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Letter Thanks so much for making it to the 2nd issue of “The Paperless Entrepreneur” Magazine. I was so amazed by the positive response from the first issue, and we’ve already reached more than 8,000 readers. This digital edition has one primary focus - how forward thinking entrepreneurs can create a paperless business; I say forward thinking because I believe that this is the way of working of the future, and my recent invitation to Austria for Create32 (a workshop bringing together 30 entrepreneurs from around the world to create a vision for Austria in 2032, organised by the Austrian Entrepreneurs Association) is an indication that the world is preparing for the future with this fairly recent style of working. In the first issue of The Paperless Entrepreneur I wrote my editor’s letter from Italy, I told you about my life and anticipated that my next editor’s letter would be written from Crete - well in fact, I am writing this one from Austria. This is the first time in 7 years I have come to a new country without the intention of living here for a period of time. It feels strange knowing I’ll only be here for 5 days instead of 5 months or more, but this trip has certainly peaked my interest in the possibilities of living here. Quaint little wooden houses, cable cars gliding up and down the surrounding mountains, portly men dressed in lederhosen, perfect - and I’m talking immaculate streets, extremely pleasant weather for the summer, and so far my favourite - no mosquitoes. The interesting thing about visiting a place like this for a few days is you can easily become mesmerised by its beauty and charm; holiday makers will come here for a week or two and dream of the possibilities of what it would be like to live this life every day. My first experience of doing that very same thing was back in 2004 when I went on a holiday to Egypt for 2 weeks from the UK, after watching the beautiful sunsets, exploring the history and falling in love with the Nile, I had an amazing desire of wanting to live there, and then in 2005, I sold everything and booked a one way ticket to Egypt, but this time I didn’t stay for 2 weeks, I stayed for over 2 years.

So back to Austria, as I am sitting writing this letter to you in a place that belongs on a picture postcard, my first thoughts are, I wonder what it’s like here in the winter, or I wonder how long the utility companies would take to fix the Internet connection if there was a problem?... I know if it suddenly started raining I would be far less attracted to the place. If you become a location independent, knowing that you can live and work from anywhere in the world, similar thoughts would run through your mind... Maybe in the future I’ll take more of these trips to explore the world - in brief, when your entire business is on the Internet, all you need is an Internet connection and you’re pretty much covered! I hope you enjoy this issue; please support this magazine by sharing it and joining our LinkedIn Group.

Don’t just dream it - Live It. Michelle Dale The Paperless Entrepreneur

Thank you so much for your support --

goodbye paper, hello freedom!

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[BETA] Issue #2 The Paperless E-preneur  
[BETA] Issue #2 The Paperless E-preneur  

The workforce of the future and the rise of the "E".