possibilties till we narrow down your original piece. - Custom design clients typically get to keep the original paintings made from their invitations.

THE COLLECTION - A predesigned collection of invitations fit for a variety of weddings. - Useful if you are short on time since this cuts out most of the designing elements. - If you see a design you like but want a minor change, there is a $75 semi custom commission fee. - Can be ordered and recieved in as little as 14 days.

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PACKAGES Paper Love Club has three distinct packages to help clients see their overall paper budget for their wedding.

Simplicity Our basic essentials package. Includes a three piece suite & the most popular day-of addons like a program & escort cards. $1100 for 150 guests

Elevated Elevated is our most popular package. Includes a three peice suite as well as one “special touch” which could be a gold fleck edge, a ribbon, wax seal, etc. Programs & Escort cards are included as well as USPS stamps and digitally printed guest addresses. $2300 for 150 guests

Luxurious Guarentee’d to wow your guests, includes a three peice suite with a paper upgrade option to handmade paper or double thick paper. Custom watercolor map painted for you to keep the original, then digitally imported to include in your envelopes.Calligraphy finishes off your envelopes in your choice of custom ink. Two special touches are included such as wax seals, silk ribbon, belly band, etc. Programs, escort cards, menu, and vintage or custom stamps round out a truly original suite. $3100 for 150 guests

ANATOMY OF AN INVITATION Your main invite is typically an A7 invitation. We always use high quality 100% cotton paper with digital printing. Occationally other printing techniques or papers are used depending on your design. A7 invitation + envelope start at $3.00 The detail card is where you can give more information about the festivities of the weekend. Often used for accomodations and directions, however I’ve had couples use them for weekend wedding timelines or information for their website. Detail cards are $1.25

RSVP and envelope are used to recieve a response from your guests joining you at your wedding. Envelope and card are $1.25

Envelopes are included with all PLC invitations, we recommend adding in printed addressing or calligraphy. Don’t forget about the return address on the back of your envelopes!

We love custom watercolor maps! They add a special touch to your invitations that isn’t common practice anymore in a world of google maps. Maps are painted on a large scale then scanned & touched up to print for your guests. A one time commission of $150 is paid and the print can be used on your detail card or as an extra card for $1.25

Special touches are mentioned in our packages, some of those could be belly bands done with paper or silk ribbon tying your invitation together. The options can vary in price depending on your style. Starts at $1.00

Wax seals are near and dear to us. Can be used with ribbon to tie your suite together on on the outside to seal the envelope. As a recommendation we say use it inside the envelope instead of on the outside to ensure it is delivered to your guests without issue. Price varies depending on wax seal size & originality. Starts at $1.50

Envelope liners add a special pop of color and cohesiveness to your invitations. $1.00

Envelope calligraphy sets a first impression for your wedding that your guests will notice. Something about reciving a beautifully written envelope is exciting. Calligraphy comes in three parts, guest address, return address, and the RSVP envelope. We often recommend that clients purchase calligraphy for at least the guest address, then save a bit by printing the RSVP & return address. Calligraphy is $3.75 for guest addressing.

PLC is happy to offer guest address printing in addition to calligraphy. Each envelope printed is $1.00.

We offer stamp curation for our clients. Any client who purchases calligraphy recieves complimentary USPS stamp curation at no extra cost. We will pair the perfect fit from the stamps currently offered at the post office. In addition, you may choose vintage stamps or a custom stamp made to match your suite. Vintage & Custom stamps are $1.50

A7 programs are our most popular day-of paper item. Printed front and back to match your invitation suite. They start at $1.75

Escort cards are the cards that your guests use to help them find their seats, often used by the catering staff as well to help them identify what meal selection your guest made. Escort cards are $1.25

Menu cards are a detail that makes your guest feel like that are at a 5 star restaurant. Printed single side with cotton paper to match your suite. $1.25

These are our most common items, but we’re open to trying new things and dreaming up something completely original with you! Pinterest is a friend of ours, just shoot the idea our way and we’ll come up with a custom quote for you!

We’d be thrilled to get to know you! If you think that you and Paper Love Club could be a match made in heaven, then let’s connect! 872.202.6183 @paperloveclub

Paper Love Club 2018 Collection  
Paper Love Club 2018 Collection