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Year of the Green Wooden Goat Patron of the Year - Goat very sensitive, indulgent, hate lies and betrayal, unscrupulous people are finding ways to punish. She loves to communicate, so is able to build a genuine conversation, listen and find solutions opponent of complex, lengthy and tedious situations. 2015 horoscope says that people will become more sincere, more compassionate, paying exempt capable to forget old grievances and reconciliation. Goats year was always tries to live in peace, to find ways of ending the protracted conflicts. One of the main topics of this year, the Green Wooden Goat love. This is a very promising and generous personal relationships years. If you are alone, you have a real opportunity to meet yourself soul mate, second apple halves and create your own personal happiness. Let us not forget that Koza always gives priority to romantic feelings full people whose love life is and always will be in the first place. Only don’t sit at home at the computer ot lie on the couch with a newspaper in the hands, show initiative, go to exhibitions, concerts and a variety of events, art galleries, theaters, workshops, everywhere where is the patron Goats favorite meeting places. This is a great year wanting to start a family. Oddly enough, even in a marriage of convenience in the future can become happy. Married partners year will also be successful. Renewable feelings and passion will improve the quality of the relationship.

Goat in different languages

Symbolic meanings of dreams. Goat If you dream that milk goat - disappoint a small profit, frustrations; To ride on a goat - a shame, especially in the event where there will be a lot of men; To drink goat's milk - gossip or complaints that you are unfriendly; Goat, especially without horns - unrequited love; Goat with kid - family increase, especially in old age; If you dream that shepherd goats, still takes the same month the spotlight will test your patience or ability; Black goat - unexpected, but easily curable disease; Goat fur - poverty, which can not be concealed from inquisitive disingenuously. This dream can mean the division and who will not be satisfied; Goat stuffed animal - pronounced fear or tension after low tide, which led the intrigues in the family; Buy a goat - a disastrous economy;

If a farmer sees goats in a dream, which are walking next to his yard, then this dream means good air and yield; Also, such a dream means all the people that make a smart move that will help them to achieve well-being will be wealthy; If you dream that you goat hunger, such a dream means that it should avoid the enemies who want to be sure to solve the puzzle of your plans; If a woman dreams to drink goat's milk, such a dream means that it will be a happy marriage with a rich man; Detachment of goats in a dream - you're a rich man; Dreaming of the goat trot about goats - deal worse; To see the goat with horns - someone will try to intimidate you; To dream grow one goat - unrequited love; To cut a goat - you will have problems.

Create your own Green Wooden Goat You will need: Colour Printer Please mark “Fit to Page”

2 sheets of white Paper 160-180 gr/m

Scissors or Knife Glue

- symbol of 2015!

... and patience, and good mood...

...for you and your friend!




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And the Green Wooden Goat will be with you all 2015!

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Goat of 2015  

A small book hope helps little ones to improve paper craft skills with one word - Goat in 60 different languages and guess for 2015 - a Year...

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