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Image Harvesting Develop at least 10 ideas in rough form. Image 1

Image 2

Image 3


Image 5

Image 6

QR Code The QR Code is a matrix barcode readable by QR Readers and smartphones. It consists of text or image on a URL or video site. In our class, we generated a QR Code and used it in an exhibition space. Our artist statement and art work was linked to the QR Code. This gave viewers additional information about each of us QR Code Avatars

Generating QR Code Jennifer Yoo’s Portfolio


Globe Collection Image Cuts Project Proofing image cuts from the Globe Collection

Mashed Up Project Using the proofs from the Globe Collection. We cut, collaged and applied different colors to create new images.

Illustrating with Letters Project- Esther K. Smith Each student has to develop a full figure self-portrait with ‘7’ and ‘H’ letters restrition. We collected 9 images and made a book using a special binding technique from the Esther K. Smith workshop.

Cocomi Projet Sketch

Rough Prototype

Hand Painted Munny Doll

T-Shirt Design

Commisioned Work Logo for a jazz band called “ Ella’s Umbrella” Sketches for the logo

Final Prototype for the Logo

Idea Concept Presentation

Concept development for the Baltimore Child Abuse Center

Baltimore Child Abuse Center “ it is time to listen to your children”

Baltimore Child Abuse Center

Baltimore Child Abuse Center

1. Guide Book 1. Guide Book for –Children – Adults

For Children, - Simple - Easy - Colorful - Less description

2. Rave Guardian for children.

3. Promotion of the Facility (Pink Ribbon Campaign) • Women- Necklace, Ring, Hair Accessories, Scarf • Men- Tie pin, Tie, Button • T-shirt-Adults –Simple, Graphic. -Children –Playful, Colorful Jennifer Yoo

Baltimore Child Abuse Center 1. Guide Book For Adults -Divided into four Sections i) How To How to Listen to Your Child. ii) Use a right word for right age. iii) Demo that you can Practice with your spouse. iv) Information about the BCAC. - -In the Book i) Divide into four different bookmarks. ii) Put a small amount of illustration iii) Be direct and educational.

Baltimore Child Abuse Center

Baltimore Child Abuse Center 1. Guide Book iii) Demo that you can Practice with your spouse. Ex) from 1.Stop what you are doing. 2.Look at your child. 3.Pay attention to your child's nonverbal language. Does the child look happy, sad, afraid? 4.Be silent. 5.Use simple acknowledgement responses that show you are listening. "I see. Oh. Uh-Huh. Hmmm." 6.Use door-openers, phrases that encourage further talking. "Tell me more. Go on. How do you feel about that? I know what you mean. Then what?" 7.Listen for and name the feelings you think you hear from what your child is telling you. "That made you pretty mad, didn't it? You seem really happy about that!" 8.Use problem-solving phrases when needed. "What do you wish you could do? What do you want to happen? What do you think will happen if you do that?"

Baltimore Child Abuse Center

B::::::: C:::: Ab::: C::::: :::) :::: :::: ::: ::: P:::::: :::: :::: ::::::: Tips: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::: ::::: ::::::: ::: :::::::: ::::: ::: ::::: :::::::: :::::: I:::::: :: :::::::, ::::::: S::: :::: ::::::::::::: ::::: ::::::::::: :::: :::::::: 3:::::: ::: :: ::::, ::::::::, :: :::::::: ::: ::::: :::: ::: :::::::: :::: ::: :x:::::::::

Baltimore Child Abuse Center

2. Rave Guardian for children

3. BCAC Promotion (Pink Ribbon=Brest cancer)

3. BCAC Promotion (Pink Ribbon=Brest cancer)

-Every year, over 800 children came to visit BCAC. - Make a device that people can track those children who are already in the system.

Women- Necklace, Ring, Hair Accessories, Scarf

T-shirt -Adults –Simple, Graphic.



It could be on the children’s bag, their dolls or in their pocket

Men- Tie pin, Tie, Button



-Children –Playful, Colorful

Make a button in the middle of the guardian. on the back of the guardian, put number of BCAC, address and information about how to contact near police station.



Plant Your Heart Project Four different postcards designs Vertical Format Front


Horizontal Format Front



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Plant Your Heart Package Designs

Plant Your Heart Postcards set for Art Market

Business Identity

Card Front and Back

Card and Button

Paper Engineering Workshop

Pop-up Heart Card Design

Heart Shape Pop-up Book Reaction piece from Esther k. Smith Residency

Christmas Card Design +Christmas Label Design Personal Project

Heart Shaped Thank You Card personal proect

Thank You Card Templete

Sketches for WoW Transit Poster Project

Background Images and Paper Cutouts for creating Final Poster

Shooting, falling,

A tie-dye,

A reflection of another’s story,

Staying, stalling,

A perfect sky,

The big dipper isn’t shy.

Blinking and receding,

Glitter on a charcoal.

All of this, you just read,

They hold your wish,

A story, a poem, a life,

Under a moonlit sky.

A beauty and a wonder.

I see in a starlit sky. by Stella Nass 5th Grade

The Mount Washington School Margaret May, Teacher

Any person Their life Their words Can Make a Difference

by Joy Njoroge 7th Grade Afya Public Charter School Lora Reed, Teacher

Just because you’re small Doesn’t mean you can’t do it Just because you’ve never been able to Doesn’t mean you never will You Your life Your words Can Make a Difference The Power of One!


One person One Life One Word Can Make a Difference


Final posterss and Launch event at Port discovery

Valentine Challenge

Moonflower Art Martket project Templete

Artist Statement I. UNTIE THE RIBBON.




Final Moonflower Package Design

Paper Cutout Lamp

Moonflower-Glow in the Dark

Wedding Invitation Project personal Project Templete

Final Laser Cut Card

Stop Motion Project


Pattern Design

Chantilly Patterns

Pattern Design

Night Blooms

Cutout Gift Box Design Personal Project Box 1

Box 2

Box 3

Paper Garden  

by Jennifer Yoo